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TE – 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

The most stunning result was Albert Okwuegbunam of Missouri running a 4.49 forty at 6-5 1/2 and 258 pounds.  Okwuegbunam’s stock had cooled off in recent months and wasn’t always included in debates about who would be the first player selected at his position.  That impressive blend of size and speed should put him right back into the conversation.

Expectations were low for Cole Kmet of Notre Dame as far as testing was concerned as he is known more for his all-around skill set than elite speed or athleticism.  However, Kmet ran a 4.70 forty when many, including myself, were anticipating something in the mid-4.8 range.  That speed, not to mention a position-best 37 inch vertical leap, could change the narrative on his upside a bit.

Adam Trautman of Dayton didn’t test phenomenally well but one result really stood out.  Trautman posted a 3-Cone time of 6.78, which measures agility and change of direction.  That was better than all but one wide receiver in attendance this year, and he did it at 255 pounds.  Trautman is contending to be the first tight end off the board and some might be surprised by how early he is selected.

Hunter Bryant of Florida Atlantic was good but not great, testing middle of the pack across the board with the shortest arms of any tight end in attendance.  Round 3 might be a more reasonable projection than Round 2 as many have speculated.

Jared Pinkney of Vanderbilt tops the list of disappointments after running a 4.96 forty.  That follows a lackluster showing down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl too.  At one time Pinkney was considered a potential Top 50 overall pick but a slide into Day 3 now looks not only possible but likely.

The week got off to a bad start for Thaddeus Moss of L.S.U. when he only measured in at 6-1 5/8 after being listed at 6-3 in college.  Then the physical in Indy revealed a Jones fracture in his right foot, which will require surgery and a 6-8 week recovery.  As a result Moss won’t be able to work out for teams prior to the draft and it might cost him a round or two in the draft.

Brycen Hopkins of Purdue and Stephen Sullivan of L.S.U. posted impressive 4.66 forty times, which was second behind only Okwuegbunam.  Sullivan also had excellent vertical and broad jumps with extraordinary long 35 3/8 inch arms.  Both profile as toolsy developmental options for Day 3, with Hopkins in the middle rounds and Sullivan in the late rounds.



DevinAsiasiUCLA6-32579 3/433 1/480 1/84.731.622.751630.5115DNPDNP
JacobBreelandOregon6-4 7/82529 7/832 5/878 1/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
HarrisonBryantFlorida Atlantic6-4 3/42439 1/230 5/8744.731.632.771332.51104.377.41
HunterBryantWashington6-2 1/424810 3/83276 1/24.741.672.782332.51154.467.08
JosiahDeguaraCincinnati6-2 3/8242931 5/875 1/44.721.682.772535.51154.357.15
BrycenHopkinsPurdue6-3 7/824510 1/832 1/8764.661.612.702133.41164.287.25
DaltonKeeneVirginia Tech6-4 1/82539 3/432 1/478 3/44.711.622.732134.01254.197.07
ColeKmetNotre Dame6-5 3/426210 1/233794.701.652.77DNP37.01234.417.44
SeanMcKeonMichigan6-52429 1/833 1/278 3/4DNPDNPDNP18DNPDNPDNPDNP
ThaddeusMossL.S.U.6-1 7/82509 7/831 7/878 1/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
CheyenneO’GradyArkansas6-3 3/425310 1/833 5/879 1/84.811.742.841634.01194.347.30
AlbertOkwuegbunamMissouri6-5 1/225810 1/434 1/879 3/84.491.562.62DNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
ColbyParkinsonStanford6-7 1/42529 5/833 1/478 5/84.771.662.811832.51094.467.15
JaredPinkneyVanderbilt6-425710 1/232 7/8794.961.692.8823DNPDNPDNPDNP
StephenSullivanL.S.U.6-4 7/824810 1/835 3/8854.661.652.72DNP36.51234.627.51
CharlieTaumoepeauPortland St.6-2 1/42409 1/232 1/477 7/84.751.702.791836.51214.277.00
AdamTrautmanDayton6-52559 1/232 5/8784.801.652.761834.51144.276.78
MitchellWilcoxSouth Florida6-3 1/22479 1/832 1/476 7/84.881.712.86DNP31.01124.437.37
CharlieWoernerGeorgia6-4 5/82441031 1/876 7/84.781.682.782134.51204.467.18
DominickWood-AndersonTennessee6-3 5/82619 3/433 1/878 7/84.921.742.87DNP35.0119DNPDNP


Tallest:  Colby Parkinson, Stanford (6-7 1/4)

Shortest:  Thaddeus Moss, L.S.U. (6-1 7/8)


Heaviest:  Cole Kmet, Notre Dame (262)

Lightest:  Charlie Taumoepeau, Portland St. (240)


Longest Arms:  Stephen Sullivan, L.S.U. (35 3/8)

Shortest Arms:  Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic (30 5/8)


Biggest Hands:  Cole Kmet, Notre Dame & Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt (10 1/2)

Smallest Hands:  Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati (9)


Longest Wingspan:  Stephen Sullivan, L.S.U. (85)

Shortest Wingspan: Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic (74)


Fastest 40:  Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri (4.49)

Slowest 40:  Jared Pinkney, Missouri (4.96)


Fastest 10-Yard Split: Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri (1.56)

Slowest 10-Yard Split:  Cheyenne O’Grady, Arkansas & Dominick Wood-Anderson, Tennessee (1.74)


Fastest 20-Yard Split:  Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri (2.62)

Slowest 20-Yard Split:  Dominick Wood-Anderson, Tennessee (2.87)


Most Reps:  Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati (25)

Fewest Reps:  Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic (13)


Best Vertical:  Cole Kmet, Notre Dame (37.0)

Worst Vertical:  Devin Asiasi, UCLA (30.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Dalton Keene, Virginia Tech (125)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Colby Parkinson, Stanford (109)


Best Short-Shuttle:  Dalton Keene, Virginia Tech (4.19)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Stephen Sullivan, L.S.U. (4.62)


Best 3-Cone:  Adam Trautman, Dayton (6.78)

Worst 3-Cone:  Stephen Sullivan, L.S.U. (7.51)


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