2000 NFL Draft Archive

2000 Final Mock Draft

    Round One

  1. Cleveland Browns: Courtney Brown, DE, Penn State
  2. Washington Redskins (f/NO): LaVar Arrington, OLB, Penn State
  3. Washington Redskins (f/SF): Chris Samuels, OT, Alabama
  4. Cincinnati Bengals: Peter Warrick, WR, Florida State
  5. Baltimore Ravens (f/ATL): Travis Taylor, WR, Florida
  6. Philadelphia Eagles: Corey Simon, DT, Florida St.
  7. Arizona Cardinals: Thomas Jones, RB, Virginia
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers: Plaxico Burress, WR, Michigan State
  9. Chicago Bears: Brian Urlacher, OLB-S, New Mexico
  10. Baltimore Ravens (f/DEN): Jamal Lewis, RB, Tennessee
  11. New York Giants: Ron Dayne, RB, Wisconsin
  12. New York Jets (f/CAR/WAS/SF): Shaun Ellis, DE, Tennessee
  13. New York Jets (f/SD/TB): Julian Peterson, OLB, Michigan State
  14. Green Bay Packers: Daniel "Bubba" Franks, TE, Miami (FL)
  15. Denver Broncos (f/BAL): Sylvester Morris, WR, Jackson State
  16. San Francisco 49'ers (f/NE/NYJ): Chad Pennington, QB, Marshall
  17. Oakland Raiders: Jerry Porter, WR, West Virginia
  18. New York Jets: Dez White, WR, Georgia Tech
  19. Seattle Seahawks (f/DAL): Deltha O'Neal, CB, California
  20. Detroit Lions: Chris McIntosh, OT, Wisconsin
  21. Kansas City Chiefs: Shaun Alexander, RB, Alabama
  22. Seattle Seahawks: Keith Bullock, ILB, Syracuse
  23. Carolina Panthers (f/MIA): Stockar McDougle, OT, Oklahoma
  24. San Francisco 49'ers (f/WAS): John Abraham, DE, South Carolina
  25. Minnesota Vikings: Ahmed Plummer, CB, Ohio State
  26. Buffalo Bills: Erik Flowers, DE, Arizona State
  27. New York Jets (f/TB): Anthony Becht, TE, West Virginia
  28. Indianapolis Colts: Rob Morris, ILB, Brigham Young
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cosey Coleman, OG, Tennessee
  30. Tennessee Titans: Todd Wade, OT, Mississippi
  31. St. Louis Rams: Sebastian Janikowski, K, Florida State

  32. Round Two

  33. Cleveland Browns: Chris Hovan, DT, Boston College
  34. New Orleans Saints: Todd Pinkston, WR, Southern Mississippi
  35. Cincinnati Bengals: Rashard Anderson, CB, Jackson State
  36. San Francisco 49'ers: Darren Howard, DE, Kansas State
  37. Philadelphia Eagles: R. Jay Soward, WR, Southern California
  38. Atlanta Falcons: Deon Grant, S, Tennessee
  39. Pittsburgh Steelers: John Engelberger, DE-OLB, Virginia Tech
  40. Chicago Bears: Dennis Northcutt, WR, Arizona
  41. Denver Broncos: Mark Roman, CB-S, Louisiana State
  42. Arizona Cardinals: Cornelius Griffin, DT, Alabama
  43. New York Giants: Adrian Klemm, OT, Hawaii
  44. San Diego Chargers: Adalius Thomas, DE, Southern Mississippi
  45. Green Bay Packers: Raynoch Thompson, OLB, Tennessee
  46. Baltimore Ravens: Chris Redman, QB, Louisville
  47. New England Patriots: Marvel Smith, OT, Arizona State
  48. Oakland Raiders: Rogers Beckett, S, Marshall
  49. San Francisco 49'ers (f/NYJ): Lewis Sanders, CB, Maryland
  50. Dallas Cowboys: Ike Charlton, CB, Virginia Tech
  51. Detroit Lions: Travis Prentice, RB, Miami (OH)
  52. Carolina Panthers: Steve Warren, DT, Nebraska
  53. Seattle Seahawks: Laveranues Coles, WR, Florida State
  54. Miami Dolphins: J.R. Redmond, RB, Arizona State
  55. Kansas City Chiefs: Ron Dugans, WR, Florida State
  56. Minnesota Vikings: Travis Claridge, OG, Southern California
  57. Minnesota Vikings (f/WAS): Robaire Smith, DE, Michigan State
  58. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Michael Thompson, OT, Tennessee State
  59. Buffalo Bills: Mike Brown, S, Nebraska
  60. Indianapolis Colts: Darrell Jackson, WR, Florida
  61. Jacksonville Jaguars: Chris Cole, WR, Texas A&M
  62. Tennessee Titans: Brandon Short, ILB, Penn State
  63. Saint Louis Rams: Bobby Williams, OT, Arkansas

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