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  1. Cam Newton is a SUPASTAR!!!
  2. Am I the only one who think Tony Romo Sucks?
  3. Dez Bryant vs Mike Williams
  4. Week 2: some great games
  5. So Where Are All the Kolb and Newton Haters Today???
  6. Eric Berry Out For the Year
  7. If you were a megastar player in the NFL how would you treat the media?
  8. The Redskins are going to the Super Bowl this year
  9. 2011-2012 Pick the Winners: Week 2
  10. Hey Let's all start claiming people super stars/super champs after week 1...
  11. Personal Power Rankings
  12. Week 2 Discussion Thread
  13. Talk about classless
  14. Hypothetically: Would you tank the season for Luck?
  15. Chris McAlister Broke, Living With Parents
  16. Who will have more injuries at seasons end?
  17. Fix the NFL... get rid of pads?
  18. Chiefs, Brandon Flowers agree on long-term deal
  19. Sproles TD - Why no review/overturn?
  20. Report: Charles out for year
  21. Hot Seat!
  22. Tim Tebow The TE/WR
  23. Tom Brady smashes Cam Newton's NFL record
  24. The Official I Hate Bill Polian Thread
  25. The Official Coaching & Front Office Thread
  26. It's 4th quarter, and the game is on the line.....
  27. Tony Romo has a punctured lung.
  28. Injury Commissioner
  29. Last Team To Remain Winless and Undefeated?
  30. Byrd's Top 32 Poll
  31. Chris Johnson Starting to Choke?
  32. 2011-2012 Pick the Winners: Week 3
  33. Week 3 Discussion Thread
  34. Forbes List: The NFL's Most Overpaid Players
  35. Top Rookies After Week 2, According to Profootballfocus
  36. Bengals strike again...
  37. Aaron Curry is headed to the bench
  38. ESPN Total QB Rating
  39. Former OT Orlando Brown passes away
  40. Must See Players
  41. Predictions for Blaine Gabberts season before he makes his first start Sunday??
  42. Pick ATS
  43. Prospects to Bust
  44. Torrey Smith NFL history????
  45. Is the NFL fixed?
  46. Pulling my hair out.
  47. Week 4 discussion thread
  48. The newest Rams dilemma: Bradford or Luck?
  49. delete thread pleasee
  50. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 4
  51. Whats the deal here with the Redskins Simulating the Snap count?
  52. QB Passing ratings/QBR
  53. How much power does your teams' head coach have?
  54. Is there a player who has score every kind of offensive touchdown?
  55. What coaches should never have been fired?
  56. C.J. Spiller = Everydown/Feature Back?
  57. Speed Back v. Power Back
  58. NYG S Chad Jones to run 40 Wednesday
  59. Things set in stone after 3 games
  60. Charles Woodson - Hall of Fame
  61. **The Official Fire Andy Red Thread**
  62. I think the League should look into the lions game...
  63. Award front runners 1/4 of the year in?
  64. SACK or INT
  65. Should the NFL institute a Draft Lottery?
  66. Attention Bengals Fans...
  67. First Quarter Done: Playoff Predictions
  68. Jordyzzzzz Ezzxtenzzzionnzzzzzz
  69. Julio Jones/ AJ Green
  70. 2010 Tight End Class: Who You Got?
  71. ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr. after he compares Obama to Hitler
  72. Week 5 Discussion Thread
  73. Was Cam Newton a vastly underrated prospect?
  74. Contender or Pretender?
  75. This has quickly become a make or break season for Tony Romo
  76. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 5
  77. Wes Welker or Calvin Johnson's record paces: Which is more impressive?
  78. What is your favorite NFL jersey to wear or which ones do you want? Not an ad.
  79. Peyton Hillis to demand a trade?
  80. NFL player signature cleats/shoes
  81. AFC or NFC: which conference is stronger?
  82. What has happened to.....
  83. How good of an Athlete is Von Miller?
  84. Lebron James pondering switching to NFL
  85. R.I.P Al Davis
  86. R.I.P. Al Davis
  87. What's with the injurezzzz gag?
  88. Pass Interference Has Gotten Ridiculous!
  89. Nicknames for Andy Dalton
  90. Most overrated team?
  91. Tim Tebow has taken the field for the Denver Broncos.
  92. Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach in 2012
  93. Is Alex Smith turning the corner?
  94. Matt Ryan Plateuiing
  95. Alex Smith is the next Aaron Rogers
  96. How's Player X Doing?
  97. If you're Andrew Luck, what team would you want to get the #1 pick?
  98. JAY Cutler is a FRANCHISE QB.
  99. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 6
  100. Spygate 2.0 - Revenge of the Jets
  101. Week 6 Discussion Thread
  102. Is Crabtree a bust?
  103. Most Underrated Team
  104. Blockbuster Trade Just Confirmed
  105. Mangini turns down Eagles
  106. Tim Tebow is the new Aaron Rodgers..... Or a Supasta.....Or Alex Smith
  107. your mother is a franchise quarterback
  108. What team has the most star studded roster?
  109. Lebron James is the next Cam Newton
  110. Brian Cushing: is his 2011 breakout season so far due to steriods?
  111. Brandon Lloyd on the trading block.
  112. Brandon Marshall's Promise
  113. Top 2012 free agents by position
  114. Fox/CBS/NBC broadcasting teams: who's your favorite?
  115. Trade Block Thread
  116. Question: Arizona Cardinals Related
  117. Colts ready to rebuild
  118. Who is your favorite team in the other Conference?
  119. AJ Hawk
  120. Jim Harbaugh vs Jim Schwartz Post-Game Fued
  121. Kilmeade
  122. Third of the Season Prediction Time
  123. Raiders acquire Carson Palmer for 2012 1st, Conditional 2013 1st
  124. Obadiah Stane meets Al Davis
  125. Which team is in the best position to be the top team of this decade?
  126. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 7
  127. Week 7 Discussion Thread
  128. Will the Carson Palmer trade propel the Bengals to dynasty status in this decade?
  129. The Ponder Era has begun
  130. Potential Hall of Famers
  131. IS Carson Palmer....Jim Plunkett???
  132. Graham vs. Gronkowski
  133. The Detroit Lions Won The Superbowl
  134. Brandon Marshall not a reliable redzone target
  135. Jerome Harrison has brain tumor
  136. Mike Wallace is better than Calvin Johnson
  137. Face of the NFL
  138. Olin Kreutz Quits The Saints
  139. Most Underrated Player
  140. Most Overrated Player
  141. Darrelle Revis vs Mike Francessa
  142. What happened to Patrick Peterson?
  143. Saints center quits, calls it a career
  144. What do you think of Gabbert so far?
  145. Almost start a brawl? $0 fine...but talk on your cellphone? $10k
  146. Dungy:Colts should draft Luck, even if it means trading Manning
  147. Gonzalez second all-time receiving
  148. Dave Wyman vs Peyton Hillis and Pregnant Mothers
  149. Andrew Luck or Cam Newton Who would you rather have?
  150. Who's the top defense?
  151. Who is the scariest looking football player you've seen?
  152. Sparano: Review play or Iím getting fired
  153. I'm faster than Chris Johnson
  154. Atlanta Falcons = "Dirty" Birds
  155. Last team to get a win?
  156. Peyton Manning to Baltimore?
  157. Jamarcus Russell tells his side of the story in a new interview.
  158. Which coaches will get fired this season/offseason?
  159. Week 8 Discussion Thread
  160. Roger Goodell is probably the biggest joke in all professional sports.
  161. WORST: who will finish with the worst record (week 8 version)
  162. No shocks in the NFL ?
  163. NFL player bashes Luck
  164. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 8
  165. Who is going to the Pro Bowl or making All Pro from your team??
  166. SWDC Top 100?
  167. Vinny Testaverde 1987 Scouting Report
  168. Profootballfocus rates every 2011 first round rookie midway through the season
  169. Bucs' Give Tanard Jackson An Extension
  170. Jared Allen is running away with the sack title
  171. Fitzmagic signs a 6 year, 59 million dollar deal
  172. NFL Life expectancy of Percy Harvin
  173. Who else wants to ban fireman ed?
  174. What do you make of the Giants?
  175. Looking for opinions on two QBs (based on numbers alone)
  176. Favorite Team
  177. Most surprising record in the NFL: Week 8
  178. Week 9 Discussion Thread
  179. Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 9
  180. Did you guys hear Blaine Gabbert cursing to Brian Cushing Sunday? Hilarious
  181. Franchise Players
  182. Mid Season Awards
  183. Is Peyton Manning done?
  184. Bears Front Office/Ownership = Scumbags
  185. The you do not need to workout
  186. How do you fix the Browns.
  187. Reggie Bush finally turning the corner?
  188. Best Safety Duo in the league?
  189. Got the Apple iPad 3 case
  190. T.O is broke
  191. The Patriots' losses are Gisele Bunchen's fault
  192. Aaron Rodgers: Best Season of All-Time for a QB?
  193. Peter King interview with Ryan Leaf.
  194. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 10
  195. Are NFL players obligated do being role models for the public eye?
  196. Week 10 Discussion Thread
  197. The playoff race
  198. 2011 Midseason All-Pro Team
  199. BeerBaron's Random Football Thoughts
  200. Is there anyway the Colts pull a huge upset this week?
  201. Tampa Bay claims Albert Haynesworth
  202. Franchise Tag - What Position?
  203. NFL Predictions: Week 10
  204. Which coach would you least like to play for?
  205. Would Peyton Manning ever go into coaching?
  206. LOL @ Yahoo!
  207. MidSeason Thoughts
  208. Ator
  209. Breed's Midseason Predictions
  210. Chances Redskins snatch up a Top 5 QB prospect?
  211. When the Colts get the 1st pick.....
  212. Anybody see Baldwin's sick catch today?
  213. Which team has the best cheerleader uniforms?
  214. BeerBaron's Week 10 Thoughts
  215. Matt Schaub has a "significant foot injury"
  216. Indianapolis Colts vs. LSU
  217. How can you beat the Packers?
  218. This year's Pro Football Hall of Fame is going to be interesting.
  219. Nominations for Break Out Player of the Year
  220. 2008 Detroit Lions vs. 2011 Indianapolis Colts
  221. Pretty obvious who should win the MVP after 9 weeks of football
  222. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 11
  223. Rebranded NFL Logos - ESPN
  224. Tebow and the triple option
  225. Week 11 Discussion Thread
  226. If the Packers don't go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl...
  227. Who/when will knock the Packers from the ranks of the undefeated?
  228. Kevin Kolb's role in the Cardinals win over the Eagles
  229. Biggest Rookie Bust So Far?
  230. Who is a bigger winner?
  231. Johnny Jolly is going to jail for 6 years.
  232. Undeserving Pro-Bowlers
  233. Had enough of the Packers? YES WE HAVE
  234. Can we start taking about Von Miller
  235. JBCX Prediction Thread!
  236. What team will be difficult to beat in the playoffs regardless of their seed?
  237. How far can the 49ers go?
  238. Best White wide reciever?
  239. Chicago Bears and the SuperBowl
  240. Best Team in AFC
  241. Cutler out 6-8 weeks after thumb surgery
  242. Vince Young's Audition
  243. BeerBaron's Week 11 Thoughts
  244. Who gives the Bears a better chance to win?
  245. Ring before it Rings (Super Bowl)
  246. NFL Mt Rushmore
  247. The Coaching Change Thread
  248. Best Overall Athletes in League
  249. Jordyyyyzzzzzzzzzz
  250. The Chargers - What can be done!?