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  1. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 12
  2. Week 12 Discussion Thread
  3. The Playoff Calculator Is Back!!
  4. Top 5 Quarterbacks
  5. Kyle Orton Waived, Claimed by Chiefs
  6. NFL: More Thursday night games in future
  7. 2012 Pro Football HOF Semifinalists Revealed
  8. Week 12 Power Rankings
  9. Who would win in a cage match?
  10. D's Week 12 Draft Ramifications Preview
  11. The Greatest Playoff Scenario
  12. Fred Jackson Placed On IR
  13. Which of These Two Porous Defenses Would You Prefer?
  14. Mandatory Turkey Game Tradition
  15. I Think It Is Now Safe to Call Suh a Dirty Player
  16. Suh's Suspension: How many games
  17. Altered NFL uniforms for 2012-2013 season
  18. Head Coach Mike Tomlin
  19. Who gets the last AFC wild card?
  20. Who will win the NFC East?
  21. Who WON'T make the playoffs?
  22. 2011 Rookie of the Year
  23. Stevie Johnson's endzone dance was shooting himself in the leg like Plaxico.
  24. Houston Texans QB Woes
  25. BeerBaron's Week 12 Thoughts
  26. SWDC All-Rookie Team
  27. What Backup QB do you think will be a starter next year?
  28. The Erik Walden Mystery: Did he do it?
  29. State of the Giants
  30. FIFA?
  31. Who are the top safties in your opinion other than Reed and Polamalu?
  32. Jack Del Rio Fired
  33. The Jacksonville Jaguars Are Being Sold
  34. Adrian Peterson is a nerd.
  35. The Official Danny Woodhead Appreciation Thread
  36. Patriots CB McCourty doubtful to face Chiefs
  37. Week 13 Discussion Thread
  38. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week13
  39. Who are the best pass rushers in the NFL?
  40. Who deserves the 3rd QB spot for NFC in Pro Bowl?
  41. Donovan McNabb released
  42. Rolando McClain Arrested For Assault
  43. NFL's top five pass-catching combos
  44. NFL Play 60 song lyrics.
  45. What Are the Most Memorable Non-Super Bowl Winning Teams?
  46. AFC QB Pro Bowlers
  47. Best Super Bowl of this Century
  48. Norv Turner will be fired after season is over.
  49. Heyward-Bey or Crabtree?
  50. Stories of the Season: Wade Phillips
  51. Andre Johnson's nagging hamstring
  52. Mike Pereira: Explanation of Greg Jennings' catch
  53. Seahawks 2 Games Back From A Playoff Spot
  54. BeerBaron's Week 13 Thoughts
  55. UDKF: Breaking Down God's Numbers (Tebow)
  56. 2011= 2010 season gone right?
  57. What is the worst coaching blunder you can recall?
  58. Week 14 pulse: WHO WINS THE AFC?
  59. "I'm going to punch you square in your wiener, dude."
  60. Players legacies' that are tarnished by one moment or play.
  61. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 14
  62. The Complicated Peyton Manning Situation
  63. The Packers Non Stock Stock
  64. Week 14 Discussion Thread
  65. Will Trent Cole be suspended?
  66. Kerley out vs. Bills
  67. Have any of you ever gone to Jacksonville to see your team play them?
  68. SI Toughtest Fans
  69. Jared Allen not a fan of Detroit or New Orleans
  70. SI's Jim Trotter QB Rankings
  71. Will the Browns draft a QB high in 2012?
  72. NFL Network has become football's Mirror magazine
  73. All-Injuriezzz Team 2011
  74. Quarterbacks better than Alex Smith.
  75. BeerBaron's Week 14 Thoughts
  76. Todd Haley Fired
  77. Tony Sparano Fired
  78. Who gets your COACH OF THE YEAR vote
  79. Aside from Rodgers, who would YOU vote for MVP?
  80. Broncos Super Bowl bound under Tebow
  81. Tony Sparano is fired
  82. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 15
  83. Tom Brady sucks?
  84. James Harrison Suspended
  85. Week 15 Discussion Thread
  86. Cam Newton's Long-Term Value
  87. What team has the most balanced offense and defense in the NFL?
  88. Caldwell will be fired if Colts go winless
  89. Raheem Morris was going to be fired...but couldn't be
  90. Is Next Year when Cowher, Gruden, Fisher get Back to Coaching?
  91. Bears WR Sam Hurd Arrested On Federal Drug Charges
  92. 2012 Destinations for Peyton Manning
  93. Maurice Jones-Drew: HOF
  94. Can Peyton Manning land in a position to win another Superbowl?
  95. The Patriots Masterful Short and Long Term Strategy
  96. Report: Darren McFadden is out for season
  97. Who was the worst starting quarterback of the 2000's? (minimum 48 starts)
  98. BeerBaron's Week 15 Thoughts
  99. Eagles Soaring, will the sneak in?
  100. Week 16 Discussion Thread
  101. Pick the Greatest Game Ever?
  102. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 16
  103. Relative importance of each position
  104. Braylon Edwards a MAN of his word!
  105. Drafting need or best player available?
  106. Let's say the Colts win next week...
  107. How can my team get into the playoffs?
  108. AP, probably tore ACL.. Maybe structural damage as well.
  109. End of Season Thoughts
  110. Gruden returning to coaching in 2012
  111. Blaine Gabbert will be a better QB than Cam Newton?
  112. BeerBaron's Week 16 Thoughts
  113. Executive of the year
  114. 2011 Pro Bowl Discussion Thread
  115. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Week 17
  116. Who is the MVP?
  117. Week 17 Discussion Thread
  118. Jason Taylor to retire
  119. How many draft picks would you give up...
  120. Who is the best in this category?
  121. New Orleans or San Francisco
  122. Cam Newton talks crap about Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young
  123. End of the year awards
  124. Which guy has the most pressure this week?
  125. Beastmode Fined 10k for Skittles Shoes
  126. Brandon Graham & Jerry Hughes; what's up?
  127. One-Year Wonders
  128. What are the regulations on NFL gloves? Are there?
  129. Should the Jets move on from Mark Sanchez?
  130. The Value of Matt Flynn
  131. AFC West: who do YOU think is their best team?
  132. Spagnola to be fired
  133. So do you still want an 18 game schedule?
  134. Most Dangerous Team Going Into the Playoffs
  135. Raheem Morris fired
  136. Bill Polian fired
  137. AFC North: Who do YOU think is the best team?
  138. Which team will be the most improved next year?
  139. Franchise Quarterback
  140. BeerBaron's End of Regular Season Thoughts
  141. Jerry Angelo Fired
  142. Playoff Predictions Thread (Playoff Teams Finalized)
  143. Tim Tebow or Matthew Stafford
  144. Turner and Smith stay in SD
  145. Least desirable coach?
  146. Wildcard Weekend Discussion Thread
  147. NFL Rule changes?
  148. Is football ruined for good?
  149. Top rookies of the 2011 draft
  150. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Wild Card Weekend
  151. Who do want to see in the Super Bowl?
  152. The J-Mike 88 Situation.
  153. 2011 AP All Pro Team
  154. NFL "Freakonomics"
  155. Sorry for making a thread
  156. Football Scouting Methods, by Steve Belichick
  157. 2012 Hall of Famers
  158. 3 Key Matchups: Steelers vs. Broncos
  159. Oakland: Reggie McKenzie in, Hue Jackson out?
  160. "The city of Atlanta doesn't deserve win"
  161. CB of the era
  162. Timmy "Touchdown" Tebow Love Thread!
  163. Best game of the regular season?
  164. BeerBaron's Wildcard Weekend Thoughts
  165. Gil Brandt comments on this year's rookie QB's
  166. Matt Ryan or Jake Long
  167. 2010 NFL Draft Do-Over
  168. Offensive Lines
  169. Best DE in the NFL Playoffs
  170. Divisional Round Discussion Thread
  171. What legend would you add to your team?
  172. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Divisional Weekend
  173. Eras
  174. Demaryius Thomas vs. Julio Jones
  175. Jaguars hire Mularkey as head coach
  176. Jets hire Sparano as Offensive Coordinator
  177. Raheem Morris New Redskins DB Coach
  178. Jeff Fisher to the Rams
  179. John Fox 2003 Carolina Panthers/2011 Denver Broncos
  180. Dome teams on the road in the playoffs. Legit concern or just a myth?
  181. Say what you want about Ocho but...
  182. Mario Williams
  183. Super Bowl match for the ages
  184. Official Packers Getting Kicked Out of the Playoffs Thread
  185. Is Eli Manning on the same level as his brother?
  186. "Arrowhead Anxiety"
  187. LOL some fans...please watch this it's hilarious.
  188. Any old timers on here? Remember in 2006 when I said Eli was a top QB?
  189. BeerBaron's Divisional Round Thoughts
  190. Which is Important, QB v. C?
  191. The Harbaughl.
  192. Conference Championship Discussion Thread
  193. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012 Championship Weekend
  194. Top of the 2009 Draft...Looking Ugly
  195. Top 6 QBs in terms of "pure armstrength" in NFL
  196. Rob Lowe tweets that Peyton Manning has retired
  197. Backup QB's that became starters elsewhere
  198. Terrell Owens signs with Allen Wranglers of Indoor Football League
  199. Jerome Simpson indicted for felony
  200. Who would be the best fictional football player ever?
  201. The London Rams?
  202. This kid is a gamer.
  203. Baltimore Raven mishaps
  204. Offensive Holding?
  205. *RUMOR* Chip Kelly to Tampa Bay
  206. Super Bowl XLVI Discussion Thread
  207. BeerBaron's Conference Championship Thoughts
  208. 2012 New NFL Uniforms Thread
  209. Nfldc I Need Your Help
  210. Raiders New HC: Dennis Allen
  211. Roger Goodell's Contract Extended through 2018
  212. Colts hire Chuck Pagano
  213. Is Jim Harbaugh on the same level as his brother?
  214. How did you become a fan your team?
  215. Schiano is the Buccaneers Head Coach
  216. One major story line about the Super Bowl that the media is missing
  217. If the Giants win, Is Tom Coughlin a HOF coach?
  218. Kyle Williams Biggest Fan
  219. Pictures of the year
  220. NFLN: "Colts will cut their ties to Manning before the scouting combine."
  221. Payton Manning's destination.....
  222. NFLDC Pick the Winners 2011-2012: Super Bowl XLVI
  223. Best Zone Corner
  224. Pewter Report: Raheem Partied with Players
  225. Sorry BBD, but i gotta do this.
  226. MetSox's Thread On the Falcons
  227. A.P. Award Winners
  228. Goodell To Consider Eliminating The Pro Bowl
  229. New England Patriots: What Can Be Done?
  230. Teams that miss playoffs in 2012
  231. Is Eli Manning an Elite QB?
  232. Eli Manning should have not been the MVP
  233. Best game in the playoffs?
  234. Who's going o the SB next year?
  235. It's time to rank the QBs again
  236. FA's you want your team to go after and FA's you want your team to keep.
  237. Would they? Should they?
  238. 1990's Cowboy Offensive Lineman in HOF
  239. Run Ricky Run: Ricky Williams Retires
  240. Offseason Discussion Thread
  241. Elisha Nelson Manning vs Kurtis Eugene Warner
  242. Which team has the worst fans?
  243. Best #1 overall pick of our lifetimes
  244. Most Annoying Fanbase: NFC South Version
  245. Most Annoying Fanbase: AFC South Version
  246. Compensatory Picks
  247. the end of pro football?
  248. Most Annoying Fanbase: AFC East Version
  249. Most Annoying Fanbase: NFC East Version
  250. Plax Says Drew Brees Will End Up A Redskin