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06-01-2007, 11:43 PM
this is the thread in which FA's will make their choice of where to go...

Please AIM/Email or PM me your re signings
the Re-Signing format so it dosnt take to long to set up be sure to include players with options as well and what they choice to do

Your Team(s)
Player - Length(money)

57 millions is the Cap
MLE: 5.6 Mil
LLE: 1.8 Mil
Maximum player contracts
0-6 years of service: 25% of Salary Cap ($14.25 million this year).

7-9 years of service: 30% of Salary Cap ($17.1 million this year).

10 or more years of service: 35% of Salary Cap ($19.95 million this year).

League Mins
Years in NBA**
0 $427,163
1 $687,456
2 $770,610
3 $798,328
4 $826,046
5 $895,341
6 $964,636
7 $1,033,930
8 $1,103,225
9 $1,108,718
10+ $1,219,590

III. Salary Cap and Related Rules
A. Salary Cap
The Salary Cap for the 2005-06 season is $49.5 million (which is based on 49.5% of BRI).

In the new deal, the salary cap increases from 48% of BRI currently to 49.5% of BRI in 2005-06 and 51% of BRI for the remainder of the CBA.
B. Annual Increases and Decreases
The permissible year-to-year increases in multi-year player contracts are as follows:

Bird and Early Bird Contracts may increase by up to 10.5% of year-one salary (down from 12.5%).

Other contracts may increase by up to 8% of year-one salary (down from 10%).
C. Rookie Scale Contracts

Rookie scale contracts will provide for two guaranteed seasons with two separate one-year options in favor of the team for seasons 3 and 4. (In the previous agreement, rookie scale contracts provided for three (3) guaranteed seasons with a team option for year four.) The first team option is exercisable following the end of the player’s first season, and the second team option is exercisable following the end of the player’s second season. A team that exercises both options will continue to have first refusal rights following the player’s fourth season.

The rookie scale and 3rd and 4th-year options and 5th-year Qualifying Offer amounts for 2005 first round draft picks (at 100% of their scale amounts) are set forth in Exhibit A attached to this memorandum. Teams will still have the ability to pay 20% more or less than the scale amounts.
D. Maximum Player Salaries
As under the prior CBA, in the first year of a new contract a player may receive the greater of 105% of the player’s prior salary, or:

0-6 years of service: 25% of Salary Cap ($14.25 million this year).

7-9 years of service: 30% of Salary Cap ($17.1 million this year).

10 or more years of service: 35% of Salary Cap ($19.95 million this year).
The maximum player salaries will continue to be based on a 48.04% of BRI Salary Cap (not on the new, higher Salary Cap).

E. Minimum Player Salaries

Attached as Exhibit B to this memorandum are the minimum player salaries in each year of the new CBA.

Any amounts paid to a player in a one-year minimum contract that exceed the minimum salary applicable to players with two years of service (instead of four under the prior CBA) shall be paid out of a league-wide benefits fund and shall be excluded from Team Salary.

Solely for purposes of computing a team’s Team Salary for tax purposes (and not, for example, for purposes of calculating a team’s room under the Cap), a free agent with zero years of service (i.e., a rookie, but not a second round pick) or one year of service who signs for the minimum player salary will be included in Team Salary based on the minimum applicable to a player with two years of service. For example, if a team signs a rookie (other than a drafted player) in 2005-06 to a minimum contract that pays $398,762, the player will be included in the team’s Team Salary for tax purposes at $719,373 (the 2005-06 minimum for a player with two years of service).
F. Salary Cap Exceptions

Mid-level Exception: For the 2005-06 season, the Mid-level exception will be $5 million. In subsequent years, the Mid-level exception will equal 108% of the average player salary for the prior season.

“Bi-annual” Exception (formerly “Million Dollar” Exception): For the 2005-06 season, the amount of the Bi-annual exception will be $1.670 million. In subsequent years, the amount of the exception will increase by 4.5% annually. The alternating-year rule that applies to this exception has been carried over from the prior CBA. Therefore, teams that used all or part of the exception in 2004-05 will not have the right to use the Bi-annual exception in 2005-06.
G. Rosters

Each team is required to carry 12 players on its active list and one player on its inactive list (which will replace the injured list). Teams may have a maximum of three players on their inactive list (subject to hardship rules, which will apply in the event that a team with three injured players on its inactive list has a fourth player that suffers an injury). Players sent to the NBA Development League (see below) will continue to count on a team’s inactive list.

The league has agreed to guarantee that, on a league-wide basis, teams will maintain an average roster size of 14 players over the course of the season.
H. Trade Rules

A traded player may be “simultaneously” replaced (i.e., in the same transaction) by one or more players whose salaries in the aggregate do not exceed 125% of the salary of the players being traded, plus $100,000 (In the previous deal, the figure was 115% of the salary, plus $100,000).

“Sign-and-trade” rules remain unchanged.

If a team trades a player and the player is subsequently waived by the assignee team, the assignor team will not be permitted to sign the player to a new contract (or claim him off of waivers) until at least 30 days have passed following the date the trade was made (or 20 days for trades that occur during the off-season).

A draft rookie may not be traded until 30 days following the date on which his contract is signed. Other players remain subject to the rule providing that they may not be traded before the later of (i) three months following the signing of the contract or (ii) December 15.

A player signed to a one-year contract who would be a Bird or Early Bird player at the conclusion of his contract cannot be traded without the player’s consent. If the player consents and is traded, he will lose whatever “Bird” rights he has acquired (i.e., he will be considered to have moved to the new team as a free agent). (The rule prohibiting such players from being traded has been eliminated.)

Base Year Compensation rules remain unchanged, except that a player’s Base Year Compensation will expire on the later of (i) the June 30 following the date the Base Year goes into effect, or (ii) six months following the date the Base Year goes into effect.
I. Restricted Free Agency

A team must exercise its options for the third and fourth seasons of a Rookie Scale Contract in order to have first refusal rights (following year 4).

Offer Sheets must be for at least two seasons (instead of three), not including any option year, unless the player’s prior team gives the player both a Qualifying Offer and an alternative offer of a “maximum” contract, in which case the Offer Sheet must be for three or more years (not including any option year).

Offer Sheets for players with one or two years of service must comply with the following:
The first year salary may not exceed 108% of the average player salary for the prior year and the second year salary may not increase or decrease by more than 8%.

If the Offer Sheet provides for 108% of the average player salary for the first year with an 8% increase for the second year, then the Offer Sheet may provide for salary in the third year up to the amount that the player would have been eligible to receive in that year had his salary in the first year been for any amount up to the “maximum” salary allowable for that player (e.g., first year at the player’s maximum allowable salary with annual increases of 8% of the first-year salary). The player’s salary after the third year may increase or decrease by no more than 6.9% of the third-year salary.

In order to determine whether a team has room to extend such an Offer Sheet, the first year salary will be deemed to equal the average of the aggregate salaries for each year covered by the Offer Sheet.

If the player’s prior team doesn’t exercise its Right of First Refusal, the averaged salary amount will be included in the new team’s Team Salary for each year of the contract. However, if the player’s prior team does exercise its Right of First Refusal, the amount included in Team Salary for each year shall be the salary set forth in the contract.

A team now has seven (7) days (instead of 15) to match an offer sheet tendered to a player that is subject to such team’s Right of First Refusal.


06-01-2007, 11:44 PM
FA list

Atlanta Hawks
Resigned: None

Boston Celtics
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Michael Olowokandi

Charlotte Bobcats
Resigned:Brevin Knight 3YR, 6M, Walter Hermann ($1,944,400) picked up Team Option, Alan Anderson: 5 year 12M, Matt Carroll: 6 year 24M

Chicago Bulls
Resigned: Andres Nocioni- 5-yr/ 25 million dollar deal. Mike Sweetney- 2-yr/2 million dollar deal. P.J. Brown- 2-yr/8 million dollar deal

Cleveland Cavaliers
Resgined: Sasha Pavlovic, 6 Yrs 32 Mil. Andy Varejao, 5 yrs 20 Mil. Scot Pollard, 2 yrs 4 mil, Ira Newble(P)

Dallas Mavericks
Resigned: Austin Croshere 2 years 5 mil, Devean George (P), Jerry Stackhouse 3 years 15 mil

Denver Nuggets
Resigned: Steve Blake, 3 yrs 12 Mil., Eduardo Najera (ETO)

Detroit Pistons
Resigned: Antonio McDyess (P), Flip Murray (P),Ronald Dupree (P), Will Blalock (T, Amir Johnson

Golden State Warriors
Resigned: Matt Barnes - 4 Years 17 Million, Sarunas Jasikevicius (will use his option and make his 4 mil a year to sit the bench), Kelenna Azubuike - 2 Years 1.8 Million

Houston Rockets
Resigning:Bonzi Wells (P), Chuck Hayes 4.5 mil a year for 5 years

Indiana Pacers
Restricted: Maceo Baston (P), Rawle Marshall
Unrestricted: Keith McLeod

Los Angeles Clippers
Restricted: James Singleton (T)
Unrestricted: Yaroslav Korolev, Jason Hart, Quinton Ross (T)

Los Angeles Lakers
Resigned: C, Chris Mihm 2 years 6.5 million. SF, Luke Walton 4 years 19 million

Memphis Grizzlies
Resigned: Tarence Kinsey (TO) $687,456

Miami Heat
Resigned:Eddie Jones 2YR, 6M, Jason Kapono 5YR, 12M, Gary Payton 1YR, 1M, James Posey 3YR, 7M, Michael Doleac (P)

Milwaukee Bucks
Resigned:Charlie Bell 3yrs/9mil(traded to Memphis). Ersan Ilysova
3yrs/4mil. Mo Williams, 6 Yrs 50 Mil., Earl Boykins

Minnesota Timberwolves
Restricted: Bracey Wright
Unrestricted: None

New Jersey Nets
Resigned: Mikki Moore, 3 Yrs 12.5 Mil. Eddie House, 2 yrs 2.1 mil

New Orleans Hornets
Resigned: Devin Brown 3YR, 10M, Janerro Pargo 2YR, 3M

New York Knicks
Unrestricted: Kelvin Cato,
Resignings:Malik Rose (ETO)

Orlando Magic
Resigned: Bo Outlaw 1 yr 1 mil, Keyon Dooling (P)

Philadelphia 76ers
Restricted: Louis Amundson, Shavlik Randolph (P), Louis Williams (T)
Unrestricted: Alan Henderson, Joe Smith

Phoenix Suns
Restricted: Pat Burke
Unrestricted: Jumaine Jones, Sean Marks, Jalen Rose, Kurt Thomas (P)

Portland Trail Blazers
Resigned: Jamall Maggloire, 3 yrs 24 Mil, Ime Udoka, 3 yrs 9 mil

Sacramento Kings
Restricted: Ronnie Price, Justin Williams
Unrestricted: Mike Bibby (ETO), Vitaly Potapenko, Corliss Williamson

San Antonio Spurs
Resigned: Matt Bonner 2 years 4 mil, Fabricio Oberto (P), Michael Finley (P), Jacque Vaughn 1 year 1.3 mil

Seattle SuperSonics
Resigned: None

Toronto Raptors
Resigned: None

Utah Jazz
Resigned: Dee Brown 3 years/3 million, C.J. Miles 3 years/3 million

Washington Wizards
Resigned: Antwan Jamison (P), Andray Blatche 3YR, 10M, Donell Taylor 1YR, $770,610, Roger Mason 1YR, $826,046

06-02-2007, 12:10 AM
Players who have chosen to opt out.. (does not mean that cannot return to their original team they simple must have a new contract...)
Rashard Lewis (ETO)
Chauncey Billups (ETO)
Vince Carter (ETO)
Gerald Wallace (P)

06-02-2007, 12:40 AM
Player Going to FA
Restricted: Esteban Batista(Atl), Royal Ivey(Atl), Mike Hall(Wash), Jarvis Hayes(Wash), Josh Powell (GS), Zarko Cabarkapa (GS), Martynas Andriuskevicius(Chi), Andre Barrett(Chi), Dwayne Jones(Cle), Travis Diener (Orl), Darko Milicic (Orl), Travis Outlaw (Port), Luke Schenscher(Port), Ryan Hollins (Char), Jared Reiner (Mil), Uros Sloka (Tor), Pape Sow(Tor), Andre Brown(Sea), Earl Barron(Mia), Brandon Bass(NO), Lawrence Roberts (Mem), Mickael Pietrus(GS)

Unrestricted: Stanislav Medvedenko, Calvin Booth, Michael Ruffin, Malik Allen, Pat Garrity, Chauncey Billups, Dale Davis, Chris Webber, DerMarr Johnson,, Jamal Sampson, Aaron McKie, , Smush Parker, Rashard Lewis, Shammond Williams, Derek Anderson, Primoz Brezec, Jeff McInnis, Jake Voskuhl, Gerald Wallace, Ruben Patterson, Brian Skinner, Darrick Martin, Morris Peterson,Danny Fortson, Randy Livingston, Mike Wilks, Marc Jackson, Linton Johnson, Desmond Mason, Kevin Willis, Melvin Ely, Dikembe Mutombo, Jake Tsakalidis,

06-06-2007, 10:42 AM
Gerald Wallace update.....
Gerald Apperantly has been seen taking in a Brewers game on Monday on Tuesday he was seen at BB Kings BBQ in Downtown Memphis... Rumors are that on Wednesday he will Pheonix talking with all the old people

06-06-2007, 10:45 AM
Rashard Lewis is in serious meetings with Mikey Mouse and is trying to find the best Hood for his 18 kids

06-06-2007, 10:40 PM
Gerald Wallace is a memphis Griz for 6YRS at a 1st year base salary of $14.25M

Reason.... Memphis is the only team with the cap besides Charlotte to sign him.. he fits in well with a young developing team... furthermore.... Pheonix and Char didnt make there case at all... D-unit pushed very hard but it jsut showed how much he wanted him... Pheonix and Char did not show the interest in Wallace that was necesary to real him in

06-07-2007, 06:10 PM
Free Agency Rumors

-Several key players are on the move, Including a former Top 3 Pick who signed an Offer Sheet just moments ago.

-There is at least One European Player coming to the NBA.

-The Oldest Player in the NBA will play one more season.

-A former Finals MVP has received multiple offers.

-A former Slam Dunk Champion could find a new home very soon.

06-07-2007, 07:59 PM
FA signings
C Dikembe Mutumbo - New Jersey Nets LLE
Morris Peterson - 4 years 28 million - Seattle Sonics
Danny Forston - Memphis LLE
Chris Webber - Denver MLE
Royal Ivey - Miami LLE Atlanta can match
Michael Ruffin - Sac Kings 1 year $964,636
Jumaine Jones - Spurs - LLE (Title shot and trying to re-establish himself)
Darko Milicic - Mil Walk K 6 years, 44.7 million Orlando Can Match (money money money)
Desmond Mason - Cavs - MLE (Title Shot)
Chauncey Billups - Charlotte 5 year 75 mil (Money Talks)
Theodorus Papaloukas - Toronto - 9 mil over 2 years (Euro Connection)
Primoz Brezec - Pheonix MLE (chose title shot over 1 mil)
Marc Jackson - Bulls LLE

06-09-2007, 07:44 PM

Lawrence Roberts (Signed/Traded Minimum)

Jake Tsakalidis (Signed Veteran Minimum)

New York

Derek Anderson (Signed Veteran Minimum)


MLE Travis Outlaw (Portland RFA)


Ruben Patterson (Signed MLE)


Eddie Griffin (Signed 2 yrs 4 mil)