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Who will win this is for OVER 3 YEARS


HC: Bil Belichick: One of the best coaches of all time, and definatly the best of our generation. Has one of the most innovative gameplans and is great at making adjustments throughout the game. One of the most creative minds in football
OC: Charlie Weis: A great offensive mind as shown in his time with the Pats as well as Notre Dame. Is great at developing quarterbacks and getting the best out of them. As shown through the transformation of Tom Brady
DC: Romeo Crennel: Has a great knowledge of the 3-4 and how it needs to be run. Has enough football knowledge and experience, that he should easily be able to pull of the Hybrid Defence.
For my staff as a whole notice the chemistry that they all have between them, from past experiences with the Pats

QB: Carson Palmer
RB: Shaun Alexander
FB: Lorenzo Neal
WR: Marvin Harrison
WR: Terrel Owens
WR: Hines Ward
TE: Tony Gonzalez
LT: Jason Peters
LG: Derrick Dockery
C: Jeff Saturday
RG: Alen Faneca
RT: Marcus McNeil

Explanation: My offence all revolves around three key cornerstones: LDT, Carson Palmer and Marcus McNeil. With LDT, the best player in the league, pounding the rock, and recieving the ball out of the backfield, that will completely garner all of the defences attention leaving my second Cornerstone, Carson Palmer a lot of room to work with. Carson will be able to hit his vertical threat of Marvin Harrison, the smartest reciever in the game. As well as a big physical reciever like Terrel Owens as well as a big over the middle guy like Hines Ward. Also Carson Palmer has an unbelievable safety valve in Tony Gonzalez, one of the best Recieving Tight ends of all time and in the league today. I also have LDT's favourite blocker as my FB in Lorenzo Neal. My offence is not complete without my other cornerstone, Marcus McNeil. Marcus McNeil was already a top 5 LT as a rookie, and is now ready to make the leap as the best RT in the game. McNeil has all the size,strength and agility that is ideal for a RT to have. On the leftside I have one of the best up and coming LT in the game with Jason Peters, he is a converted TE who has much buzz around theleague and is ready to become an elite LT in the league. ON the inside I have 2 maulers at guard including a top 3 guard in the game in Alen Faneca. At Centre I have one of the smartest centres in the game, and will develop the kind of chemistry with carson that he had with Peyton.

DE: Richard Seymour
DT: Kevin Williams
DT: Jamal Williams
DE: Jason Taylor
DE: Gaines Adams
OLB: Julian Peterson
MLB: Kirk Morrison
OLB: Bart Scott

DE: Richard Seymour
NT: Jamal Williams
DE: Kevin Williams
OLB: Jason Taylor
ILB: Kirk Morrison
ILB: Bart Scott
OLB: Julian Peterson
OLB: Gaines Adams

CB: Nnamdi Asoumogha
S: Bob Sanders
S: Kerry Rhodes
CB: Terrence Newman
CB: Nathan Vasher

Explanation: I am running a 3-4/4-3 hybrid defence. When run effectively this is the best defensive scheme, the thing is it takes very select personell. the 3-4 part of my defence all starts with the best NT in the game, Jamal Williams, who will be able to occupy 2-3 blockers on every play. With Jamal Williams occupying blockers it will make it very easy for the two ends, Seymour and Kevin Williams, to get to the quarterback and stop the run. I also have the reigning defensive player of the year in Jason Taylor to bring pressure on the quarterback, and the same with Julian Peterson who also provides good cover skills. I have two young up and coming LB's in Kirk Morrison and Bart Scot who will be free to roam around, stop the run and make big plays. In the 4-3 part of the scheme, i keep Jamal at NT, and slide KEvin WIlliams to UT, Seymour stays at DE, and Taylor shifts to DE. I will have a great run stopping DE in Seymour, and one of the best rushing DE's in Taylor. On obvious passing downs i will bring in the best DE from this draft, who has amazing pass rush skills. In the middle I have Jamal to clog it up, as well as Kevin williams to stop the run and apply pressure. If Jamal Williams gets tired, i could just slide Seymour to UT and Kevin to NT and gaines to DE. if Kevin WIlliams gets tired I could just slide Seymour to UT and gaines at DE. My secondary is stacked with the two best young corners in the league who can be left on an island by themselves. As well as one of the only true gamechangers at Safety, in bob sanders, and one of the best young Safetys in Kerry Rhodes

I'm missing 1 more backup i think, so I take WR Amani Toomer

QB: Eli Manning
RB: Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs
FB: Brian Leonard
WR: Torry Holt
WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WR: Amani Toomer
WR:Steve Smith(rookie)
TE: Jeremy Shockey
LT: Joe Thomas
LG: David Diehl
C: Ryan Kahlil
RG: Chris Snee
RT: Alex Barron

Head: Jeff Fisher
OC: Greg Schiano
DC: John Fox
my offense has some great weapons with Holt, TJ, Shockey and Ronnie. Leonard is very versitle and will help the O in many ways. Jacobs is an excellent spell to Ronnie, and the 2 will bowl over the D, and punish them all day. Amani is a solid vet, who is Eli's security blanket, and has height for goal line lobs. My line is young, but very talented with Snee, a top 5 guard, Kahlil and Thomas, this years top OL at their position in the draft, and 2 solid starters in Diehl and Barron. OC Greg Schiano knows how to use Leonard, and works wonders for QB's as does Fisher. Just look at the improvements of Young and Teel.

DE: Osi Umenyiora
DE: Dwight Freeney
DT: Casey Hampton
DT: Barry Cofield
OLB: Keith Bulluck
MLB: Antonio Pierce
OLB: Lance Briggs
CB: Chris McAlister
CB: DeAngelo Hall
CB(nickel) Dunta Robinson
FS: Ed Reed
SS: Troy Polamalu

My D is flat out sick. Best pass rush with Osi and Freeney, along with solid run stuffers in Hampton, Cofield, Osi, Bulluck, Pierce and Briggs. I have the 2 best safeties in the game paired up with each other. My CB's are playmakers, who also help in run support. All 3 of my LB's are pro bowlers, know how to lead, and hit. Run by Fox, who brought a Giants D to the Super Bowl, knows how to coach up, and run a defense.

devinhester=R.O.Y 2006
06-19-2007, 10:32 PM
I voted for Scotty's team. I really like the young o-line, after 3 years could be the best line in football. Those guys togehter will easily be able to pave holes for the three backs in Leonard, Jacobs, and Brown as well as keeping the heat off of Eli Manning. Not to sold on Toomer, but Holt is a solid #1 and Houshmandzadeh is a very nice compliment to Holt. Shockey is arguably the best tight end in the game, I partitcularly love his toughness. The defense speaks for itself. I like Hampton clogging the middle with Osi and Freeney rushing the QB. Also pass coverage is great with Hall, McAllister, Polamalu, Reed, and Briggs.

So ya Scotty takes this one.

06-19-2007, 10:38 PM
Pretty much my offence is better in every single aspect(QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, LT,LG,C,RG,RT). I have superior D-line (4-3 and 3-4). Are LB and CBs are about the same, his safetys are superior, although mine would definatly get the job done. Polamalu and Reed probably wouldnt play to their potential together, and Troy would not be a good fit in the 4-3. Lance Briggs also wouldnt be a good fit in a non cover 2 scheme.I will be able to run the ball all day against you, considering your DE's have very limited run stopping capability, and i have an unbelievable tandem of the past two MVP's of the league. My passing game will still excel against your secondary. Also my defence(hybrid) will confuse the **** out of little Eli, and will have to go running home to his mama. You also dont have a good enough running game to keep the pressure off of Eli. Your oline is way too young, and wont be very effective until three years have passed. I also have the best coaching staff by far, who will do what it would take to win.

06-19-2007, 10:41 PM
You forgot WR's on offense which is probably where you are most dominant, but Scotty's defense is better.

06-19-2007, 10:46 PM
You forgot WR's on offense which is probably where you are most dominant, but Scotty's defense is better.

His defence may be a bit better than mine, except his Defence would not shut down my offence, while my defence would shut down his

06-19-2007, 10:53 PM
His defence may be a bit better than mine, except his Defence would not shut down my offence, while my defence would shut down his

In your opinion...

And I don't speak english, i speak american, those C's screw with my head.

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Chucky for sure

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Chucky for sure

+ rep.....

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id go with chucky's team

06-21-2007, 04:33 PM
Chucky, he doesn't have 1 weakness imo.

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Chucky definitely. Eli Manning sucks so much, lol.

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Chucky, he doesn't have 1 weakness imo.

the only weakness IMO is age.