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07-01-2007, 01:03 PM
The Buffalo Bison and Trenton Thunder will be facing off in a best of five series, please vote for which team that you feel would prevail in the five game series. Please feel free to leave comments on the teams or comments to why you voted a certain way.

Buffalo Bisons


1. Homer Bailey, RHP, Reds
2. Donald Veal, LHP, Cubs
3. Will Inman, RHP, Brewers
4. John Danks, LHP, White Sox
5. Micah Owings, RHP, Diamondbacks


CL: Franklin Morales, LHP, Rockies
RP: Yohan Pino, RHP, Twins


1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF, Red Sox
2. Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Rockies
3. Andrew McCutchen, RF, Pirates
4. Adam Lind, DH, Blue Jays
5. Matt Wieters, C, Orioles
6. James Loney, 1B, Dodgers
7. Fernando Martinez, LF, Mets
8. Eric Campbell, 3B, Braves
9. Kevin Frandsen, 2B, Giants


Lars Anderson, 1B, Red Sox
Mark Reynolds, IF/OF, Diamondbacks
Drew Stubbs, OF, Reds

The Bisons are full of potential major league stars. The lineup is solid from top to bottom. Ellsbury and Tulo are an excellent 1-2 punch to start. Both have good speed and OBP, essential for the top of the lineup. McCutchen is the making of a five-tool outfielder. He is tremendous when hitting for average, accumulating a .298 career average in the minors through last year. Scouts believe he has the potential to hit 20-25 home runs in the big leagues. He has the speed and range to man RF for the Bisons. Proving that hitting for average is a key to the Bisons offense, Lind is tremendous at that. Sometimes considered a non-prospect out of the University of South Alabama, he won the Sun Belt batting title hitting .392. He has not stopped in pro ball with a career average of .319 through last year. Wieters is the complete package at catcher. He is 6'5'' and in college has shown tremendous power at the plate. He is also good defensively. Scouts have compared him to Joe Mauer and Jason Varitek. Loney has not stopped since being drafted out of high school. Recently the Dodgers moved mainstay Nomar Garciaparra to third just to make room for Loney. He has power to all fields. Martinez was the main international prospect two years ago. The Dominican is very young (18) and his ceiling is very high. Campbell and Frandsen, both top prospects in their respective organizations, complete the order. On the bench, the Bisons have power hitter Lars Anderson, who is tearing up high class A right now, Mark Reynolds, a solid average hitter who can play anywhere in the infield or outfield, and Drew Stubbs, an excellent defensive outfielder with a plus bat.

Our pitching staff is very underrated. Homer Bailey is a fireballer and has been unhittable in the minors. He projects to be the ace in Cincinnati in years to come. I was surprised to get Donald Veal so late. He too throws hard, with his fastball topping out at 95 mph. His curveball is his weapon though, and when it's working, is a nasty strikeout pitch. Will Inman is unarguably my favorite prospect in the minors. Since being drafted out of high school, he has compiled a 10-2 record with a 1.77 ERA in 37 games pitched. Inman, only 20, isn't overpowering but has the makeup to be a star. John Danks is the second lefty in our rotation. He has been the top prospect in Texas for a few years before his trade to the White Sox. His repertoire consists of four top notch pitchs, a four seamer a two seamer, a change up and a 1-7 curveball. Micah Owings was a top prospect out of Tulane, and like Inman, has been unhittable in the minors. In two years, Owings is 17-3 with a 3.23 ERA in 43 games. The Bison bullpen features Yohan Pino and Franklin Morales. Pino has been an under the radar prospect for Minnesota since 2004. And with the stats he put up it is almost unbelieveable. The Venezuelan has been 33-5 with a 1.93 ERA in 67 games since 04. He put up a 14-2 season with a 1.91 era for Beloit last year and a 10-1, 0.53 ERA season for the Twins DSL team in 04. His stuff isn't overpowering with his fastball topping at just 88 mph. But you can't argue with those numbers. Franklin Morales will play the role as a closer. I was surprised to get him late in the draft. He projects as a top of the rotation starter in Colorado. His fastball, which is consistently in the mid 90's, i sone of the best pitches in the minors.


Trenton Thunder

Deffensive Alignment
C-Francisco Pena

1B-Elijah Dukes

2B-Yunel Escobar

SS- CJ Henry

3B-Tony Abreu

CF-Carlos Gomez

RF-Austin Jackson

LF-Jose Tabata

DH-Josh Vitters

Batting order
1.CF-Carlos Gomez

2.SS- CJ Henry

3.DH-Josh Vitters

4.LF-Jose Tabata

5.3B-Tony Abreu

6.RF-Austin Jackson

7.C-Francisco Pena

8.2B-Yunel Escobar

9.1B-Elijah Dukes

My batting order is a great combo of speed and power made up of the best minor leaguers.

UT-Ryan Sweeney UT RF

UT-Alexi Casilla UT 2B

UT-Sean Doolittle UT 1B

My UTs are better than some peoples starters nuf said

1. Tim Lincecum (R)

2. David Price (L)

3. Humberto Sanchez (R)

4. Tyler Clippard (R)

5. Daniel Bard (R)

My pitching staff is nearly unhittable with Tim Lincecum as my ace and David Price is a terrific lefty starter, Humberto Sanchez has great potential, Clippard has proven to be a good middle of the rotation guy and Bard, like Sanchez has potential.

SU- Brett Cecil (L)

CL- Daniel Moskos (L)

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I went with the Thunder

07-01-2007, 01:49 PM
I went with the Thunder
me too there good

07-01-2007, 03:25 PM
did i write too much for my Bisons?