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devinhester=R.O.Y 2006
07-01-2007, 01:16 PM
The Indianapolis Indians and Lake Elsinore Storm will be facing off in a best of five series, please vote for which team that you feel would prevail in the five game series. Please feel free to leave comments on the teams or comments to why you voted a certain way.

Indianapolis Indians

Batting Lineup:
1.Marcus Sanders 2B
2.Cameron Maybin Cf
3.Evan Longoria 3B
4.Carlos Gonzalez RF
5.Travis Buck Lf
6.Daric Barton 1B
7.Neil Walker DH
8.Erik Aybar SS
9.Miguel Montero C

i have marcus sanders leading off because he brings a lot of speed to the lineup. he can get on base and steal. people will ask why i dont have maybin leading off and the answer is because maybin can hit for more power then sanders which means more run opportunities for sanders if he gets on and steals a few bases. maybin at number two will bring good power/speed to the lineup. i have no doubt in my mind he will hit 20/20 for a long time. longoria at number 3 is a no brainer. he has the most power on the team plus he hits for a good average and plays solid defence. gonzalez at four is an intriging spot for him. he can also hit for a high average and hit 25-35 homers. with maybin and sanders on base that could mean a lot of rbi's for him. travis buck at number five is a really good spot for him. he will take care of the dirty work. he can drive balls in the gap,hit for average, and hit it out of the ballpark.daric barton will be the average guy and could lead the team in rbi's.while he doesnt have lots of power,he is a doubles machine and will drive the balls in the gaps. and he is only 21 and giving more time he will develop that doubles power to homer power.neil walker is my desingnated hitter. he has raw power and can hit for a high average.he also helps out the defense because he can play more then one position.aybar and montero round out my lineup.they both are good hitters that can drive in runs but they are not elite.but what aybar has is speed and he can steal bases as well.i say this is a very good lineup and is very dangerous.it has a very good balance of power and speed all through the lineup.

Jeff Mathis C
Michael Burgess OF
Brian Bixler SS/2B

mathis is a good player to have because he can give a day off to montero and we will not miss a beat because mathis is just as good as prospect as montero.burgess could possibly play all three outfield positions because he is a potential 5 tool prospect that teams love. bixler could play second or short and give aybar or sanders a day off. bixler has good speed and decent power as well

1.Clayton Kershaw
2.Luke Hochevar
3.Carlos Carrasco
4.Chris Volstad
5.Daniel Bard

this rotation is scary, i have possibly four potential aces in four spots in the rotation.even though its righty dominate it is extremely good.kershaw is a very good pitcher who will be the ace of the staff.he has good control and a really good fastball.hochevar could be a really good pitcher for us. he is the number one overall pick in the 06 draft and that is for a reason,he is really good.he has a good curveball which might be his out pitch. good pitcher.carrasco and volstad are really young and really good. both could be aces on their respected teams. they play in the same division and will be seeing a lot of eachother over the years. bard is a good pitcher, a projected number 3 starter at the five slot. glad to have him on our staff.

RP:Jeff Samardzija
CL:Casey Weathers

we moved samardzija from the rotation to the bullpen where i think he will be better at.he has four plus pitches and could with more time be a good closer.weathers is a good closer. he was the second best closer in his class but could make the majors first to help a bullpen in colorado. he was a former starter untill he got moved to the bullpen. i really like this bullpen.


Lake Elsinore Storm

Pitching Rotation

1. Nick Adenhart (R)
2. Scott Elbert (L)
3. Mike Pelfrey (R)
4. Jeff Niemann (R)
5. Eric Hurley (R)

This pitching staff has no real ace, but instead 5 very quality productive pitchers that are capable of being aces on any other team. You know what to expect every night when these guys take the mound


Relief: Jonathon Sanchez (L)
Closer - Chris Perez (R)

This bullpen has the capability of being dominant. Starting off with fire-ball throwing lefty Jonathon Sanchez and finishing off with the strike out machine Chris Perez.

Defensive Alignment

C - Hank Conger
1B - Craig Brazell
2B - Dustin Pedroia
SS - Brandon Wood
3B - Alex Gordon
LF - Chris Young
CF - Adam Jones
RF - Josh Hamilton

Kyle Blanks- (DH,1B)
Eric Patterson (IF)
Matt Antonelli (3B,2B,OF)
Terry Evans (OF)

Antonelli is a gamer who is cabale of playing any position on any given day. He will give you 110% effort every play while also putting up respectable batting avg. and power numbers. Any player on my bench could easily take over for someone on the starting roster if need be.

Batting Order

1. Adam Jones (CF)
2. Dustin Pedroia (2B)
3. Brandon Wood (SS)
4. Alex Gordon (3B)
5. Chris Young (LF)
6. Craig Brazell (1B)
7. Josh Hamilton (RF)
8. Kyle Blanks (DH)
9. Hank Conger (C)

First off is Adam Jones, that prototypical 5-tool prospect that every team dreams about. He is a capable 30-30 guy. Next up is Pedroia who has had a terrific year so far in his first year at Boston. At #3 is Brandon Wood who is widely known around the baseball world as one of the best young prospects and some people have gone as far as to compare the young SS to Cal Ripken Jr. Batting cleanup is Alex Gordan who is capable of being a 40+ home run guy and is already starting to turn it around after his sub-par start of the year for the Royals. Batting in the 5 hole is Chris Young, who is also another 5-tool prospect capable of being a 30-30 guy. At #6 is Craig Brazell who's name might not sound familiar to the common baseball fan, but this guy already has 29 home runs this year in the minor leagues. If he could even do half that at the major league level he's ok by me. Most baseball fans now know about Josh Hamilton who really struggled with a substance abuse problem, but has since turned it around and he can hit for average and power. At #8 is Kyle Blanks who is 6-6 285 pound and can hit for average and power also. The only real question mark on my team is Hank Conger is still very young and raw, but also can be a big time power threat and for a catcher that is rear.

07-03-2007, 12:21 AM