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07-10-2007, 08:23 AM
The Eastern Division Champions, the Durham Bulls will face off against the West Division's #4 seed in the Beloit Snappers in this five game series. Durham is heavily favored in this series, but Beloit could possible make some noise.

Durham Bulls

1. Jason Heyward OF
2. Reid Brignac SS
3. Justin Upton OF
4. Ryan Braun 3B
5. Billy Butler OF
6. Bill Rowell DH
7. Matt LaPorta 1B
8. Chris Couglan 2B
9. Devin Morasco C

I have Heyward leading off. In my eyes he is like Grady Sizemore in the sense that he is not a prototypical leadoff hitter but will provide both speed on the bases and power from the top. Second if have Brignac who to me is a prototypical 2 hole hitter. 3rd i have Upton who is a no brainer, providing a nice average as well as plentiful extra base hits. Hitting cleanup i have Ryan Braun who just rakes. He will provide 35-40 hr's with many rbis. 5th i have Billy Butler who can flat out hit and will help Braun drive in runs. 6th i have Billy Rowell who will provide ridiculous raw power and is another hitter who can hit 35-40 hr's. 7th i have Matt LaPorta who will hit 7th only because of the other talented hitters on this team. He will provide an insane amount of power and production from the 7th hole. Chris Couglan will do fine in the 8 hole hitting for average and a bit of power and Devin Morsasco will do what he can in the 9 hole and will show his 5 tools both at the dish and behind the plate catching.

Angel Villalona
Elvis Andrus
Eric Duncan

This bench is all upside. If Villalona lives up to his potential he will be the next Miguel Cabrera. The hype is there and we have already seen he can hit and hit with power at only 16 years of old. Another phenom, Andrus has shown his skill at only 17. Both of these players can be truly special. Duncan will provide solid power and can play both 3rd and 1st.

Pitching Rotation:
1)Andrew Miller
2)Joba Chamberlain
3)Bryan Bullington
4)Kyle Drabek
5)Jarrod Parker

Starting it off will be the ace of the staff Andrew Miller. His lefty presence and excellent stuff will provide numerous ground balls and plenty of wins. Joba Chamberlain will provide ace numbers while 2nd in the rotation and will go under the radar while performing extraordinary. Bullington will live up to the hype he was given when drafted #1 overall in 2002 and will be a solid starter in the big leagues. My 4th and 5th starters are all about upside and i think both can be absolutely dominant. Drabek can hit 97mph and will make all the teams that passed on him regret basing their decision on his makeup. Parker has everything you look for in a pitcher and although he is undersized, will put up Roy Oswalt numbers while pitching from the back of the rotation

RP: Dellin Betances
Closer: Andrew Carignan

Betances will be converted in a relief role where he can go all out with his unbelievable raw talent. He will not have to worry about going easy and i think he will be untouchable as a set up man. Carignan has proven at UNC that he has what it takes to be an excellent closer and i see no reason why he does not continue his success in the big leagues.


Beloit Snappers

Beloit Snappers Team Report

Pitching Rotation

#1 - 18. Daisuke Matsuzaka (R)
#2 - 47. Jo-Jo Reyes (L)
#3 - 33. Michael Bowden (R)
#4 - 29. Kasey Kiker (L)
#5 - 15. Rick Porcello (R)

The pitching rotation is headed by 26 year old rookie phenom Daisuke Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka will be the ace of a young rotation which also consists of Baseball America Top 100 prospect righty Mike Bowden, who will be the 3rd starter.Two young lefties will take the 2nd and 4th spots in the rotation. 22 year old Jo-Jo Reyes, who has been very hot to start the year, will be the #2 guy, while 19 year old Kasey Kiker will be the 4th starter. The staff will be anchored by Rick Porcello, who was the consensus top pitching prospect going into this years draft but fell due to signability concers. Porcello will be in the 5th spot so he can get a feel to professional hitters while he still learns the nuiances of the pro game.


Relief - 22. Brandon Hynick (R)
Closer - 35. Brandon Morrow (R)

The bullpen will consist of Hynick, who is a starter but will be converted to releiver. Hynick is also a good backup plan if any of the current starters go down with injury. Brandon Morrow will be the teams closer. Morrow is already in the bullpen in Seattle and will be groomed to be the closer for the team. Morrow has the potential to be a dominant closer given time.

Defensive Alignment

C - 10. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B - 25. Jeff Larish
2B - 12. Adrian Cardenas
SS - 11. Mike Moustakas
3B - 27. Josh Fields
LF - 24. Chris Marrero
CF - 20. Felix Pie
RF - 21. Tyler Colvin

The defensive is led by catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Josh Fields, and Felix Pie. They are the core of our defense and all of them have had some major league experience. The middle infield and corner outfield is very young with Moustakas, Cardenas, Marrero, and Colvin. But the defense is built on speed and should be able to track down many balls. The only drawback to having such young kids is a few mental mistakes and errors.


9. Beau Mills (DH/1B/3B)
8. Bryan Anderson (C)
17. Josh Flores (OF)
7. Jake Fox (C/1B/OF)

Batting Order

1 - Adrian Cardenas (2B)
2 - Felix Pie (CF)
3 - Josh Fields (3B)
4 - Jeff Larish (1B)
5 - Beau Mills (DH)
6 - Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C)
7 - Chris Marrero (LF)
8 - Tyler Colvin (RF)
9 - Mike Moustakas (SS)

Cardenas will be the leadoff hitter. He has a good on base percentage and good speed, two qualities I would want my lead off hitter to have. Cardenas also has some pop in his bat and can hit the longball. Pie will be in the 2 hole. Pie can get on base and also has good speed. Pie is not a big home run threat, but he can drive in runs. Fields will hit 3rd. Fields hits below .300, but he is going to be a guy that puts up power numbers for our team. He also can steal a base ever now and then. Larish will hit clean-up. Larish is a .230 or so hitter, but he has put up big power numbers. Larish has great abilty to hit home runs, and will drive in many RBI's with the ability of the guys ahead of him to get on. Mills will hit 5th. Hitting Mills in the 5th slot will be nice protection for Larish. People will be forced to throw to Larish knowing that a great hitter is waiting on deck. Mills has the ability to put up huge home run and RBI totals. Saltalamacchia will hit 6th. Jarrod will be looked at to drive in the power hitters. Saltalamacchia is not a runner, but will be a very average hitter for the team. Marrero will hit 7th. Marrero is another power hitter for the team, but since his is still relatively young I want to keep him lower in the order so he will see more fastballs from pitchers. The more fastballs Marrero sees the more HR's and RBI's he will have. Colvin will hit 8th. Colvin is an average hitter with great speed, can be a guy who turns some doubles into triples. Also has some pop in his bat and a home run will happen every now and then. Moustakas will hit 9th. Mike is the only high school hitter on the roster. I am keeping him in the 9 hole to give him the opportunity to see fastballs and learn the nuiances of hitting in the big leagues. The team has a good amount of power hitters in Larish, Saltalamacchia, Mills, and Fields. We also have great speed with Pie, Colvin, and Cardenas. The team will definetly be able to get on base for the big boppers that are coming up in the heart of the order.

The bench has Bryan Anderson who will be the backup catcher for Saltalamacchia. Anderson is an average power hitter, who can drive in runs. Jake Fox is the guy who can pretty much play anywhere. Fox is a power hitter who will be a key hitter off the bench in clutch situations. Josh Flores is going to be more of a pitch runner. Flores has above average speed and can just flat out steal bases.

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Durham easily