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07-12-2007, 03:55 PM
Which action movie is the best?


Blade - Hero - Blade Trilogy
Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker - Villain - Star Wars
Robin - Sidekick - Batman Series
Sgt. Bob Barnes - Wildcard - Platoon
Ann Darrow - King Kong - Damsel in Distress

Set in the year 2012 Darth Vader has a plan to take over the World, the only thing standing in the way is Blade. as Blade kills Darth Vader's son and daughter, Vader strikes back by taking Blade's Wife Ann Darrow. Blade can't stop Vader by himself so he teams up with his long time freind Robin as they team up and try to defeat Vader. But Vader is not going down without a fight as he calls up a old friend Sgt. Bob Barnes. Vader and Barnes must team up to defeat Blade and Robin and take over the World as Blade and Robin must save Ann and stop the for the World from being destroyed...


John McClane- Hero - Die Hard Series
Detective James Carter - Sidekick - Rush Hour Series
T-1000 - Villain - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator - Wildcard - Terminator Series
Damsel in Distress - Lois Lane - Superman Series

Set in Present Time, John McClain, biggest bad ass in the world is faced with his biggest battle when T-1000 comes for his girlfriend, Lois Lane, who is the mother of America's future president. John McClain is currently serving in the NYPD and has a loud mouth partner, Detective James Carter. T-1000 comes for Lois because her son, in the future, destroys all production of T-1000s. Sure, John McClain can defeat and HUMAN on earth, but T-1000 is a whole new breed, so he gets help from The Terminator. T-1000 and a couple others come and destroy New York and Terminator, along with McClain and Carter want to stop and destroy them. Carter is there for comic relief mostly. T-1000 seriously hurts both Carter and the Terminator, then the finale comes with John McClain eventually defeating T-1000.

Its all about The U

Ash - Hero - Evil Dead Series
The Master - Villian - Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome
Cherry Darling - Sidekick - Planet of Terror
Snake Pliskin - Wildcard - Escape From NY/LA
Erin - Damsel in Distress - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

mine is set in a post-apocalyptic america, where anarchy prevails. The trio of Ash, Cherry, & Erin are on a adventure to get to LA the last remaining city, but on the way Erin is captured by The Master's henchmen. On their travels they run into Snake Pliskin and his gang of miscreants, which help them find their way to The Master's lair, only to find out that it was a trap. Cherry is the 1st to escape her cell and though her heroic effort she finds her lover Erin and a 30 minute sexcapade endures. Eventually they find Ash and kill The Master and Journey comes on and it fades to black.


Scarface - Hero - Scarface
Lord Voldemort - Villain - Harry Potter Series
Jen - Damsel in Distress - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Q - Sidekick - 007 Series
Princess Leia - Wildcard - Star Wars Series

It's a 2 vs 2 battle between Tony Montana and Q and Jen and Princess Leia. It's basically Tony vs. Jen with the other two as their sidekicks. The battle is refereed by Lord Voldemort. He wants to find out who is "the chosen one." Q supplies Tony with countless items of destruction that make loud noises and look awesome while Princess Leia motivates Jen by playing with herself. Their is a fierce battle until finally Jen becomes too infatuated with Leia to concentrate on her fight. This gives Tony the opening he needs to kill them both off, but he instead turns and fires on Voldemort yelling "Say hello to..." well, you know. Voldemort, who doesn't know that his horcruxes have been destroyed by Tony already is quite surprised when he dies. Then Tony hooks up with Jen and Q gets it on with Princess Leia.


The movie begins when 2 of the most evil serial killers in history, Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates decide to join forces. Only one man is called upon to stop them; Bond, James Bond. This was not an easy task, so James Bond needs to find a sidekick; Han Solo, one of the universe's biggest bad-asses, is a perfect fit for this job. The woman lead in this movie is Mary Jane Watson, who is an actress, and is lured into the villains' evil lair by Bates. It cuts back to Bond and Solo, who must find out where the lair is, they ask around and eventually find one of the henchmen at a bar, they threaten to kill him unless he says where the 2 killers are hiding, he tells them, but Bond breaks his neck anyway, they travel across the state to find the lair, and break in and the first person they find is Watson locked up in a prison-like cell, who immediately falls in love with Bond, they fight there way through the lair against and take down about 50 henchmen, they eventually find the 2 killers, they engage in a battle until James Bond and Mary Jane remain the only 2 alive, Bond brings her home and they have a sex scene, in the morning Bond leaves, MJ is laying in the bed when she hears "Hello Mary Jane" she is horrified to see Hannibal Lecter standing in the doorway, he walks over to the bed and you hear MJ screaming, the screen turns black and the credits roll, movie over.

James Bond - Hero - 007 Series
Hannibal Lecter - Villian - Silence of the Lambs Series
Norman Bates - Villain #2 (Wildcard) - Psycho
Han Solo - Sidekick - Original Star Wars Trilogy
Mary Jane - Damsel in Distress - Spider-Man Series


A martial arts tournament held in Japan decides the fate of the world, much like the game street fighter everyone has thier own reasons for being there, Lee is avenging his families death, Chen Zhen his own master, & Williams' is trying to get April O'Neal back

Lee - Hero - Enter The Dragon
Shang Tsung - Villian - Mortal Kombat
Chen Zhen - Sidekick - Fist of Legend
Williams - Wildcard - Enter The Dragon
April O'Neal - Damsel in Distress - TMNT Series

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I went with Go_Eagles77

07-12-2007, 05:00 PM
YayAreaRB with Go_Eagles a close second

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hard choice but I went with KJC58 and Go_Eagles77 as a close second

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im being shut out