View Full Version : Brodie Croyle: Works with First-Team Offense

08-04-2007, 11:08 AM

Update: Croyle worked with the first-team offense in Friday night's practice against the Vikings, calmly connecting on 17-of-19 passes in various drills, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports.

Recommendation: Most of his passes were of the short and quick variety, as Croyle took what the defense gave him didn't make any mistakes. "I have a tendency sometimes to be a gunslinger," Croyle said. "But we're keeping that to a minimum right now. It seems to be working." Croyle noticeably outperformed Damon Huard (http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/4180/;_ylt=Asi.y9gqRml4kl6JFgjQQbMH8sMF), although Huard was plagued by some poor route-running by the reserve receivers. The quarterback competition seems to be leaning in Croyle's favor, but regardless of which passer emerges from the battle as the starter, the combination of a offensive line in transition and a group of unproven receivers will make him one of the riskier fantasy options at the position.