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09-10-2007, 10:57 AM
JC Exclusive - Pats accused of taping signals

By Dan Leberfeld
Posted Sep 9, 2007

"Itís no secret the Jets and Patriots are two organizations that arenít on the best of terms. And after the stunt the Patriots reportedly pulled at the Meadowlands on Sunday, the relationship might have just taken a turn for the worse.

According to a Meadowlands source, a member of the Patriots organization, with a credential issued by the team, was spotted by Jets security chief Steve Yarnell shooting near the New York bench.

And according to the stadium source, when questioned by Yarnell, the unnamed individual said that he was put up to it by the Patriots.

The cameraman was reportedly accused by Yarnell of shooting the Jets' signals that were being sent by the coaches from the sidelines.

The source says that the NFL is being made aware of this accusation.

If this is true, the Patriots could be subject to a serious punishment from the league office."

This was big news so i figured it definately needed its own thread. From what it seems, it seems that it will be a his word vs his word type of scenario, and while we were outplayed yesterday, this just adds fuel to that rivalry. Extremeley classless if true, especially comming from a hall of fame Coach and respected franchise.

09-10-2007, 03:33 PM
The Patriots were caught stealing signs from the Jets with a sideline camera during Sunday's opener, and may risk losing a draft pick.
The Pats have been accused of doing this before. NBC's Charley Casserly reported New England stole signs early last season and sources in Green Bay confirmed it. The Packers, however, never filed a complaint with the NFL.

this was from rotoworld.com so i figured that it is pretty substantial, considering it has now been seen from two different sources. I was unaware that this has happened before with green bay. I also didn't know the punishment of this; apparantly the loss of a draft pick? how high i realy do not know.

09-10-2007, 04:25 PM
I would assume that if it's a second offense the penalty wouls be substantially higher than the 1st time. probably not a day 1 pick though

The Great Jonathan Vilma
09-10-2007, 04:34 PM
wouldn't suprise me if it is true......having it be the second accusation for the same team makes it seem more and more possible. I hope they get burned. i can't stand BB, personally think he's a douche

09-10-2007, 06:54 PM
maybe they'll give the jets a win????? haha

09-11-2007, 12:20 AM
I want to punch belichick in the face...hes such a baby...he has a superior team and bc his ego is bigger than his team he cant stand to lose so he cheats just to make sure the win is in the bag....curious statistic from NFL.COM

Pressure Stats on Tom Brady from NOV. 19 NE @ GB
Knocked Down:1

Pressure Stats on Tom Brady from SEP. 9 NE @ NYJ
Knocked Down:1

The same guy who was caught at the meadowlands who said he was put up to it by the Patriots was caught at GB accused of the same thing...The Packers owner corraborated these facts and that the NFL competition committee was still discussing possible punishment (i think this will solidify the punishment and make it more severe)

I just think that those two sets of stats and the idea of stealing blitzing and coverage signs shows that they knew where to be and block and throw the ball...Brady needs stuff like this against blitzing defenses he was even quoted as saying the Jets gave him the most problems last year inthe 3 games they played (when we won we blitzed 16 straight times) we always at least hurried him in those 3 games. Kyle Brady helping the pats OL and blocking doesnt stop 5-10 pressures of the QB in a game (and thats a pittance compared to last year). Their line is identical to last year and our defense is the same but yougner and if anything improved RELATIVE TO LAST YEAR. So I think there could be a great deal of validity to this idea and fact.

Another reason Brady needs these signs and the pats might need to "cheat" is shown perfectly in the Dolphins pats game last year where tehy accused the Dolphins of stealing signs they sacked brady 6 times (maybe more) and won. they handed brady then worst game of his career. He hates the blitz and in my opinion if you want to beat them (even with this team of big wr you need pressure on whoever their QB is...esp brady [as he gets pissed and rattled and blames everyone else but himself when he gets sacked]...is bc if my mom was back there and had 11 seconds to thorw she can complete a pass).

ESPN when signs stolen from Pats by Dolphins....Trey Wingow: "Mort, shouldn't something be done about this? It seems unfair and classeless"
ESPN when signs stolen from Jets by Pats.........Trey Wingow: "Now how big a deal is this? What kind of advantage can you gain by stealing signs? I mean Come on football espionage?"

A bit of a double standard and bias inflative Bradys "greatness" (even though hes on a team prideful of pluggin in anyone at any position if needed? he has a great coach defense and OL his entire career? But he was rated the #1 player in the NFL by ESPN last year over LT who had 30+ TDs and Peyton Manning, who had more weapons but had better numbers and better mechanics...dont even try and argue that) They blow up how good he is (not that hes bad but more like overrated if you look at the entire team and how good they all are...and THEY ALL WON 3 superbowls not just Tom Brady)....and ironically enough ESPN is based out of Bristol CT (Northern CT) Just food for thought look for it and youll notice the bias for the pats (and red sox but thats another sport...lets not be like the PATS FORUM AND PUT BASEBALL AT THE TOP OF OUR PRIORITES)

The Great Jonathan Vilma
09-11-2007, 08:15 PM
i'm just wanting to see what the final outcome of this is. should be more than a little interesting. If its not severe, expect more teams to do it, etc. because the financial gains from winning the games would more than cover the small price that may be paid. Severe and it sets a precedent and other teams will know that its not worth it. The outcome of this could potentially determine more than we think.

i hope something happens because as a fan u never want to think the game is tainted. plus the fact that i would love to see what happens to BB and his pompus ass

09-12-2007, 12:41 AM
ESPN is reporting the league is looking into the fact that the Pats may have tapped our audio line and had been listening to the play selection and discussion between the jets coaches and players. This is a pretty far reaching allegation and I think this game was tainted more than we think... I hope they dock the Pats a 1st rounder, a hefty fine and a cap penalty reducing their number by a couple of million. a 2nd and a 5th like theyre talking about at the office is stupid and would promote more cheating.

a pats fan in their forum said to jets fans:isnt trolling other forums, against the rules? to which one would have to reply....isn't it against the rules to steal the other teams defensive signals?


The Great Jonathan Vilma
09-12-2007, 11:46 AM
It is clearly obvious that Pats fans feel they are getting the short end of the stick for some reason, even though they were the ones doing the cheating for who knows how long.......but they are the victims.

makes me want to vomit

09-12-2007, 02:09 PM
I completely know what you mean. Theyre like whatever your team sucks and the NFL IS OUT TO GET US....To which I reply well we would know how good the jets are if the Pats didnt cheat so you dont know how good the jets are and THE TEAM WON 3 SUPERBOWLS AND GETS MORE COVERAGE THAN TIGER WOODS IN A GOLF TOURNEY HELLLOOOOO NO ONE IS OUT TO GET YOU, YOU BROKE THE RULES AND IF YOU WANT THE "RIDICULE TO STOP" (to quote Jim Carrey) "STOP BREAKING THE LAW A$$HOLES"