View Full Version : Eagles at Giants

Number 10
09-28-2007, 09:54 AM
Yes both teams are 1-2 and have appeared to be the 2 worst teams in the division early on. But with both winning big games last week (in entirely different fashions) there is talk about a turnaround in both Philly and New York.

Philly's offense looked unstoppable last week and I don't care what anyone says, Detroit's defense is not as terrible as it once was. McNabb is a a bit streaky and that's what worries me in this game because if he throws the ball like he did last week, Giants are going to have to win another shootout.

The win in Washington is usually the type of game that can get things turned around for a team. A division win on the road in which they score 21 unanswered points to comeback from a 17-3 deficit was huge. Eli is playing well as is the offensive line. If we stop dropping passes for big gains every drive and shooting ourselves in the foot with dumb penalties, I think we can put up 24+ points easy. ]

Gonna be a fun game to watch.....New York vs. Philly, probably the biggest rivalry in the NFC East - Always a physical game.

I'll have my game preview up on MVN tomorrow, I'll put the link in here, Curious to hear what the Eagles fans have to say.