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10-03-2007, 01:04 PM
I never like playing teams off of a bye week.

10-03-2007, 01:28 PM
I was looking forward to this match up so much. Young vs Vick.


Their OL looks pretty beastly. Hopefully our DL can hold up and get some pressure on Young.

10-03-2007, 01:31 PM
If we can beat the Titans coming off a bye week...I'll be very impressed. Not only does it mean our players are executing, but it means that our coaches did a great job of changing things up and not letting them know what was coming. Maybe some of the things we've seen the past couple weeks will just be a setup for a team that was going to have time to study literally EVERYTHING we've done all season. So they have the most tape to use, they've had the most time to break it down. If we're able to matriculate the ball up and down the field, I think that it's going to be the real coming out party for the Falcons offense. I know the Titans aren't a very highly rated defense, but lets be honest, they've been solid all year long. They have guys who can collapse the pocket so this will be our biggest test so far this season. Because our offensive line has started to gel, lets just see how much they've bonded. Their offense scares me too, Their RB is going to HAVE to be stopped, but he's exactly the back we'll struggle the most against.

I'm not worried about our pass rush...Abe > all. He's the most powerful force against the pass we have. We're going to be asking a LOT of Trey Lewis again this week...more even than last week. But pass rush doesn't worry me, I actually think this week will be the week that Anderson gets his first sack, simply because Abe will force Vince to run into him. It'll be a gift sack or maybe 2 just because he's got to escape that backside pressure.

10-03-2007, 02:53 PM
This may be a closer game than expected. I watched the Falcons game last week, and you guys played great. John Abraham proved that he was still one of the best pass rushers in the league. I didn't see much of Deangelo Hall, so I'm assuming he was thrown against much at all. Lewis Sanders and Chris Houston looked less dangerous, and by the way, I think Houston should be starting over Sanders. But it was only one game, so ya'lls opinions should be more accurate. Michael Boley is a very underrated OLB. He was EVERYWHERE in that game. I was very impressed with him. The offense did well against a good front seven, and torched a very poor secondary, aside from probably Dunta Robinson, who is probably the 2nd best CB in the AFC South. But, I assure you, the Titans defense is much better than the Texans.

My Key Matchups:

Alge Crumplers vs Keith Bulluck: Crumpler is a big TE with great hands. It will be up to Keith Bulluck to contain him, and possible David Thornton, who is faster and more athletic than Bulluck, but not as good of tackler.

John Abraham vs Michael Roos: Abraham is an amazing pass rusher, but Roos is proving to be a great LT and has contained the likes of Dwight Freeney.

The Falcons' Guards and Center vs Albert Haynesworth: Haynesworth is a monster. He eats babies and kicks puppies. Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood beware. Oh, not to mention, he's having a monster year.

There are a lot of catalysts to this game and uncertainties, but I'm sure it will be a good one. Good luck to you guys, and here's to a game with no injuries!

10-03-2007, 06:30 PM
I think we have legit shot. The Titans don't scare me, despite a solid defense thus far and Vince Young.

10-04-2007, 02:44 AM
Yeah, we've got a decent shot. The key question, to me, is whether Joey can maintain his current form away from home, when it gets seriously loud on 3rd down. He seemed to panic in the first two weeks when the play clock got low, and the noise got loud, and the LBers started crowding the line...

I think the Titans will have the better of the running game, on both sides, but we might be able to move the ball well enough through the air to counteract that.

And obviously we have to stop Vince. On the upside, we have serious speed at OLB, so we have the athleticism to do so.

10-04-2007, 01:57 PM
Boley > VY

10-04-2007, 09:28 PM
Boley is a beast.

Anyone else see his listed weight on NFL.com? 229 coming out of college, now over 240. I love the kid. I remember he said he would be the best LB out of his class. While there were a ton of good LBs that year (Merriman, Derrick Johnson, DeMarcus Ware, Channing Crowder, Lofa Tatupu, Thomas Davis, Barrett Ruud, LeRoy Hill, Kirk Morrison), Boley is a great player and I would take him over most of them. Probably over all the 4-3 LB except maybe Derrick Johnson or Kirk Morrison. Maybe.

10-05-2007, 02:42 PM
It's gut check time for the Falcons' defense. The Titans have arguably the best O-Line in football and have a dominant rushing attack. It's going to be ugly if the same defense that allowed Deshaun Foster to run up and down the field on them shows up this week.

10-05-2007, 02:49 PM
What a beastly LB class. Wow.

10-06-2007, 03:03 PM
Keys to Victory against the Tennessee Titans
by Matt Libid

Here we are facing the Tennessee Titans, us being 1-3 (should be 2-2, maybe even 3-1) on week 5 of the regular season. Atlanta’s faced plenty of challenges already, and we’ve already lost the man that had been the face of the franchise for more than six years. Teams seem to have the grasp of our offense when they put together a gameplan. What have emerged out of the cloud of conspiracy on this team have been playmakers in the form of Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, and Joey Harrington even. On the defensive side of the playmakers on this roster are John Abraham, Michael Boley, and Keith Brooking who have stepped up their gameplay the past week.

Atlanta has a very challenging game ahead of them against Vince Young and the Titans. Vince Young has thrown for over 426 yards this season, completing 63% of his passes. It’ll be a challenge to pressure him with the way the Titans offensive line has been playing this year only getting Vince Young sacked 4 times. It also doesn’t help Atlanta’s matter that Vince Young is intelligently mobile enough to escape the sack and be able to make big plays out of nothing. Vince Young has shown the NFL this year by running for 96 yards in 21 attempts.

So with no further ado, the keys to winning this game for Atlanta…

1) We need to protect Joey.
Just like any other quarterback, Joey Harrington plays a lot better when he’s not on his ###### every three passing plays. Todd McClure and Justin Blalock will have a tough time blocking Haynesworth alone. All of the offensive linemen today have to play their best game of the year to keep Harrington from getting pressured all day.

2) Establish the run.
Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood have been getting stuffed every game this season. Dunn needs to manage more than 3 yards a carry, and Norwood needs to show us his big-play ability this season like he’s showed us so many times in his rookie year. The offensive linemen have to push the defensive linemen and show off what Petrino means by “power blocking”. Once we’ve established the run, we can…

3) Pass the ball!
The Titan’s secondary isn’t too impressive. We can either throw it to Harper’s direction all day, which would wear him out, or just keep in Roddy and Jenkins hands. They’ve showed enough ability this year to show that the first round picks were worth it.

1) Force Vince Young’s scrambling style of play to stay hidden the whole game.
Vince Young is surprisingly mobile for his size, and defensive backs have had a lot of trouble bringing him down. The linebackers need to be aware of Vince Young’s position on the field at all times. Vince Young knows that pressure will be coming from the edges in the form of John Abraham and Jamaal Anderson, and that’s enough reason for Vince Young to get his ###### out of there fast. We need to stay alert out there with Vince Young and force him to throw the ball and make a mistake.

2) Stuff the rush.
We can’t afford to let the Titans run all over us. Once we show our weakest link, the Titans will go Runnin ‘N’ Gunnin on our asses, and the game will go down the sinkhole from there on out. LenDale White is nothing special, and Chris Brown was a fluke on week 1. Once we stuff the rush, the pressure will amount on Vince Young to make some plays.

3) DeAngelo Hall needs to play some football.
Believe it or not, this knuckle head is one of the most important players on our roster. Although I’m not very confident in his ability to keep his cool out there, we’re going to have to manage on just hope that he doesn’t focus on trash talk on the field but more on playing some hard-nose tackle football. We all know that Hall has the ability to shut out any wide receiver out there, and Brandon Jones isn’t an exception. Hall forced Steve Smith to manage with only 1 catch for about 10 yards against Carolina before he exploded.

Atlanta has a good chance of winning this game. Some of the key points I listed have been performed inconsistently by Atlanta. Petrino knows what’s ahead of us against this team, and Zimmer needs to be aware of what dangerous weapons that the Titans have. Once we overlook someone on Tennessee’s roster, we’ve already lost the game.

10-07-2007, 03:05 AM
What a beastly LB class. Wow.


10-07-2007, 07:37 AM
MLibi, did you seriously just say that Keith Brooking is more of a playmaker then DeAngelo Hall?

10-07-2007, 12:17 PM
I think Hall playedsome football right there.

10-07-2007, 01:38 PM
Michael Boley=beast.

Jamal Anderson making things happen out there. I cant belive idiots wanted to get on the guys back after 4 games

10-07-2007, 02:19 PM
I see Abe hasn't done anything today, but that isn't always the full story. How's he faired today?

10-07-2007, 02:24 PM
michael roos and stewart have consistently shut him down. their o-lines been dominant and their d-lines been dominant.

our offense sucks on the road.

10-07-2007, 03:05 PM
Ya'll should win this game, this game has sucked for both teams and now ya'll have the ball at the one.....

10-07-2007, 03:15 PM
..but we lost.

10-07-2007, 03:18 PM
That was terrible, but we won and i still don't know how.....

10-07-2007, 03:19 PM
How do you mess up 1st and goal on the 1?

Just wow.

10-07-2007, 03:26 PM
wow Petrino benched Harrington. How you get 31 passes and only get 87 yards is beyond me.

Pit Bull #53
10-07-2007, 03:31 PM
That had to be one of the ugliest games ever

10-07-2007, 03:41 PM
Wow. 5 turnovers forced and a loss. And now we have some real fun to come with the QB position...

On the upside, the D played brilliantly. But the O-line was totally outclassed by the Titans front 7.

10-07-2007, 04:58 PM
harrington is pure class at home but under pressure on the road just kills him. it still didnt deserved getting benched to leftwich though. bad decision on petrinos part imo, unless there was a minor injury. i really think with harrington, we wouldve squeaked outta nashville with the win. kudos to the defense and special teams, especially boley and norwood, who showed up to play in contrast to the offense.

10-07-2007, 05:49 PM
I've yet to watch a Falcons game this year, but how much of the running games problems are Warrick Dunn's fault?

10-07-2007, 06:23 PM
Yeah, i doubt Harrington (of the first quarter) would of over thrown and missed the corner to Robinson, however he was that flustered proir to being taken out that i dont think he would of had the guts to throw it long. He was taken out cause he was hit ALL DAY LONG and started missing 5 yard passes.

Harrington's weak throw across his body cost us a TD earlier to Roddy, if he leads him there we score. He didnt have to throw it across his body, for once (on the boot) he had no pressure, he should of straighted his body up first then thrown. If white doesnt have to come back at the ball he scores.

While that was the only unforced mistake i saw from Harrington it was still completed pass. Im not ready to say the QB is to blame for this game and havent changed focus from last week when Harrington played well. Peyton Manning wouldnt of done any better today, the pressure was everywhere. We need a LT come draft day and for Petrino to have a close look at tapes of Michael Bush to see if the way his scheme opened lanes for him even translate to the NFL. Im really starting to question the translation to NFL success of Petrinos blocking scheme. All i can look at is the proof, we have guys who fit every criteria in terms of eligability for them to adopt it and it isnt working.

1. We have a rookie BUILT for a scheme like ours who is struggling big time week in week out.

2. We have vet's who should have seen every scheme under the sun and have had months of adopt this scheme, by week 5 it should well and truly be 2nd nature. These guys arent idiots, it scares me to think that it is 2nd nature now and the guys are doing everything right, (at least everything Louisville did to open lanes for Bush) the stuff just isnt translating to this level

3. We have Renardo Forster who played in it last year, he doesnt look any better

10-07-2007, 09:43 PM
Good game guys. I thought Atlanta would be tougher than expected, but I didn't expect 5 turnovers and Vince playing the worst game I've ever witnessed. The Titans won my matchups that I listed earlier. Once again, Boley impressed me greatly. He didn't get fooled by Young's scrambling, and persued him when he got after the pocket and did not hesitate when Young pumped the ball. He may be the best all around LB from that draft. You guys have a great, young OLB.

Good luck to you guys the rest of the year.