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10-15-2007, 05:11 PM
Alright, please do not post any comments in this thread unless it is a correction...I will post the top 3 league leaders for the major categories each week, and I will post the full stats every 4 weeks.

Week 1 League Leaders

Passing Yardage
1.Brent Noose-281 Yards
2.Tyrone Biggums-226 Yards
3.Mike Desmond-220 Yards

Passing TD's
1.Brent Noose-2 TD's
T-2.Carmelo Anthony-1 TD
T-2.Ehren McBride-1 TD

Rushing Yards
1.Junior Diggs-138 Yards
2.Germaine Taylor-113 Yards
3.Tyrone Biggums-80 Yards

Rushing TD's
T-1.Junior Diggs-1 TD
T-1.Germaine Taylor-1 TD
T-1.Tory James-1 TD
T-1.Tyrone Biggums-1 TD

Receiving Yards
1.Barry Smith-133 Yards
2.Julio Stone-108 Yards
3.Q Jackson-92 Yards

Receiving TD's
T-1.Julio Stone-1 TD
T-1.Blackie Chan-1 TD
T-1.Matt Mitchell-1 TD

1.Benn Hart-13 Tackels
2.Aaron Brooks-11 Tackles
T-3.Chad Reed-10 Tackles
T-3.Jonni Hendrix-10 Tackles
T-3.Carter Mack-10 Tackles

T-1.D.J. Jennings-1 INT
T-1.Carter Mack-1 INT
T-1.Roddy Harris-1 INT
T-1.Benn Hart-1 INT
T-1.Taylor-1 INT

1.Davey Havok-3 Sacks
2.D'Bennishaw Causerus- 1.5 Sacks