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02-06-2007, 09:58 PM
RP only please.

02-06-2007, 11:30 PM
ESPN Reports

Simeon Rice | Feb 6th
Potential Trade

Simeon Rice and the Tampa Bay Bucs, have agreed that a part in ways would be benifitial to both. The Buc's GM's Nuno Vacardo (EF) and Mr.Australia (24Cad) are very dissapointed to admit that this wonderful talent, that can rush the passer like none else has had his time in Tampa. Rice is a pro-bowl player that will help a team that is in contention for a few more years at a high level. He could be the difference maker that will seperate average teams from contenders, and now in today's game pass rushers are extremely important. They are reportedly looking for a mid to late day 1 pick.


Matthew Jones
02-06-2007, 11:45 PM
Sources: Patriots look to bring back Samuel, Graham
Top free agents' tenures with Patriots may not be over yet

AP - The New England Patriots may be known for cutting ties with star players and fan favorites, including Adam Vinatieri, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, and Ty Law, but this year they have expressed interest in retaining both star cornerback Asante Samuel and tight end Daniel Graham, the team's top free agents. Both players have been Patriots for their entire careers, but it has been speculated that one or both of them could be on the way out. New England has roughly $27,000,000 in cap room this year, and could reasonably afford both players.

Samuel was tied for the NFL lead in interceptions with ten this season, and had an excellent postseason as well. Daniel Graham is one of the best blocking tight ends in the league. Both players are said to be looking for multi-year deals. It's likely that New England will be in the market for a new number one cornerback if Samuel is not retained - it's unlikely that the Patriots will use the franchise tag on Samuel, as they would be forced to pay him a $7.8 million salary for the 2007 season.

02-07-2007, 01:38 AM
Speedy Curtis might not leave town so quickly
By Jim Thomas

The St. Louis Rams had no trouble spending money during the season to lock defensive end Leonard Little into a long-term deal, saving him from hitting the market in free agency. But with the free agent deadline fast approaching, another talented Ram waits to hear what his fate will be. Wide receiver Kevin Curtis is expected to draw a lot of attention this spring, and many Rams fans wonder whether or not St. Louis will give Curtis the same kind of commitment that they gave Little.

Curtis, who despite having only four years of experience turns 29-years-old in July, has served as the third receiver on the Rams since 2004, and all indication is that St. Louis’ coaching staff is interested in keeping Kevin in town for the long haul.

“Obviously when you have a player like Kevin on your team, you want to keep him as long as you can,” said Rams head coach Scott Linehan. “We want Kevin to be here, and he wants to be here. Now it’s just a matter of getting things done.”

Speculation persists that while Curtis enjoys being apart of the Rams, he also wants to be more involved in the offense. In 2006, Curtis caught 40 passes, which was down from his 2005 total of 60 receptions. It should be noted that Curtis’ numbers in 2005 were inflated due to his replacing an injured Bruce in the starting line-up for a portion of the season.

It’s that performance that has led many teams to believe that Curtis could be a full-time starter in this league, and the Rams anticipate Curtis being a hot commodity should he hit the open market. But Curtis insists that he enjoys his current role and his current team.

“I love being a Ram,” Curtis said in a telephone interview. “Would I like to get the ball more? Absolutely, but every player wants the ball in his hands. Hopefully my agent can get something worked out.”

If the Rams were unable to retain Curtis’ services on their roster, then the wide receiver position – a strength for this team for so many years – may suddenly become an area of need. Torry Holt remains one of the top wide receivers in the game today. But despite another thousand-yard season, Isaac Bruce is nearing the end of his career. At 34-years-old, Bruce will likely be contemplating retirement in a few years, leaving the Rams in need of another starter.

Behind Holt and Bruce are receivers Shaun McDonald and Dane Looker, whom both provide adequate depth but don’t offer much in terms of starting potential. The Rams also drafted converted college quarterback Marques Hagans in the fifth round of last year’s draft, but Hagans failed to make the active roster and spent the year on the practice squad.

The overall assessment is that losing Curtis would be a big blow to the Rams’ receiving corps, which is one reason why St. Louis may consider placing the franchise or transition tag on Curtis before he hits the market. While the franchise tag would provide the Rams with draft pick compensation should Curtis sign elsewhere, the transition tag seems like the more likely choice due to its lower salary amount. But either way, the Rams aren’t giving out specifics on what they plan to do.

“We haven’t ruled anything out at this point,” said Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt. “We’re keeping our options open.”

02-07-2007, 02:36 AM
John Clayton of ESPN reports:

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Simeon Rice looking more and more like they are set to part ways, defensive end appears to be a position of need for the organisation. With only Greg Spires, Charles Bennett and Julian Jenkins being the other players under contract, the organisation feels like they need an impact pass rusher to revitalize the organisations once dominant defense

There are several prospects available via free agency, the draft and trades and Tampa expects to fully explore all options before adding any players.

Dewayne White is one player the Buccaneers are hoping to resign in hopes he can become a premier pass rusher on either side of the defensive line, whilst players from Indianapolis and Cincinnati have also reportedly peaked the Buccaneers interest.

Expect further speculation in the upcoming days as Free Agency approaches.

02-07-2007, 05:53 AM
*******Jerry Jones on the move******

The Cincinnati Post is reporting that Jerry Jones was seen today flying around the metro area with a big name Bengal player. No names were released however the plane was up for about 5 hours. So who exactly is Mr. Jerry Jones persuading today.

Shane P. Hallam
02-07-2007, 06:05 AM
******Chris Henry Pistol Whips Jerry Jones******

With news that Jerry Jones was in Cinci, Chris Henry pulled an automated weapon and smacked him with it, resulting in his 20th arrest in 2 months. Word is he will get one day in jail and a $2 fine.

In other Bengal news, the organization has been talking to all of their own players before free agency begins to try and work out contracts as soon as possible. Despite the 8-8 record, the Bengals feels they are a team on the rise who are one or two key players away from a Super Bowl run.

Matthew Jones
02-07-2007, 07:10 AM
Sources: Patriots begin negotiations with departing talent
New England looks for internal solutions before going through free agency

AP - Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and top executive Scott Pioli have already begun speaking with some of New England's pending free agents regarding new contracts. It's unknown exactly which players are being targeted, but it's safe to say that Daniel Graham and Asante Samuel will be two of the top priorities for the team. More news as it becomes available.

02-07-2007, 07:25 AM
***Jerry Jones seen in Dallas at local Sizzler with two large men***
Jerry Jones has been a busy man as he made his way down to San Diego. Earlier today and has been entertaining his guests at the Sizzler. We don't have exact reports on which guests he seems to be entertaining...but the recent speculation points to big men from the Bengals and Chargers organizations.

02-07-2007, 08:02 AM

Latest news in sports today, I'm Stephen A Smith, and this is Quite Frankly.

Quite Frankly, Denny Green should have quit his job. Quite Frankly, Denny Green should just leave the rest of the world and become a hermit.

Quite Frankly, that's exactly what happened.



Arizona Cardinals former Head Coach Denny Green thought he could turn his team around. He had 4 years to do it, and never did.


Now we're reporting that Green apparently abandoned his family and the world altogether, and has fled to Djibouti, found in Africa.

Green apparently couldn't take the shame of being voted "Least Funny Football Personnel" on ESPN yesterday.

We believe he has been spotted in Somalia, 174 miles south of Djibouti.


02-07-2007, 08:18 AM
Old Coach Back in Town


Houston- Latest reports are Dom Capers was seen in Houston talking to some of his former players. No names were verified but a rumor is one of the players is OLB with a 3 letter last name.

02-07-2007, 09:30 AM
Eagles Look To Make "Calculated" FA Signings, Pre-Draft Trades:

Len Pasquerelli is reporting that the Eagles, with $13mm in cap and several FA's (Michael Lewis, Reno Mahe, Dante Stallworth, Correll Buckhalter, Roderick Hood, and Juqua Thomas to name a few), are looking to resign several of their key FA's and perhaps make a push for some of the available talent on the market. Usually, the Eagles have the best salary cap situation in the NFL, but between the contract extensions given to Jamaal Jackson, Shawn Andrews, Brian Dawkins, Reggie Brown, Trent Cole, and Mike Patterson during the season, much of the cap space has already been spent.

Andy Reid, just back from his vacation in Hawaii, played it close to the vest. "We'll get back there and evaluate. Our scouting staff, including Bsaza2358 and Eaglez.fan, is looking through all of the FA's on the market, and they're doing a nice job." The Eagles typically make a strong push for specific targets, as the league has seen in the past with big name players like John Runyan, Javon Kearse, and Darren Howard. Expect the team to retain some players and look to make a splash with some new talent.

02-07-2007, 09:40 AM
Plummer, Bell to be replaced?
By Adam Schefter
Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 02/07/2007 12:18:00 AM MST

Coach Mike Shanahan has suggested (http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_5172407) that he believes that this Denver Broncos team is very much still a Super Bowl contender. That said, rumor has it that the Broncos' plans no longer include Tatum Bell or Jake Plummer, both starters for parts of last season.

The Broncos have reportedly shopped Jake Plummer through the league and received some tentative feelers for the 40-18 veteran quarterback, but say that nothing is in the works yet. Tatum Bell is another interesting addition to the trading block, as he's coming off a fairly productive pair of seasons (925 yards and a 5.3 yard average and 1021 yards with 4.4 ypc). Apparently, Shanahan has lost patience with the young back's ability to hang onto the ball in crucial situations.

Additionally, the Broncos are expected to take a long hard look at the tackle situation in the off-season, whether signing or drafting someone, as barring a major shift, George Foster has lost the coaching staff's faith. The Broncos are also expected to look at free agency first, to determine whether or not any of the impact free agents can help the team. Given that the team is much closer to the cap than some other teams in the league (around $10 million in free space, as opposed to the +$20 million most other teams are boasting), they're not expected to be major players for say, a Dwight Freeney. That said, Shanahan has worked cap miracles before, so it would not surprise this reporter in the least to see them make a major play for one of the top players if Shanahan falls in love.

02-07-2007, 11:33 AM


The seattle seahwaks have to adress many off season moves, the biggest one, resigning key players. the list inlcudes: TE jeremy stevens, S ken hamlin, who the organization is very big on, K Josh brown, OG Chris Gray, DB jordan Babineaux, Wr DJ Hackett, and OT Sean Locklear, who is a main part of their offense line.

The seahawks have no first round pick, but there are rumors they are willing to move up into the early second round if they feel there is a player that is on their list.

Free Agency: their looking to bring in another back to spell shaun alexander, seems like the organization is pretty big on chris brown. But their biggest wan this off season is, OG, eric steinbach, it seems the seahawks are willing to offer him a nice amount of cash, and feel he is the missing ingridant. Another need is DL, and the hawks are currently looking at vonnie holiday, if he doesnt get resigned look for the seahawks to jump all over him. (in a non homosexual way). The seahwks have over 17 million in cap, and there looking to spend it.

The Unseen
02-07-2007, 12:00 PM
Del Rio and Jaguars look forward to offseason possibilities
Wide receiver and quarterback are hot-button issues
Vito Stellino, The Florida Times-Onion

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was optimistic on Wednesday in an interview about the offseason plans for his team as he heads into the fifth year of his tenure. Although not revealing specific plans, Del Rio laid out his goal and current methods in the new offseason.

"We are in the process of evaluating our football team," the coach said in a telephone interview with the TO. "We believe that our evaluations can lead to reliable decisions for the draft and free agency that will take us a step closer into becoming a championship football team. I believe that both free agency and the draft will be productive for the team and will ensure us a great chance of bringing home a championship trophy."

When asked about the status of Leftwich with the team in 2007, Del Rio showed cautious optimism. Leftwich is entering the last year of his contract, and his status with the Jaguars for the last year is considered to be in doubt after an injury cut his season short in Houston last October.

"Whatever problems that exist between Byron and the team are nothing that can't be resolved man-to-man. I believe that can be done."

Del Rio expressed an excitement over the hiring of Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator, praising his "great football intellect" and the "already firm relationship that I have with him." Del Rio also stated his approval of new special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, quarterbacks coach Mike Shula, and assistant wide receivers coach Robert Prince, as well as promising the hiring of the remaining coaching vacancies of wide receivers coach and assistant special teams coach "in a timely yet thorough manner."

Del Rio also expressed optimism regarding the contract situation of running back Fred Taylor. Taylor, 31, is entering the last year of his contract, and has openly commented on the desire for a fairer deal and an extension, as well as showing a desire to retire a Jaguar.

"Fred had a productive year, and has always been a very key and productive player when he has been able to play. He remains a vital part of our football team, and I think we can get something worked out."

When asked about a future resolution of the situation, Del Rio did not divulge any specific details, but claimed that the Jaguars are "actively pursuing a point at which both Fred and the team can be satisfied heading into next season."

Much has been negatively made of the play from the wide receivers in 2006. First-round picks Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, and fourth-round pick Ernest Wilford received criticism for a lack of production overall, as well as key drops and a lack of ability to consistently get open in defensive coverage. Del Rio offered both criticism as well as support for his pass-catching group.

"They did not have a good year, no. And I have made it known to them as such. But I believe in their ability, and I believe that they can be key weapons for our offense in the future and give it an explosiveness that we've always wanted from [the offense]."

When asked about the possibility of signing a free agent veteran, Del Rio did not reveal any specifics but also did not discredit the claim.

"We will continue to evaluate our offense and our free agency plans and create a comprehensive plan for the offseason. A possibility may arise, but our evaluations continue."

The Jaguars also have key free agents to deal with. Free safety Deon Grant will become and unrestricted free agent, and has reportedly rejected an initial contract offer by the Jaguars. Kicker Josh Scobee, quarterback Quinn Gray, wide receiver Ernest Wilford and defensive end Bobby McCray are restricted free agents. On the status of these free agents, Del Rio maintained the point of the evaluation process for building the team. He also went on to speak highly of Daryl Smith, calling him "a lunchpail, hard-nosed football player" and was "greatly pleased" with his recent five-year extension with the team.

After a disappointing 8-8 season that lead to seven straight years without a playoff win, Del Rio's status as head coach has come into question. Del Rio responded to the criticism with a resolve in the future.

"I like what we have here in Jacksonville. I am confident in the skill and integrity of this group of young men, and I know that they can succeed as a football team. I don't worry about what the future holds, but I know that it will be better if the coaching staff, the front office, and the Jaguars as a whole work together to get a championship trophy for this city."

For more on this story, contact the Florida Times-Onion at (800)-288-0123, or e-mail Vito Stellino at tardface@lol.com

Number 10
02-07-2007, 12:40 PM
Pierce and Briggs to Re-Unite?

Reports out of East Rutherford are that former college teammates Antonio Pierce and Lance Briggs have spoken to each other regarding playing next to each other again. The Giants have an obvious need at WLB where Carlos Emmons is likely to be cut because of financial and production contraints and Brandon Short is better suited for the backup role. Pierce has a voice and influence in the front office, as seen in the Lavar Arrington scenarion at this time last year. Pierce sounded very confident that the only issue in this case would be whether or not Briggs would have to pay Arrington to wear the Mr. Nickels jersey.

More to come.....

02-07-2007, 01:25 PM


Terdell Sands|Oakland Raiders
Contract Update

J.A Adande of the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Oakland Raiders are meeting with Terdell Sands to discuss an extension.
The Raiders are fully committed to have Terdell in a Raiders uniform for the next several years.

Go Cowboys
02-07-2007, 01:59 PM
ESPN's John Clayton Reports:

Cowboy Player packing his bags!?!


"It seems that a certain Cowboy was seen packing his basgs by some teammates, and of Course Terrell Owens had something to say."
"I think it is about time he is gone, he has done nothing for this program, don't expect me or anyone else to miss him."

02-07-2007, 02:29 PM
Ladell Betts Available?Love Scandal Unleashed

"Washington Post writer Michael Wilbon reports that it is Ladell Betts who is being made availalbe to teams and not Clinton Portis. Betts who finished off the year with a red hot 5 straight 100 yard games, over 1,000 yards in only 10 starts and a 4.7 ypc average is said to be on the block. This recent development occured with the recent break-up between Ladell and Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders. They had been exclusively dating each other for much of the year but controversy took off when Saunders caught Betts cheating on him with Mark Brunell. Many suspected the love Triangle or Ménage à trois as when Brunell was starting 98% of the plays whether it be run or pass were all going to Betts. Betts in a recent statement concluded that he and Saunders have irreconcilable differences and it is time for a new setting, stating that Brunell was just a phase but he still has a keen interest in old QB's and would love to land a spot on a team like the Packers who have the grey haired machine who the fond Betts likes to refer to him as. All we can say is that Betts is on his way out of D.C., and for a team looking for defensive depth they are sure an offer for Betts will come along.

02-07-2007, 02:38 PM

Sal Paolantonio reporting from Saints camp

Saints looking to build, not rebuild
Metairie, La: Last year, the New Orleans Saints became the Cinderella team by making it to the NFC Championship game, the first in franchise history, just a year removed from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. This year, the Saints look to improve upon their record and success by adding a few impact players at a few key positions. "Right now, we see our secondary, tight end, and inside and weak side linebacker as the three main areas that we need to improve", coach Sean Payton told ESPN.
Coach Payton continued to state that although the team has a few players that it would like to offer new contract to that were on the team last year, that there are two key players along the defensive front that the Saints would like to re-sign. "[Defensive Tackle] Hollis Thomas and [Defensive End] Charles Grant are the two guys that we really want to bring back. Hollis [Thomas] was key to our run defense last year and we got some really good production out of Charles [Grant]. Mickey [Loomis, General Manager] and myself are trying to work some things out with them so that they don't hit the open market", Coach Payton continued.
While Hollis Thomas would seem to garner some attention in free agency, the thirty-three year old defensive tackle, who spent most of his playing career with the Philadelphia Eagles, seems to want to end his playing career with the Saints. "I really enjoyed my time down here and helping revive this franchise and city. The fans have been great and I appreciate all of their support." Defensive end Charles Grant, though, would seem to garner considerable interest during free agency and he has been adament that he does not want to receive the franchise tag. "I feel my production and loyalty to this organization proves that I want to be a Saint and I don't want them to force me to do what I could do by pursuing my options if they put the franchise tag on me. I want to be a Saint, I've been a Saint my whole career, and I want them to show me that they want me to be a Saint too", said Charles Grant via his cell phone.
While Grant and Thomas are the Saints first two priorities to re-sign, other UFA's (Unrestricted Free Agents) on the Saints roster include LB Scott Shanle, OT Jon Stinchcomb, K Billy Cundiff (who handled kickoff duties and long field goals), LB Danny Clark & WR Terrance Copper all either need new contracts or need to be replaced. The Saints front office has some tough decisions to make. Saints GM Mickey Loomis told us, "our coaches are evaluating the roster and going over whose available in free agency this year. This is not going to be a rebuilding process like it was last year but it is going to be a building process. We are going to try and improve upon the success that we had last year."
Other challenges face this Saints as well, besides who to re-sign and who to replace. WR Joe Horn is due a $4.45 million dollar roster bonus and CB Fred Thomas is owed a $2 million dollar bonus. Reportedly, the Saints staff will either try to restructure their contracts or release them. The Saints might be willing to part with Fred Thomas but releasing fan favorite Joe Horn would seem to negatively effective the Saints fan base. Tough decisions, indeed.
The secondary of the Saints seems to be the biggest need for the team going into this offseason. CB's Mike McKenzie, Fred Thomas, and Jason Craft are all over 30 and the rest of the cornerbacks on the roster are free agents. Linebacker seems to be the second biggest need as starting LB Scott Shanle is a free agent and special teams standout and backup LB Danny Clark is a free agent as well. What to do about these two positions is something the Saints staff is definately working on. "We recognize that these two positions on defense need the most looking at. Right now, we are looking at a few free agents that we think will make a significant impact with the team if we are able to sign them", says GM Mickey Loomis. While they wouldn't divulge who the team was looking into, a few anonymous sources within the organization told ESPN that a few of the unrestricted free agents the Saints are looking at are from teams in the NFC East and North and the AFC East and West. The Saints are also reportedly looking at a Restricted Free Agent from the NFC West.
It is suffice to say that the Saints are not sitting by idly during the re-signing and free agent period and are serious about their committment to maintain a winner, and while the Saints won't go through the rebuilding phase that they did last year, they are continue to build.

Jim Jim
02-07-2007, 03:14 PM

The Green Bay Packers 411.

[ With the news of Brett Favre coming back for another year, the Packers look to build on the success at the end of their season. The Packers reportedly have a huge cap room this season, but aren't expected to go after the big name free agents, but rather ones that can come in and be solid contributors. Don't rule out one big acquisition, as Green Bay does have the cap space to bring in a big name ala Charles Woodson of last year. ]

[ Green Bay goes into the draft with a good, solid philosophy that's ready to make another big step as far as selections go. Green Bay will go after productive players that can make plays and compete early in their careers. ]

02-07-2007, 03:47 PM

Houston Texans | Feb 7

The Houston Texans and Receiver Eric Moulds met today to discuss a short term deal for the veteran wide out.

Moulds, 33, was second on the team last year with 57 receptions, only trailing Andre Johnson's 103 grabs. Moulds has said in the past that he loves working with, and mentoring Johnson, and that he would love to finish off his career in Houston.

"Eric is very important to our offense." Coach Gary Kubiak said when we spoke to him this morning. "With Eric on the field, teams can't constantly double team Andre, and that helps out a lot."

http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/493002.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/12674.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396874.jpg

In simlar news, Defensive Tackle Anthony Maddox, Offensive Lineman Ephraim Salaam, and Linebacker Shantee Orr are also set to negotiate new deals with the team in the up-coming week.

Scotty D
02-07-2007, 04:09 PM
Fox Sports Jay Glazer has the inside scoop on the Lions offseason


The Detroit Lions head into the 2007 offseason with a sense of optimism. The Lions have some cap room to work with, and hope to retain their key free agents while adding some impact players.

The Lions have already placed calls to Cory Redding, Boss Bailey, Alex Lewis, Keith Smith, and Terrance Holt’s agents.

Rod Marinelli held a press conference Monday to talk about the goals of the off-season.

“One of the goals this off-season is to upgrade the talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball,” said Rod Marinelli during a Monday press conference.

The Lions are looking for a slot receiver to play along side Roy Williams and Mike Furrey. They also hope to add an experienced DE to the defensive line. All signs point to the Lions looking for an experienced MLB also.

When asked about what they plan to do with the #2 overall pick Matt Millen said that they aren’t married to staying there, and will listen to offers.

02-07-2007, 05:00 PM
My mistake.

art vandelay
02-07-2007, 05:00 PM

Bills, McGahee agree to part ways
Sal Maiorana
Staff Writer


After Willis McGahee left the front office of the Buffalo Bills after an apparent meeting with Head Coach Dick Jaruon and General Manager Marv Levy and assistant GM Tom Modrak, I followed him to a local KFC. I sat down with him and we shared a bucket of Extra Crispy Chicken and one Cherry Coke with one straw. I was able to conduct an interview with him, which I will share with you.

Me: How did the meeting go with Coach Jaruon and Mr. Levy and Mr. Modrak?

WM: Well, I don't know how Bills fans will like this, but we have basically agreed that today was my last day inside the Bills facility.

Me: Does that mean that you are going to be traded?

WM: [laughs] That's the plan. Coach Jauron, Mr. Levy, Mr. Modrak and I had a long talk and we all agreed that a change of scenery for me would be beneficial for both the Bills and myself.

Me: What specifically was discussed in the meeting?

WM: Well, I started off by thanking Mr. Modrak and the Bills organization in general for giving me an opportunity in Buffalo. After I busted up my knee, I was obviously unsure if I could ever return to my form from when I played at the "U" and I definitely feel that I have proven myself in the NFL.

Me: Can you elaborate on what you think you bring to a team?

WM: Well, like I said Sal, I feel that my game speaks for itself. I have had nearly 900 carries in 3 years which obviously shows that I can be a feature back in the NFL and carry the load of an offense. I put up over 1100 yards in 2004 and 2005 and nearly that this past year but I fell a little short because I missed 2 games with an injury. I averaged about 4 yards a carry the past three years behind a very weak Bills offensive line. I am only 25 years old and clearly have my best football in front of me. Should I go on?

Me: Haha, no, you've made your case clear, thanks. Could you talk about your suggestion to move the Bills to Canada?

WM: Maaaan, so many people have asked me that. I guess I can clear the air here. Ima look you straight in the eye here. IT WAS A JOKE. I WAS NOT SERIOUS WITH THAT COMMENT. Is that good? I don't love the weather in Buffalo by any means, but I would never actually suggest for an NFL team to move to Canada. That is suicide. I have all the respect for the Buffalo Bills fans and the city of Buffalo in general. You going to eat that drumstick, Sal?

Me: No, Willis, you can have that.

WM: Thanks, brah.

Me: Can you tell me anything about why you are going to be traded and what kind of value the Bills are looking for?

WM: Actually, yes. Coach Levy, Mr. Levy and Mr. Modrak assured me that the trade was nothing personal and solely a business decision. They wanted to go a different direction at the running back position. I agreed to this as well because I would like to go to a team with warmer weather and a better offensive line. As far as trade value goes, I don't know, but I would guess a 1st or 2nd rounder.

Me: OK, final question. Could you elaborate on this comprimising photo of you and MVP LaDainian Tomlinson?


WM: [goes wide-eyed and blushes] Uhh, [voice squeaks] no comment, Sal. Where the f*ck did you get that? [pours the Cherry Coke on me and leaves]

[i]Sal Maiorana is a writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

02-07-2007, 05:12 PM
Sources: Browns Look For Protection

Cleveland Plain Dealer - With the Browns offensive line needing vast improvements quickly reports out of Browns headquarters is that they're in talks with OG Eric Steinbach, OG Kris Dielman and C Andre Gurode. No reports say whether or not contract had been offered or if this is speculation at the moment. The Browns were 31st in the NFL in rushing yards per game and 30th in sacks allowed. With C LeCharles Bentley, a big free agent signing from last year possibly sitting out another season due to a staph infection, the Browns need to revamp the line as soon as possible. More reports to come as information comes.

http://bolttalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/03/Dielman_Kris.jpg http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/us/sp/v/nfl/players/2/5923.jpghttp://msn.foxsports.com/id/5855672_18_1.jpg

02-07-2007, 05:20 PM

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star is reporting that defensive end Jared Allen, a restricted free agent, will receive the maximum tender offer from the club.


Club cospeaker Villagewarrior


VW: Jared Allen equals stud. If another team wants him, they will have to pry him from my cold, dead fingers...using a multitude of draft picks as compensation.

He also had thoughts on middle linebacker Kawika Mitchell, an unrestricted free agent.


VW: We are going to talk with Kawika, and we would certainly love to have him back, but we will not allow players to dictate terms to us.

The Star also reports that the Kansas City Chiefs have been talking with the agents of defensive tackles Cory Redding, Terdell Sands and Rien Long, among others.

Shane P. Hallam
02-07-2007, 05:53 PM
Bengals shy on Free Agent talk


John Clayton: "Rumor is, the fans of Cincinnati are upset as the Bengals have not elongated talks with any of their current players nor have been heard from in terms of talking with other free agents. It seems they will not exercise their franchise tag, and they will sign very few of their FAs back to preserve money. They haven't talked with any free agents as of now, but Marvin Lewis' job may be under the gun and he may need to step it up with some key free agents so that the Bengals can make a playoff run."

02-07-2007, 05:54 PM
Baltimore Sun-

Eric DeCosta said that he will franchise Adalius Thomas if a deal is not worked out.

Jim Jim
02-07-2007, 06:05 PM

The Green Bay Packers 411.

[ While free agent talk is hush hush in Green Bay, leaks have came out that Green Bay Packers have a lot of interest in CB Roderick Hood, TE Daniel Graham and an undisclosed running back. ]

02-07-2007, 06:05 PM
Houston Chronicle Reports

Houston Texans | Feb 7
Hometown Options

Reports out of Houston are that they are strongly targeting two hometown free agents to come in and help out on defense. Not much more is known about this at the moment, but we will update you in time.

Smokey Joe
02-07-2007, 06:08 PM

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: Hello and welcome back to NFL Total Access on NFL Network! I have just gotten word that Adam Schefter has some news concerning one of the league's top free agents in this offseason.

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: Hey Rich. League sorces have told me that the Chicago Bears are going to place the franchise tag on their All-Pro Linebacker, Lance Briggs. Since franchised players get paid the average of what the top 5 players at their position in the league get, Lance Briggs would get 7.2 million. That is a heafty price to pay, but it includes no signing bonus and frees up cap in the long term. My sources also told me that the Bears are willing to listen to offers concerning Briggs, but he won't be easy to get. If a trade does happen, it would be very similar to the John Abraham trade last year, as he was in the same situation as Briggs.

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: Thanks for the breaking news Adam, but it was pretty obvious the Bears would franchise Briggs, right?

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: You are right. I was not surprised, and when I spoke to league officials, they told me they would have been shocked if Briggs wasn't at least franchised.

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: Okay. Thanks again Adam.

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: Thank you.

http://q90fm.com/Q-images/clapboard.jpgDirector: Cut to commercial!

02-07-2007, 08:33 PM
Gang Green Looks To Add Missing Pieces

Sources out of New York are reporting that the Jets are looking very strongly at adding a DB from one of its divisional rivals. The Jets desperately need help at corner, and believe they are a solid CB away from one of the best secondarys in the NFL. When asked how he felt about taking players from divisional rivals, Mangini is reported as saying "Eric do what Eric do." Well said Mr. Mangini, well said.

The Jets are also looking to add an undisclosed RB, TE, and OL.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

02-07-2007, 09:45 PM
Sources: New Coach Petrino seen with ex-Bill McGahee around town

It was reported today that ex-Buffalo Bill running back Willis McGahee was already looking for another team to play for when he was spotted on the streets of Atlanta with new Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Bobby Petrino. The two were seen riding inside of Coach Petrino's hummer and stopping for a bite to eat together inside a local restaraunt. When approached as they were trying to leave Coach Petrino refused to answer any questions and said he had buisness to get back to. Willis McGahee also decided to say nothing following Petrino's role with a smile on his face. Perhaps the Atlanta Falcons could be seeing more of Mr. McGahee this next season, more to come after this commercial break.


In later news it's rumored that the Falcons organization is in search of a cornerback. No specific names have been released from Falcons HQ yet. It's also rumored that the Atlanta Falcons are on the look out for offensive lineman to help the new offense Coach Petrino will be instating.

02-07-2007, 09:54 PM
First Ty Law, now Asante Samuel!?

There have been numerous reports that the Jets will attempt to sign another big name cornerback from the New England Patriots. It was just a couple of years ago that the Jets signed former-Patriot, Ty Law, in hopes that he would be the missing piece to the Jets' puzzle. Unfortunately, that did not work out. Reports are that the Jets will try to do the same thing by going after one of last year's surprise players, Asante Sameul.
What a waste of money he was!
When Mangini, Jets Head Coach and Patriots former Secondary Coach, was said to have sprung right into action as soon as he heard Asante would become an unrestricted free agent. It has been rumored that Mangini had been talking with Samuel throughout the last season, in trying to entice him to join the Jets.
Samuel a Jet?
Samuel has yet to comment on the situation, but Bill Belichick had this to say, "That *******, I let him into my coaching staff, then he just leaves! I finally get over that, but now, he is attempting to take one of our best players. No more hugs for you Eric!"

When we informed "The Penguin", as Jets' fans like to call Mangini, he just sat there and laughed. He claims, "I don't need your loving anymore."

Now this means war

02-07-2007, 10:34 PM
ESPN reports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been reportedly testing the trade market with none other than Simeon Rice. Rice is receiving interest from several teams so do not be surprised to see him trade sooner rather than later.

He is reportedly valued at a mid to late Day 1 pick which is great value. Any teams that are interested must make their move sooner rather than later as Rice does not look as if he will stay in Tampa for another month let alone another season.


Saints Dome Patrol
02-07-2007, 10:41 PM

Saints introduce new front office hires
Jimmy Smith
Times-Picayune Staff

Only less than a few weeks from Mardi Gras day, and already New Orleans is rampant with early party goers. If the Saints land some of their key free agents that they are targeting, the party may never stop. Not that this is out of the ordinary for the town called "the Big Easy".

After general manager Mickey Loomis and director of player personnel Rick Mueller suffered simultaneous nervous breakdowns after the Saints' NFC Championship's 39-14 loss to the Chicago Bears, the Saints were quick to hire two new people in the front office.

New general manager diabsoule comes to the Saints after being the head talent scout for the Jacksonville Jaguars for four years. Before that, diabsoule was an assistant under coach Mike Belotti at the University of Oregon.

"It's a honor and a privilege to be appointed the new general manager. I thank Mr. Benson for giving me the opportunity and I thank Coach Payton for his support. I look forward to building a team that will not only get us to the NFC Championship game, but also a berth in the Super Bowl."

"Positive changes are coming the New Orleans Saints this offseason," diabsoule said.

The new director of player personnel comes to the Saints after five years as a college scouting coordinator for the Washington Redskins. Saints Dome Patrol returns to the team that gave him his start several years ago, when he was an equipment manager during New Orleans' "Dome Patrol" heyday of the early 90's.

"I'm real excited to be back in New Orleans to help out my old team," Saints Dome Patrol said. "The Saints always have had a special place in my heart and I'm ready to work with Mr. Benson and Mr. diabsoule to help bring us back to the playoffs, and hopefully Super Bowl XLII."

To contact staff writer Jimmy Smith, call (504) 555-6996

© 2007 The Times-Picayune. All rights reserved.

02-07-2007, 10:59 PM

Feb. 7, 2007, 11:42PM
Texans, Carr parting ways?
Team unhappy with QB's play, looking to deal him

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - The Houston Texans have publicly stated that they intend to cut ties with QB David Carr. A former #1 overall selection, Carr has been the Texans starting QB for the last 5 years. Carr's inconsistant play has caused the team to shop in around the league, most likely for a draft pick in the upcoming 2007 NFL Draft. Texan's co-GM Mike Molitor [Patriots-Lions] stated in a press conference that he feels that Carr still has some untapped potential, he is just not a good fit Houston anymore. He also wishes Carr the best of luck in the future and is confident he will do well on another team. Any NFL GM that is interested in acquiring Carr is encouraged to contact either of the Texans' co-GMs, Mike Molitor [Patriots-Lions]cor Cody Mahan [comahan].


02-07-2007, 11:00 PM

Jim Donavan- I'm Jim Donovan of WKYC NBC Cleveland. Today on Sports Extra we have Browns talk. Cleveland Browns GM Bigrick0016 was seen yesterday with an as yet to be determined played. They were reported to be seen eating at BBQ restaraunt "The Boneyard". I talked to The Boneyard's bartender to find out more.

Bartender: That GM is a dick! He was wearing a Slayer shirt and I commented. He yelled at me and told me to "never speak ill of the greatest band EVER!", and punched me in the throat. What an asshole.

Plain Dealer: Who was he with?

Bartender: Some lttle cracker ass wide reciever.

Jim Donovan: There you have it folks! The Browns were talking to a honkey wideout. Good Night from here at Sports Extra and everyone at WKYC.

02-07-2007, 11:06 PM
NFL NETWORK NOW with Rich Eisen and Marshall Faulk in Hawaii

So, this is a first in NFL NETWORK history where we can have an exlusive interview with our own caligue. So, Marshall, I have heard rumors that there are trade talks between the Rams and Lions, are these rumors true?

Yes, they are true.

How are they going then?

They have fallen through. I can still play, and the Rams believe in this. I know I will be very seldomly used because they have a beast in Steven Jackson, but I want to be a St. Louis Ram. They have been so good to me. Plus, I don't wanna play for a certain coach in Detroit again, he underused me like Kevin Federline underused condoms.

Okay, Marshall, I am just gonna move on from that comment. Are the Rams still gonna here other offers from other teams?

Yes, they are, but they are looking for a sixth round pick for me. And lots of teams aren't willing to give up a 6th round pick for me because I am coming off of knee problems. And once again, I wanna play football next year, and I want to be in a Rams uniform.

Thanks a lot for the info Marshall.

No problem Rich, thats what I get paid to do this year.

Up next, we'll talk about an actual football team and talk to Peyton Manning.

THAT WAS A LOW BLOW U, U SCORPIAN WOMEN. I'll be back, Rich is gonna be sacked by my boy Sean Merriman, and he will be out for 10 months. See ya in 2 and 2.

02-07-2007, 11:20 PM
Mike Keith "The Voice of Titans Football" seats down one on one and talks to Titans Wide Receiver Bobby Wade.

ONE on ONE with Titans Wideout Bobby Wade

MK: Mike Keith

BW: Bobby Wade

BW: Hey Mike, nice to see you dropping by, take a seat please.

MK: Thanks, You have a Nice House here in Nashville.

BW: Thanks

MK: So after being released by the Bears during the 2005 NFL Season, did you expect the titans to pick you up from Waiver or was it a Huge Surprise?

BW: Only a day or so after i was relased i recieved the call form my agent saying i was picked up off Waivers by the Titans. I was a little surprised, but i knew they didn't have alot of depth at WR at that time.

MK: The game before your release was from what i heard and saw was your Worst as a Pro. You had multiple fumbles against the 49ers on that winding day in Chicago, and was released after the game, how did you feel??

BW: I was mad, but not at the Front Office or Coaches for letting me go, but at myself for making some terrible mistakes that day, i can't blame all my mistkaes during that game on the winds, just mental mistakes by me.

MK: Fisher was a former bears Special teamer himself during his NFL day, what did he say to you when you arrived in Nashville??

BW: He told me, that anyone would had those types of Fumble during a game like that and i just need to put it in the past.

MK: What was it like working with vince this Year?

BW: It was great, he really learned alot since the first day in camp to the end of the season, Coach Chow has helped him alot, and Vince is a VERY hard worker. He is just a great guy to be around and be teammates with.

MK: You have really started to become a fan favorite here in Nashville, do you want to remain a titans?

BW: Yes, i love it here in nashville, Love playing Football for the titans, i'm just glad they gave me shot here, i'm making the best out of the Shot they gave me.

MK: So have Negotiative started yet with GM's smittyjs, aNYtitan, and BBD??

BW: yes me and my agent have been in talk with them for a few weeks now, we must say we very close to getting a new deal done.

MK: Well i hope to see you back with the Titans next season and thanks for the lucnh and the time to set down and chat! Thanks

BW: Anytime Mike, if you are around the neighborhood, drop in.

Saints Dome Patrol
02-07-2007, 11:30 PM


Scott Van Pelt: For more on the NFL off-season, here's Inside The Huddle with John Clayton.


John Clayton: The New Orleans Saints are looking to add a few key free agents in the off-season. New general manager diabsoule commented to me about who the Saints might be targeting in the next few weeks.


diabsoule: One player we're really looking at is a cornerback from Philadelphia. He would bring experience from playing against an elite quarterback in practice and has the respect of his teammates. I also feel that the player that we're targeting could come in and be a starter on our team from the first day of practice.


John Clayton: diabsoule would continue, saying the Saints also need help at linebacker.


diabsoule: We're also in the hunt for an inside linebacker. The guy we're after is in only his fourth year and has had an outstanding last two seasons, with over a hundred tackles in back-to-back years. He's shown that he can be very productive in one of the toughest divisions of football.


John Clayton: Not to be outdone, the Saints are also targeting players on the offensive side of the ball as well. New director of player personnel Saints Dome Patrol mentioned to me that could be tight end.


Saints Dome Patrol: One of the players we're looking hard at is a playmaker on a high powered offense in the AFC. This player could help immediately improve our offense and add another wrinkle for opposing defensive coordinators to worry about.


John Clayton: Of course, the Saints are also looking to re-sign several of the players on their team that are due to become free agents in the next week or so.


Saints Dome Patrol: Our first priority is to re-sign [defensive end] Charles Grant. He is the cornerstone for our defense and we want him to be a Saint for several years to come. Another player we want to stay in New Orleans is [defensive tackle] Hollis Thomas. Hollis was a great acquistion last season and we hope that he will continue to be a force in the middle for the next few years.


John Clayton: All that's certain that the two new hires in the front office won't rest this offseason until the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place to bring the Saints back to the playoffs next season. For Inside The Huddle, I'm John Clayton, ESPN.


Scott Van Pelt: Thanks, John. Now on to the NBA...

02-07-2007, 11:39 PM
Roster Movement?
By Adam Schefter
Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 02/08/2007 10:27:00 PM MST

Rumor out of Dove Valley is that Denver is looking at restructuring several veteran players, and may even be making a few roster cuts to free up cap space. Ebenezer Ekuban, Ian Gold, Courtney Brown, Rod Smith, Kenard Lang, John Engelberger will be asked to renegotiate their contracts before the start of free agency. It wouldn't be surprising in the least if more than one of these players is no longer with the team, and even moreso when you consider that Kenard Lang and Ian Gold are two of Denver's highest paid players and haven't performed like it.

Ted Sundquist was also said to have visited Cincinnatti lately, and although who he was courting remains a tightly held secret, this reporter would guess at either Justin Smith or Eric Steinbach. While these initially appeared unlikely moves, the Bengals decision not to tag either player (as yet) make both more attractive options in Denver.

Mike Shanahan has not left Denver yet for player interviews, but it wouoldn't be surprising if he didn't, especially after his selection of Jay Cutler in last year's draft (a decision made, by Cutler's own admission, before he had talked to anyone from the Broncos). He has, however, been fielding offers for disgruntled QB Jake Plummer, formerly the Broncos starter. Plummer still believes that he has the ability to start in this league, and while age is clearly an issue, I believe he could be a capable starter in the right system while a younger quarterback is groomed.

02-07-2007, 11:50 PM
Sportscenter: Draft Edition

70's Chris Berman: We are here with Mike Nolan, HC of the 49ers. How you doing mike?

Nolan: Great, Its wonderful to be here.

70's Chris Berman: So what are you plans this offseason?

Nolan: To have a great draft and really improve. We wanna run away with the NFC West next year.

70's Chris Berman: Whoa! Are you commited to the vaunted 3-4 Defense?

Nolan:Absolutly! I think if we pick up a mudder in the draft we can be a super bowl contender. Also if we can get a great LB via FA like Adulius Thomas or Lance Briggs we could REALLY go deep.

70's Chris Berman: Some bold statements, any other goals?

Nolan: Not to have Bryant arrested. Its a lofty goal but together i think we can do it.

70's Chris Berman: Great having you here.

Nolan: Was nice chillin. Ill roll thru in a few but til the draft, peace.

Number 10
02-08-2007, 12:17 AM
New York Giants Press Release

Giants Free Up Money, Release 3

The Giants are reporting the release of three Giants under current contract for the reason of poor play and needed money for free agency. OLB Carlos Emmons, OT Bob Whitfield, and RB Chad Morton have been shown the door after disappointing tenures as Giants. Eli Manning, who has a monstrous $12 million cap number for 2007 and a cap number under $3 million in 2008 will shift $4 million over 2007 and 2008 in order to give the team even more money to spend for this offseason. All of these moves will boost the team's cap space to roughly $22 million.

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Emmons.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Whit.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Morton.jpg



Mike-Well the Giants offseason in terms of personnel has officially begun, with new GM Jerry Reese not hesitating to kick some older, issue-prone players that were simply making too much money.

Chris-Yes Mike, Carlos Emmons, Bob Whitfield, and Chad Morton would all be overpaid if their salaries were the veteran minimum if you ask me. They stink, ya hear me? They stink.

Mike-Being the Cowboys fan that I am, I was hoping they'd stick around and eat up money and playing time, but I guess Reese is off to a good start here.

Chris-I would be shocked to see Emmons on a team next year, the guy was slower than Siragusa down the stretch and has a different nagging injury every week. Whitfield did make plenty of highlights this year, but they were a result of his head butts that cost the offense 15 yards. And Morton lost his job halfway through the season as the team's KR, and he serves no purpose as a RB.

Mike-These moves will save the team about $3 million in cap space this offseason and another $5 million next year, so this is without a doubt an intelligent move.

Chris-And Mike, let's not overlook this re-structure done by Eli Manning here. These 4 moves will give the team a total of $22 million to spend this offseason without hampering the future, a la the Redskins.

Mike-Something is certainly in the works here Dog, when a team that is not in financial trouble moves money around like this, it usually means a big name is on the way.

Chris-It looks like Reese is looking to make a splash here in his first season as General Manager.

02-08-2007, 01:09 AM
Tampa and Terry Discuss Terms

Sean Salisbury of ESPN recently sat down with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jeb Terry about his situation regarding restricted free agency with the organisation.


"So Jeb, its nice having you here."


"Nice to be here Sean"

SS: "So Jeb, what do you think the future has for you regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers."

JT: "Well Sean, as you know the Tampa Bay football team is one of the most professional in the NFL. I hope that they come to their senses and realise that I am an important part of their team."

SS: "So you believe that you will receive a tender in the coming days?"

JT: "Yes Sean, I do. I expect them to use the highest tender available to me. Can you imagine the Tampa Bay organisation without the one and only Jeb Terry?"

SS: "To tell you the truth Jeb, I can see that organisation without you. Afterall you are backing up an upcoming star in Dan Buenning. All I can see for you is the lowest tender available which would be a 5th round pick in compensation if you received an offer from another team."

JT: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Sean and all I can do is hope that the Bucs decide to keep me on their roster. I will not let them down if they do.

SS: "Thanks for your time Jeb, its been a pleasure having you here."

JT: "No problems Sean, for you, anytime."

Saints Dome Patrol
02-08-2007, 01:43 AM


Announcer: We now go to the "Cajun Cannon" Bobby Hebert with some breaking news from the Saints headquarters in Metarie. Bobby?


Bobby Hebert: That's right, Deke. I'm here outside the Saints indoor practice facility with some late breaking news.


Announcer: Uh, Bobby, I just said that.


Bobby Hebert: Please, Deke. You can't even hold my jock. I've got more talent in my pinkie finger than you do in your entire body.


Announcer: Bobby, the report?


Bobby Hebert: Oh yeah, right... the news from Saints camp is that New Orleans Saints are currently targeting more than ten big name free agents. I spoke only a few moments ago to Saints director of player personnel Saints Dome Patrol.


Saints Dome Patrol: That's right, Bobby, we don't want to reveal who exactly we're in the market for, but needless to say, these players might not be the biggest names in free agency, but given the right situation, they could step in and play right away.


Bobby Hebert: Any particular position that you are looking at right now?


Saints Dome Patrol: Even though our defense was 11th overall in the league, we did have certain holes, especially in our back seven. Our front four was solid, and we're hoping to re-sign [defensive end Charles] Grant and [defensive tackle] Hollis Thomas to long-term deals. But our linebacking corps and secondary can definitely use some improvement.


Bobby Hebert: There you have it, Deke. From the Saints practice facility in Metarie, I'm the Cajun Cannon, Bobby Hebert. And remember if you're not at Deanie's in Bucktown, you're not at Deanie's.



Announcer: (sarcastically) Great... thanks, Bobby...*sigh*. We'll be right back.

02-08-2007, 02:09 AM
Raiders Nightly Update

Reporter: How do you feel about the new coach?

Al Davis: Lance Kiffin is a great young coaching talent who will make the Raidahs the most high powered offense in the League.

Reporter: Any news with the QB Situation?

Al Davis: What do you think? We are not letting any info out about that and we will do whatever we want. Whether it's Walter, Quinn, Russell or George. The situation will be fine.

Reporter: Terdell Sands is gaining interest from several teams this offseason. What's your take?

Al Davis: Watch out for some big developments in the coming days. We are doing everything possible to bring him back. Big Terd is a fan favorite and He loves being a Raidah.

Al Davis: That's all folks.

02-08-2007, 03:59 AM

"Hi, and welcome back to SportsCenter. I'm your host, Mike Greenberg, filling in for John Buccigross. Excuse the mic as I don't feel comfortable announcing without it. *pause* The big story in the NFL is the recent changing of the guards down in New Orleans as a new General Manager has been announced early yesterday morning. We sent our own Ron Jaworski down to Saints headquarterts in Metairie, Louisiana for an interview with the new GM, diabsoule... Ron, how are things in The Big Easy?"

"Hey, Greeny. Things are about as exciting as they can be down here in New Orleans. The buzz around town is all about the new GM and the direction he plans on taking the team. I received an opportunity to speak with him one-on-one about the Saints and their new direction."

"Mr. Diabsoule, thank you for letting me have this opportunity to talk to you about the Saints."

"Heeeey, no problem. Glad to meet you."

"Thanks. Glad to meet you too. Now that you are the new General Manager, what direction do you plan on taking with the Saints?"

"I plan on maintaining the direction that former GM Mickey Loomis was taking the organization in. I want to build a succesful franchise and shape them to be a perennial contender not only in the NFC South but in the whole NFL."

"In previous interviews you have discussed cornerback and linebacker as the two biggest areas that the Saints would like to improve. Are there any other areas you are going to try and improve this offseason?"

"Good question. I feel that no team is complete until you have won a Super Bowl and even then there are always areas that you can improve on. Last year, we surpassed everyone's expectations and made it to the NFC Championship game. That loss was a heartwrenching and we plan on taking that lesson we learned in the game and using it to improve our team. We feel that we can become stronger on the offensive line so that we can buy Quarterback Drew Brees more time so that he can throw the ball. We also feel that we need to add a versatile weapon in Tight End so that Drew can have another target and we also feel that our defensive line could have gotten more pressure against opposing quarterbacks so we are looking at defensive tackles as well."

"Are there any specific players that you would say the Saints have a special interest in?"

"To be honest with you, I do not want to divulge any information on any certain players. But I can tell you that some are NFC and some are AFC players, and they are players we think will be beneficial for the team. They may not be any top starts in the league, as we do not feel we need to spend top dollar to become a contender, but we feel that the people we are going to try and bring in will help the team and help get us better."

"Finally, are there any free agents that your team is looking to bring in that were with the team last year?"

"We are involved in negotiations right now with Charles Grant and Hollis Thomas. Two guys we feel are key to our defense. We would also like to bring back [Offensive Tackle] Jon Stinchcomb, and possibly a few other guys that were special teams contributors last season."

"Anything else before we send it back to the studio?"

"Look for cuts to be made after the first round of free agent signings. Also, don't look for us to make any big splashes in free agency but make small waves."

"Thank you for your time, Mr. Diabsoule. Greeny, back to you."

"Thank you, Jaws. As you see, our director did not like the look of the mic so they had to take it away. *pause* In Nascar news, Greg Biffle looks to increase his league in the Nextel series..."

The Unseen
02-08-2007, 06:24 AM



Chris Mortensen reports that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor has been signed to a 1-year extension until 2008. His contract would have ended in 2007.

He has also received a salary raise in form of a roster bonus after 2007. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

02-08-2007, 07:14 AM

The Tampa Bay Bucs, are talking to 3 free-agent safties and will send them an official offer once Nuno Vacardo gets back from school. They are also very interested in picking up a star QB, Drew Brees might be on the move.

Stay Tuned

Matthew Jones
02-08-2007, 08:04 AM
Patriots To Begin Negotiations With Other Teams' Free Agents
Belichick flys in non-New England free agents for visits

Head coach Bill Belichick has begun flying in free agents that were not members of the Patriots last year for visits. "We're negotiating with four or five guys right now to return next year," said Belichick, "But while that's going on, we also think it's important to get a head start on free agents we like from other teams. You have to act fast in the NFL, and we don't want to sit by idly while the guys we covet are all taken by other teams."

Some of the stud free agents who are rumored to be making a visit in the near future include wide receivers Drew Bennett, Kevin Curtis, and Eric Moulds, defensive linemen Terdell Sands and Keith Traylor (a former Patriot), and cornerback Travis Fisher, although none could be confirmed at the time. It's also expected that the Patriots will make a run at retaining tight end Daniel Graham and cornerback Asante Samuel, possibly using the franchise tag on one of them.

Rob S
02-08-2007, 09:36 AM
I have recently been informed by an unamed source in the Bills organization that the Bills will seriously persue offensive lineman this year in free agency. When I mentioned that most teams have a ton of money to spend, so getting top talent may be pricey, my source told me that Ralph Wilson is fed up of losing and is prepared to spend whatever it take to make this team a legit contender. This is a revelation for Bills fans. While Ralph is beloved by the city of Buffalo, he has garnered a reputation of being a penny pincher. It could be an exciting time for Bills fans.

02-08-2007, 12:24 PM
***Jerry seen at KFC***

Today Jerry Jones was seen eating at a local KFC in Kentucky. He was accompanied by two light skinned big men. We were unable to get confirmation on the names..however we have traced Jerry's jet's tail number and see stops in Indiana and Tennessee which would make it understandable to why Jerry is in Kentucky.

02-08-2007, 01:45 PM
ESPN Breaking News...

"According to league sources and confirmed this morning by the New Orleans Saints front office, the Saints will exercise the $12 million dollar roster bonus in order to keep Quarterback Drew Brees in New Orleans for the next five years. According to Saints Director of Player Personnel, Saints Dome Patrol, the bonus will be allocated over a period of five years. In other Saints news, talks have been moving forward with both Defensive End Charles Grant and Defensive Tackle Hollis Thomas. No official word has been made yet, and no comment has been made officially from the organization, but sources within the franchise report that both sides are nearing an agreement to keep both players with the organization for quite a while. Also, agents represented unrestricted free agents from the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs have been contacting the Saints about interest in their clients. So far, news has been very positive concerning those free agents as an anonymous source within the organization told ESPN that the players on top of the Saints free agent list are associated with those four teams. There will be more on the Saints and the other NFL teams later on ESPN."

02-08-2007, 02:24 PM



Dwight Freeney has been seen with Tampa Bay Buc's defensive coordinator Monte Kiffen at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Monte and Dwight have been good freinds since meeting at the combine when Freeney was drafted. Monte has said to be trying to persuade Dwight into coming to a firey coach which he's always liked and a Tampa 2 defense were it was made right from the source.


Freeney would be a perfect match for the team, organization and the city. He has said he loves the city of Tampa and the area, he loves coach Monte Kiffen and he'd fit right in and perfectly into that Tampa 2 defense. He also would love to replace one of his idol's growing up in Simeon Rice who will leave this off-season.


02-08-2007, 02:26 PM

The San Diego Chargers Co-GM sdpads24 was seen with UFA Randall Godfrey, Shaun Phillips and Kris Dielman at a local IHOP early this morning. The Chargers have expressed interest in re-signing these three players, as if they do not the depth at linebacker and along the offensive line will be thin at best.

Co-GM DeAndre Morrison was also seen in the Indianapolis area late last night, talking on his cell phone. San Diego fans have been reported to be having neutral reactions on this development when polled on ESPN.

The Unseen
02-08-2007, 02:34 PM
ESPN Rumor Mill...

Jags looking at FA wideouts?

Sources within the Jaguars organization have told us that the Jaguars have interest in wide receivers Donte' Stallworth and Kevin Curtis. The Jaguars wide receiver corps was a disappointment in 2006, with first round selections Matt Jones and Reggie Williams having up-and-down seasons. Donte', 26, has opted to become a free agent after one year with the Eagles. Curtis, 28, will be an unrestricted free agent come the start of the NFL year.

02-08-2007, 02:45 PM
Mr Australia in Seattle???

Mr. Australia (24caddy24) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was recently seen walking the streets of Seattle. Reporters are stunned at why this is but one possible theory has emerged.

The Tampa organisation has been without a strong talent since the departure of John Lynch several years ago and Ken Hamlin has apparently peaked the interest of Mr. Australia. Whether he will sign with the Buccaneers is another question but expect the Buccaneers to make a large push for Hamlin in the near future.


Scotty D
02-08-2007, 03:11 PM
Trade talks brewing in Detroit...


One of the main goals of the off-season for the lions was to get a DE on the LE because Kalimba Edwards is only a situational player

My sources indicate that the Lions are narrowing in on a move to acquire Tampa Bay defensive end Simeon Rice. It is not known whether the trade involves either teams first rounder.

The move would give the Lions a solid defensive line and rotation with Shaun Rogers, James Hall, Shaun Cody, most likely Cory Redding, Kalimba Edwards, and newly acquired Simeon Rice.


Tom Kowalski can be reached at KillaKowalski@mlive.com

Scotty D
02-08-2007, 03:19 PM


Lions tag Redding, going after wily vet...

POSTED 3:25 p.m. EST; UPDATED 3:38 p.m. EST, February 8, 2007

Cory Redding turned it on last season after making the move inside to defensive tackle. The Lions felt that instead of exposing Redding to a thin free agent market that is was better to lock him up for the season and try to work on an extension at a later time by applying the franchise tag on him.

The Lions have been busy this off-season and all signs point to them trying to acquire another Mike Martz alum. Word is that St. Louis and Detroit are negotiating a deal to bring Marshall Faulk to the big D. With the uncertaintity of Kevin Jones it appears Faulk could get a substantial amount of playing time.

02-08-2007, 04:21 PM

Feb. 7, 2007, 4:21PM
Texans targeting FA interior Linemen?
Team looking at another former Bronco

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - In the Houston Texans short history under Head Coach Gary Kubiak, they have a reputation of picking up the leftovers from his former team, the Denver Broncos. It seems that they are at it again. Free Agent Guard Cooper Carlisle is rumored to be of very high interest within the organization. It is no secret that the Houston Texans are looking for help on the offensive front, with a line that gave up league-high 68 sacks two years ago, and 41 more last season. Cooper would be replacing veteran Tackle-Guard combo Chester Pitts at the Left Guard position. Carlisle has started all 16 games for Denver each of the last two seasons, and has six years of prior experience under Texans Coach Gary Kubiak.

02-08-2007, 04:22 PM
TITANS, looking heavy at top secondary players?
John Clayton of ESPN, Wednesday, February 7, 2007

For days now, Titans GM's smittyjs, aNYtitan, and BBD have been looking every where for the missing pieces to one of the NFL young and up and coming Secondary. Lead by Pacman Jones and Chris Hope, the Titans secondary was able to create key Turnover's during the game at key times. You will always weak part to your team, and that’s what the Titans are facing. Lamont Thompson, a former second round pick from the Bengalis, has yet to step up his game and has yet to show why he should remain starter at Free Safety for the 2007 NFL Season.
Less than a week after the Superbowl, titans GM smittyjs had this to say to the media" We have had are eyes on a few Safety's this year, the top name on are list is Ken Hamlin". Ken Hamlin had been one of the top young FS coming up in the NFL, in till he was involved in a night club fight on October 17, 2005. He would miss the rest of the 2005 NFL season. 2006 he came back, a little slow at first but, by mid season he really started to come on. We don't know much about the deal that the Titans have offered him, but his agent said the contract that they offered him is for five years.
We will update you on any news about Ken Hamlin and the possible signing with the titans.

Could Hamlin be the missing part to the Titans Defense? Titans Gm's think so

02-08-2007, 04:58 PM

Feb. 7, 2007, 4:58PM
Texans looking to add hometown talent
Team pursuing Clements, Thomas

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - It was reported a few short days ago that Houston was targeting a few hometown players in Free-Agency. It was heavily speculated that Buffalo Bills FA Cornerback Nate Clements was among those being targeted. It has been confirmed that Houston will meet with the big name Corner and his agent this Saturday to try and negotiate a contract. Nate has appeared on local radio shows in the Houston area being quoted as saying that if Houston can get a deal done, he would love to be a Texan. Clements, who lives in, and is from the Houston area, would be a welcome addition to a defensive backfield that gave up nearly 3500 yards and 22 touchdowns through the air last season.

The other player reported to be in negotiations with the Texans is Free Agent Pass-Rush specialist Juqua Thomas. Thomas had six sacks in limited time last season in Philadelphia. The Houston Texans sack leader, Jason Babin, had 5. Juqua would provide the pass rush that Houston so desperately needs on the other side of last years number one pick Mario Williams. While not a full-time player, this Houston native could have a large impact on the team if he signs on the dotted line. He is also speculated to arrive on Saturday to discuss terms on a contract.

02-08-2007, 05:04 PM

The Vikings are looking to add a lot of talent this offseason through Free Agency. Minnesota has a lot of cap room and are expected to be big spenders over free agency. They have had their eyes on Tight Ends such as Eric Johnson and Daniel Graham and in Wide Recievers Drew Bennett and Kevin Curtis. The Vikings desperately need to address their passing attack and bringing in some of these players would be a huge step in the right direction.

Go Cowboys
02-08-2007, 05:59 PM
Cowboy News!!!!

Ed Werder reports http://media.espn.com/MediaZone/bios/Talent/werder_web.jpg

(AP)-"The Cowboys seem to be highly interested in keeping Andre Gurode their Center who was a 2nd round pick from Colorado, Andre seems to be one of the hotter commodities in the free agent market from the Cowboys. When reached for comment Jerry Jones had this to say.""Do not think that we will not use everythingwe can to keep Andre around this place, He is a highly valuable piece to our team."

Will Andre continue to wear a Dallas Cowboys Star next Year.

02-08-2007, 06:28 PM

Feb. 7, 2007, 11:42PM
Texans make move on RFA's
Earl, Maddox among those targeted

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - The Houston Texans have offered Free Safety ERFA C.C. Brown the veterans minimum, he must now accept the deal, or sit out the season. They have also set tenders on multiple RFA's. Strong Safety Glenn Earl, Defensive Tackle Anthony Maddox, and Fullback Vonta Leach were all given low tenders, meaning the compensation will equal a pick in the round that they were drafted. One notable name that was not given a tender is Running Back Samkon Gado.

02-08-2007, 06:37 PM
Atlanta Falcons making first moves

Chris Mortensen is reporting from Atlanta Falcons HQ on some recent activity in this years fledgling off season. It has been reported that the Falcons have offered high level offer sheets to both Matt Schaub and Demorrio Williams, their two big restricted free agents.

More information on Atlanta Falcons off season moves after this break

02-08-2007, 06:49 PM

Chargers look to land Big Fish, Target RFA's
By Big Fish, I might mean Big Hawk

San Diego, CA- GM of the Dan Diego Chargers DeAndre Morrison has had a busy couple of days. He first went to Indianapolis to have a discussion with a certain Indianapolis player, and now it seems like Morrison has been spotted in Seattle, reportedly trying to set up a meeting with a hot commodity from Seattle.

In other News, the Chargers have also decided to offer tenders to some of their restricted Free Agents. The Chargers have offered runningback Michael Turner the high tender, warrenting that anyone interested in Turner will need to give up a first rounder. D-Lineman Ryon Bingham has been offered a low tender, so interested teams would need to give up a 7th round pick for him. Up and Coming linebacker Shaun Phillips has been offered a mid tender, the equivalent to a second round pick.

ERFA Malcolm Floyd has also been offered a contract by the Chargers. Floyd was offered a contract becuase the Chargers believe he can become a Number 2 reciever for the Chargers. O-Lineman Cory Lekkerkerker, another ERFA, has also been offered a contract.

The Chargers feel that all of these players can play valuable roles next year, which is why they were all tendered. The Union-Tribune will continue to follow these players, and report when/if they will be resigned

Number 10
02-08-2007, 06:55 PM
Giants To Begin Their Roster Moves

Reports out of Giants Stadium are that new GM Jerry Reese has made another series of roster moves in as many days.

SS Gibril Wilson has been given a mid tender.


OLB Reggie Torbor has been given a low tender


RB Derrick Ward has been given a low tender


ERFA Chase Blackburn has been brought back with the minimum wage salary.


02-08-2007, 07:03 PM
Vikings Begin Roster Moves

The Vikings have offered DE Darrion Scott and OG Anthony Herrera each low tenders. And have offered ERFA Heath Farwell the veterans minimum.

02-08-2007, 07:16 PM

Colt DB Staying in Miami after the Super Bowl?


HOLLYWOOD, FL- Apparently Nick Harper's stay in Florida might last longer than his super bowl visit. Rumors out of Dolphins camp is that new head coach Cam Cameron is interested in bringing in a veteran player that fits the system.

02-08-2007, 07:49 PM
Rams put plan into motion
Front office tenders offers to RFAs, makes initial contact with free agents
By Jim Thomas

St. Louis linebacker Brandon Chillar, seen here in blue, was given an initial offer by the Rams.

With the free agency deadline fast approaching, offices and phone lines were busy at Rams Park today as St. Louis finalized some deals and began initial plans to negotiate others.

The day began with the Rams tendering offers to their three restricted free agent players – offensive lineman Adam Goldberg, defensive end Brandon Green, and outside linebacker Brandon Chillar. All three players received a one-year offer worth $1.3 million, which ranks as the middle tender in this year’s restricted free agent list. That means that if other teams sign any of these three players to an offer sheet, the Rams will either match the offer or receive a second round pick as compensation.

“It was important for us to get an offer out to these guys,” said Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt. “They’re important to our success, and we don’t want to see them playing elsewhere in 2007.”

Of the three players, Chillar saw the most playing time in 2006 as the team’s starting strong-side linebacker. In sixteen games, Chillar registered 56 tackles and two sacks.

“I’m relieved that the Rams extended me an offer,” Chillar said on Thursday. “They told me they were going to do everything they could to keep me, but any time you see that free agent deadline approaching, you start to get butterflies in your stomach.”

Both Brandon Green and Adam Goldberg saw time on the field due to injuries but weren’t important cogs in the Rams starting line-up last season. Goldberg is expected to serve as depth on the right side of the offensive line in 2007, and Green will continue to be part of a rotation at defensive end.

When asked why they would give a second-round tender offer to two depth players, Zygmunt immediately addressed the answer. “Our options were limited. Adam was an undrafted free agent and Brandon was a sixth round choice. Signing them to the low tender increases the chance of other teams going after them because of the minimal compensation.

“Furthermore,” Zygmunt continued. “There is only a $450,000 difference between the low tender and the second-round tender. We thought that was a reasonable amount to pay to increase our potential compensation.”

Rams reveal interest in two linemen

http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/235243.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/235152.jpg
Bengals DE Smith, Raiders DT Sands look to be prime targets for St. Louis.

After discussing the status of their own players, the Rams didn’t shy away from questions about who they might pursue once free agency begins.

“The fact of the matter is we’re looking for help on the defensive line,” Zygmunt continued during his interview. “We need to add help at both tackle and end, so we’re looking through the names of available players to see who is going to improve this unit.”

Two names that Zygmunt danced around mentioning but clearly hinted at were Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Justin Smith and Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Terdell Sands.

Smith, a former top five pick from the 2001 draft, has been a dependable player on the Cincinnati line for years now. From the right defensive end position, he would add size and talent as a run defense to a team that ranked as one of the league’s worst units in terms of stopping the run. But Smith has also averaged nearly seven sacks per year since entering the league, which is a kind of production the Rams did not see out of any defensive end not named Leonard Little.

Despite not being a starter for the Oakland Raiders in 2006, defensive tackle Terdell Sands looks to be getting quite a bit of attention. No doubt that’s because of his uncanny size; at six-foot seven-inches and three hundred thirty five pounds, Sands offers massive size at the point of attack. According to the Rams and their defensive coaching staff, that’s exactly what they need if undersized middle linebacker Will Witherspoon is going to be successful in the box.

“Look, it’s no secret,” defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said via telephone this afternoon. “We want Will to be the feature guy of our defense, but he’s not going to be able to make plays if we can’t keep blockers off of him. A massive tackle in front would do just that, allowing Will to roam around and do what he does best. It’s really a pretty vital component for us.”

While Sands doesn’t appear to be the only defensive tackle on the Rams’ short list of targets, all indications are that he’s listed at the very top. The front office will have to work diligently if they expect to reign both of these talented linemen in, but considering how important an improvement to the defensive line is to this team, expect the St. Louis front office to put in as much time and effort as it takes.

ERFA to test market

While the three restricted free agents got their tendered offers, exclusive rights free agent Kay-Jay Harris was not as fortunate.

Harris, who joined the team in November to add depth at running back and provide a boost to the special teams unit, was informed today that he would not be retained.

“I’m disappointed,” Harris said outside of Rams Park this afternoon. “I liked it here. It’s a great organization. But ultimately they had other plans. That’s how it goes in the NFL, sometimes.”

In seven games with the Rams, Harris touched the ball four times offensively, returned four kicks, and made five special teams tackles.

02-08-2007, 07:53 PM
Are the Browns getting a NT???

Cleveland Plain Dealer - Aubrayo Franklin has reportedly met with Browns GM Big Rick. Reports indicate that they met for over 4 hours on Thursday. This comes after Aubrayo had phone conversations with Assistant GM's NickBam and Freddy G.

When reached for comment Franklin's agent "The Browns have really picqued our interest."

Future Brown??????????????

02-08-2007, 08:13 PM

Feb. 8, 2007, 8:11PM
Front Office embarrassment
CCB arrested, released

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - Assistant General Manager Charm City Byrdgang was arrested after being found riding a horse on the highway, naked and holding a blunt. As a result, the Texans have come to terms with the release of CCB.

Freddy G
02-08-2007, 08:17 PM
Deilman Considers His Roots: Browns to make "Serious Push"
According to a Browns insider, San Deigo OG Kris Deilman and the Browns have been in close contact for some time. With the stagnation of Deilman's negotiations with the Chargers, he his seriously considering a return to his homestate, and childhood team. Espcially with the Browns recent history of success in signing home grown players.

Also, with Browns signing of former SD coach Rob Chudzinski as offensive coordinator, it provides someone to help lobby for Deilman. Couple all this with the fact that the Browns OL is about as good as screen door on a submarine, and that they have a lot of cap space to spend; there is a very realistic chance that Deilman will end up back in his homestate as key part of the Browns rise to dominance.

(actual link)http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&Show=SKILL&id=597

The Unseen
02-08-2007, 08:19 PM
Jaguars announce RFA tenders
By Vic Ketchman, senior editor

The Jaguars have tendered all six of their restricted free agents, including giving high tenders to two players.

Defensive end Bobby McCray and kicker Josh Scobee were offered first-round tenders on Thursday. Quarterback Quinn Gray has received a second-round tender. Ahmad Carroll, Ernest Wilford, and Jorge Cordova have received low tenders. Carroll was drafted in the first round, Wilford in the fourth round, and Cordova in the third.

02-08-2007, 08:26 PM

Lights, Cameron Action!
Cameron discusses Dolphins offseason plans.

The first question Cameron was asked at his first offseason press conference is what are his plans for the offseason. His response? "Get better." Really coach? Thanks for the great insight. He went on to say this. "We've got a lot of holes that need to be filled, on both sides of the ball. We really want to focus on the trenches, both OL and DL. Need to get a pass rusher to help out Jason [Taylor] and the other guys. Youth on the defense is a must." When asked about the QB situation Cameron responded "No one's job is safe. Do I feel that we have some guys here that can play? Yes, but if the opportunity presents itself we will take advantage of it." When asked about free agents Cameron didn't drop any names but he said that OG and LB are what he is really looking at, as well as a speed receiver and a smart DB. When asked about the teams own FAs he said they will try to resign the guys that are important to the team but not everyone will be brought back. For the RFAs he said Wes Welker was offered a mid tender and Yeremiah Bell was offered a low tender. Punter Donnie Jones was offered a low tender. Cameron also said he wouldn't mind seeing some of his old players in Miami.

02-08-2007, 08:32 PM
Browns Non-Tender 2 Players

AP - Browns have non-tendered Andrew Hoffman and Nat Dorsey. When reached for comment Big Rick said:

"If any other GM is stupid to pay those two fat piece's of **** they're more stupid then I anticipated."

art vandelay
02-08-2007, 08:37 PM

Bills Tender Two
Extend contracts to Hargrove, Greer

Sal Maiorana
Staff Writer


The Buffalo Bills released a statement today that they had tendered DE Anthony Hargrove and CB Jabari Greer, each to a low tender offer. Marv Levy was available for comment and provided some insight on the signings. "Anthony is a guy who we were very pleased with this past season," Levy said, "He came in almost mid-season and played very well after picking up the defense. He definitely could be a starter in the future." On Greer he was more general and brief. "Jabari has played well for the Bills organization for three years now, playing in 44 games at cornerback during that time. He is a great fit for our defense and also a great special teamer. We would be happy to have him back."

Not suprisingly, the Bills declined to offer a tender to RFA DT Tim Anderson. Anderson, a former third round pick from Ohio State, was a player of the Donahoe regime who simply did not fit the defense well. He was surpassed on the depth chart in the preseason by rookie Kyle Williams and never recovered. When asked to comment on Anderson, Levy replied, "We thank Tim Anderson for his contributions to the Buffalo Bills Organization and wish him luck in the future."

Sal Maiorana is a writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

02-08-2007, 08:42 PM

Feb. 8, 2007, 9:21PM
Packers place tender on RFA Cullen Jenkins
Team places first round tender on 3rd year player Jenkins

Copyright 2007 Space the Infinite Fronteir

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin - Cullen Jenkins, a former UDFA, has been given the first round tender. After spending his rookie year in NFL Europe, Jenkins has spent his first three years in the NFL with Green Bay. Progressing each year, his play over the second half of this past season drastically improved the Packers' defense, and made him warrant major consideration this offseason. Jenkins replaced Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila in the starting lineup in week 14 and finished the season with 6.5 sacks.

02-08-2007, 09:02 PM
Sources: Browns looking to add depth to secondary

Latest rumors out of Cleveland have the Browns after New England CB Asante Samuel and Buffalo CB Nate Clements. With former NE Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel in Cleveland Asante Sameul loves the idea of coming to Cleveland.

"I love Romeo and I'd love to come play in a city that hates that piece of **** Belichek as much as I do".


Nate Clements would also love to come back home.

"I loved playing for these fans when I was at The Ohio State University. Why wouldn't I love it now?"


art vandelay
02-08-2007, 09:04 PM

Bills | Clements' Future Uncertain
Thu, 8 Feb 2007 18:47:20 -0800

Bills.com reports that the Buffalo Bills Front Office has been in intense discussions and have mulled over whether or not to place the franchise tag on CB Nate Clements. Marv Levy and Tom Modrak have acknowledged that they realize that they would be forfeiting the opportunity to sign a top OG in Free Agency if they were to tag Clements.

02-08-2007, 09:43 PM
Curtis still waiting on word
WR Curtis unsure about future
By Jeff Gordon

Breakdowns in contract negotiations could result in Kevin Curtis playing elsewhere in 2007.

Late breaking news out of Rams Park indicates that a contract stalemate may have been reached between the Rams and receiver Kevin Curtis. If this proves accurate, this can’t be good news for St. Louis, who were hoping to resign Curtis for the long-term as a future starter.

Rumblings from an unnamed team source indicate that talks broke down over playing time incentives and the general format of the contract. Reportedly, Curtis enjoys being a part of the Rams and would be happy to stay in town, but the situation has to be right for him. Soon to be 29-years-old, Curtis views this as his last opportunity to really cash in on his talent in this league. Not only does he want to maximize his value, but he also wants to be on the field as a starter.

The Rams don’t consider these unreasonable objectives, but simply cannot commit to starting Curtis in 2007 over either of their two current starters, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. Inside sources claim that Curtis’ agent wanted to balance out a non-commitment about playing time with a higher initial salary, but the Rams were not keen on the idea due to the effect it may have on their ability to sign other free agents this offseason.

And while early word from Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt stated that all options – franchise and transition tags included – were still on the table in negotiations, sources say the Rams don’t have an interest in using either because, while they value Curtis as an important piece of their offense, they don’t believe they can financially afford to pay him a one-year salary among the top 5-10 at his position.

Curtis, his agent, and Zygmunt could not be reached for direct comment. With the free agency deadline just around the corner, expect both sides to push hard towards a compromise. Otherwise, Curtis will be fielding numerous phone calls from around the league, as he appears to be one of the top free agent wide receivers available.

02-08-2007, 10:11 PM

Lions will offer a contract to Sean McHugh and will offer low tenders to Alex lewis, Blaine Saipai, and Keith Smith

Sean Mchugh

Alex Lewis

Blaine Saipai

Keith Smith?

02-08-2007, 10:19 PM
Bucs Make Decision on ERFA's and RFA's

With the Buccaneers having three players fall under the category of ERFA or RFA, a decision had to be made on whether those players have a future with the Tampa Organisation.

After an unsuccessful 2006 campaign the Buccaneers believe that they must take great steps in 2007 to reclaim their glory of 2002. Unfortunately for Kalvin Pearson (S) and Blue Adams (S/CB) this means that they will no longer be part of the team in 2007. Neither player will be receiving new contracts.

Jeb Terry on the other hand will be given a low tender as the team believes he is a more than adequate back-up at both guard positions. To pry him away from the Buccaneer organisation will cost a team the draft pick that the player was originally drafted in. For Terry this was the 5th round.

02-08-2007, 10:23 PM
Titans WR Drew Bennett could be testing the FA Market
NFL.com wire reports

Titans WR Drew Bennett could be leaving after six seasons with the team. Bennett came on strong in the 2004 season, after Volek took over as QB for the Titans; Bennett came up with 1247 Yards receiving and 11 TD's. Since then however his production has taken a major hit, Derrick Mason would sign with the Ravens for the 2005 Season putting a lot more pressure on Bennett as the Titans #1 WR and it really showed at times, injuries also played a Key role for the lack of production. During the 2006 Season, Bennett had another year with less than great Numbers, including only three TD's and only 737 yards receiving. It also didn't him much with a very young Vince Young playing QB and with the Offense main Focus on the Running game.

Bennett wouldn't comment on the current Contract Negotiation with the Titans, but his Agent had this to say. “Me and Drew fell that he can make more of an impact playing else where in the 2007 NFL season, and he will indeed be testing the free Agency Market". Another reason could be the weak class of FA WR's this year.

02-08-2007, 10:25 PM

"Hi, I'm Eric Clemons with New Orleans channel Fox 8, your weather authority, with your sports update for this evening. Although the New Orleans Saints lost in the NFC Championshp game over a few weeks ago, they have not been sitting by idly. News from Saints camp today states that the Saints have signed restricted free agent wide receiver Terrance Copper to a mid level tender, while wide receiver Jamal Jones, linebacker Terrance Melton, and defensive tackle Rodney Leisle all received low level tenders.
Terrance Copper was acquired last year from the Dallas Cowboys and earned the #4 spot on the wide receiver depth chart. Once Joe Horn went down with an injury, Copper was moved into the starting wide receiver spot and performed admirably.
Wide receiver Jamal Jones was an undrafted free agent that saw time in five wide receiver sets and linebacker Terrance Melton was a starting special teamer and saw action in the last game of the season against the Carolina Panthers.
Fox 8 will be here with more Saints news as it breaks."

Smokey Joe
02-08-2007, 10:28 PM
Bears | Free Agent News
Thu, 8 Feb 2007 10:09

Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Sun Times, reports that the Bears have officially placed the franchise tag on Lance Briggs. He will earn 7.2 million if he stays with the Bears, but teams can still make him offers, and if he signs somewhere else, that team would owe the Bears compensation. Also, the Bears have offered low tenders to both Todd Johnson (RFA) and Gabe Reid (RFA). If another team signs either of them, they would have to give up a 4th round pick as compensation for Todd Johnson as that is where he got drafted, but since Gabe Reid was not drafted by the Bears no compensation would be required. Rod Wilson was also signed to the minimum as he was a ERFA.

Number 10
02-08-2007, 10:41 PM
Giants FA Update

With Bears OLB Lance Briggs being franchised by the NFC East champions, Jerry Reese will zero in on the team's #1 target of the 2007 offseason.

"Briggs was on our radar, but he was never our primary guy" Reese said at a retirement dinner for the man he is replacing, Ernie Accorsi.

When asked what the plan is to improve on a disappointing year, Reese did not bring up a long nor an extensive plan.

"We really don't have a ton of roster spots available, especially when you think about the 7 spots that are going to be filled via the draft. Keeping that in mind and considering that we have roughly $20 million to spend, we are in a very good position to make a run at our #1 guy in FA."

Reese did not want to speculate on who that player was because the Giants way has always been to keep things in house, no matter what.

02-08-2007, 11:14 PM
Titans Online reports: Titans offer tenders for four Players.
By Gary Glenn
Titans Online

The Tennessee Titans report that they have offered some Tenders to some current Titans players today. This included former 2004 and the former Youngest player to ever be drafted Randy Starks, Undrafted Defensive lineman Tony Brown, Last years 5th round selection Terna Nande, and Starting OG Jacob Bell.

Jacob Bell started at OG his rookie season in place of the injured Zach Piller and filled in quite nicely for a rookie. Bell was moved back to his backup role during the 2005 NFL season when Piller returned. The titans were 14th overall in rushing during the 2004 season and dropped to 23rd during the 2005 season. Bell would once again take over for Piller and the titans would finish the 2006 NFL season 6th in rushing. The titans offered him the highest Tender, which a team would have to award the Titans a first round and third round selection.

The titans have also offered ERFA Tony Brown a Contract to remain with the Titans. Brown saw his role increase after Albert Haynesworth suspension. Titans coaches love brown willingness to play DE or DT, and he came on later during the season as one of the better rotation Defensive lineman last year.

The Titans have also offered three year veteran Randy Starks a Low tender and ERFA Terna Nande a new Contract to stay with the titans. Starks seen less playing time this year, with the signing of Robaire Smith, but the Potential was just too much to let him become a FA. Nande be fighting to stay with the team during training camp.

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 12:06 AM

Bills tag CB Clements
Sign him to a 1 year, $7.7 million dollar deal

Chris Brown
Lead Journalist


After much deliberation in the Bills Front Office, they have made a decision to place the non-exclusive rights franchise tag on perrenial all-pro cornerback Nate Clements. It was agreed that Clements was much too valuable to the team's defense to let him walk in free agency. A Clements departure would create a hole much too large to fill with any player that could be acquired in free agency or the NFL Draft. Marv Levy told me that Asante Samuel and Nick Harper were the only starting caliber cornerbacks available in free agency and obviously they were not guarantees by any means to be signed. He also mentioned that he valued Clements much higher than these cornerbacks.

After a down year from Terrence McGee last year, the Bills knew that they needed a true #1 CB if they were serious about making a playoff push in the 2007-2008 season. With needs already at the WR, DT, OL and LB positions and the uncertainity of Willis McGahee's future with the team, the team simply could not afford to have a hole at CB. It was clear to me that the Bills have Clements in their long-term plans and only tagged him so that they could sign him long-term and avoid a bidding war for his services as a UFA.

As this was an unexpected move, I asked Marv Levy to specifically comment on the decision. Marv replied, "We broke it down like this. By signing Nate, we knew that we were giving up any chance that we ever had at signing Eric Steinbach and Kris Dielman. However, had we let Nate walk, we would not be guaranteed either one of these guys or a starting caliber cornerback in Asante Samuel or Nick Harper. By retaining Nate, we believe that we have a very good, if not elite, cornerback and we still think that we can sign an offensive guard in Free Agency that can come in and start for us, since this is a very deep offensive guard free agent crop."

Certainly makes sense to me. Since the Bills are nearly $40 million under the projected NFL salary cap, signing Clements to a long-term deal won't be a problem and putting the transition tag on him didn't make sense either. With the non-exclusive rights franchise tag, other teams can bid for his services but the Bills have the right to match any offer given. Also, a team would have to give up two 1st Round NFL draft selections if the Bills were to decline to match an offer given. Seems like a win-win for the Bills.

Chris Brown is the lead journalist for BuffaloBills.com

02-09-2007, 01:29 AM
Alstott and Retirement?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Alstott contemplates retirement

Brought to you by ESPN's John Clayton


Mike Alstott has been a Tampa Bay Buccaneer for what seems like years now but the idea of retirement is one that is becoming very real for the fan favourite. After several serious injuries in his career and his reduced role in the Tampa offense, one must wonder whether his career is over.

Although not expected to sign with any other team but the Buccaneers, it appears that the veteran is contemplating retirement. Whether this retirement is voluntary or un voluntary is the question as whether the Buccaneers are still interested in the pro bowler is another matter.

One can only imagine that the Buccaneers would offer him a veteran minimum contract for 1 year, keeping one of the best fullbacks ever career alive.


Scott Wright
02-09-2007, 01:40 AM


Panthers Tender Four
Including Carter, Carstens

Stan Olson
Staff Writer


The Carolina Panthers have locked up some of their restricted free agents by tendering WR Drew Carter, DT Jordan Carstens, and TE Michael Gaines each to a mid tender offer and OG Scott Peters to the low tender.

The most notable name was obviously Carter, who could move into a starting role as soon as next season.

02-09-2007, 01:42 AM
ESPN News is reporting that despite prior reports that Nate Clements would be tagged once again by Buffalo, that this will not take place. The NFLPA has stepped in to overturn this, and word is that even if the NFLPA had not, the commissioner would have. Buffalo indeed bound themselves not to tag Clements this off-season, and that will stand. One can only speculate where Clements will end up in the free agent market, or if he will remain in Buffalo with a new long-term deal.

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 01:54 AM

Bills | Clements understands situation
Thu, 8 Feb 2007 20:47:16 -0800

Although he originially intended to be a Buffalo Bill this offseason, Nate Clements understands that the clause in the tender that he signed last season prohibits him from being guaranteed a spot on the 2007-2008 Buffalo Bills roster. Of course there are many other teams in hot pursuit of Clements, but don't expect the Bills to give up after their failed attempt to franchise him. They are prepared to offer Clements a very lucrative deal with the $40+ million dollars that they have free in cap room.

02-09-2007, 02:11 AM

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Oakland Raiders have offered the following ERFA's a contract offer for the upcoming season.

Kevin Huntley DE

Antaj Hawthorne DT

Isiah Ekejiuba LB

The following players were not offered contracts:

James Adkisson TE

Michael Quarshie DT

DeJuan Green RB

02-09-2007, 02:42 AM
Raiders Tag Sands
__________________________________________________ ______________
By Len Pasquarelli
__________________________________________________ ______________
Alameda, CA -- Oakland Raiders (http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/clubhouse?team=oak) have Franchised defensive tackle Terdell Sands (http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/players/profile?statsId=5691)
late Thursday night. Terms were not disclosed.

Sands, the 6-7 335 tackle, has shown a lot of promise, and are sure that other
teams have taken notice. The Oakland defense ranked 3rd last year, and are
hoping to build on a promising young defense.

Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press

02-09-2007, 05:11 AM
Seattle, now Arizona

Associated Press Reports:

After being sighted earlier in the week in Seattle, Mr Australia (24caddy) has reportedly been seen in Arizona. Why he was there is anyones guess. But with Free Agency almost upon us it was almost certainly for business.

One name that has piqued the Buccaneers interest is Leonard Davis who they would like to bring in to help a flailing offensive line. The organisation feels that Davis could play as a bookend or as a guard but that decision would be made if the player was re-signed.

Expect the Buccaneers to make a move in the near future for the service of Davis.


02-09-2007, 07:15 AM


Wilbon- Tony, there has been a rumour that former Titans WR Drew Bennett and former Colts LB Cato June have schedlued a stop in Tampa, amoung other teams ofcourse, what do you think about this rumour?

Tony- The Buc's obviously want to improve there roster coming into the draft but I'm not sure Cato is the right player for this team, he's an undersized LB, porbably at around 215 pounds and I'm not sure he's kean on putting on the pounds. As for Drew in my opinion it's a solid fit, hes getting the reputaion as not as good as he used to be, but I'm not quite sure that's true. I think Jon Gruden will revive his spirit and get some plays outta him, you Mike?

Wilbon- Cato is a perfect fit for that Tampa 2 defense, even though his size is questioned he can still play. Bennett is a good fit also


Wilbon- Damn I wasn't finished

The Unseen
02-09-2007, 10:16 AM
Jaguars sign ERFA's
By Vic Ketchman, senior editor

The Jaguars have signed both exclusive-rights free agents running back Derrick Wimbush and linebacker Kenny Pettway to the one-year minimum. Wimbush, an undrafted free agent out of Fort Valley State in 2005, set the Jaguars record for kick return yards in a season in 2005. Pettway was signed in the middle of the 2006 season.

02-09-2007, 12:21 PM

Rams | Change of plans on defensive line? - from www.KFFL.com
Fri, 9 Feb 2007 13:08:59 -0800

Bernie Miklasz, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (http://www.kffl.com/link/186), reports the St. Louis Rams (http://www.kffl.com/team/34/nfl) have had to adjust their offseason plans now that the Oakland Raiders (http://www.kffl.com/team/28/nfl) have placed the franchise tag on DT Terdell Sands (http://www.kffl.com/player/962/nfl). The Rams were reportedly looking at Sands as a potential starter that could help them on the defensive line in the run game and also keep blockers off of LB Will Witherspoon (http://www.kffl.com/player/5650/nfl). But the team's interest in Sands is wavering due to the compensation St. Louis would have to sacrifice should they sign him to an offer sheet, and it is believed the Rams have now expanded their list of defensive line targets in preparation for the start of free agency.

02-09-2007, 01:49 PM
ESPN News...

February 9, 2007
Metairie, La: Negotiations between the New Orleans Saints and Pro Bowl wide receiver Joe Horn have been under way since noon Eastern concerning restructering the veteran wide receiver's contract. Horn, a fan favorite since signing with the franchise as a free agent in 2000, signed a lucrative six year contract in 2005. The back-laden contract is due to pay Horn $4.45 million this year, which would set the Saints back considerably in cap space. If Horn is willing to restructure, it would help the Saints in their pursuit to sign some of the free agent talent which they are pursuing. The Saints have $21.9 million to work with this offseason but that figure will decrease since they decided yesterday to pick up Drew Brees 5 year $12 million option in order for him to stay with the franchise.
Horn, a steady and reliable player during his tenure with the Saints, has seen his playing time diminish the past two seasons due to lingering injuries. In 2005, Horn sat out three games due to a hamstring injury and this past year he sat out 6 games with the same injury. The Saints would like to keep him with the team but if Horn refuses to restructure then General Manager diabsoule might be forced to either seek a trading partner for the former Pro Bowler or else be forced to cut him.
The Saints remain positive that they will be able to restructure but the thirty-five year old receiver remaind realistic when talking to reporters, "In every game I've played I've produced. Joe Horn has produced. I know I'm worth the money I'm getting paid and if they don't see it then I will go elsewhere and produce. I'd love to stay in New Orleans. This is my home. This community is my own and these people are my family but I can maintain my home here if I'm traded or cut. I know another team will pick me up and I'll be happy playing with whichever team I get traded to, if that happens."

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 02:11 PM

Bills, Preston Agree On 1 Year Deal
Sign ERFA Duke Preston

Sal Maiorana
Staff Writer


The Buffalo Bills released a statement today informing that OG Duke Preston had agreed on a one year contract to remain with the team. Since Preston was an Exclusive Right Free Agent (ERFA), it was necessay for him to re-sign with the team or else he would be forced to leave the NFL.

Preston played well as a starting OG last year. In 8 starts, he surrendered only 2 sacks and committed only 2 penalties. Since he is only 24 years old, he clearly has his best football in front of him and he is held in high regard by Bills offensive line coach Jim McNally. "Preston is a lunch pail guy who is a capable starter in this league, " McNally said, "he isn't quite "there" yet and might not start next year, but he is great depth due to his production thus far and the potential that he still has."

Sal Maiorana is a writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Shane P. Hallam
02-09-2007, 02:31 PM
[b]Bengals play freeze "tag" with their DE[b]

The Bengals organization have officially announced that they have put their franchise tag on Justin Smith. Marvin Lewis has planned to stay with the 4-3 for one more year, and feels that Justin Smith is a great player who has shown to be one of the true Bengals of this era. He would be due to make 8.6M this year, and still gives the Bengals cap room to find a few key FAs to help their team.


02-09-2007, 02:41 PM

Potential Starter resigned


Former Michigan State standout Kevin Vickerson was resigned to a minimum contract. Vickerson was a ERFA and has to resign with the team or sit out the season. Vickerson is one of the potential players to fill the hole left by FA Vonnie Holliday who will likely leave unless he signs a smaller contract than was he is projected to make on the open market. Other ERFA's that will be brought back are LS John Denney and FB Kyle Eckel. GM Randy Mueller has said that he wants to bring back FA DT Keith Traylor. "We really hope Keith [Traylor] comes back, a man that big is hard to replace. Mueller also mentioned brining back DE David Bowens, OL Kendyl Jacox, CB Michael Lehan, OT Damion McIntosh and RB/FB Sammy Morris.

02-09-2007, 02:45 PM

Feb. 9, 2007, 2:36PM
Carr's future remains in limbo
Rumors out of Houston

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - David Carr, the Texans former No. 1 overall pick, and starter over the last 5 years has an unclear future right now. Last season was an up and down year for the 27 year old Quarterback, raising questions of consistency.

“David has been inconsistent, and we‘ve said that” Texans Owner Bob McNair said at a luncheon at the JW Marriott. “He’s had some good games and he’s had some games that haven’t been as good. He’s a tremendous athlete. We’ve got to get better consistency there, either with David or with some additional help. We need more consistency at quarterback.”

So the question is raised as to if he is on the block or not. All signs point to yes. There have been rumors going around that Houston is looking for a late Day 1, early Day 2 draft pick for the former first overall selection.

"We're committed to putting a winning team on the football field." GM P-L said early on Friday. "We want to win, but we're not sure it will be with David Carr."

And the Texans are committed, at least that is what recent reports tell us. It looks as though Houston is ready to make a big splash in the free agent market. Whether that affects the status of David Carr is uncertain, what we do know is that Houston will think long and hard if offered the right deal.

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 02:49 PM

Bills | Team declines to tender Williams
Fri, 9 Feb 2007 12:24:17 -0800

The Buffalo Bills announced today that they would not be offering a tender to RB Shaud Williams. After his first two seasons as a scat/3rd down back, Williams saw his playing time significantly decrease this past year due to injuries and the newly acquired Anthony Thomas. This move concludes the Bills own RFA and ERFA moves and they will now shift their attention to re-signing their own UFA's.

02-09-2007, 03:34 PM
Bell to Stay in Florida?


Miami Dolphins saftey Yeremiah Bell will be visiting Tampa this afternoon sometime.
Bell who has a low tender and was drafted in the 6th rounder, won't be taking much from whatever team signs him.
He is 6' feet tall and 200 pounds, and recorded 68 tackles and 2 sacks last year for the Dolphins at saftey

02-09-2007, 03:38 PM

Lemon coming back, some other vets may not.
Lemon tagged, could compete for starting QB job next season.

The Miami Dolphins have tagged QB Cleo Lemon with a mid level tender. Lemon will be, at worst, the back up QB next season, and will compete with Daunte Culpepper, and potentially a player, for the starting QB job. Some other veteran players may not be coming back however. Veterans Kevin Carter and Jeno James are not likely to be on the team next year. Marty Booker may not be returning either.

02-09-2007, 04:03 PM

Raiders Free Agency News

The Oakland Raiders have offered a low tender to RB ReShard Lee.
They also have declined to tender RB Adimchinobe Echemandu. The decision over DT Tommy Kelly has yet to be determined.

02-09-2007, 04:05 PM
Nate Clements visiting again?

Cleveland Plain Dealer - With the Bills' botched attempt at franchising Clements, Nate is again exploring his options and has recently visited Cleveland again.

"Cleveland has incredible fans, and jumping into the Dawg Pound would be awesome."

02-09-2007, 04:10 PM

KFFL has recently learned that Hank Fraley has been in contact with the Browns. Last year Fraley replaced the injured LeCharles Bentley and he may do it agaon.

Coming Back?????

Scott Wright
02-09-2007, 04:14 PM


Panthers Starting to Get Active
Nosing Around Defenders

Stan Olson
Staff Writer

Help for Peppers?

With the start of free agency just on the horizon the Carolina Panthers have begun investigating their options on both the open and trade markets. No word yet on any specific names but sources say the team has devoted the vast majority of their attention to defenders with a number of linebackers on their radar as well as a certain safety. Due to their precarious cap situation the Panthers aren't likely to be big players in free agency but look for them to focus in on a couple of key targets and do what it takes to bring them into the fold, much like they did a year ago with Ma'ake Kemoeatu, Justin Hartwig and Keyshawn Johnson.

Stan Olson is a writer for the Charlotte Observer .

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 04:31 PM

Fletcher, Others, Unlikely To Return
Bills expected to let at least 3 UFA's Walk

Chris Brown
Lead Journalist


I have recently recieved word from Head General Manager Marv Levy that at least 3 UFA's will not be given offers and will be allowed to test the free agent market. These players are MLB London Fletcher, CB Kiwaukee Thomas and FB Daimon Shelton. The Bills organization released three statements regarding these players.

On Fletcher: "London Fletcher is obviously an outstanding football player. He has been ultra-productive for us over the past 5 years and we thank him for everything he has done. Unfortunately, London is getting up there in age and has publicly stated his displeasure about not recieving a contract extension last offseason. We simply did not know how London would perform in the Tampa 2 and even though he had great success, we feel that we have his successor on the roster in Angelo Crowell. We are discouraged that London has some bad blood towards the organization because we feel that we had a great relationship with him during the previous 4 seasons. We wish London nothing but the best in Free Agency because he is a great player and deserves to get a big pay day."

On Thomas: "Kiwaukee Thomas is another guy who we will not offer a contract to. We have every intention of bringing back Nate Clements and we have already tendered Jabari Greer. We also have rookie 3rd round pick Ashton Youboty from last year and Terrence McGee on the roster. Kiwaukee played admirably in the Tampa 2 and even started a few games in spot duty. However, we were dissapointed in Kiwaukee's lack of ball and playmaking skills as he dropped at least 3 surefire interceptions during the year. Kiwaukee has publicly expressed his desire to play for a warmer weather team next year as well. We thank him for his contributions and wish him well."

On Shelton: "Daimon Shelton has been a player for our team over the past three seasons. He brought stability and a great blocking force to our FB, starting 46 our of a possible 48 games. However, the age bug has hit him as he will be turning 35 this year. Shelton's lack of recieving and running skills are definitely upgradable as well. Shelton, aka "The Rock," will be missed and is thanked by the Buffalo Bills for his aid both on and off the field. Look for us to address the FB position via the NFL Draft or through Free Agency."

Chris Brown is the lead journalist for BuffaloBills.com

Shane P. Hallam
02-09-2007, 04:53 PM
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Bengals make decisions on restricted free agents, and bring in old players for visits

After franchising Justin Smith and resigning Robert Geathers, Director of Football Operations Jim Lippincott has commented on the free agency situations of the Bengals. Lippincott stated "We have placed low-level tenders on Landon Johnson, Stacy Andrews, Caleb Miller, and Kyle Larson We have decided to not place a tender on Greg Books, Terrence Whitehead, or Shaun Smith, and we wish them the best of luck in free agency and the NFL."

Along with the announcement of these tenders, the Bengals met with several players who became FAs under them. Here are notes from a source within the Bengals

-The meeting with Doug Johnson was very lengthy and seemed to go well.
-The meeting with Tory James ended very quickly, and James left upset.
-The meeting with Anthony Wright didn't seem to have a big impact.
-The meeting with Kenny Watson went well, and both sides seemed pleased at the end of it.
-The meetings with Tony Stewart and Reggie Kelly showed interest from the Bengals, but not as much from the TEs.
-They met with Eric Steinbach with little results, and talked to Rich Braham about possibly coming out of retirement.
-The meeting with Kevin Kaesviharn was lengthy, but it has been noted Kevin has been meeting with other teams.

All these players have meetings with other teams over the next few days, but the Bengals remain confident.

02-09-2007, 04:59 PM
Colts Attempt to Keep Key Members of Championship Team Intact


Indianapolis -- The Colts announced earlier this afternoon that they will be tendering six players out of the nine that are eligible for restricted free agency this offseason. They tendered defensive back Jason David, quarterback Jim Sorgi, and defensive lineman Josh Thomas at the low tender. They also gave offensive lineman Jake Scott and tight end Ben Utecht the mid-level tender. Rookie linebacker and exclusive rights free agent Freddie Keiaho was also given an offer by the team, meaning he may accept it or he won't be able to play next season. The team said these were the only players they would be tendering, which now makes offensive lineman Ryan Lilja, linebacker Gilbert Gardner, and defensive lineman Bo Schobel will be unrestricted free agents come Saturday at noon.

The Colts made another big announcement today in slapping stud defensive end Dwight Freeney with the franchise tag. Statwise Freeney had a down year this past season, racking up only 5.5 sacks, due to injury problems to start the year, but he was still expected to get one of the biggest contracts of any player in free agency.

02-09-2007, 05:11 PM
Bobby Wade talks to media
NFL.com wire reports

Bobby Wade made the best out of his shot this year, who signed with the Titans last year. He came in and became one Vince Young's favorite targets. Making his impact as the Titans slot WR, he had 33 catches, 461 Yards receiving, and two TD's.

The Titans and his agent have come very close to getting a deal done; it would be for three years. The amount the contract is for, was undisclosed.

art vandelay
02-09-2007, 05:37 PM

Bills, Clements Anxiously Await Free Agency
Clements wants top money, but could stay in Buffalo

Sal Maiorana
Staff Writer


NFL Free Agency is scheduled to start at precisely 12 PM Central on Saturday, February 10, 2007 and Nate Clements is anxiously awaiting every second. "It feels good, man," replied Clements when asked about how he felt about free agency, "I know that I am going to get paid. I feel that I deserve a big pay day based on my contributions to the Bills over the past 6 seasons."

When asked about possible suitors, Clements responded, "I feel very comfortable in Buffalo. I have played here for 6 years now and there are a number of guys on the team that I have become very good friends with, namely Aaron Schobel, a guy that I came into the league with in the 2001 Draft. Schobel signed a long-term deal in 2004 with the Bills through 2009 for a good chunk of money and has encountered great success with the Bills organization since his extension. As far as other teams, I am willingly to play anywhere for the right price. There are a number of teams that I could see myself playing for, namely Washington, Houston and Cleveland. However, I think that the ball is in the Bills' court because they have the most cap room out of any of these teams and can clearly afford the elite salary that I will demand."

When I asked Clements to expand on the franchise player situation, he responded, "The Buffalo Bills organization and I consentually agreed to franchise tag me. I cannot stress this enough. They offered me a huge contract extension and I could tell that they were genuinely interested in the well-being of myself and my family. Unfortunately, there was a clause in the tender that I signed last year which prohibited me from being franchised again. We both agreed that this was for the best, as I will be able to test the FA market this way and see what kind of interest that I garner. The Bills have been in contact with me since we lost to the Ravens in Week 17 and I have had several phone conversations with Coach Jauron and Mr. Levy. We are planning a breakfast tomorrow morning to discuss our situation just hours before free agency begins."

Certainly an interesting situation to say the very least. When I asked Tom Modrak about Clements, he responded, "Nate is a fantastic football player. We have been extremely pleased with his production both on and off the field during the past 6 years and he is by far our #1 priority heading into Free Agency. Expect us to make him a contract offer at 12:01 CST tommorow and be in contact with him and his agent all day. As Nate probably mentioned to you, we are having breakfast tomorrow with him to discuss any concerns that he has. We do feel that Nate is an elite CB and we intend to utilize our $40 million in cap room to the fullest to retain him. Expect a Champ Bailey-like contract offer. Stay Tuned."

Sal Maiorana is a writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

02-09-2007, 05:43 PM
Nate Clements visiting Redskin Park

Nate Clements recently visited Redskin park and former coach Gregg Williams to talk about signing with the skins, Clements was estatic about the possibility of playing with young secondary talents like Carlos Rogers and Sean Taylor. Clements is being recruited hard by former teammate and NFL ambassador current skin DB and the President of the NFL Players Association Troy Vincent. Clements knows this is the team he has been looking for.

Go Cowboys
02-09-2007, 05:48 PM
Jerry Jones closes meeting

(AP)-Jerry Jones has closed his meeting going through his players and players from other teams. The meeting among other things discussed which Restricted and Exclusive free agents to tender, and it seems as though he has made those decisions. Who will be re-signed is the question of the moment. That information has been held close to the vest of Jerry Jones. "We are in the process of contacting the players that we believe should be back with us, and giving them time to un pack their things before the announcement, we have also contacted the players that will not be re-signed to allow them to pursue the best options they can.

Look for an update around 9 PM CST

02-09-2007, 06:14 PM

Feb. 9, 2007, 6:10PM
Clements main target in Houston
Hometown player interested

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - Big name Free Agent Cornerback Nate Clements met with the Texans front office today about coming to Houston.

"I'm from Houston, I live in Houston, my family lives in Houston, I work out here in the off-season, I'm building a new home in The Woodlands" Clements Said. "If Houston can get the deal done, I would love to play here."

Nate Clements, at 6'0" 209 lbs has the size you look for in a No. 1 Cornerback, and has the ability as well. Signing Nate would pair him with young star Dunta Robinson.

"When you get two great corners together like that, it's lethal." Clements said about the possibility of playing with Dunta.

Nate has spent the first six seasons of his career in Buffalo, where he has 23 career interceptions.

"Man, its crazy up there." Clements said, talking about the weather in Buffalo. "It snowed like 60 inches in three days once. Its like 55 degrees here right now, and thats nearly as cold as it gets."

"Playing at Reliant Stadium would be great, always 72 degrees and perfect weather inside the stadium."

At 27 years of age, Clement has never missed a game in the league, but he cherishes every moment.

"In the NFL, you never know when you might take your last snap. The average NFL career expectancy is 3 years. NFL players might get two contracts in their career if theyre lucky, so money does matter. Its not all of it, but its a lot of it. So like I said, if Houston can make it happen, then I would strongly consider playing down here."


02-09-2007, 06:22 PM
NFL Live Update


Trey: Suzy Kolber and Joe Namath have an NFL Free Agent update for us!


Suzy: Thanks Trey! We are here in Cleveland and we have recieved word that Asante Samuel has visited Cleveland's GM and is exploring reuniting with Romeo Crennel. What do you think Broadway Joe?

Namath: The Browns are struguhLING.

Suzy: Well obviously, but what is your opinion of Sameuls?

Namath: I...I want to kiss you

Freddy G
02-09-2007, 06:47 PM
Big Name FA Continue To Be In Close Contact With Cleveland

Cleveland is obviously intent on bolstering their porous offensive line and our now in close contact with OG Eric Steinbach as well.

Last season the Browns proved they could use there emmense cap space and young potential to lure division rival players to Cleveland. This year looks no different as they look to weaken instate rival Cincinnati by signing one of their best OL. Eric has insisted on getting paid what he derserves, something the Bengals cannot do, and the Browns have been in touch with his agent tossing around big numbers.

Infact, head coach Romeo Crennel was seen with Steinbach at Wendy's, where both indulged their hunger with a couple bacon jalepeno melts, a good starting base for a future coach/player relationship.

02-09-2007, 06:47 PM
AP - Because of the Browns ****** medical care a new consultant was brought in to take a look........molecular geneticist Craig Krenzel. Krenzel has gone on record as saying

"This medical services are awful here This hospital room smells like an anchovie's ***********!"

Also while in town Krenzel interviewed about being the team's new third string Quarterback.

An Anchovie's ***********?????

02-09-2007, 06:48 PM
Tampa Works Out Cornerbacks

ESPN Reports

The Buccaneers have recently played host to three of the hottest commodities on the market as far as cornerbacks are concerned. With the aging Ronde Barber and often injured Brian Kelly, Tampa will be looking for a new cornerback to be the milestone of a once great defense.

Cornerbacks Nate Clements, Asante Samuel and Phillip Buchanon have all reportedly enjoyed their stay and there will surely be a contract offered to each of them.

With the interest Clements has received in recent days and the amount of cap space other teams currently have, he might be a long shot. Asante Samuel is also expected to come at a high price after a very impressive 2006 campaign. Phillip Buchanon appears the player most likel to sign with the Buccaneers after they signed him off the proverbial scrap heap half way through the 06’ season. It remains to be seen whether Buchanon shows loyalty to the club that gave him a chance or.

One thing is for sure and that is that the Buccaneers will be pushing hard for the signatures of at least one of these players in the upcoming days.

02-09-2007, 07:03 PM

Feb. 9, 2007, 8:01PM
Randy Moss a Packer?
News of a trade could be announced within a few hours

Copyright 2007 Space the Infinite Fronteir

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin - Reports out of Green Bay say that Randy Moss of the Raiders could be traded to the Packers for a 3rd round pick and wide receiver Ruvell Martin within the next couple of hours. The move would give the Packers arguably one of the best wide receiving cores in the NFL, with Moss teaming with all-NFC wide receiver Donald Driver and 2nd year player Greg Jennings.

Freddy G
02-09-2007, 07:38 PM
Cleveland Looking for Immediate D-line Help

Head coach Romeo Crennel has been quoted several time saying just how much of a problem the Browns defensive line is. With veterens Orpheus Roye and Ted Whashington on the verge of retiriment, and infusion of depth is crucial.

Agents representing Vonnie Holliday, Rien Long, and Robaire Smith have been in lengthly conversations with the Browns front office. Both Vonnie and Robaire are proven in the 3-4 defense and Rien Long has the neccessary tools. After the Willie Parker disaster of last year, it is obvious the Browns are in dire straights for DL.

It is infact rumored that Holliday has already met with Browns personall, and was impressed with exceptionaly talented youth of the linebacking corps and secondary. Making it an inticing situation.

Freddy G
02-09-2007, 07:43 PM
Cleveland Works More Offensive Lineman

Not only are the Browns interested in the big name OL this FA season, but they have also been in close contact with several other lineman.

Tony Pashos being of these, he was quoted as saying, "It would be exciting to play in my homestate again, and to be reunited with with Phil Savage."

Also seen around the Cleveland was C/OG Shaun O'Hara from the Ny Giants. With the uncertainty of LeCharles Bentley and Hank Fraley's FA status, it certainly makes sense.

02-09-2007, 09:11 PM
Dielman coming to Miami with Cameron?
Veterans released


The Dolphins aren't known for their offensive line. Two seasons ago offensive line guru Hudson Houck was hired as the offensive line coach in Miami. Houck was the Chargers offensive line coach before that. New Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron was the offensive coordinator in San Diego last season. So it makes sense that the Dolphins #1 FA target is an offensive lineman from San Diego. Cameron has said he will do whatever it takes to get Dielman in Miami with him. "Dielman is a fantastic player, and a great guy in the locker room. Hudson is familiar with him as well and feels the same way about him that I do." To make room for free agents the Dolphins had to release some veterans. DE Kevin Carter ($6.48 million), OG Jeno James ($4 million), Seth McKinney ($4 million), and QB Joey Harrington ($3.5 million) were all released. That opens up $18 million in cap room for the Dolphins.

02-09-2007, 09:41 PM
Dwight Freeney visits Cleveland

Cleveland Plain Deal: We think this happened but bigrick0016 is unformitative and every other word is an expletive. **** him!!!!!!

02-09-2007, 09:53 PM
Determined For a Saftey blanket

Reports from the score in Canada say the Tampa Bay Buc's are wanting one of the good safties in free agency. With Jermaine Phillips and Will Allen playing alright last year, Tampa would love to land, a former eagle, former colt, former titan or possibly a former ram.

One in fact will be visiting Tampa tommorrow after that he is expected to go to some other cities in the east. Reports also have it that Michael Lewis and Ken Hamlin are the frontrunner's. Michael Lewis would be a good fit for this former dominant defense, he is agreesive and likes to play near the line in run support. Maybe he could be used in a similar way as John Lynch. Since the departure of Lynch our safties have disappointed, in a way.

02-09-2007, 10:39 PM
Ken Hamlin Seen in Nashville
Feb 09, 2007
BY Justin Smith

While at the Nashville airport today, a few Titans fans spotted ken Hamlin leaving the Airport in a Luxury car. Though no one knows for sure who else was in that car, most seem to think it was one of the Titans GM and Secondary Coach Chuck Cecil. Hamlin was in talk with what kind of system they are going to run this year and what kind of impact they are expecting from him, if he does sign with the Titans.

If the Titans do land Hamlin, he would be expected to take over as the teams starting FS, which Lamont Thompson had been starting the last two Seasons. Hamlin contract offer could be a four or five year deal, with a heavy bonus. Him and his agent will be in town the next few days, trying to come up with a deal that would have him in a Titans uniform next season.

02-09-2007, 10:51 PM
Rams, free agents in heavy negotiations
By Jim Thomas

Lineman Todd Steussie (79), pictured behind receiver Dane Looker (89), would like to remain in St. Louis.

With less than 24 hours remaining until the start of free agency, the St. Louis Rams have been at the negotiating table for the duration of the day. Phone lines were and continue to be tied up as the Rams continue forward with their offseason plan, which includes finalizing discussions with players on their roster scheduled to hit the market on Saturday.

Reporters were camped out at the main entrance to Rams Park and saw numerous soon-to-be free agents heading in and out. Wide receiver Kevin Curtis arrived early in the morning with his agent for what ended up being a long day of negotiations. Curtis eventually left by himself around 3pm in the afternoon, apparently leaving the rest of the negotiations up to his representation. He did not field questions from the press on his way out, instead choosing to quickly enter a vehicle and depart with no comment, drawing speculation that talks were not going well.

Here is a summary of news regarding other appearances by Rams players today:

-Rams back-up running back Stephen Davis arrived in the mid to late morning. He appeared in good spirits, and indications appear that the Rams are interested in bringing him back to continue in his situational role with the team. Davis has enjoyed serving as a mentor to young running back Steven Jackson, and is credited in the Rams front office with helping Jackson develop as more of a north-south runner, especially in short yardage situations. With concerns about Marshall Faulk’s future health, retaining Davis should be on the Rams’ list of priorities.

-Wide receiver Shaun McDonald, who served as the fourth receiver and punt returner for the Rams for the past few seasons, worked out this morning at the team facilities and then left abruptly near the lunch hour. He had no comment on his way out, and no reports have circulated about talks between his agent and the Rams. All indications are that McDonald could be testing the market.

-Veteran lineman Todd Steussie and Jason Fisk were both sighted today heading into and out of the complex. Steussie appears confident that something will be worked out with St. Louis, especially after he started fifteen games for them in 2006, the most he’s played since the 2003 season with Carolina. The Rams believe Steussie provides veteran depth at both the tackle and guard positions, and as he did last year, can step in and perform adequately as a starter when needed. Fisk’s situation appears to be different, though. The Rams consider their defensive line a key area of need but don’t believe that Fisk will contribute much in a rotation in the future. There is speculation that Fisk may in fact call it a career if he is not picked up by a team this spring.

-Special teams standouts such as linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski, defensive back Dwaine Carpenter, and punter Matt Turk were all welcomed to Rams Park today and all appear to be engaged in negotiations to stay apart of the St. Louis organization. Kacyvenski and Carpenter both provide solid depth at their respective positions but are viewed by the club as special teams stand-outs. Both players will benefit from the Rams’ inability to field a competitive special teams unit over the last few seasons, as it means the Rams will likely try to retain their services. Punter Matt Turk surprised many in the organization with a solid season of punting, and while the Rams are not opposed to bringing in a camp leg for competition, they are anticipating Turk’s return in 2007.

02-09-2007, 10:59 PM
Browns make a cut

AP - The Browns have cut Alvin McKinley. The Associated Press does not feel like wasting even more of it's time by elaborating.

Scott Wright
02-09-2007, 11:12 PM


Free Agency Set to Begin
Carolina Targets Linebackers, Safeties

Erin Andrews of ESPN

http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/395977.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396004.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/302207.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396038.jpg

On the eve of free agency ESPN's Erin Andrews is reporting that the Carolina Panthers have all of their top targets in town and plan to be very aggressive as soon as the clock strikes noon tomorrow. According to sources the apples of the Panthers eye appear to be safety Ken Hamlin and outside linebacker Cato June, although Michael Lewis and Kawika Mitchell are in town as well and are considered to be "Plan B".

Despite their modest cap room the Panthers shouldn't have trouble acquiring a couple of their top targets because, as my collegue John Clayton recently said, "the Panthers usually rework enough contracts to get the things they want."

02-09-2007, 11:35 PM
Browns to make a foray into free agency
By: Erin Andrews


The Cleveland have been extremely active in the free agent market. The Browns are pursuing numerous offensive lineman including Kris Dielman, Andre Gurode, Eric Steinbac, Tony Pashos and Shaun O'Hara. They are even in the midst of trying to re-sign Hank Fraley.
The Cornerback market has also proven to be active in Cleveland. Because of the myriad injuries in Cleveland's secondary Cleveland's GM BigRick deemed it a top priority. The Browns have used their connections to become a top landing spot for Asante Sameul. They have also used their location to lure Nate Clements. Tommorrow looks tobe a busy day on the lake.

I'm Erin Andrews and I have a nice ass.

02-09-2007, 11:42 PM
And for more NFL news lets toss it out to a guy who's as cool as the other side of the pillow, Ed.

Thanks Stu, I'm here at Lambeau Feild where I have just heard what some of the plans are for the Packers this offseason. They have interest in many players, but have not released information on whether they will go after a big name or not. Some of the names being thrown around include Roderick Hood, CB from Philidelphia, and Tully Banta-Cain, LB from New England. Packers GM, Ted Thompson, also appears to be looking to upgrade the TE position with the lack of production from Franks and the rest of their TEs. Right now it is a heated descission between Daniel Graham and Eric Johnson. There are positives to both, but I would expect them to target Johnson slightly more. The Packers have other areas to address through FA, but it was made clear that these were the early targets and the most important to get.

From Green Bay, I'm Ed Werder, E S P N.


Thanks dawg now we will go to some basketball highlights that are cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Number 10
02-10-2007, 12:10 AM
Reports Out of Giants Stadium

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Logo.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Asante.gif

Giants 101 based out of the Most Valuable Network found FA CB Asante Samuel walking out the doors of Giants Stadium Friday afternoon. When asked what he was doing, he replied-

"The Giants called me and asked me to come in for a visit, and before they could finish the request I had my agent book a flight".

The Giants have long awaited a true shut down CB for their defense to help this team bring them back to the glory days of a dominating defense. With pieces such as Strahan, Umenyiora, Arrington, and Pierce roaming the field, Samuel could surround himself with some big time talent if he decides to sign on the dotted line offered by Jerry Reese.

"There are a ton of teams that have been calling for my services, but not many can match what the Giants can offer. I have never played with the amount of talent that this team has, on both sides of the ball."

New defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has brought in a new scheme that will model the Eagles attacking defense that requires a ton of man-to-man coverage. Arguably Samuel's top assest to his game is his abilty to shut down an opposing receiver by himself.

"With the pass rushers in this team and combined with a blitz heavy package, I feel this could be the best fit for me because of my ability to make a play on the pass that is thrown a little too early. I think we have all seen what I can do when asked to cover a top notch WR by myself."

When asked if he thinks he'll in a part of Big Blue in 2007, he simply replied, with a smile-

"If the finances are right, boy's gotta get paid!!!"

Shane P. Hallam
02-10-2007, 12:29 AM
Bengals talk to more and more FAs


Marvin Lewis: "I won't release any details, but we have spoken to numerous players who are free agents so we can get a taste of what they are looking for as well as what we are looking for. Among these are many many players who were on our team last year, but we have also tried talking to many from other teams as well"

Reporter 1: "Who have you talked to?"

Lewis: "I won't name specific names, but we have talked to the guys we rate at the top of numerous positions"

Reporter 2: "What positions have you spoken to these #1 guys?"

Lewis: "We've spoken to our highest rated at corner, linebacker, tight end, quarterback, as well as a few others."

02-10-2007, 12:30 AM

Raiders Free Agency News

The Oakland Raiders have offered the mid tender to Defensive Lineman Tommy Kelly.

02-10-2007, 12:37 AM


Over the last several days it has been reported that a few specially chosed free agents have met with the cardnials organization over the past few days. Many of the high-profile names include studs like Eric Steinbach, Asante Samuel, and Lance Briggs. Clearly these are all high-profile players and cannot all be signed, but the team is interested in peaking the interest of all three and seeing which one or maybe even two reallly want to stay with the organization. Cap situations considered, it may be possible to hook a pair of these talents in the upcoming months, so let's wait and see what happens

02-10-2007, 12:40 AM

Packers ERFA DT Colin Cole has been offered a new contract.

02-10-2007, 12:41 AM
Secondary players seen out on the town with Coach Jeff Fisher
ESPN John Clayton reports that Ken Hamin's luxuary vehicle was seen parked at the Titans training facility. However, his vehicle was not the only one in the parking lot. Cornerback Asante Samuel was also talking with Coach Jeff Fisher and was later seen entering a Rolls Royce Phantom with Ken Hamlin and Coach Fisher and leaving the complex. Calls to Front Office personal were not returned. Jeff Fisher has stated that he will address the media later on in the day.

02-10-2007, 12:58 AM
Kris Dielman was seen at a local restaurant in San Diego with Co-GM's sdpads24 and DeAndre Morrison possibly mulling over new contract with the san diego chargers. It seems that Dielman's desire of winning may keep him here after all. Fans of the chargers have been calling for this for some time now and it loks like they might get thier off-season wish.

02-10-2007, 01:36 AM
Linehan serves as Miami liaison
Head coach could open door to key free agent
By Jeff Gordon

Defensive tackle Keith Traylor could help shore up Rams’ run woes.

Rams head coach Scott Linehan may have only been in Miami for one year, but the connection to the Dolphins could yield valuable results for Linehan’s current organization.

Linehan served as the Miami offensive coordinator under head coach Nick Saban during the 2005 season. Coincidentally, the 2005 season was the first in Miami for defensive tackle Keith Traylor, who worked against Linehan’s offense for months in practice. Could the connection between the two be enough to convince Traylor to come play for Linehan in St. Louis?

“I’d like to think that I still have some bridges built in the Miami area,” Linehan said in a brief coaches’ question and answer session with the press on Friday. “Whether that means we can talk some guys into coming up here, I don’t know. They’ve just hired an excellent coach down there, but we have a lot to offer in St. Louis as well.”

Linehan just may have something with that argument, as the Rams were not far from post-season contention last year and should be back in the running in 2007 with an improved defense. While the Dolphins have an uphill battle ahead of them in the form of the ever-formidable New England Patriots and the up-and-coming New York Jets, the Rams finished just one game behind the NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks, and were still playing for a wild card birth up until the final week of the season. Furthermore, the competition in the National Football Conference is generally considered to be weaker than that of the American Football Conference, which also suggests an easier post-season road for St. Louis.

Neither Traylor nor his agent were available for comment, but the massive 16-year veteran would be an immediate upgrade to a defense that finished 31st in the league defending the run.

“That’s the biggest disappointment,” Haslett said in reference to the team’s atrocious run defense. “We did well the last three weeks, but in order to play really well in this league you have to stop the run. We have two issues here on that. We didn’t play well and when the offense cranks it up like they did at the end of the season, teams want to run the ball to keep the offense off the field and run the ball because it can be effective. That’s one issue we are going to have to address. We have to do a better job on the run next year.”

Head coach Scott Linehan was quick to agree with Haslett’s assessment. “We’ve certainly got an area that we have prioritized and that’s to improve our run defense. Whether it’s in our front or our linebackers. Whatever it is that’s going to help us, we’re going to scour the league and see if there is somebody there that fits what we lack. I think it’d be too early to say that it is a certain position, but we will address that, if we can, right away in free agency.”

While Linehan might be coy regarding what specific position the Rams will look to improve, it seems clear that Keith Traylor is exactly the kind of player St. Louis wants to add, not only because of his run-stopping ability but also because of how he could help improve the play of other defensive personnel.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett’s experiment to put former weak-side linebacker Will Witherspoon in the middle of his defensive scheme demonstrated promising results. But too often, poor play by nose tackle Jimmy Kennedy allowed blockers to get to the second level and take Witherspoon out of plays. A massive tackle like Traylor who can hold his own at the point of attack while taking on blocks would allow Witherspoon room to work and make plays.

With free agency less than 12 hours away, expect Scott Linehan to be among the Rams’ front office personnel in the room when it comes time to make calls to south Florida.

Smokey Joe
02-10-2007, 02:39 AM
Bears | Guards?
Sat, 10 Feb 2007 2:30 a.m.

Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Sun-Times, reports that the Bears have plans for OG through free agency. They are very interested in resigning Ruben Brown, and are also interested in bringing in Eric Steinbach. Also, it is no secret that Steinbach has shown interest in coming back to Chicago. He was born and raised in New Lenox, IL, and was a 4-time state champ with Providence Catholic High School and part of their 50 game winning streak.

Ruben Brown has expressed interest in returning as well. The Bears saved his career, and he loves it in Chicago. He is a veteran leader on the team and is respected by all. Brown is contemplating retirement also. Regardless if Brown is retained or not, the Bears will still probably try and get Steinbach. However, they seem like long-shots to be able to land him. Steinbach would add very important part to the OL though, which is youth and versitility.

Ruben Brown Returning, Steinbach Coming?

Smokey Joe
02-10-2007, 02:57 AM

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: Hello and welcome back to NFL Total Access on NFL Network! I’m your host Rich Eisen and we will be talking a little about the NFC Champions, the Chicago Bears, with Adam Schefter.

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: Hey Rich. The Bears have officially placed the franchise tag on Briggs, and seem like they are going to try very hard to either resign Ruben Brown or sign Erich Steinbach, or possibly both. But a big concern right now is DT. At the beginning of the season DT looked like the least of Chicago’s worries, but with the recent legal troubles of Terry “Tank” Johnson and with Tommie Harris getting injured earlier in the season, the Bears will have to resign either Ian Scott or Alfonso Boone, or draft someone. They drafted Dusty Dvoracek in the third round of last year's draft, but he spent the year on IR and is a question mark at this moment.

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: The Bears will have roughly 26 million in cap though, right? It's not like money will be much of a problem for them.

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: You are correct. Don’t expect the Bears to go crazy though, but they will have enough cap room to make some big moves. However, the Bears have always been a good team without overspending and paying too much for players. Plus, all that extra cap space will come in handy when Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman, and Rex Grossman contracts all expire after 07, and Tommie Harris's after 08.

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: Okay. Thanks for the informative news again Adam. As always, you are the best.

http://images.nfl.com/images/author/8830.jpgAdam Schefter: Thank you. Have a good weekend Rich

http://images.nfl.com/images/nflnetwork/eisen_rich.jpgRich Eisen: You to.

NFL Total Access – 2/10/07 2:53 a.m.

02-10-2007, 08:33 AM
In an action following up their earlier statement, the Kansas City Chiefs have put the highest possible tender on restricted free agent defensive end Jared Allen. According to terms of the collective bargaining agreement, any team wishing to sign Jared Allen must part ways with a 1st and 3rd round draft pick.


Allen: I'm glad the Chiefs put the highest possible offer on me. I love Kansas City and I really don't want to go anywhere.


Co-General Manager Villagewarrior: Damn straight! Ain't no one gettin' Mr. Allen without payin' out the you know what for 'im!

In other news, the Kansas City Chiefs have given wide receiver Samie Parker the low tender, meaning a team trying to sign him would have to part ways with a 4th round pick for him.


Parker: Eh, I'm ok with it.


VW: We like Samie, we would like to have him back, but we won't break the bank for him.

02-10-2007, 09:05 AM
In further news, the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS have announced they will put the low tender on kicker Lawrence Tynes. Since he wasn't drafted, no draft pick is required to change hands, however co-GM villagewarrior had something to say:


VW: We like Lawrence and feel he has a bright future, despite the chip shot he missed in the Indianapolis playoff game. We want to be able to match any offer he gets, and will only part ways with him if the other team volunteers to part ways with a draft pick. Thank you.

Freddy G
02-10-2007, 09:14 AM
Kris Dielman Lands in Cleveland

Repoted by: Mr. Erie, from the Berea Times.

Report out of Cleveland is that FA OG Kris Dielman has flown into town. He was seen being picked up at the airport by none other than BigRick, Freddy G, and NickBam themselves.

Cleveland has been interested in Dielman for some time and it has become obvious that San Deigo will not be able to retain him after multiple attempts at contract negotiontions.

The Browns present a sensable place for Dielman to sign as well. They have stated several times that money is not an object and they will do what it takes to get him, seeing that they have 30+ million in cap space. Also, with the hiring of former San Deigo tightends coach Rob Chudzinski as the Browns offensive coordinator, Dielman will already have a good understanding of the system, allowing for a seemless transition. On the Browns side as well, is their recent history of luring local born players to the organization. Dielman will be no different as he was born in Ohio and grew up a die-hard Browns fan.

I am sure i speak for all Cleveland fans win i say, "Come home Kris!!"

art vandelay
02-10-2007, 09:16 AM

Clements, Bills Eat Before FA Starts
Seen at Ted's Hot Dogs and Anderson's Frozen Custard

Chris Brown
Lead Journalist


Just a few minutes ago, I was notified that Nate Clements, Marv Levy, Tom Modrak and Ralph Wilson Jr. were seen at Ted's Hot Dogs and Anerson's Frozen Custard, two famous eateries in the heart of Buffalo, NY. I drove down there and caught them as they were eating banana splits at Anderson's and I was able to learn some interesting things in the limited time that I talked to them.

"This was a very reassuring meeting," Clements told me, "I know that the Bills are 110% interested in bringing me back to Buffalo for all the right reasons. They thanked me for all that I have done for them and made it clear that they want to win a Super Bowl next year and that I was the key player in accomplishing that. They said after JP's improved play last year and the success of all of the rookies, that they feel that they definitely are a playoff team if I return. They also mentioned that they wanted to bring in help in Free Agency and the Draft at OG and DL to shore up some holes on the trenches."

Clements continued, "Mr. Wilson told me, "I'm not getting any younger and neither is Marv Levy. We want to win now. I want to win a Super Bowl before I die and I am willing to give you all the money you need to stay here." Needless to say, I love to hear stuff like that. It will be an interesting free agency and definitely expect Buffalo to be in the running for my services next year."

Chris Brown is the lead journalist for BuffaloBills.com

The Unseen
02-10-2007, 09:30 AM
Pro Football Talk Rumor Mill



One of our league sources has informed us that Philly wideout Donte Stallworth has landed in Jacksonville this morning. The speedy former-Saint had spent one year with the Eagles and decided to become a UFA after the season.

The Jaguars would be wise to sign Donte', as their receiving corps had a bad year in 2006 and did not have a receiver in the league's top 50 in receiving. His speed would also be beneficial to a group that has been criticized for lack of speed.

We'll keep you up to date as well as we can.

02-10-2007, 09:50 AM
The Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs have agreed to terms on a new contract with exclusive rights free agent linebacker Kris Griffin.


Griffin: I'm all smiles! The Chiefs were the only organization to give me a chance after college, and I'm excited to remain a Chief!

02-10-2007, 10:14 AM


Five free agents have just landed in Tampa, Florida
Which include, WR Drew Bennett, S Tank Williams, LB Cato June, DE Juqua Thomas and another S in Michael Lewis.

Stay tuned for maybe some more arrivals here in Tampa

02-10-2007, 10:28 AM

Kansas City Trims Roster, Hosts Free Agents.

The Chiefs announced today that they have parted ways with DT Ryan Sims and reached an injury settlement with S William Bartee. T Kyle Turley also announced his retirement.

so long fellas!

The Chiefs were also quite active near Kansas City International, where Chiefs players and coaches were picking up numerous free agents after their flights landed.


Running Backs coach James Saxon picked up free agent runners Dominic Rhodes of the Colts and and Ron Dayne of the Texans to show around town. They both reported having a good time and being highly intrigued, but both wanted to keep their options opened as they left town the next morning.

Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham and Defensive Line coach Tim Krumrie arrived courting a quartet of players; defensive tackles Rien Long of Tennessee, Ian Scott of Chicago, and Terdell Sands of Oakland; and middle linebacker Carlos Polk of San Diego.


The biggest news of the day came in the form of wide receiver Drew Bennett of Tennessee and offensive lineman Eric Steinbach of the Bengals. Head Coach Herm Edwards and quarterback Trent Green gave them a tour of the facilities and treated them to dinner down on the Plaza.

Matthew Jones
02-10-2007, 11:03 AM
Patriots bring in linebacker Thomas for visit
Ravens linebacker taken for a visit

Ravens outside linebacker Adalius Thomas, a top free agent this year, was brought in Friday for a tour of the Patriots facilities, then taken to dinner. He was met at the airport by head coach Bill Belichick and Patriots linebackers Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel, then brought back to Gillette Stadium for a visit. Thomas said he was always a fan of the stadium, which was built in 2002. He seemed to get along well with Bruschi and Vrabel, and would be a near-perfect fit in the Patriots' 3-4 defense. His versatility is an added bonus.

If the Ravens choose not to re-sign him, the Patriots could be one of the top choices of Thomas, giving him the opportunity to play for a team that has won three of the last six Super Bowls, as well as for a future Hall of Fame coach. It will be interesting to see how New England allocates its nearly $30 million in free cap room.

Jim Jim
02-10-2007, 11:13 AM
The Green Bay 411.


[ Free Agent TE Eric Johnson has been reported to have visited Green Bay a few days ago, but the two free agents that Green Bay have gotten to visit and stay for prolonged periods of time, are LB Tully-Banta Cain and CB Roderick Hood. With the cap space and determined approach to a handful of hard-working players, Green Bay feels very confident going into Free Agency and getting deals done. ]

Saints Dome Patrol
02-10-2007, 11:24 AM


Saints' complete turnaround helps off-season
Look to free agency, draft to address needs

Saturday, February 10, 2007
By A.J. Smith
Staff Writer

Two years ago, the Saints were in disarray.

Hurricane Katrina had forced the team to relocate to San Antonio, Texas, where the
Saints would play all their games on the road, including home games in the Alamodome
as well as Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Giants Stadium in East Rutherford,
New Jersey, and would finish their season with a disappointing record of three and 13.

Weeks later, coach Jim Haslett was fired and there was uncertainty that the Saints would
be able to find not only a coach, but also free agents that would want to come play in
a city that was ravished by a hurricane and slowly attempting to rebuild.

Fast foward to February 2007.

The Saints became possibly the best feel-good story in all of sports, making a complete
turnaround from last season, finishing the regular season with a ten and six record,
winning the NFC South and clinching a first-round bye for the first time in franchise

Head Coach Sean Payton won the Associated Press Coach of the Year and Saints quarterback
Drew Brees was the runner-up for the league's Most Valuable Player award, bowing to his
former teammate, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, and Saints rookies Marques
Colston and Reggie Bush both garnered votes for the NFL Rookie of the Year award.

The Saints also won only their second playoff game in forty years, defeating
the Philadelphia Eagles, in a thrilling 27-24 victory in the Louisiana Superdome. However,
the clock struck midnight on the Saints the following week, losing in the NFC Championship
game, 39-14, to the Chicago Bears.

But unlike last year, there is no uncertainty with the Saints off-season.

Now, riding on the successes of this past season, the Saints look to add to their potent
offense and bolster their defense in both free agency and the upcoming Draft.

"[Coach Sean] Payton and [former Saints general manager Loomis] Mickey did a great job
with all the signings and moves they made this past season," said new Saints general
manager diabsoule.

"We know we can do even better this year."

The Saints already have made one major move on this off-season, re-signing
weakside linebacker Scott Shanle to a four-year extension.

However, it is no surprise that the Saints' main targets this off-season will be focused
on the defensive side of the ball. Even though the Saints were a top 15 defense this past
season, the secondary was a liability, being exploited several times during the season.

Also, the lack of depth also hurt the team especially after strong safety Roman Harper
was lost for the season during the fifth game of the season. This injury led to the
Saints to look to Omar Stoutmire and Jay Bellamy to be used as a temporary solution for
the remainer of the season.

"There are a couple of players that we're looking at that could come in and compete for
starting time," diabsoule said. "We don't want to tip our hand, but let's say that these
guys are not the biggest names out there, but may be even more talented then some of
those more expensive players on the market."

Another position that will be addressed this off-season most likely will be linebacker.

Even though, all three players were solid, the Saints linebacking corps lacked a big name
playmaker, especially at the middle linebacker position.

Mark Simoneau was acquired from Philadelphia this previous off-season, played in all
sixteen games, but only had 61 tackles. By comparison, both Shanle and strongside
linebacker Scott Fujita had more than 90 tackles each.

Simoneau's backup, Danny Clark, came to the Saints from the Oakland Raiders and provided
depth and was used primarily as a special teamer this past season. Clark is also an
unrestricted free agent this off-season.

"The Saints are looking to definitely interested in upgrading our linebackers this
off-season," said Saints Dome Patrol, the new Saints director of player personnel.

"We'd love to have someone to come in and push Mark [Simoneau] and Danny [Clark] for
some immediate playing time."

One possibilty to help shore up the linebacker situation is in the upcoming draft. Saints
Dome Patrol and scouts were in Mobile, Alabama last month, looking over the talent that
would be available for the Saints in the upcoming Draft.

The only negative of the Saints' turnaround this past season is their draft position.

At twenty-seven, many of the bigger names like Paul Poslusnzy and Lawrence Timmons
would most likely be unavailable. However, there are several players that the Saints
could still possibly get at that spot and would love to have.

"It's no surprise that we're excited at the possibilty at getting a linebacker this
coming Draft," Saints Dome Patrol said. "Someone like [Mississippi linebacker] Patrick
Willis would be able to step in and be a starter almost immediately."

"But don't be surprised if we get a premier cornerback either."

There are many ways the Saints can go in the Draft, but first things first, said the
new general manager.

"We're taking this one day at a time. Right now, we're focused on free agency. We're
excited at the opportunity and we won't let Mr. Benson or our fans down."

To contact staff Writer A.J. Smith, call (504) 555-6996

© 2007 The Times-Picayune. All rights reserved.

02-10-2007, 11:44 AM


Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Steelers have decided to give restricted free agent offensive tackle Max Starks the low tender. If another team wishes to sign Starks, they will have to award the Steelers with a third-round draft choice in the 2007 NFL Draft.

02-10-2007, 11:51 AM
Titans release two
Feb 10, 2007
By Justin Smith

The Titans have announced today that they have released veteran Safety Lamont Thompson and former first rounder Andre Woolfolk. Lamont Thompson who had the team’s starter at FS the last two Seasons, but being the Starter for two seasons in the NFL means nothing any more. His lack to improve his game and the big plays he gave on weekly bases. Mid way that last season he was put on notice for his game play. By the end of the season, not much was being said about his lack of play because of the titans winning streak, but everyone knew there was still a problem within the coaching staff of the Titans.

http://www.titansradio.com/graphics/Player/WOOLFOLK.JPGAndre Woolfolk former 28th overall pick of the 2003 NFL draft. He seen himself buried deep on the depth chart. With the Titans looking at different directions during Free Agency. He had no Comment to the media as he walked out of the practice facility today

Go Cowboys
02-10-2007, 11:58 AM
Cowboys Resign ERFA's

http://www.dallascowboys.com/images/camp4_081406_360.jpghttp://www.dallascowboys.com/images/game8_111906_360.jpg http://cowboys.beloblog.com/archives/procter.jpg http://lb.dallascowboys.com/images/Bowen_Stephen_150.jpg

(AP)-The Dallas cowboys have decided to resign all 4 of ther Exclusive Rights Free Agents. Jeramiah Ratliff a Defensive Lineman from Auburn, Cory Proctor a Guard from Montana, Abram Elam a Safety from Kent State, and Stephen Bowen a Defensive End from Hofstra were all re-signed.

When Reached for a comment Jerry Jones had this to say:
"We felt that all these guys were worth bringing back for another year, Elam is a gret player who can play either Safety position and special team, Proctor came out and did a good job and is a solid backup at guard, Bowen shoed some production late in the year and really impressed our former coaches and Scouts, Jeramiah is just a plaer who has changed positions and is a bit undersized but is a hard worker who we are glad to have back."

"This is Ed Werder reporting from Cowboys Head Quarters, I now will be handing it off to Erin Andrews who will be reporting on the Cowboys Moves the rest of the day."

"Thanks Ed, Jerry Jones has informed me that they will be making numerous moves throughout the day includng more visits from Free Agents, restriced Free Agent tenders, and much more. This is Erin Andrews signing off......Or not Jerry Jones has just given me a phone call to come into his office to give me the inside scoop on the incoming Free Agents, I will report as soon as I can. Erin Andrews signing off."

"Thanks Erin we will be sure to get back to you as soon as you get out of his office and bring us the news."

02-10-2007, 12:00 PM
Titans Looking to Add top FA CB?
Feb 10, 2006
NFL.com wire reports


The Titans join the race with many other NFL teams looking at adding star CB Asante Samuel from the New England Patriots. Samuel really came on strong during the 2006 NFL Season, he had 10 INT's, 64 tackles, and 14 broken up. This weak Free Agent Class of cornerbacks has convinced him to try the free agency this off season. Samuel and his agent are expecting top dollars this off season for any team to have a shot at him.

If the Titans could add Samuel to their roster, he would become the starting CB across from pacman Jones. Reynaldo Hill started 15 games for the Titans last season, and was one of the few weak parts of there young secondary. The titans are looking at making a playoff run this season, so a weak link at CB would really put a hole in this team. The Titans still likes all the potential that Hill has, but he has yet to show enough to warrant him the right to be the a starter at CB this season.

Samuel could not be reached to comment on the meeting that took place Friday afternoon, but his agent said this to the media, "We were in talk about a contract offer from the Titans today; the offer was for a six year deal". Financial terms were not given out about the offer received, but insiders say it would make him the second highest paid CB in the NFL.

02-10-2007, 12:14 PM
Willing to Part Ways?

Sources say that the Baltimore Ravens are listening to offers for veterans Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle. Rumor has it that either could be going to the Buffalo Bills if a trade is worked out for disgruntled RB Willis McGahee. Mason was unhappy with his demotion to #2 behind rising star Mark Clayton.


Go Cowboys
02-10-2007, 12:37 PM
Cowboys Part ways with Vet QB


"Well that was the best way to get information."

(Camera Guy)
"Erin we are live"

"**** This is Erin Andrews reporting on the Dallas Cowboys I have just gotten out of Jerry Jones office and he has told me that Drew Bledsoe will be released effective 1:30 EST. Now to throw it to Ed Werder stading by with Wade Phillips."

"This is Ed Werder and I'm with Wade Phillips."


"Bledsoe was trash, we cut him because of that fact, I am thinking of trying to get Rob ohnson from the Bengals or any bum off the street to take his job and actually gives us a solid backup who can hold the ball so that Tony won't have to."

"And with that Drew Bledsoe will not wear the Blue Star next year and is now looking for employment. Ed Werder and Erin Andrews Signing off."

02-10-2007, 12:55 PM


Linda Cohn: "Hi there, and welcome to SportsCenter. I'm Linda Cohn."

Rece Davis: "And I'm Rece Davis. We've got highlights of Barry Bonds's 756th home run. But before we get to that, we go over to John Clayton, who has some NFL Free Agency news. John?"


John Clayton: "That's right, Rece. My sources are telling me that the Pittsburgh Steelers are very interested in signing fourth-year outside linebacker, Tully Banta-Cain.


"Banta-Cain only played in five games for the Patriots last year, but he did total up five and a half sacks in 2006. It is well-known that the Steelers are looking for some young linebackers, as OLBs Joey Porter and Clark Haggans will both be 30 years of age by training camp, and if they can acquire Banta-Cain, that will be a big checkmark off Pittsburgh's offseason shopping list."


Rece: "Any other news involving the Steelers, John?"

John: "Nothing else earth-shattering right now, but things can change. So far, they have tendered restricted free agent OT Max Starks and resigned OLB Arnold Harrison. Though, they are in efforts to resign two players from last year, one of them being a hot commodity at free safety, Tyrone Carter."

Rece: "Thanks John, and we'll be going back to you later in the show with some more big news, is that right"

John: "You got it, Rece. Something tells me that Bobby Petrino will not be happy hearing about this tidbit later on in the show."

02-10-2007, 01:14 PM
From Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys beat writer for the Dallas Morning News:

The Cowboys, along with several other teams, have begun showing interest in Patriots' linebacker Tully Banta-Cain, who started the last 5 games of the season at Outside Linebacker for the Pats in their 3-4 scheme.

Banta-Cain, a 7th round draft pick of the Patriots in '03, has prototypical size for the 3-4, at 6' 2" and 250 pounds. The Cowboys feel that he would fit very well in new coach Wade Phillips' scheme, due to the aforementioned size and pass-rushing ability. Phillips believes that Banta-Cain would work well in a Shaun Phillips-type role as a strong-side backer who the Cowboys could team with Bobby Carpenter, who is a more traditional linebacker.

Wade Phillips has already spoken to Banta-Cain a number of times on the telephone about his use in the Cowboys' scheme. Phillips even suggested in that conversation that Banta-Cain call Shaun Phillips to discuss the benefits of playing in Wade's system.

This plan is of course contigent on the return of starting strong-side backer Greg Ellis, who is recovering from surgery on his torn achilles tendon. The Cowboys, however, may have other plans for Ellis, that they have not yet disclosed.

The Cowboys plan to have Banta-Cain, along with a number of other prominent free agents, including one Seattle defensive back, fly into Dallas very soon to discuss joining America's team.

02-10-2007, 01:40 PM
Mike Prisuta of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that the Steelers are releasing 37-year-old punter Chris Gardocki, making him an unrestricted free agent. Gardocki averaged 41.3 yards per punt in 2006, and his releasing ($1.3 million) along with the retirement of Center Jeff Hartings ($3.6 million) will reportedly open up nearly $5 million toward the salary cap for the team.

The move leaves Mike Barr, who has worked out with the Steelers in the past two training camps, the only punter on the roster.

02-10-2007, 01:46 PM
Saints continue off-season moves, cut Berger and Thomas
February 9, 2007

by Len Pasquarelli

Metairie, La -- The Saints continued their off-season moves today by releasing veteran Punter Mitch Berger and Cornerback Fred Thomas. The Saints also released back-up linebacker Alfred Fincher.

The release of Fred Thomas, an eleven year veteran and starter with the Saints for the past five seasons, was seen as a money saving move by the franchise. Thomas was due a $2 million bonus but with his release the team can now use that money to spend elsewhere. In his career Thomas has 463 tackles with five sacks and thirteen interceptions.

Punter Mitch Berger, who was diagnosed with a debilitating hip disease last spring, was considerable expendable after last year's performance by rookie punter Steve Weatherford. Berger had been the starting punter for New Orleans ever since he signed with the club back in 2003. The twelve year veteran had played previously with the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings. He began his career with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1994.

Linebacker Alfred Fincher is a two year veteran who was drafted out of the University of Connecticut in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Former Saints coach and current St. Louis Rams Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett was high on the back-up strongside linebacker but current Saints coach Sean Payton has been unenthusiastic about him. Fincher saw the field sparingly last year and he may garner some interest in free agency. The move was viewed by the Saints as a way to free up roster space for the upcoming 2007 NFL Draft where sources around the league fully expect the Saints to pursue a linebacker.

Scotty D
02-10-2007, 02:36 PM
Sal Paolantonio reports from inside Ford Field...


The Detroit Lions understand the importance of free agency, but they are taking a realistic approach to the off-season.

As the clock hit 1:00 EST Matt Millen and his assistants were on the phone placing calls to their main targets Kevin Curtis, London Fletcher, and Eric Steinbach.

The Lions believe they have an inside shot at Curtis because of his ties to his former coach Mike Martz and current friend Mike Furrey. Curtis enjoyed his best season under Martz.

Detroit also hopes to land MLB London Fletcher because of their lack of a true MLB on the roster. London will fill a hole the Lions have been trying to patch the last couple of seasons.

Eric Steinbach is on Millen's radar but he realizes that he is a top priortiy to many teams and it will not be easy to land this big fish. Millen will try his best though to sell the Detroit Lions to Eric.

Hoping to maintan depth at Linebacker word has gotten around that Boss Bailey is a target to be re-signed this off-season. The Lions believe he is about to flourish as a player.

Kevin Curtis and London Fletcher are scheduled to visit Detroit late Saturday while Boss Bailey and Eric Steinbach will arrive on Sunday.

Go Cowboys
02-10-2007, 02:38 PM
Cowbys Bring in 14 players for the night

(AP)-"This is Erin Andrews reporting from Valley Ranch in Dallas, along side me is Ed Werder. We have gotten information about 14 players at the least are being brought in to Valley Ranch." "That is right Erin, a lot of players were brought in today and have been all around Dallas today, but Jerry Jones will not release all of the players who have been here but will release positons and former teams.
It is reported by local fans that new Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett was seen adriving around town with three Quarterbacks do from the Central Region and one from the West Coast Region of the United States."


"Thats right Ed, and along with that Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Flozell Adams were seen at a Local Roadhouse with five other players, among them the names that I am Hearing are Andre Gurode, Marc Columbo, two Guards from other teams and a kicker. The Guards are said to have been very big White men from different part of the Country, and the Kicker nobody at the radhouse recognized.


Also DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James, and Roy Williams were seen at a local Sonic with six other players, we have been able to get most of their names but some remain un named, the players known to have been there are Tully Banta-Cain, Kenyon Coleman, Asante Samuel, and Nate Clements, but two players remain unknown those two players are believed to be a Colts DB and a Seahawks DB."

This is Erin Andrews and Ed Werder signing off from Valley Ranch."

02-10-2007, 02:44 PM

Seems the seahawks have offered Jordan Babineaux a mid tender offer.

Scott Wright
02-10-2007, 02:58 PM


Panthers Make Their Pitch
Carolina Targets Linebackers, Safeties

Erin Andrews of ESPN

http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/395977.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396004.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/302207.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396038.jpg

With free agency now officially open ESPN's Erin Andrews has confirmed that the Carolina Panthers top targets are indeed safety Ken Hamlin, outside linebacker Cato June, and inside linebacker Kawika Mitchell. In fact, the Panthers have made strong cases and very aggressive offers to all three and are hoping for good news soon. Also on the radar is safety Michael Lewis, although he is definitely viewed as more of a "Plan B" in case Hamlin signs elsewhere. It's no coincidence that all of their targets would address glaring needs.

Despite their modest cap room the Panthers shouldn't have trouble acquiring at least a couple of their top targets because, as my collegue John Clayton recently said, "the Panthers usually rework enough contracts to get the things they want."

Saints Dome Patrol
02-10-2007, 03:24 PM
Notes from around the NFL
Posted: February 10, 2007

According to anonymous sources within the franchise, the
New Orleans Saints front office has been busy early in the
free agency period.

The recent departure of cornerback Fred Thomas and
the fact that cornerbacks DeJuan Groce and Curtis
Deloatch are free agents means that the Saints would
find it necessary to target a cornerback in free agency.

The source mentions that high on the Saints wish list is
Philadelphia cornerback Roderick Hood. Another player
that the source reports that New Orleans is looking at is
restricted free agent cornerback Jason David from the
Indianapolis Colts.

To continue reading this article, you must be an Insider.


02-10-2007, 03:35 PM
NFL Live Update


Trey: Suzy Kolber and Joe Namath have an NFL Free Agent update for us!


Suzy: Thanks Trey! We are here in Cleveland and we have recieved word that Asante Samuel has visited Cleveland's GM Bigrick0016 and is exploring reuniting with Romeo Crennel. This is now the second time the young corner has been seen in Cleveland. What do you think Broadway Joe?

Namath: The Browns are struguhLING.

Suzy: Well obviously, but they do have 30+ million dollars in cap space. The Brownies have also been heavily on the tail of Kris Dielman. This team seems hell bent on getting good, and getting good quick.

Namath: I...I want to kiss you

02-10-2007, 03:49 PM
Buccaneers Look to Bring Back Bidwell

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer are set to make an offer towards free agent Punter, Josh Bidwell. The punter has been with the team for several years now and has made a probowl during that stint so the Buccaneers organisation believe it is vital to bring Bidwell back for the long haul.


02-10-2007, 03:56 PM
Dolphins make big push for Dielman
Shantee Orr, among others, Dolphins main targets


Free agency started today and the Dolphins are looking to make a splash. One of the top FA on the market is offensive lineman Kris Dielman. Randy Mueller has been quotes saying he is willing to make Dielman one of the highest paid OGs in football, similar to the contract Shawn Andrews signed last year. Another one of the Dolphins top targets is OLB Shantee Orr. While Orr isn't a big name to most, former Texans coach Dom Capers loves what Orr brings to the table. The Dolphins are also pursuing former Colt Nick Harper. WR Dennis Northcutt is also rumored to be talking to Miami. Former Dolphins Keith Traylor and Damion McIntosh are also discussing coming back to Miami. Other former Dolphins Donnie Spragan, Sammy Morris, and David Bowens and Kendyl Jacox. Carlos Polk and Grant Irons are also talking to Miami.

02-10-2007, 03:58 PM

Rams | Free agent buzz heating up - from www.KFFL.com
Sat, 10 Feb 2007 16:28:59 -0800

Bernie Miklasz, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (http://www.kffl.com/link/186), reports that a number of free agents have visited with the St. Louis Rams (http://www.kffl.com/team/34/nfl) throughout the day. DT Keith Traylor (http://www.kffl.com/player/305/nfl) and his agent were spotted in St. Louis early this afternoon. They received a tour of the facilities and met with a few Rams players before reportedly beginning initial contract negotiations. The Rams once again brought RB Stephen Davis (http://www.kffl.com/player/1939/NFL), OL Todd Steussie (http://www.kffl.com/player/263/NFL), LB Isaiah Kacyvenski (http://www.kffl.com/player/1694/NFL), S Dwaine Carpenter (http://www.kffl.com/player/7880/NFL), and P Matt Turk (http://www.kffl.com/player/1348/NFL) back in to Rams Park for continued discussions on resigning with the team. All five players met with Rams officials yesterday but no official agreements have been reached yet. There are also rumblings that the Rams are sending out feelers to get in touch with a number of veteran defensive ends and linebackers, though specifics on those players is unknown. Finally, one report suggested the Rams were on the phone early today with a free agent wide receiver; whether or not that receiver was Kevin Curtis (http://www.kffl.com/player/6260/NFL) or another pass catcher remains to be seen. Curtis has been out of town meeting with other teams today, but that does not rule out the possibility of his negotiating with St. Louis via phone.

Jim Jim
02-10-2007, 04:35 PM

Packers | Free agent news. - from www.KFFL.com
Sat, 10 Feb 2007.

Tom Silverstein of JSONLINE reports the Green Bay Packers have offered contracts to CB Roderick Hood, LB Tully-Banta Cain and TE Eric Johnson.

02-10-2007, 06:26 PM

Scott Van Pelt: Before we get you the rest of tonight's NBA action from around the league, we go live to Sal Paolantonio at Giants Stadium on what is the first day of NFL free agency.


Sal: Thanks Scott. Here in the Meadowlands the Giants have hosted a few free agents on the first day they were allowed to talk with these players. It's no secret that the Giants secondary has been a weak spot for this team the last few seasons. They seem to be making that a priority. I saw Asante Samuel walk into the stadium this morning with new Giants GM Jerry Reese. And Nate Clements the same this evening. Reese being a former defensive back himself, seems to have made a nice connection with the two. Both Nate and Asante left without getting a contract done, but the Giants remain confident that they will continue to be big players in getting a deal done with one of these two. Asante and Nate were probably the two biggest names of about a list of 7 or 8 guys who the Giants had in here today. Other notables included Shaun O'Hara and Vishante Shiancoe who the Giants are attempting to resign. Overall it has been a busy first day for Reese here in the Meadowlands. I'm sure tomorrow will be no different. Sal Paolantonio from Giants Stadium, ESPN.

art vandelay
02-10-2007, 06:29 PM

Bills | Team offers mega deal to Clements
Fri, 9 Feb 2007 12:24:17 -0800

According to Sirius Satellite Radio, The Buffalo Bills have offered a huge contract to free agent CB Nate Clements. The contract is believed to be structured very similiarly to that of Champ Bailey's. No word yet on the exact details of the contract but BuffaloBills.com should have something up within the next day or so.

02-10-2007, 07:00 PM
Jerry Jones seen touring the local D.C. monuments

Sources have confirmed that Jerry Jones landed in Washington D.C. earlier today and has been entertaining a certain Redskin lineman. Sources were unable to confirm the players name, but he was big and black. More information will be announced after it becomes available.

Go Cowboys
02-10-2007, 07:39 PM
Jerry Jones makes tenders to Restricted Free Agents

Patrick Crayton is among the players who will receive a tender.

(AP)- Jerry Jones has sent his tenders into the league office and they have been improved, now Jerry Jones has release the list of Restriced Free Agents that he will and will not be tendering.
Here is that list:
Patrick Crayton will be given a mid tender which will force a team to give up their 2nd round pick to sign him.
Brett Pierce will not be given a tender and will be allowed to find employment elsewhere.
Al Johnson will be given a low tender which will force teams to give up a 2nd round pick because that is the round he was drafted in.
Junior Glymph will be given a low tender which we are not quite sure how it works because he was not drafted but signed as a un drafted free agent.
Ryan Fowler Will be given a low tender and is in the same situation as Junior Glymph.
Nathan Jones will not receive a tender and will be allowed to find a new team.
Jacques Reeves will receive a low tender which will force a team to give up a 7th round pick to sign him.
Matt McBriar will receive a mid tender and will cost a team a 2nd round pick to sign him.

For those of you not keepin track at home, that is 2 Mid tenders, 4 low tenders, and 2 players who won't receive a tender, no player is getting a high tender.

Saints Dome Patrol
02-10-2007, 07:47 PM

Rich Eisen: For news from Saints camp, we go live to our field reporter
Brian Baldinger at the Saints practice facility in Metarie, Louisiana. Brian?

Brian Baldinger: Thanks, Rich. That's right, I'm here enjoying the
sights and sounds of the "Big Easy", but there's one Saint who might not be
making it easy for New Orleans this off-season.

Talks between the Saints and star wide receiver Joe Horn may have
hit an impasse, according to anonymous sources close to negotiations between
the team and the four time Pro Bowler. Horn signed a six-year contract
extension in 2005, and is due around a four and a half million dollar bonus
if he is on the team after March first.

However, Horn's productivity has slumped the last two years, with injury
concerns and has been bumped down to fourth on the depth chart, so several
team officials do not think that the receiver is deserving of the high price
that it would cost the Saints against the cap this off-season.

Speaking to me on his cell phone, Horn had this to say.

Joe Horn: Brian, I'll put it to you like this. I still feel that I
am better than most of the receivers that are out there in the league today.
As much as I love being a Saint, if they aren't going to pay me what I'm
worth, I might have to continue my career in a different color uniform.

Brian Baldinger: There you have it, according to Horn's agent, Ralph
Vitolo, Horn is adamant that he either get paid by the Saints or be put up
on the trade block. Some whispers around the league say that this might
be the case, sooner rather than later. From Saints camp, in Metarie,
Louisiana, I'm Brian Baldinger, for the NFL Network.

Rich Eisen: Thanks, Brian. We'll be back with more NFL Total Access
Live after a word from our sponsors.

Announcer: Bud Light presents, Real Men of Genius...

02-10-2007, 08:26 PM
Browns cut Ralph Brown from the team

Browns Head GM Bigrick and assistant Freddy G cannot find evidence that tells them whether Ralph Brown is still a member of the team or a free agent. So, to be safe, they cut him.

Freddy G
02-10-2007, 08:48 PM
Browns Have Second Thoughts

Due to resent developments, the Browns are no longer interested in FA DL Vonnie Holliday and Robaire Smith (disregard FA app). Orginally, the organization thought they really needed to sign a solid vet, but after some trade talks, this is no longer so. Plus, they weren't that great anyway.

So you can all breath a sigh of relief if you were targeting them, because the Browns get who the Browns want.

02-10-2007, 09:05 PM
Jerry Jones finally back in Big D

Jerry Jones who was seen earlier today touring the D.C. area just returned home recently. The big surprise is that he brought big old Derrick Dockery back with him. Dockery and Jerry shook hands before parting their separate ways. No one is quite sure why Dockery came back with Jerry...but it is known that Dockery is from Garland, Texas, and it is only located about 20 miles away from Dallas. More on this story as it develops.

02-10-2007, 11:27 PM

McAfee and Bellamy Retire As Saints
February 9, 2007

Metairie, LA -- New Orleans news channel 4, WWL-TV, has just learned that thirteen year veteran Jay Bellamy and fifteen year veteran Fred McAfee both announced their retirement today. Bellamy, signed by the team in 2001, and McAfee, signed by the team in 2000, have both been key players with the Saints since they were signed.
Bellamy, a safety drafted out of Rutgers, played previously with the Seattle Seahawks before signing with the Saints. He became the starting strong safety when he signed with the organization but was cut this past season after rookie Roman Harper won the starting strong safety spot in training camp.
McAfee, a stand-out special team player and back-up running back, began his career with the Saints in 1991. He then went to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then back to the place he first signed. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2002 for his outstanding special teams ability. He scored his final touchdown on December 31, 2006 against the Carolina Panthers before being placed on injured reserve to make room for placekicker Billy Cundiff.

02-10-2007, 11:28 PM
Samuel going Transatlantic?
Is the Free Agent Corner meeting Titans owner Bud Adams in London? This reporter investigates

By Deep Clayton


As I was going through my daily business, a stratchy-voiced source called the Clayton Hotline.

"Talk to me," I said as I picked up the phone, blissfully unaware that this call would change my entire career.

"FOLLOW......ASANTE," the voice answered.

"Merril," I responded, "Is that you?" And the caller hung up.

Now, I don't normally follow anonymous tips. But I had a feeling about this one, so I flew the "Clayton One" up to my private air strip up in New Hampshire.


I took I-93 South down to Boston, when I spotted a nicely pimped out Escalade with the license plate "UCF-2822." With my extensive football knowledge, I knew that Samuel was #28 at the University of Central Florida and #22 with the Pats. If it killed me, I was following that Escalade to its destination. I put on my Richard Nixon mask and merged.


About 1/2 a mile after Asante merged onto McClellan Highway, I used my extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts highway system and figured it all out.

I shouted in my head, "That bastard is going to Logan Airport!"


As I trailed Mr. Samuel into the concourse, I pulled out my laptop and checked out FlightAware.


I knew it all along. He was going to England.

Now, free agent cornerbacks don't just fly to London on a whim. No, this cat was meeting someone there. I just needed to figure out another flight that was going to arrive at 8:37 AM Sunday Morning. And it was the last place I would have expected.



Question was, what NFL head honcho would be in Toronto this time of year. Think. Toronto. Rogers Centre. CN Tower. THAT'S IT!


As perfect as Titans Owner Mr. Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams, Jr. may think he is, he has but one fatal flaw. He still believes there to be oil hidden deep underneath the Canadian National Tower.


But as his plane pulled into Canada, Mr. Adams must have realized that the City of Toronto had given him a cease-and-desist in 2002, denying him access underneath any of the city's landmarks.

That's when I remembered that Bud had but one other fatal flaw. He never wastes plane trips. The man obviously called up Asante and told him to meet for contract negotiations in a place no one would expect, and where they could both arrive at the same time, London.

Now I will end this investigative piece with a reward. If you are currently in London, I need a snapshot of Bud and Asante together at Heathrow Airport. They won't be there long, for they are too smart. They will most likely meet at Budget Car Rental soon after their flights arrive.

For this photo, I offer a cold $100,000 and one-week use of Clayton One.

Get it done.

02-10-2007, 11:44 PM

Feb. 11, 2007, 12:41PM
Packers looking to trade down
The Packers have begun exploring trade down scenarios

Copyright 2007 Space the Infinite Frontier

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin - The Packers have begun seeking trading partners. They are heavily considering trading down in the first in light of the Randy Moss trade (which cost them a third rounder and Ruvell Martin). Early reports are that they are asking for the other team's first rounder and either their second rounder or their third rounder combined with a later round pick.

02-11-2007, 12:55 AM

-Raiders, Moss To Part Ways

Yahoo Sports has learned that the Oakland Raiders have agreed to trade Randy Moss. The Raiders have been rumored to get a Wide Receiver and a Pick in return. The New Raiders Wide Reciever said this about the trade "It's somewhat surprising but I'll be getting more playing time". The Pick was unavailable for comment.

Trade is awaiting approval from League Office.

02-11-2007, 10:04 AM


by: Scrooge McDuck

After the recent flurry of activity at One Arrowhead Drive, my sources have revealed to me that the Chiefs' front office and coaching staff continue to work hard, working the phone lines, calling agents and players and even other teams.

Wesley and Knight on the way out?

Apparently the Chiefs are extremely impressed with the progress their young duo of safeties, Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page, made last year during their rookie campaign's, making the veterans Greg Wesley and Sammy Knight expendable.

Animosity between co-GM villagewarrior and RB Larry Johnson?

I have also learned that co-General Manager villagewarrior and star running back Larry Johnson got into an argument in the film room a few days ago. VW was trying to convince Johnson of the importance the running back's role is in pass protection, but Johnson would hear none of it. I was able to come up with this unofficial sound byte via a listening device planted in VW's office:

VW: I like Larry, he's a hell of a runner, but he needs to block better. If I got a good deal, I'd have to seriously consider trading him.

Shocking news, I know, but I have more.

Chiefs bring in free agents Washington, Gurode, and Woolfolk.

Today saw the Chiefs bring in free agent wide receiver Kelley Washington, offensive lineman Andre Gurode, and cornerback Andre Woolfolk. All three play a position of need so expect contract offers to be made in the upcoming hours.

Scrooge McDuck is a beat writer and does not represent the Kansas City Chiefs

Matthew Jones
02-11-2007, 11:34 AM
Patriots use franchise tag on Graham
Patriots slap franchise tag on top tight end

Sources are reporting that the Patriots have decided to use the franchise tag on tight end Daniel Graham. Graham will make $4,370,000 for next year with the tag.

02-11-2007, 11:35 AM
Ken Hamlin back in Nashville again
NFL.com wire reports

Ken Hamlin has been seen wuiet a few times in nashville over the last fews weeks. Hamlin and his agent have been in Contract talks for the lasy few weeks, Hamlin told the media" The Titans are on my narrow list of a few teams i'm looking at". After the release Lamont Thompson, Ken Hamlin could narrow the titans down to his final three.

Hamlin who had 75 tackles last year, two sacks and three INT's is expected to take over at FS. If they do sign him, then it would give the Titans a very young and very talented secondary. Hamlin is asking for a four or five year deal. His agent said"The Titans have been going hard at Ken, but we are still going to look at the other teams offers, before we sign anywhere".

In other news, Bobby Wade was in town and said him and his agent are close to getting a contract done to stay with the Titans. Wade who hadd 33 catches last year, for 461 yards and two TD's as the leading Slot Receiver.

02-11-2007, 11:59 AM
Tony Romo and Josh Brown seen at Adair's Saloon in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was seen at the local saloon entertaining his sweetheart Carrie Underwood. Just a couple of bar stools over was Underwood's other sweetheart Josh Brown. Brown and Underwood had at get together back when she had a concert in Seattle and have been in touch ever sense. Of corse everyone knows about Tony Romo and Carrie. Well the three got together and eventually made their way to the local movie theater to take in an Epic Movie.


Shane P. Hallam
02-11-2007, 01:06 PM
Bengals In Talks to Bring a Former First Round Pick to Cincinnati!

Rumor is that the Bengals have been in talks with another AFC team to bring in a former first round player. The Bengals and the other team are close to a deal, but just need to find some middle ground. Rumor is the Bengals will be trading a linebacker and a draft pick away for this player.

02-11-2007, 01:30 PM
Chargers Target Free Agents

Ken Hamlin must be getting alot of calls, because the San Diego Chargers have also offered him a contract, GM DeAndre Morrison that someone like Hamlin would be a huge upgrade over Marlon McCree, and seeing as at the moment, the San Diego safety crew is one of the worst in the league Hamlin would immediatly make it a respectable group with his ball-hawking skills. The Chargers have alos sent an offer to Mike Doss, with Morrison saying that an upgrade to both safety positons is needed.

02-11-2007, 02:04 PM


by: Scrooge McDuck

Following my earlier story regarding Larry Johnson's availability, I was overwhelmed with the number of phone calls I was able to record of co-General Manager villagewarrior.


VW: Yeah, I'll listen to offers, but I don't know if I'll bite.
VW: No, that's not enough.
VW: I understand that, but you should understand this...Larry did have over 400 carries this year, yes, but, prior to this year he has only really had one and a half heavy duty seasons. Add that to the fact that he is only 27 and he is well worth the price.
VW: Thank you, of course, I'll have to run it by my folks too.

And that's just one of the conversations I eavesdrop...I mean, I overheard. Needless to say, the Chiefs have some big time players on their roster and they don't seem too shy about trading them away.

Scrooge McDuck is a beat writer and does not represent the Kansas City Chiefs.

Matthew Jones
02-11-2007, 02:05 PM
Patriots ramping up free agent visits
New England bringing in more and more free agent talent

The New England Patriots started bringing in other teams' players earlier this week for visits, and we have just received confirmation on some of the players that have been brought in for visits over the course of the week. Names include ex-Washington Redskins cornerback Kenny Wright, ex-Atlanta Falcons corner Chris Cash, and ex-Houston Texans end/linebacker Antwan Peek. It is unknown whether or not, however, the Patriots will be offering contracts to any of these players, or whether the team came away unimpressed.

Cornerback is a pressing need for the team as of late, with Asante Samuel and Randall G ay visiting other teams as free agents, and if the season were to start today, New England would likely be forced to play a safety such as Eugene Wilson or Artrell Hawkins out of position just to have enough cornerbacks.

Head coach Bill Belichick is known to be a creative coach, using Mike Vrabel at tight end, Troy Brown at cornerback, and Richard Seymour at fullback, but it will be interesting to see how he handles this situation, where he's stuck with little talent in the secondary, which has been severely depleted by injuries over the past few seasons.

If the team does not make significant strides this offseason, it wouldn't be surprising at all if the team explored trade possibilities and made the spot a draft priority. More on the situation as it becomes available.

Shane P. Hallam
02-11-2007, 02:18 PM
Asante, Fletcher, and Johnson, OH MY!

The Bengals have brought in some free agents at the last minute, when many thought they would be available. Asante Samuel, London Flecther-Baker, and Eric Johnson all came on the same day and spoke with head coach Marvin Lewis.

Lewis: "These have been some highly sought after free agents, and we finally were able to bring them. We've been talking to [Asante] for awhile now, but he has been visiting nearly every other team, so we finally got our chance today. He seemed to be thoughtful about being able to lead his own defense and as we rebuild, he could lead. I think if he is looking for a place with a rock solid offense and he could be the corner stone of creating a solid defense, then Cincinnati would be the place for him."

"We weren't planning on signing any linebackers, but London Flecther-Baker really caught my eye. As many of you know, we have a character problem on this team, no way around that. London would give us a new high character guy we are looking for to set an example for the rest of our players. This has been my goal from the start of the offseason, to find a guy to set an example to our whole team, especially our defense, and be the leader and moral character we need."

"Eric Johnson may have fallen under the radar of many teams, but not use. We want to get one our old TEs back, Reggie Kelly or Tony Stewart, but we'd also like a primary pass catching TE as well. Eric had a great season a few years back, and he is still young and able to cope through injury. We are really excited, and I think he is too about the possibility of playing for such a dynamic offense and creating mismatches."

As the day was coming to an end, we saw two last minute names coming into the Bengals facility. One with Florida plates, and one with Missouri plates. More to come later.

Go Cowboys
02-11-2007, 02:35 PM
Jerry Jones takes Private Jet to Washington.?.?

"This is Darren Woodson reporting. It seems as though Jerry Jones got onto his private jet this afternoon and took a flight to an unspecified area. But I have since found out that his jet was scheduled to land in Takoma Washington around 3PM EST which was about 20 minutes ago. With that information I decided to call one of my friends in Seattle and he found out that Jerry rented a car and drove up to Clyde Hill to meet with a certain Quarterback, I do not have any description of the player but we are working on researching which free agents are from Clyde Hill, Washington. Jerry also has a flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New England later today. I will update you as soon I hear anything else.

02-11-2007, 03:05 PM
http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/3252/jsologo2k5hmpganr3.th.gif (http://img164.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jsologo2k5hmpganr3.gif)
Packers Looking to Add Big Name FA?
By Michael Hunt

We have already seen the Packers target some mid level free agents in Johnson, Hood, and Banta-Cain; but could a top level player be headed to Green Bay? That's the news I am hearing. With the Ravens leaving Adalius Thomas untagged, he appears to be of very high interest to Packers' management. He would demand a high price, but they have money to spend. They will pursue him the most out of any of the free agents on their list. While they still have interest in the others, Thomas easily tops the list. Of course Thomas would lessen the need for Banta-Cain, as expected and he is a low priority at this point. They would want him more if they are unable to sign Thomas, but still have a little interest even if they do.

Thomas causes Vikings' QB Brad Johnson to fumble

So what would Thomas bring to the Packers? First and foremost he would bring another true playmaker to the defense. A real impact player that can make big plays, intercept a pass, cause a fumble. The turnover number was better than 2005 but could still use a big improvement. Getting that impact player in free agency would allow the Packers to go elsewhere through the draft.

Adding Thomas would really make the LB position very strong. There is already Nick Barnett who has gone over 100 tackles and was a probowl alternate every year but one. Then there is the #5 pick in the 2006 draft in AJ Hawk. Hawk showed to be very promising in just his first year in the league by leading the team in tackles. Brady Poppinga is the other LB, and while he is serviceable, a player like Thomas would be a huge upgrade. It has been said that "The Packers could find a better player than Brady outside of a Home Depot", he is certainly not that bad but not a top LB in the league.

Word has also been floaating around that he could be the full time DE opposite Aaron Kampman. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla's production slid down hill over the past season and eventually had his starting job taken away after th 49ers game. Cullen Jenkins, a former DT, was the one that took that starting job. I think Jenkins could be a good DE, but this would allow him to slide back to DT.

He could play either position full time, but I expect him to switch between them during the course of the game. He would be at LB for the Packers base 4-3 and run downs, while Jenkins held the DE spot. Then for Nickle situations since only two LBs are on the feild he would move down to DE and push Jenkins inside.

He versitility is why the packers like him so much and was the top LB target even if Briggs wasn't tagged. Infact he is their top overall target. Instead of spending a ton of money on a guy that would only play 2 downs to come out on Nickle situations, they would get a guy that would play full time. That makes him worth the money that he will take and he improves 2 positions.

By taking over the pass rushing situation he makes KGB expandable once his cap hit is small enough allowing them to cut dead weight.

The Packers already took care of their second priority in getting Moss and now look to land their top objective.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________


02-11-2007, 03:15 PM

Saints front office discusses free agency
February 11, 2007

By Sheldon Mickles
Sports Writer, The Advocate

The NFL's free agent signing period is a time for franchises to address areas of need before the annual draft held in April. For the New Orleans Saints, it is a time to bring in players that they feel will help get them further than the NFC Championship game.

Last year, the Saints became the Cinderella team of the season. Just two years removed from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, the Saints fought their way to a 10-6 season and earned the first bye week in franchise history. Then, a week later, they won only their second playoff game in franchise history and came just a game away from going to the Super Bowl but lost to the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Game. Their incredible season earned quarterback Drew Brees, along with rookie running back Reggie Bush and wide receiver Marques Colston, NFL MVP consideration. Bush and Colston were also nominated for NFL Rookie of the Year honors. Coach Sean Payton earned NFL Coach of the Year honors by helping guide his team that far.

After signing a multitude of free agents last season to mold the team in Sean Payton's image, the Saints this year won't be in a position to rebuild. This past season the Saints had 34 players on the team that were not with them last season. That type of rebuilding will not be necessary this season but it is safe to say that there are some holes the Saints still have that they would like to plug.

"We have some areas on our team that we feel we can get better at," said Saints new GM, diabsoule, in a recent phone interview.
The subject changed to that of which areas the Saints would like to address during free agency.

"We are looking at adding a few playmakers on defense. There are a few players that we are pursuing that we feel could come in and start immediately. We are also looking for depth along the defensive line," GM diabsoule continued.

I then asked him if he could identify some of the players the Saints have contacted. He would not divulge any names but he say that "one player is a linebacker from the AFC West. He has been very productive where he's been and has really caught on in the past few years and has had a couple of great seasons. He's a player we are really looking hard into getting."
He continued by saying, "We (the Saints front office) are also looking into bringing in two young cornerbacks, ones from the NFC East and the other is from the AFC South. Both are young guys that could come in and immediately contend for the #2 cornerback spot."

"We feel very confident in our ability to land the players we highly covet. We are emerging as a contender in the NFC and were just a game away from going to the Super Bowl last year. We feel that the players we are going after can definitely get us past the NFC Championship game and into the Super Bowl."

The Saints also have their own free agents that they would like to bring back. That begins with stand out defensive end Charles Grant.
"We definitely want Charles back. We began negotiations with him back in December but they slowed during our playoff run. As soon as the playoffs were over, they commenced. We're making progress in our talks with him and his agent and are very confident that he will be a Saint next year. We have respected his wishes not to franchise him and he respects us for that."

"We also want to bring back [defensive tackle] Hollis [Thomas]. He was very productive for us last year and was key in us stopping the run. We would like to see him finish his career here in New Orleans. There are some back-up and special team players that we want to bring back too. I liked the way our special teams played last year, we can get better as always, but they came on towards the end of the season. So, we feel that is essential to our continued success as a franchise is to keep those guys with us here in New Orleans."

The Saints GM was then asked about how he wants to bring in depth along the defensive line and if there were any players specifically that he was looking at.

"We are targeting two players specifically. Both performed very well in helping the team they were on last year make a playoff run. They both have experience in being in the playoffs, which is something we need. Both guys are very good against the run, which is something we feel is a definite positive. We need to get better against the run and these guys will help us with that. Brian Young is a pass rusher so we want to bring in another run stuffer to team them with Hollis Thomas." League souces I have contacted acknowledge that one of the players the Saints GM was alluding to was Bears Defensive Tackle Ian Scott. If that is so, Scott would be a big upgrade over current Saints backup Wilie Whitehead. He would also give them some versatility along the defensive line by having two run stuffers in Scott and Hollis Thomas and a pass rusher in Brian Young.

It is clear that the Saints have a plan and our sticking to it. Only time will tell if they are successful in landing the free agents that they covet, but it is safe to say that they have all the confidence in the world and after last season, we should all have confidence in them.

Shelton Mickles is a sports writer for the The Advocate.
He can be reached at sheldon.mickles@theadvocate.com

02-11-2007, 03:15 PM
Rams extend contract offers and free agent search
Defense still the focus, but offensive players get calls as well
By Jim Thomas

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v699/NickSeiler/Rams/kelsay.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v699/NickSeiler/Rams/scott_ian.jpg
Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay, Bears defensive tackle Ian Scott could be the latest targets.

One day of free agency is in the books, and rumors of visits and contract offers are flying across the national news wire. The most prominent buzz coming out of St. Louis has been in regards to Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Keith Traylor, who sources now say left town with a contract offer to consider. Traylor reportedly has other teams to visit with, but was thought to enjoy his time in St. Louis and liked the atmosphere and direction of the team.

Early reports indicate that contract offers have also been extended to a number of Ram free agents, including running back Stephen Davis, offensive lineman Todd Steussie, linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski, safety Dwaine Carpenter, and punter Matt Turk. While the Rams don’t anticipate much attention being played to these role players, they are willing to compete with other offers if necessary.

Perhaps one of the most surprising developments coming out of Rams Park has been the virtual impasse in contract negotiations between the Rams and wide receiver Kevin Curtis. Sources inside the club say that while both teams were interested in getting something done to keep Curtis in town long term, ultimately the contract figures simply did not work out, and most consider Curtis’ return to St. Louis a slim possibility at best. The Rams have reportedly already begun looking at alternatives at wide receiver, with Chicago’s Justin Gage tossed around in some discussions. Rams head coach Scott Linehan saw Gage twice a year in 2003 and 2004 while part of the Vikings coaching staff, and word has it Gage could be the recipient of an offer as early as today.

Another breaking development out of the Rams front office is that St. Louis has brought in defensive end Chris Kelsay, formerly a Buffalo Bill, for a visit. It’s no secret that the Rams were anticipating adding a defensive end in free agency, and Kelsay appears to be near the top of their list. Reports indicate that the Rams intend to pair Kelsay with first-year pro Victor Adeyanju in a rotation on the right side of the line, hoping to increase their pass rushing abilities opposite of defensive end Leonard Little. Kelsay and his agent arrived in St. Louis early this morning to meet with the coaching staff for an interview, and then found themselves engaged in contract negotiations well until lunch time.

Finally, inside sources report that despite heavily pursing defensive tackle Keith Traylor, the Rams also have some interest in bringing Chicago defensive tackle Ian Scott into the mix. Most believe that the Rams’ interest in Scott serves merely as an acknowledgement that Traylor is not a long term solution at nose tackle, and signing both Traylor and Scott would make for an exceptionally effective rotation at the position. Having played nose tackle for Chicago, Scott is viewed by insiders in the Rams organization as a promising young lineman who can collapse the pocket from the inside while keeping blockers off of the Rams’ linebackers in the running game. All indications are that the Rams have already phoned Scott’s agent to discuss contract parameters, and could bring him in for an interview soon.

02-11-2007, 04:27 PM

JD: Hi there!! I'm Jim Donovan for WKYC, NBC, channel 3's Sports Extra. The Browns have been selectively active in the trade market. The Browns have gone after a few key guy s with their huge amounts of cap space.

One of those key guys has been Aubrayo Franklin. The big, strong youngster has been a main target for Big Rick. What can you tell us about Aubrayo Andre Knott?


AK: Aubrayo is a very big young kid. He holds his spot well at the point of attack and push people around. I talked to Assisstant GM Freddy G. and he thinks that Aubrayo can be our nose for the future. And, we all know that is important because Big TED is aoit 74 years old.

Reuniting with Phil Savage??

Go Cowboys
02-11-2007, 04:58 PM
Jerry Jones brings players in for visit

"This is Darren Woodson reporting. It is now being reported that the Dallas cowboys have brought in two players for a visit at Valley Ranch. The two players happen to be from the same conference and are both offensive players. Kris Dielman who is a very hot commodity was one of the players who left Valley Ranch this afternoon with after a Meeting with one of his former coaches (Wade Phillips) and Jerry Jones. The other player is the same one Jerry went to pick up in in Clyde Hill, Washington. We still have not been able to get a name but he is listed as a White Quarterback who played in the AFC West this past year. Dielman left Valley Ranch at 5:30 EST which was about twenty minutes ago, the Quarterback is still somewhere in Valley Ranch believed to be in serious contract talks. Do not doubt that at least one of these players left or will leave Valley Ranch tonight with a Contract offer. The question is who will sign.

Also it is being reported that the Cowboys have offered 2-6 contracts to the same amount of players.

When Jerry brought back the QB he pushed back the rest of his trips till a later day.

02-11-2007, 08:24 PM

Saints Looking To Defense

According to league sources, the Saints plan on addressing their defense this offseason by targeting a number of free agent cornerbacks, defensive tackles, and linebackers.

The source tells us that the Saints have been in contact with Bengals cornerback Tory James, Rams cornerback Travis Fisher, Oakland defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, Green Bay defensive tackle Kendrick Allen, and Tennessee linebacker Peter Sirmon.

The Saints secondary couldn't get any worse than it was last year, as Fred "Toast" Thomas was one of the worst starting cornerbacks in the league. Mike McKenzie and Jason Craft aren't much better so Tory James and Travis Fisher would seem to help continue the Mardi Gras celebration already going on if the Saints were able to land them.

One thing is certain with the group of players this source tells us the Saints are going after and that is that they look to keep bringing in veterans to play with the young guys they already have.

art vandelay
02-11-2007, 08:29 PM

Familiar Face Seen Around 1 Bills Drive
Former Bills player Alan Ricard seen touring the facilities

Sal Maiorana
Staff Writer


Former Bills FB Alan Ricard was spotted in the weight room of 1 Bills Drive on Sunday joking around with WR Lee Evans and TE Robert Royal. The three of them chatted together for about 20 minutes before leaving to go to a local Hooters for lunch.

I am not sure what to make of this yet, but it is certainly an interesting development. After the Bills announced that Daimon Shelton would not return for the 2007-2008 season, Ricard could certainly be an option at FB. Ricard was cut in training camp last year in favor of Shelton, but he is 5 years younger and encompasses a similiar skill set to Shelton at FB. The upcoming NFL Draft is fairly deep at FB, with such prospects as Brian Leonard, Le'Ron McClain, Jason Snelling and Cory Anderson, so this could obbiously be a route the Bills may take to fill their FB void. An offer was not made to Ricard before he left Buffalo later in the afternoon, but don't rule out the possibility entirely.

Sal Maiorana is a writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Scotty D
02-11-2007, 08:54 PM

Notes and Rumors with Ben Maller


"Kevin Curits and Lions personnal were seen meeting at this Detroit are Buffalo Wild Wings. Camera phone captured Matt Millen completing the wing challenge and receiving his complementary t-shirt."

The Detroit Lions have been very aggressive in their courting of free agents this off-season. Mike Martz, Mike Furrey, Kevin Curtis, and Matt Millen were all seen at the local Buffalo Wild Wings laughing and joking Saturday night. Furrey, Martz, and Curtis all talked about the good times they enjoyed back in St. Louis while Millen was there for business. It is believed that Curtis has been given a very fair contract offer by the Lions, and that the ball is now in Kevin's court, and the Lions are awaiting a decision.

It is believed that Detroit has also made contract offers to London Fletcher, Boss Bailey, and Eric Steinbach. All three players were seen coming and going from Ford Field this weekend.

02-11-2007, 09:54 PM

Feb. 11, 2007, 10:55PM
Texans working deals to re-sign some Free Agents
Salaam, Orr are just two of many

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, Texas - The Texans have been working around the clock to try and re-sign some of their free agents. It is believed that the Texans are trying to re-sign 8 of the players that played for them last season. LT Ephraim Salaam and LB Shante Orr are believed to be the team's two biggest targets. A league source has confirmed that the Texans have come very close to deals with TE Mark Bruener, LB DaShon Polk, and DE Antwan Peek. All three are expected to re-sign with the Texans but are also weighing all their options, before a decision is finalized. Also, Texans' GMs Mike Molitor and Cody Mahan were spotted with WR Kevin Walter at a Steak 'n Shake not too far from Houston and they were believed to be discussing a contract as well. Many of the Texans' current targeted free agents have set Tuesday as the day that they plan to sign a contract. We can all hope that all of their targets will be in Houston next season.

Saints Dome Patrol
02-12-2007, 01:22 AM

Taslin Alfonzo: Now for an Saints off-season update, we go to
Rich Lenz. Rich?

Rich Lenz: Thanks, Taslin. All eyes in the Big Easy are
on the Saints and what they are doing this off-season. One key piece
to New Orleans' success last season was defensive end Charles Grant.


Grant, who is seen here applying pressure on Carolina Panthers
quarterback Jake Delhomme, reached incentives in his contract which
allowed him to become a free agent after this season. Grant had
a monster year, with 65 tackles, six sacks, and three forced fumbles.

Grant was drafted in the first round in 2002, and has played for
the Saints his entire career. In four seasons, the former Georgia
Bulldogs standout has recorded more than 200 tackles and 33 sacks.

In other Saints news, talks with wide receiver Joe Horn have continued
to stall. An anonymous source within the organization say that the
four-time Pro Bowler is not willing to back down from the bargaining
table without getting what he believes in rightfully his.

Saints officials might be in a tight spot, with Horn due more than
four million dollars in bonus money this coming March. However, if
the Saints cut the star wide receiver, it could cause a rift between
the fans and the organization.

Horn is one of the Saints most recoginizable faces. The eleven year veteran
has more than eight thousand career receiving yards and 57 touchdowns.

Back to you, Taslin.

Taslin Alfonzo: Thanks, Rich. We'll be back more with "6 On Your Side" after this.

02-12-2007, 02:17 AM
Thomas or Grant in Tampa?

The reporsts coming out of Tampa, Florida in recent days has been the emgergence of interest in the Balitmore Ravens free agent LB/DE Adalius Thomas and New Orleans DE Charles Grant.

It has been revealed that both head coach Jon Gruden and defensive guru Monte Kiffin have fallen in love with Thomas and Grant and will stop at nothing to attract either player to Tampa,

Expect them to make a contract offers shortly


02-12-2007, 01:10 PM
Eagles Re-Sign their lone ERFA and let their lone RFA walk


Hi, this is Dave Spadaro coming to you live from the NovaCare Complex and it looks Eagles have made the first of what is expected to lots of off-season signings. Eagles GM Tom Heckert and ERFA Pat McCoy, an UDFA offensive tackle from West Texas A&M. McCoy didn't see any action in the 2006 NFL season, but according to Heckert, McCoy is key to their O-line depth.
"I talked with coach Reid this morning and we both decided it was best to keep this young man on board with us for '07 and seasons to come." Heckert told us during a short media breifing on Monday. The first signing of a what looks to be a busy off-season here in Philly. In other news,
Jason Short; a linebacker from Eastern Michigan and the Eagles' only RFA of the 2007 off-season, was not given any sort tender offer making him a UFA once the deadline arrives. Thats all from the NovaCare Complex, I'm Dave Spadaro, have a great Eagles day.

02-12-2007, 01:33 PM
(Newly hired Giants GM Jerry Reese walks in for what is his first of a few press conferences concerning free agency)


Jerry: First I'd like to thank all the members of the press who made the drive out to the stadium today. As you all know free agency has started and many reports have popped up regarding what direction this team is heading in. I'd just like to set some things straight and clear up issues that may or may not be true. The reports are out there from numerous media outlets about who we have been meeting with. It is against our team policy to release any names of players we have talked to but I will divulge a few nuggets of information. Our secondary is still a huge concern with us as it was last year. Some moves were made last year to shore this unit up but our play on the field was still below par in our opinion. We are trying to do more to patch up this unit whether it be through the draft, free agency, or both. As a former defensive back myself, I've taken personal pride in fixing this issue.

In addition to our secondary, we are just looking to upgrade the overall speed of our defense. Steve Spagnuolo brings in a different scheme than our players have been used to playing under Tim Lewis these last three years. Its' principles are based more on attacking rather than reading and reacting. To accomplish this we feel getting faster at all positions on defense is a priority.

Besides that we are looking to add maybe one more weapon of offense for Eli to work with it and add some role players on this team. Guys who excel on special teams and other aspects of the game. The type of guys whose work will most likely be underappreciated by you guys in the press, but will be held with high regard within our orginization.

On that note, I'd like to thank you all for coming out here again and its time for me to get back on the phone and meeting in person with potential future Giants. Thank you.

02-12-2007, 01:37 PM
Broncos send offer sheets
By Adam Schefter
Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 02/12/2007 12:26:00 PM MST

While Denver has not publicly acknowledged any offer sheets or contract negotiations, I believe they have been taking a long hard look at their offensive line. With the decision to let Carlisle walk, Denver has either decided that Chris Kuper (or Chris Myers) will replace him, or that they will need to sign someone to step in. It seems almost inevitable that someone will be signed for player depth, and possibly more than one player going into training camp. While I haven't received any direct information, I would imagine the Broncos have sent an offer sheet to some combination of Eric Steinbach, Ephraim Salaam, Toniu Fonoti and Lennie Friedman. Steinbach is clearly the top guard available in free agency and Salaam and Friedman have both played in Denver before and are familiar with Denver's schemes.

While some have reported that Denver may look to make a splash in free agency (as they've started off under the cap for one of the first times in recent memory), I believe Denver will take a much more measured approach than many other teams this year, and be much more selective in signing players. I do not foresee them making a push for a player like Dwight Freeney (at least, beyond the initial phone call) as much as I can see them making moves for a few of the guys on the second or third tier. Guys with either unfulfilled potential, or solid young role players.

Beyond news of potential signings, it appears likely Denver will make several roster cuts in the next few days to free up space on the roster for both rookie signings and to remove some of the dead wood on the team. In past years, Denver has been forced, for cap reasons, to release players with good talent. This season however, they should be able to be more selective.

02-12-2007, 02:41 PM
Chiefs | Team courting Bennett
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 1:12:03

Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star reports the Chiefs and free agent WR Drew Bennett are currently having initial contract discussions. Bennett is one of the more high-profile free agents this season, and Chiefs co-gms eazyb81, villagewarrior, and MIZZOU view him as a potential #1 wideout in KC's offensive scheme. Bennett has generated a decent amount of buzz this offseason so he surely won't come cheap, but the Chiefs decision makers realize the team needs an upgrade at wide receiver if they hope to improve on last year's poor offensive performance.

Chiefs | Scott, Long currently in KC - more to come?
Sun, 21 Jan 2007 12:47:21 -0800

Kevin Keitzman of WHB 810 has reported that free agent defensive tackles Ian Scott and Rien Long are in Kansas City meeting with the team's owner and general managers. The Chiefs are looking to improve on last year's starting DT combination of James Reed and Ron Edwards, and they feel the rather deep defensive tackle market will be beneficial to their needs. Scott has excelled in a Cover 2 scheme with Chicago so his transition should be fairly smooth, while Long is the potential 3-technique defensive tackle Kansas City's defense desperately needs.

Furthermore, Keitzman has hinted that the Chiefs are also in discussions with defensive tackles Cory Redding and Hollis Thomas. Keitzman would not confirm or deny that they were in Kansas City, but said don't be surprised if the Chiefs end up with either one.

02-12-2007, 03:00 PM
Broncos | FB Kyle Johnson tendered
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 1:58:03

Denver has offered FB Kyle Johnson the mid-tender, giving them the right to match any offers the FB may receive on the free agent market.

02-12-2007, 04:24 PM
http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/5263/sitelogo340x60zc8.th.gif (http://img239.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sitelogo340x60zc8.gif)

Thomas and Favre Talk

Word coming from a couple of sources, says that Packers QB, Brett Favre, and UFA LB, Adalius Thomas, have had phone conversations over the past weekend. We first heard the news from Favre’s agent, Bus Cook. Cook said that since the Packers interest in Thomas had finally been made public Favre made the call. Favre knew that he is a big part of the organization and could influence free agents to come. Favre wants another chance at a title in what could be his final year, and he thinks Thomas along with other off-season moves could make them a contender in the weak NFC.

The next source we talked to was Favre. No not Brett, he took the boat out to go bass fishing right after his agent talked with us. We were able to get his mother Bonita though. Bonita said that they did talk a bit about the potential signing to bring Thomas to Green Bay, but Brett wanted to talk about other things. He wanted to talk about hunting and golf, but Adalius showed little interest in those topics. They ended up talking about Southern Miss, the college were both played college ball.
Thomas at Southern Miss

Favre at Southern Miss

They had a conversation about Golden Eagles head coach Jeff Bower, which both played under. They also talked about the recruiting class and the upcoming college football season.

Neither Bus nor Bonita would release the exact words that were said about becoming teammates, but all indications were that both were excited about the potential signing. Of course Thomas is a top free agent and has many other teams interested, but from the information we got Green Bay is a top candidate.

02-12-2007, 07:12 PM
the seahawks arent looking to talk to the media any time soon, they are very sneaky

art vandelay
02-12-2007, 08:23 PM

Rumor Confirmed: Clements offered 7 years, $65 million
Bills break the bank on their lockdown corner

Chris Brown
Lead Journalist


I just recieved word from an inside source within the Bills organization which confirmed that Nate Clements was offered a 7 year deal worth $65 million, including a $19 million dollar signing bonus and $8 million in other bonuses. Not all the money is guaranteed as the contract is somewhat incentive-laden, but Clements is guaranteed at least $56 million if he signs. This contract would also make Clements the highest paid cornerback in the NFL if he signs, surpassing Champ Bailey's 7 year deal worth $63 million.

"We are estastic with this offer," said Clements' agent Todd France told me, "we were unsure if Buffalo would make a contract offer of this magnitude based on their history of conservative contracts but this one definitely exceeded our expectations."

I was also able to get a statement from Clements himself. "I am very pleased with this contract. When your team offers you money like this it really lets you how much they appreciate you and what you've done for them. This is a great deal for me and my family. You should know by tomorrow whether or not I will be a Buffalo Bill next season."

Well, I think I will quote ex-GM Tom Donahoe on this one, "Stay Tuned."

Chris Brown is the lead journalist for BuffaloBills.com

02-12-2007, 08:23 PM
The Tennessean's lead NFL reporter, Jim Wyatt recently had an interview with new Titans GM, Mike Reinfeldt about the offseason and the NFL Draft.

Jim Wyatt:Good Afternoon Mr. Reinfeldt.
Mike Reinfeldt:How are you Jim? Please call me Mike.
JW:Alright Mike. Well we have already seen how agressive you are, specifically in the free agent market.
MR:Well, we are trying to add key elements that will make our team a championship contender, especially after this surprising season.
JW:Well the Titans fans are sure happy to see that you wish to improve on an already blossoming team. Can you comment on any of the free agents that you have been going after?
MR:Well Coach Fisher and I sat down for several hours reviewing our team's strengths and weaknesses and found that our secondary should be one of the main focal points of improvement during this offseason. We have reached out, talked to and have offered lucrative contracts to both Asante Samuel and Ken Hamlin, two young bright stars of the NFL who would immediately make our team's secondary one of the best in the NFL.
JW:We have also seen that you have contacted Bobby Wade's agent and have offered him a contract as well.
MR:Yes we have. We believe that in order for Vince Young to continue to succeed in the NFL, we want to keep him comfortable and keep around wide recievers who have made him become the quarterback he is. Late last season, Bobby Wade became a very productive slot reciever, so we feel he is vital for our team's continued offensive success.
JW:We have also seen that you have released both Lamont Thompson and Andre Woolfolk. Would you like to comment on this?
MR:Well, both players were productive Titans, however we felt that Thompson caused a bit more damage to our team then he could produce. At times, it seemed as if he had become a below average at coverage and that would put a strain on the rest of our secondary. Woolfolk was a college star at Oklahoma, and my predecessor felt that he would have great success with our team. However, as time passed by, he continued dropping down the depth chart and eventually we drafted better players and unfortunately for him, there wasn't any spot for him on our team.
JW:The NFL Draft is coming up very soon, and after last season's draft class, you are asked to show your moxie and make this team even better by adding younger players. Can you comment on what direction you will take with the draft?
MR:As of right now, we are taking a look at many prospective players. Coach Fisher went down to the Senior Bowl and reported back to me that he saw some impressive players on and off the field, and during practices. We can't comment on anything right now, but are anxiously awaiting the Pro Day's as well as the NFL Combine.
JW:Well it seems as if Titans fans have a lot to look foward to in the future. Thank you for all your time Mike.
MR:It was no problem Jim. Take care now.

02-12-2007, 10:04 PM
Rams coaches continue to work previous connections
Linehan and Haslett pursue players from Miami and New Orleans
By Jim Thomas

Could Saints defensive end Charles Grant reunite with former head coach Jim Haslett in St. Louis?

Rams head coach Scott Linehan doesn’t appear to be the only one on the Rams coaching staff that’s using former connections to try and lure free agents to St. Louis. It now appears that current Rams defensive coordinator and former New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett is in heavy contact with free agent defensive end Charles Grant.

It was only a few days ago that Linehan began talking with Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Keith Traylor, whom Linehan saw and schemed against regularly in practice as the Dolphins offensive coordinator during the 2005 season. While Linehan was not in south Florida long – he spent only one year on the Dolphins staff before being hired by the Rams – the front office and staff alike hope that he made a good enough impression to convince Traylor to make a move north. All indications are that negotiations between Linehan, the Rams, and Traylor are still moving forward and will continue to do so until Traylor makes a decision.

Traylor, 37, has spent the last two years in Miami serving as the nose tackle on their defensive line. He’s previously spent time in Chicago and Kansas City, and was a part of three Super Bowl teams while with the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. The Rams are interested in adding Traylor to his roster as a means of keeping blockers off of undersized linebackers Will Witherspoon and Pisa Tinoisamoa. They also hope Traylor will be able to contribute to one of the league’s worst run defenses due to his bulk and ability to clog rushing lanes.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Haslett rushed into Rams Park once the news broke of Charles Grant’s availability on the free agent market. Inside sources in the Rams organization confirm that Haslett has been working the telephone non-stop with calls to Grant and his agent, and sources confirm that a contract offer has in fact been sent. The Rams hope to host Grant in town but understand time may not allow it, hence Haslett’s frontline role in the recruitment process.

Grant was drafted by Jim Haslett and the Saints in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft, and flourished in Haslett’s defense. He was a full-time starter on the defensive line in 2003 and then experienced the best season of his career in 2004 when he accumulated 78 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and an interception. Despite Smith playing on the left side in New Orleans, the Rams are confident they can find an alignment that features both Grant and current defensive standout Leonard Little in a defensive end combo that would rival most in the league.

Finally, it appears Traylor is not the only defensive tackle the Rams are pursuing. Rumblings in the area suggest that personnel in the Rams front office have put in calls to the Chicago area, specifically to Bears defensive tackle Ian Scott. Even if the Rams agree to terms with Keith Traylor, it appears as if they’d like to find a young interior lineman capable of playing the nose that they can rotate in when Traylor needs spelled or, worst case scenario, if Traylor gets injured. Initial discussions with Scott indicate that he could be a fit in St. Louis, and negotiations have progressed to contract specifics.

The Rams expect some news on the free agency front within the next day or two, which includes decisions from some of their own free agents that were offered deals. The coaching staff is optimistic that an aggressive initial wave of signings could take care of most of their significant team needs, thus opening up their draft plans to more possibilities. But ultimately it will all depend on putting pen to paper.

02-13-2007, 12:02 AM
Packers offer ERFA Carlyle Holiday a contract.

02-13-2007, 12:16 AM
Green Staying in Green Bay.

Despite the talk of how Green is decline, the Packers have expressed interest in bringing him back. He would come back and most likely become the all time leading rusher of the Packers. A contract has been offered and the Pack would like him back. Of course nothing has been made final yet and there is still a possibility that he could go to another team.

They also have offered contracts to resign some of their other free agents.

02-13-2007, 12:26 AM

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Oakland Raiders Head Coach Lane Kiffin and Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp flew to the East Coast this evening for interviews with Prospective Free Agents. Sources have confirmed that their first stop will be in Baltimore.


Saints Dome Patrol
02-13-2007, 01:37 AM


Saints talk with free agents escalate
Mitchell, Womack seen around town

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
By A.J. Smith
Staff Writer

While the entire city of New Orleans is getting their costumes ready
and preparing for the week long celebration known as Mardi Gras, the
Saints' two newest front office members are still hard at work,
continuing in their attempts to lure several key free agents to sign
with the defending NFC South champions.

"It's been a real busy week or so," said Saints general manager
diabsoule. "We (himself and Saints director of player personnel
Saints Dome Patrol) have really been burning the midnight oil,
working with both players and agents, working out the best deals for
both them and our team's salary cap concerns."

One player that the Saints have been actively persuing this off-season
is Kansas City linebacker Kawika Mitchell.

"There's no question that [Kawika] Mitchell is a special player who
showed this past season that he can play with the highest level of
competition," diabsoule said.

"Before this year, people questioned his ability to play against
top-notch talent. I'd like to say that I think he's proved all his
critics wrong this season."

Mitchell, a fourth year player from South Florida, totaled more
than one hundred tackles and had one interception this past season
with the Chiefs.

A few days ago, Mitchell was seen taking a walking tour of the city's
famed French Quarter with Saints director of player personnel Saints
Dome Patrol.

After taking in the city's bustling night life, Mitchell dined with
Saints officials at Emeril's Delmonico Restaurant in the heart of the
Warehouse District.

"I really enjoyed my stay in New Orleans," said Mitchell. "Although
it was short, they (the Saints) really made me feel at home here."

When asked about his situation in Kansas City, Mitchell was not all
quiet about his feelings surrounding his current team.

"I love Kansas City, you know? I mean, I love [Chiefs defensive
coordinator Gunther Cunningham] Coach Gun's system up there," Mitchell

"But I know that I can be successful anywhere in this league."

Another free agent that was spotted around town was Seattle Seahawks
offensive lineman Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack. Womack, who is a native
of nearby Cleveland, Mississippi and a former Mississippi State
Bulldog, is a six year veteran of the league.

Womack says that he's happy in Seattle but would love to play for
what he calls his "hometown team".

"When I grew up in Cleveland (Mississippi), all my friends and I
would go outside and play football in the street," Womack recalled.

"And everytime I'd pretend I was in the Superdome, playing under
all those lights. Playing for them (the Saints) was like my dream
when I was a little boy."

Womack was seen with Saints offensive coordinator and offensive
line coach Doug Marrone. The two were seen in Cafe du Monde,
sharing a huge serving of beignets. Womack seemed content with
his recent visit to the Big Easy.

"I think that given the opportunity, I would absolutely love to
play for [Saints head coach] Coach Payton and do what I did for
Seattle two seasons ago, bring them to the Super Bowl," Womack

"Of course, this time around, I want to win," Womack said with
a smile.

Hopefully, the recent visits of both Mitchell and Womack will
prove to be beneficial when the free agency period officially
starts in the coming days.

All that is certain is that while the rest of the city prepares
for Mardi Gras balls and parades, the Saints will continue to
work late into the night, still working until they can have their
own celebration, after signing some key free agents.

To contact staff Writer A.J. Smith, call (504) 555-6996

© 2007 The Times-Picayune. All rights reserved.

Number 10
02-13-2007, 10:48 AM
Giants FA Update


http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/MMD.jpg"Live from Giants Stadium I am Chris Russo flying solo on the Mike and the Mad Dog Radio Show, we are here with Giants General Manager Jerry Reese. Jerry, do we have any updates for today?"

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Reese.jpg"Well Chris, we have been notified by several of our primary targets that we will hear back from them today regarding their interest in playing for the Giants."

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/MMD.jpg"Now I know you guys are extremely tight-lipped about these things more often than not, but could you tease us with a little hint on who you are waiting to hear from?"

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Reese.jpg"Chris you know we don't throw names around like some other teams do in this league, but you should be able to find out within the next couple hours or so."

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/MMD.jpg"Alright, that's the answer I was expecting to hear, no worries. Rumors are that Asante Samuel has been in and out of the Stadium to visit you guys on more than one occasion. Now without giving anything up, could you shed some light on the situation?"

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Reese.jpgYeah Chris, we have spoken to Asante and his reps a few times, just like we have talked to a handful of defensive backs and their reps. We obviously have that hole in our secondary that cries for an elite playmaker, and we have been exploring options via the draft, free agency, and trade. We fielded a few offers to a few potential clients and like I said, we have been told a decision will be final on those targets sometime today."

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/MMD.jpg"Sounds good Jerry, it seems as if you are taking a proactive approach to you first offseason as the man in charge. You have yet to make any bold moves that have really put your stamp on this franchise, can we expect something big to go down soon?"

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Reese.jpg"Well again Chris, we are still at the very beginning of this process and a few things around the league need to pan out before we get a better idea of what we'll be doing. I'm hoping that we will be introducing a new face to the franchise today and you guys can start to see where I am going with all this."

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/MMD.jpg"Alright Jerry Reese, General Manager of the New York Giants, thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to speak with us and good luck."

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/number10ds/Reese.jpg"My pleasure Chris."

02-13-2007, 11:28 AM
Chiefs | LJ trade on the horizon?
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 11:22:49

Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star is reporting the Chiefs may be on the cusp of trading star running back Larry Johnson. Co-GM villagewarrior publicly made statements earlier in the week saying the team in not necessarily looking to trade Johnson, but they would listen to all offers. To no one's surprise, the offers came flooding in for the Pro Bowler, and anonymous sources at One Arrowhead Drive have said the team is mulling over current offers while also waiting to see if any surprise offers come about.

02-13-2007, 11:36 AM

Rams | Team hosts free agents in early morning - from www.KFFL.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 09:12:37 -0800

Nick Wagoner, of StLouisRams.com, reports the St. Louis Rams (http://www.kffl.com/team/34/nfl) hosted a few key free agents early this morning, including Saints DE Charles Grant (http://www.kffl.com/player/1215/NFL) and Chicago Bears DT Ian Scott (http://www.kffl.com/player/6060/NFL) as well as WR Justin Gage (http://www.kffl.com/player/6264/NFL). After a brief tour of their facilities, the Rams reportedly served a rather large breakfast for their guests, where the prospective additions were able to talk with the coaching staff at greater lengths. Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett (http://www.kffl.com/player/1974/NFL) spent most of the morning catching up with Grant while defensive line coach Brian Baker (http://www.kffl.com/player/13609/NFL) spent quite a bit of time discussing schemes and situations with Scott. Meanwhile, Rams receivers coach Henry Ellard (http://www.kffl.com/player/13687/NFL) took Gage to the film room to pick his brain, which included a brief meeting with current Rams WR Torry Holt (http://www.kffl.com/player/1780/NFL) who was scheduled to work out today at Rams Park. Head coach Scott Linehan (http://www.kffl.com/player/8300/NFL) made a brief appearance during breakfast, but inside sources say he spent most of the morning partnered up with Rams front office personnel as they continued to hammer out contract specifics with the agent for DT Keith Traylor (http://www.kffl.com/player/305/nfl).

02-13-2007, 12:17 PM
ESPN is reporting that Asante Samuel will stay on the East Coast. More details to come.

02-13-2007, 01:21 PM

Reports indicate that several sought after free agents will be changing teams, with one of the premier defensive backs staying home.

More to come...

02-13-2007, 01:55 PM


"Welcome back. With our look in Sports tonight, we give it to Steve Schneider. Steve, how are things with the Saints?"


"Well, George, a lot has been happening at Saints headquarters in Metairie."

"The biggest news coming out of Saints camp today is that negotiations between the team and wide receiver Joe Horn have completely stalled. The Saints have recently brought the former Pro-Bowl receiver in to renegotiate his contract but things have been deadlocked between the two sides for the past few days."

"According to a Saints press release, the team is now actively seeking trading partners for the disgruntled receiver. Horn was due a four and a half million dollar signing bonus but with his production being hampered by lingering injuries, he will now more than likely find himself playing on a different team next year."

"In other news, the free agent signing period is heating up with the Saints hopeful they can land some big name players. One player the Saints are going after strong is one of their own. Defensive End Charles Grant. Negotiations between the former University of Georgia standout and the franchise have progressed significantly over the past few days with all indications pointing to him resigning with the team. The same is also true for Defensive Tackle Hollis Thomas, who the Saints acquired through a draft day trade from the Philadelphia Eagles."

"Other players sources associated with the Saints have mentioned they have been in contact with are cornerback Roderick Hood, defensive tackle Ian Scott, and linebacker Kawika Mitchell."

"That's it in Saints news. Back to you, George."


"Thanks, Steve. Coming up on WAFB News at 10, we will take a look at a unique Cajun cottage found right in our backyard with Tumey's Travels."

Go Cowboys
02-13-2007, 02:06 PM
Jerry Jones talks Free Agency


"Darren Woodson reporting."

Jerry Jones has informed me that they are expecting to hear back from numerous players regarding their decision on whether to become part of "America's Team".

JJ: "We expect at least 4 guys to have made their decisions before the end of the day, we know not everyone will come to Dallas but we are pulling out all the stops to try and get them to sign with us."

DW: "What would those "stops" be?"

JJ: "Well Darren you of all people know that I do not disclose that kind of information very lightly."

DW: "Ok, Thanks for the heads up Mr. Jones."

JJ: "Anytime Darren, I'll talk to you after we find out more."

DW: "Thanks Mr. Jones." That wraps up our report on the Dallas Cowboys.....Hold that thought breaking news, the reports have started to come in and it looks like.......

NFL Live Team: "Darren?......Darren?.... Are you there Darren?....Folks it seems as though Darren Woodson is have some technical difficulties, we will send you back to him as soon as we can."

02-13-2007, 02:59 PM
Eagles Step Up Efforts to Retain Key FA's:[/u]

Dave Spodaro reports that even though HC Andy Reid is on a leave of absence, the team is hard at work locking up its own FA's. "After some initial confusion, the team has finally clarified its FA situation," said Head GM Bsaza2358. "No, William Thomas is not a FA. However, key contributors like Rod Hood, Reno Mahe, Juqua Thomas, Dante Stallworth, Correll Buckhalter, and Jeff Garcia are shopping their services around the league."

With only $13mm in cap room, but most of its starters signed through at least 2008, the team is looking to make targeted impact signings. Bsaza2358 closed with this comment, "We have made fair offers to several of our FA's, and we are very comfortable with the returning roster. We will make a few smaller trades and pickups, but the majority of what you see in 2007 will be very similar to the NFC East Division Champion Eagles from 2006."

More to come as it transpires...[/i][/b]

02-13-2007, 03:57 PM

Raiders sign Offensive Lineman

The Oakland Raiders have signed Offensive Lineman Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack.
Womack will provide immediate help to the Offensive Line as a Player and a Teammate.



02-13-2007, 04:03 PM
Irons and Northcutt to Miami


Two new players will join the Miami Dolphins next year. DE/OLB Grant Irons and WR Dennis Northcutt were signed today. Irons will compete with returning player Donnie Spragan for the starting SOLB job. Northcutt is the deep receiver Miami has been looking for and he will also contribute in the return game. The Dolphins also resigned defensive tackle Keith Traylor, as well as OT Damion McIntosh, RB Sammy Morris, OL Kendyl Jacox, and DE David Bowens. The Dolphins were disappointed the could not sign one of the marquee players but are happy with the players they've signed and will continue to look for other free agents.

02-13-2007, 04:07 PM

Rams | Scott agrees to contract - from www.KFFL.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:42:18 -0800

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that the St. Louis Rams (http://www.kffl.com/team/34/nfl) have reached a contract agreement with DT Ian Scott (http://www.kffl.com/player/6060/NFL), though financial terms were unavailable. A press conference to announce the signing will likely take place but has not been officially scheduled. Scott was one of a small number of defensive tackles the Rams were talking to, and is expected to compete for the starting nose tackle job.

Go Cowboys
02-13-2007, 04:13 PM
Columbo and Dockery Sign on the Dotted Line.

Dunna nunt....Dunna nunt.....
"This is Steve Levy on episode number 30,004 and we have breaking news the first group of free agents have officialy signed on the dotted line. We will take you out to Dallas for our top story."


"Darren Woodson reporting.

I earlier reported that the Cowboys expected to have at least 4 players they were targeting to sign somewhere by the end of the day and I was right, in fact they had about 6 players sign somewhere, but instead of talking about who they lost let us talk about the guys that will be in the Blue and White next year. Two players dotted the I's and Crossed the T's on a Dallas Cowboys document today to become part of America's Team. Those two players are Derrick Dockery and Marc Columbo. Columbo had been a starter for the Cowboys this past year and Jerry Jones informed me that he was one of their top Priority's. Dockery is a different story, he lives less then 20 miles away from Dallas, but was also a Texas Longhorn in college, he was then drafted by Daniel Synder and the Washington Redskins. I was able to catch up to both of the players and Jerry Jones after he heard about the news."

DW: "Mr. Jones how does it feel to get two Free Agents on the Offensive Line?"
JJ: "It is a great feeling, we are glad to have Marc back and to get Derrick to come back home to Texas."
DW: "Can you let us know what other free agents you were hoping to get or are expecting to sign later today?"
JJ: "I can tell you we are very disappointed in Josh Brown who re-signed with Seattle, but I guess you win some you lose some. As for who we are expecting to hear from later is Andre Gurode who we are very intent on keeping in Dallas."

Then there was Columbo.

DW: "Are you happy to be back in Dallas for the next few years? And what were the terms of the contract?"
MC: "I am very happy to be back here in Dallas, they were the only team to give me a shot at a starting position. I can't disclose the contract but it is a 3 year deal with an option for the 4th."

Then there was Dockery

DW: "How excited are you to come back home to Texas?"
DD: "I am very excited that the Cowboys and Mr. Jones gave me this chance to prove myself alot like they did for Marc last year, seeing his success helped make my decision to come home to Texas over some other places. I look forward to competeing for the starting job next year with Marco Rivera."

DW: "You heard it folks expect to hear from Andre Gurode later tonight as to whether he will be signing with the Cowboys or else where with teams such as the Browns."

With that let us introduce our Newest Cowboy Derrick Dockery and a guy we are glad to have back Marc Columbo.

Scott Wright
02-13-2007, 04:19 PM


Panthers Sign Hamlin
Turn Attention to Linebacker

Erin Andrews of ESPN

http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/395977.jpg http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60x80/396004.jpg

ESPN's Erin Andrews has confirmed that the Carolina Panthers have indeed inked safety Ken Hamlin to a contract and the former Seahawk will replace Shaun Williams in the secondary alongside Mike Minter. As a result of this signing the Panthers have pulled their previous offer to safety Michael Lewis.

With one major need addressed Carolina has now turned their full and undivided attention to outside linebacker Cato June and he is in fact in town and being given the full-court press. Linebacker is without question the Panthers biggest need right now with perhaps two starting spots open in the middle and on the weakside so June is a high-priority target. With their other free agent option at the position Kawika Mitchell re-signing with the Chiefs the Panthers might be putting all of their eggs in Cato June's basket.

02-13-2007, 04:20 PM
Confusion in New England as Free Agency hots up

There is an air of confusion hanging over the New England Patriots today as the first batch of Free Agents decided who they would be playing for next year. The Patriots were taking a key look on this and were delighted to have Adalius Thomas sign for the team. Although financial figures were undisclosed, there is the feeling that New England has enough cap room to still make an impact in Free Agency if they want to.

However, this air of optimism was suddenly overshadowed by the news that Daniel Graham and signed for the Vikings. What makes this extremly confusing is that the Patriots had franchised thier Tight End. The Patriots, however, are confident that they can resolve this issue with the NFL commisioner as soon as possible and are confident that Graham will still be a New England Patriot come next season.

So all in all, a good day for the Patriots as they capture Adalius Thomas from stiff competittion and still await responses from other Free Agnests. The off-season has begun in New England, here's hoping that it continues the extremly positive vibe set by the Thomas signing.

Scotty D
02-13-2007, 04:22 PM
Lions retain Boss Bailey


by Len Pasquerelli

The Detroits Lions and outside linebacker Boss Bailey came to terms on Tuesday. Terms of the deal are not currently known.
Bailey has endured some nagging injuries the past couple of seasons, but they Lions believe he can still be a key contributor to their defense.

"If he stays healthy, he will produce. There is no question about," said Matt Millen during a press conference on Tuesday.

02-13-2007, 05:59 PM
The Cleveland Browns orginization welcomes


02-13-2007, 06:09 PM
Bobby Wade to Remain a Titans, Titans lose out in the Race for Hamlin
NFL.com wire reports
Titans have resigned Bobby Wade to a four year to remain with the Titans. Wade was one of Vince Young's favortie targets toward the end of last season. Wade made 33 catches for 461 yards and 2 TD's. Wade also 50 KR for 1194 yards with and average of 23.9 per return.

The Titans lost out to the Panthers for the signing of FS Ken Hamlin, the Titans offered a four deal, but he declined it to sign a five year deal with the Panthers. Hamlin was expected to take over at FS after the Titans released Lamont Thompson. The lost of Hamlin will make the Titans look at others FA or think about Drafting somebody to compete for the starting FS spot.

Scotty D
02-13-2007, 08:16 PM

Lions | Marcus Pollard Cut
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:57:27 -0800

The Detroit Lions have released veteran TE Marcus Pollard as per his request.

02-13-2007, 08:54 PM
John Clayton Reports:


The Vikings have decided to cut TE Jermaine Wiggins and MLB Napolean Harris. Wiggins' production has been on the decline due to his age. His speed and quickness have declined greatly, and he wasn't all too fast before that either. Napolean Harris has been a huge disappointment ever since he was acquired in the Randy Moss deal before last season. The Vikings have decided to give last year's 1st round draft pick Chad Greenway the lead shot at MLB.

02-13-2007, 09:13 PM
Dolphins quick to react


Napolean Harris was just released less than 20 minutes ago but the Dolphins have already contacted him about a contract. The Dolphins missed out on there ideal players but still think there are players available to fill the need at LB. Harris has experience at both OLB in ILB in both the 4-3 and 3-4 and is an ideal fit in Miami. Dolphins need a starter at OLB as well as depth at ILB. More news to come as the situation develops.

art vandelay
02-13-2007, 09:56 PM

Bills ink Clements
Clements re-signs for 7 years, $65 million

Chris Brown
Lead Journalist

Clements reportedly displayed a similar reaction when his agent told him what the Bills' offer was.

It's official! Bills CB Nate Clements has re-signed with the team for 7 years, $65 million including a $19 million dollar signing bonus and $8 million in other bonuses. Both parties were glad to get this deal done so early in the free agency process. "Yeah, it really is a relief," Clements told me, "I am so happy that I was able to re-sign with the Bills because I really am comfortable here. Marv Levy made it absolutely clear to me how much he wanted me back and that he thought I was a lock-down corner. Whitner, Youboty and I will continue to represent OSU in the Bills secondary for years to come." Clements continued, "The only real concern that I had with Buffalo before free agency was if they would be willing to give me the money that I deserved. They answered this question immediately."

Clements, right, matches up against future Hall of Famer Jerry Rice.

Apparently, another factor in Clements' decision was the direction of prospective teams. As he explained to me, he liked the Bills the best. "The Bills are going big places. Losman really picked up his game last year and looks like he's going to be a good player in this league. Our team is very young and talented and we even had 6 rookies starting in one game last year. We played the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL last year based on opponents winning percentage and we still finished 7-9. We played both Super Bowl teams, the Chargers and the Patriots and remained very competitive in every game except the Bears. Now that I'm back, look out for the Bills in 2007."

Chad Johnson, left, called Clements "the best CB in the league in last year (2005)."

Marv Levy even made it publicly clear how highly he regarded Clements. At the East West Shrine Game practices, he made a statement that the Bills wanted to make every effort possible to retain Clements. He noted that he knew that the Bills had an uphill battle, but that they would really like to have him back. Levy released a statement late tuesday. "We welcome Nate Clements back with open arms. We feel that he is truly a special talent at the cornerback position and will be a staple in our secondary for years. Guys like Aaron Schobel, Brian Moorman and Jason Peters have had great success in our organization after signing extensions and we see no reason why this isn't possible with Nate. We think that Nate is more than just a speedy cover corner. He is also a very physical player and we think that his type of play is a good fit for our defense. In the end, we felt that we could not lose Clements if we wanted to make a playoff push this year, which we now fully expect to do. We look forward to Nate Clements' future contributions to the Bills organization."

Well I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is certainly a fantastic start to the offseason. Expect more Bills news as it breaks.

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02-13-2007, 10:05 PM
Bell leaving town?


Yeremiah Bell won't be staying in Miami after all. After Miami put a RFA tender on Bell the Bengals offered Bell a contract. The Bengals will have to give a 6th round compensation for Bell. With Jason Allen taking over the FS position Bell became expendable.

02-13-2007, 10:05 PM
Updated 8:59 PM CT

Saints make big splash on first day of free agency

http://espn-ak.starwave.com/i/columnists/mortensen_chris_35.jpg By Chris Mortensen

Metairie, La. -- The New Orleans Saints made the first, of what their front office says will be many, moves in this free agent signing period by signing three key free agents and resigning five of their own. The Saints signed cornerbacks Roderick Hood and Jason David and defensive tackle Alfonso Boone away from other teams.

By signing Roderick "Rod" Hood and Jason David, the Saints took the first steps towards upgrading what last year was a suspect secondary. They had already begun moving in the direction of rebuilding their secondary when they released starting cornerback Fred Thomas earlier in the week.

Rod Hood was the starting nickel cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles last year. Hood has seen time as the starting cornerback in 2005 when former Pro Bowler Lito Sheppard went down with an injury. A standout special teamer Hood, a four year veteran that went undrafted out of the University of Auburn, looks to compete with Jason David for the starting right cornerback position. In his career, Hood has 110 solo tackles with one sack and five interceptions.

Jason David was the starting right cornerback last year for the Indianapolis Colts was a contributor in the their Super Bowl XLI victory over the Chicago Bears. A young, playmaking cornerback that was drafted in the fourth round of the 2004 out of Washington State, he will compete with Rod Hood for the starting cornerback position. David offers the Saints a talented, playoff experienced veteran who should complement current Saints starting cornerback Mike McKenzie. In his career David has 125 solo tackles with eight interception. If the Colts do not match the Saints offer then the Saints will have to give the Colts one of their fourth round picks in this years draft.

The other Saints acquisition was defensive tackle Alfonso Boone. A thirty-one year old veteran who has spent his entire career with the Chicago Bears, Boone is known for his run stopping capabilities. He will serve to give resigned Saints defensive tackle Hollis Thomas a breather and will also be used to team with Thomas, and replace Brian Young, on obvious run situations.

The Saints also resigned two players who were considered "top priorities" by the organization. Defensive end Charles Grant and defensive tackle Hollis Thomas were each able to resign with the club. Grant, a former University of Georgia standout and former first round draft pick by the Saints in 2002, has teamed with Will Smith to form one of the league's best defensive end tandems. Details were not disclosed as to the financial details of the contract but it is reported that the Saints reached a long term deal that should keep him with the franchise for quite a while.

Hollis Thomas, acquired though a draft day trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2006 NFL Draft, proved critical to the Saints run defense. The thirty-three year old defensive tackle will be back in his starting position next year and should retire a Saint after the contract he signed.

Other players resigned by the Saints were TE Billy Miller, OT Jon Stinchcomb, and S Omar Stoutmire. Miller saw time at tight end when starter Mark Campbell went down with an injury. Jon Stinchcomb was the Saints starting right tackle last year and will be competing with seventh round draft pick Zach Strief for the starting postiion this year. Omar Stoutmire saw time at strong safety when rookie Roman Harper went down with a season ending injury.

Saints brass, it is reported, will still be looking into bringing in more free agents to possibly shore up the secondary or to shore up their linebacking corps.

Scotty D
02-13-2007, 10:19 PM

Lions get their guy...

by Drew Sharp

Going into free agency it was well known that the Lions wanted to re-unite Kevin Curtis and Mike Martz.
Kevin Curtis was their main target and they landed him.

"I'm ecstatic to join the Lions with my good friend Mike Furrey and my ol' coach Mikey Martz," said Kevin Curtis on the telephone.

Curtis is with his family and St. Louis and is going to fly in for a press conference on Wednesday.

The Lions are going to have a productive offense with Mike Furrey, Kevin Curtis, and Roy Williams on the field.
Hopefully Jon Kitna will be able to keep them all happy.

"We love what Kevin brings to the table," said Matt Millen in a conference call.

This signing brings into question the future of Mike Williams and the Detroit Lions. Many expected Mike Williams to compete for playing time in the slot role, but this signing all but rules that out. Look for the Lions to make a decision on his future in the next couple weeks.