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11-27-2007, 08:13 PM

Team Name: Waikiki Beach Boys
Team Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Navy and White

User Name: fischbowl
GM Name: Charlie Kelly

Team Name(w/ location): Buffalo SoCo and Lime Enthusiasts
Team Colors: green, brown, and orange

User Name: HChu
GM Name: Kenneth Parcell

Team Name(w/ location): Anchorage Amishmen
Team Colors: Black & White

User Name: Tampa 2 4 Life
GM Name: Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

Team Name(w/ location): Tampa Bay Drizzle
Team Colors: Blue, Purple, Silver

Team Name: The Dominican Dolphins
Team Colors: Red, Navy, Royal Blue and White

Team Name: Tokyo Oxen
Team Colors: Green, Maroon and White

User Name: fenikz
GM Name: Slevin Kelevra
Team Name(w/ location): Tokyo Shoguns
Team Colors: Crimson, Black, & White

Team Name: Montreal Expos
Team Colors: Red, Sky Blue, White, and Blue(pinstripes)

Player List


User Name: OSUGiants17
Player Name: Miguel Arroyo aka El Grande
Jersey Number: 33
Age: 23
Position: SP
College: Vanderbilt
Height: 6'10
Weight: 217
Strengths: Throws FAST(carrer high in mph is 101.6 which he threw 21 times in 1 season!), Has a great curve and slider (Joba Chamberlin like), Goes deep into game, real strikeout pitcher, had ERA of 2.79 in senior year, strikeout pitch is his changeup, carear high in strikes in 1 season is 123.
Weaknesses: sometimes throws too hard and misses strikezone, walks he gets frustrated, needs run support on else he gets pissed and takes self out of game.
Hits- L
Throws- L
Background (optional): Born and raised in the Dominican Republic untill he was 8 then came to USA with Dad, and 13 year old brother. After living in the USA for 5 years his dad died and Miguel stop playing for 1 year then his brother incouraged him to play again for his dad, now Miguel goes out there and plays his best every game for his dad.

User Name: Eaglez.Fan
Player Name: Albert Young
Jersey Number: 13
Age: 22
Position: SP
College: Cal
Height: 6'
Weight: 173
Fastball- 95-97 MPH..Pretty bad control..Throws it only to tell the batter that he can throw it
2-Seamer/Sinker- 93-94 MPH....Excellent control....quite abit of movement....favorite pitch
Splitter- 84-87 MPH....Solid movement..... Good control
Curveball- 75-77 MPH.... Inconsistant.... Lots of movement...Bad control
Other strengths: Is very clutch....always in control of himself....Excellent arm stamina (once threw 179 pitches in a game)... very calm... no off-field problems... athletic
Other weaknesses: When he's not pitching, he doesn't seem focused
Throws: Right
Bats: Switch
Player Comparison: Brandon Webb/Dan Haren
Background- Born and raised on a farm in North Bay, Ontario. Was average in terms of wealth growing up. Went to the famous baseball camp in Montreal where he really zoned in his skills (Russell Martin went there). Started of in baseball as an outfielder but decided to switch to pitcher for fun and he ended up being an all-star.
Tino Leonard

User Name:scottyboy
Player Name: Tino Leonard
Jersey Number: 24
Age: 23
Position: Left handed Pitcher
College: THE Rutgers University
Height: 6'4
Weight: 240

Strengths: Amazing competitor, always takes the mound to win and do his job. His height, size and lefty-ness can throw off hitters. Best pick off move since Andy Pettitte. Handles pressure extremely well. Won't get rattled easily at all. Devastating curve, with good accuracy. Gold glove fielder, smart. Will start, or come out of pen, could close if need be, great team guy.

Weaknesses: Gets too caught up in games, will over throw, and retaliate almost every single time. His weight does cause him to have a decreased stamina. Despite his size, does not throw hard at all. Will try and aim pitches too much.
Player Comparison: Andy Pettitte/lefty Mike Mussina
Background (optional): Went to the most awesome college ever.

-4 seam fastball: good control, poor velocity- 82-87 range mph
-2 seam fastball: his best pitch with great movement and placement, speed again, below average for a fastball- 83-89 range mph
-Curveball: loopy and slow, comprable to Zito's. will use to keep hitters off balance and honest- 72-81 range mph
- Cutter: excellent movement, uses to jam hitters. the lack of speed hurts its efficency, but it's a great out/ground ball pitch nonetheless. range- 80-85mph
-Splitter: rarely used. used to get crucial ground ball outs and to fool hitters in tight spots. nice out pitched, but best used scarcely as it will hang and be crushed. It's movement makes it an excellent ground ball/strikeout pitch, but the lack of velocity makes it quite risky- range 78-85 mph

User Name: TorryHolt81
Player Name: Tyrone McCurklin
Jersey Number: 18
Age: 23
Position: SP
College: North Carolina A&T
Height: 6'2
Weight: 235
Strengths/Weaknesses: Best pickoff pitcher in college, a little raw when it comes to control of his pitches, his fastball is his best pitch walks his far share amount of batters, can go usually 7 innings up to 125+ pitches, above average fielder great hitting pitcher, can bunt the ball better than many batters.
Throws: Right
Bats: Right

Pitches: 4 Seam Fastball (Mid 90's, his best pitch, great control, great movement) Circle Changeup (in the mid 70's sub par control and movement) Cut-Fastball (new pitch still working on, not alot of movement and in the low 80's) Sinker (his strike out pitch, low 90's, looks like his fastball then drops, lots of movement, average control)

User Name: Borat Sagdiyev
Player Name: Tim Lincecain
Jersey Number: 55
Age: 23
Position: Righthanded Starting Pitcher (bats lefty)
College: Washington U
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170
Strengths: A top of the rotation talent with future all-star written all over him. Has an aggressive delivery with extremely fast arm action. Fastball is usually in the 92-96mph range but will touch 98-99 occasionally. Has an outstanding curve ball which can be a knee-buckler. Has a slider and changeup which aren't quite as dominant, but they're above adequate.
Weaknesses: Some have taken issue with Mr. Lincecain's delivery. Some feel it has future arm injury written all over it. But to date, Mr. Lincecain has never had any arm injury issues. He also breaks his hand from the glove a tad bit early, but his coaches have never wanted to tweak it because of his great track record. His walkrate may be a tad higher than you'd like.

Player Comparison: Tim Lincecum/Roy Oswalt

Position Players

User Name: wiscbadgerfootball
Player Name: Felix Cedeno
Jersey Number: 11
Age: 18
Position: SS
College: High School
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200
Hits: Right
Throws: Right
Strengths: Hitting for power, one of the strongest hitters out there. Can blast the ball out of the park with ease. Has a cannon of an arm.. can throw a lot of people out. Fast.. Will steal 20+ bases.
Weaknesses: Not a good fielder (makes stupid mistakes) Not a good hitter for contact/average. Is a very raw talent since he is just out of High School. Is undisciplined.
Player Comparison: A-Rod the shortstop
Background (optional): Grew up in rough neighborhood in L.A. Father left him when he was young. Mother raised him and 4 siblings. Started playing baseball sophomore year and had a natural talent for it.

User Name: KCJ58
Player Name: Crail Johnson
Jersey Number: 58
Bats: Switch
Throws: Right
Age: 20
Position: C
College: Arizona State
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205
Strengths: Hits for average and has long ball power, Comes threw with runners on base and usually a guy you want batting clean-up, Prefears right handed pitchers over lefties, defensively can call a game and can catch any pitcher from a fastball pitcher to a knuckler
Weaknesses: Needs to become a leader in the club house, doesn't run very well and has average speed
Player Comparison: Russell Martin, Johnny Bench
User Name: NYGibril28

Player Name: Jordan English

Jersey Number: 41

Age: 21

Position: CF

College: Bryant University/Windsor Locks High School, Windsor Locks CT

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 160

Strengths: Bat speed. Has as quick a bat as you've ever seen. Incredible range in
the outfield and speed. Good power, very strong. Strong arm.

Weaknesses: Can't hit the offspeed pitch with consistency. His heigh occasionally holds him back on fly balls that have the chance to leave the park. While he's fast, he's not really a great base runner. Doesn't get a good jump on the bases. Arm accuracy is average.

Player Comparison: There's only one Jordan English.

Background (optional): Grew up in a tough situation. His mother was poor, and her dad was addicted to drugs. Ended up growing up with his dad's 2nd wife, his step-mom. Has a half-brother who he's very good too. Has put up with a lot of crap in his life but has stayed strong and really has a good head on his shoulders. Baseball has been his sanctuary. He lives baseball.

User Name:HinesWardJr
Player Name: Seth Harris
Jersey Number: 8
Age: 20
Position: CF
College: ASU
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180
Strengths: Fast. Speed is his best tool. Hits for a high average and can bunt effectively. Can stretch those singles into doubles, doubles into tripples. Gets on base and is a threat to steal everytime. Plays a good centerfield and has a good throwing arm. Future is very bright.Future stolen base king and could win a batting title.

Weaknesses: Doesnt have the power that you look for. When struggling, he really struggles. Scouts question his make up.
Player Comparison:Juan Pierre

User Name: yayarearb
Player Name: Johnny Cash
Jersey Number: 1
Age: 24
Position: LF
College: LSU
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Strengths: Very strong hitter. One of the strongest batters in the game today. Wouldn't be very smart to throw to him. Good fielder as well. Superior arm strength when throwing. Has good hip swerve finding the ball in the out field.
Weaknesses: Struggles against the changeup. Needs to pay attention more while in the out field. Is known to overthrow certain plays due to his arm strength.
Player Comparison: Manny Ramirez

User Name: Wo_ot88
Player Name: Alex MacDonald
Jersey Number: 24
Age: 21
Position: CF
College: Washington
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Strengths: Has five-tool talent, hitting well and with occasional power to all fields. Hits well in the clutch. Also has impressive range in center field and plays hard.
Weaknesses: His plate discipline has something to be desired. Has had some trouble hitting southpaws.
Player Comparison: Grady Sizemore

User Name: royhall#1
Player Name: Travis Ringman
Jersey Number: 13
Age: 23
Position: SS
Bats: S
Throws: R
College: Ohio State
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195
Strengths: Best fielding shortstop in the game period. Has outstanding range and reflexes. Above average throwing arm. Can bare-hand ball's if needed. Hits for a good average, is a very patient hitter. Can bunt well. Very good speed.
Weaknesses: Below average power, has trouble hitting lefties. Isn't a very good curveball hitter, will look silly on some swings. Not what you would call a clutch hitter.
Player Comparison: Omar Vizquel

User Name: Superkevin
Player Name: Vaughan David
Jersey Number: 40
Age: 22
Position: 1B
College: San Diego State
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 219 lbs
Strengths: Amazing defensive first baseman. Nothing gets by this guy. Hits very well for average and knows how to utilize the whole field. Excellent strike zone awareness leads to high OPB numbers. Decent speed for a corner infielder.
Weaknesses: Won't provide the power numbers one might look for from a 1st baseman. Looks to be a 15-20 homer a year guy. Hits more than a fair share of his hits on the ground leading to slightly above average GIDP totals. Regardless of decent speed, rarely attempts to strech hits for extra bases.
Player Comparison: JT Snow

User Name: MiamiU27
Player Name: Mick O'Neil

Jersey Number: 9
Age: 19

Position: 3B
College: High School

Height: 6'3
Weight: 195

Hits: R
Throws: L

Strengths: Calling him the one of best all around player in the game is not a stretch. He hits for power, and plays excellent defense with a cannon for an arm. Great OBP, walks alot. Great Awareness, great idea of where the strikezone is. Clutch hitter durring regular season. Terrific Oposite field power.

Weaknesses: His running game isn't a big threat(Steals 10-15 bases per year). Doesn't hit for great AVG. Not to good in post season.

Player Comparison: A-Rod and Josh Vitters

User Name: Bills2083
Player Name: Brian Straka
Jersey Number: 12
Age: 23
Position: LF
Bats: R
Throws: R
College: Ohio State
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195
Strengths: Very fast and is great at fielding. Has great range and reflexes. Any ball that comes his way will be caught. Versatile, so he can play any of the OF positions. Has a great arm. Can bunt effectively, and will steal many bases.
Weaknesses: Will most likely bat near the bottom of order because of low connection and power. He can just hit the cages more often to get better. When under immense pressure, he tends to miss some throws to the cutoff.
Player Comparison: Juan Pierre

(can play all OF positions, and 3rd base)

User Name: Cardsalltheway
Player Name: AJ Moye
Jersey Number: 11
Age: 22
Position: DH/1B
College: Indiana
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 240
Strengths: Has great power and patience, can draw out a count well, good in clutch situations
Weaknesses: Too conservative when running the bases due to lack of speed, bad defensively, streaky hiter
Comparison: David Ortiz


User Name: Jensen
Player Name: Colton McPherson
Jersey Number: 18
Age: 22
Position: 3B
College: UNC
Height: 6'4
Weight: 225

Strengths: He is a great defensive player with good power and RBI instincts, crushing the ball whether it comes from a left or right arm. Hits for average, and can consitently put up 25+ home run seasons. Usually puts up a good OBP. Has above average speed. Can crank the ball into the gaps and over the fence regularly. His plate discipline has begun to improve. Knows how to come through with runners aboard. Is quickly becoming the kind of leader any team desires, and comes through consistently in the clutch.

Weaknesses: Has very few real holes in his game, but he is prone to streakiness and could cut down on the strikeouts. Will get caught off-guard on the bases sometimes. Will try to stretch singles into doubles and fail sometimes. Will not draw walks as much as teams would like.

Player Comparison: David Wright

Please tell me of any mistakes.