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Here is my overall breakdown of the game.. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. If someone wants the PDF version of it, just PM me and I will email it to them! Hope this helps out. Thanks!

1. Formation Sheet-Lists offensive formations we used
2. Film Breakdown Sheet- Overall results of each play
3. Play Breakdown- Graphic or Visual of what happened in each individual play
4. I picked some plays to break down more

Formations we used during the game





Overall Breakdown




Play Sheets











Specific Play Breakdown

Giants-Vikings game 11/25/07

Vikings first Defensive TD

• Run Blitz by Wilson
• Lbs all get drawn in and frozen
• Jackson stares down the left side of the field, holds the safety there throws a strike to Rice
• Coverage looked like Man free on top, press by CBs underneath from what I can tell.

Quarter 1 Series 1 Play 2

Formation: Trips Left Empty
Play: Pass-#87 Hixon

• O’hara expects LB lined up over him at a “10” to come, but the LB bails, leaving O’hara with no one to block.
• Snee has the DT at a “2”
• Kareem McKenzie has the DE going wide to allow #52 Chad Greenway and #24 Dwight Smith to blitz through “B” gap.
• Classic Bail and Blast scenario, where you bait on one side, and blast on another.

Q1 S1 P3

Formation: Pro Left
Play: Run

• Looks like the play was supposed to go to the outside of Snee pulls if I am not mistaken.
• Greenway Blitzing messes things up, from a blocking standpoint so Droughns cuts it inside and gets the first down.

Q2 S4 P23

Formation: Quads Right Slot Right
Play: Pass

• Blitz “B” gap by #51 Leber
• LDT#94 Williams & LE #95 Udeze Slant weakside.
• Other blitzer takes steps that way but comes “D” gap

Q1 S2 P11

Formation: Quads Left Slot Left
Play: Pass

• #81 Toomer runs a 4 yard out.
• #80 Shockey runs a 5 yard curl
• #17 runs a 6 yard curl (Intended Target)
• #83 runs a vertical clears out the CB
• No one open.. maybe Shockey, but a dangerous throw. Smart to throw it away.

Q1 S2 P12

Formation: Double Tight
Play: Run

• Pat Williams gets by O’hara makes the tackle. Tough game so far for O’hara.

Quarter 1 Series 2 Play 13

Formation: Quads Left Slot Left
Play: Pass- Int TD by Sharper

• Eli is blitzed by no one breaks for their routes.
• Looks like he was looking for shockey to break off his route but keeps going and Sharper comes in and picks it off and runs left for a TD.
• Great Blitz oline a mess
• RE comes in wide on the rush so #41 blitzes “C” gap and #51 Leber blitzes “A” gap.
• #56 gets hook zone on the play
• # LE 96 drops back in coverage

Q1 S3 P14

Formation: Double Tight
Play: Pass(PA)- #88 Mathews

• Play action boot left by Eli Manning
• PA catches and freezes LBs flowing right, while Eli boots left
• #88 sells it by engaging his man and blocking for a few seconds before releasing on his route, and making the catch

Q1 S2 P15

Formation: Twins Right
Play: Pass Intended #17 (Inc)

• LB at a “40” technique showing blitz, but LB at a “10” blitzes ( Great example of bait & blast style of blitzing)

Q1 S3 P16

Formation: Quads Right Slot Right
Play: Pass- #81 Toomer

• Stunt by RE and RDT
• No Blitz this time, but great throw by Eli
• Had no room, under pressure, used all waist and arm and hit Toomer dead on.
• Toomer looked like he ran a Poco(Post-Corner) route.

Q1 S3 P19

Formation: Quads Right Swithch
Play: Pass (Inc) intented for #83 Moss

• Blitz “A” gap by #56 E.J. Henderson
• Delay stunt, and blitz by #94 Williams and other backer
• Williams goes strongside “B” gap & Lb at a “40” technique delays then blitzes “B” gap.
• Burress in motion runs inside vertical release running an “In” in the middle of the field. Saftey is 4 yards off him when Eli releases the ball and it’s in mid air capturing Burress in the frame. At that specific moment the safety is still 4 yards off Burress. ( Does a good throw hit Burress in stride??)

• # 81 Toomer outside vertical release stretches field horizontally and vertical by running towards the sidelines and up.
• #83 Moss runs a curl route.

Q1 S3 P20

Formation: Trips Left
Play: Pass- #81 Toomer (Inc)

• LB at a “40” technique showing blitz, but LB at a “10” blitzes ( Great example of bait & blast style of blitzing)
• Eli expects Toomer to cross but instead runs a pivot route.

Q2 S4 P23

Formation: Quads Right Slot Right
Play: Pass

• Blitz “B” gap by #51 Leber
• LDT#94 Williams & LE #95 Udeze Slant weakside.
• Other blitzer takes steps that way but comes “D” gap

Q2 S4 P24

Formation: Quads Right Slot Right
Play: Pass Intended #17 (Inc) intercepted by #24 Smith

• Shockey & Droughns wide open
• Droughns specifically wide open on the crossing pattern after chipping the RE and releasing on his route. ( If Eli hits him in stride it would be close to a first down. May end up being a yard or two short, but it would be close)

Q2 S5 P25

Formation: Pro Right
Play: Run -#22 Droughns
• Shockey blocks down on the LE
• Kareem McKenzie and Snee pull right, clearing the garbage through the hole, being LBs and a safety coming up, and then what’s supposed to happen is the FB then lead up through that hole and clean anything else up, for Droughns to get through.
• Problem is someone missed a block and a defender through his body low and through to slow Droughns down, and then #94 Pat Williams made the play.

Q2 S5 P27

Formation: Quads Right
Play: Pass- #80 Shockey

• Shockey runs an out route
• Blitz and an offside penalty on #24 Smith who a safety blitz
• LE and LDT stunt as well, with the LDT going first.
• Theory being the RT and RG have to figure out for a quick second about the stunt taking place, that the initial movement of the RT will be inside following the LE, but then taking the stunting defensive tackle, that the safety has free reign to fire in not getting picked up.


Q3 S8 P39

Formation: Quads Left Slot Left
Play: Pass

• #56 E.J. Henderson and the other LB (#51 Leber??) blitz
• #93 Williams stunts, #94 first goes strongside, whole #93 loops around.
• Incomplete pass with Marcus McCauley #31 covering Burress.

Q3 S8 P40

Formation: Double Tight
Play: Run (outside zone-stretch left)

• #80 Shockey blocks down on the RE
• #66 LT, David D, pulls left around Shockey, down blocking.
• Everyone else zone blocks, reaches left, #69 reaches and climbs to next level.

Q3 S9 P51

Formation: Quads Right Slot Right
Play: Pass to Burress

• Blitz by #51 Leber and #41
• Stunt by LE and LDT
• RE drops in coverage
• Once again #51, Ben Leber, tosses the RB ( Droughns) aside like a rag down and kills Eli.

Q4 S11 P61

Formation: Quads Left Slot Left
Play: Pass

• Blitz by a LB at “20”
• LDT#94 Williams drops like he is dropping in coverage, BUT fakes and comes right through the hole, untouched, and kills Eli.

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Most detailed post ever?

Nice work!

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This is why I like having a coach on the site ;D

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* Also, let me know if people can get anything out of it. If you guys like it I can do it every so often, if not, then I won't bother. So just let me know if this is something that you guys like or not. Either way, it's cool with me.


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I love it. Really gives us a unique perspective on our games that a lot of people never get to see. Of course, some people might not enjoy the technical aspect of the game, but I know I do - as do many others.

Heck, I bet a lot of people would find it popular if you did this for some of the big games that weren't Giants related.

Well done, and thanks for the effort you put in, I know it's a lot of work.

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Woah man, great breakdown. Definitely interesting.

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Im not even a Giants fan but awesome post...good look into the game +rep

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I'm pretty much speechless.

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