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11-28-2007, 09:55 PM
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Shane P. Hallam
11-28-2007, 10:43 PM
*Camera shows a completely dark screen. Suddenly, a candle flickers on at the front of the screen as a silhouette of a face glimmers due to the steel mask covering it. The face is frozen in a permanent scowl, showing this character means business. He begins to speak in a low deep voice that is intimidating to listen to*

The Eliminator: "My reign starts now. All of the conquerors of the world had their starting point that began their domination. They all had their territory to possess. Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan had their starting point before they set their sights to conquer everyone who came into their path. I have set my starting point and I am now ready to conquer everyone who comes into my path. I will make the FWF my empire and everyone who stands in my way will be completely dominated."

*Camera pans back as a giant circle of candles instantly flame and in the middle of the circle stands a huge man in a metal mask and shining silver suit (appearing almost metal). He clinches his fists and looks up to the sky*


*The flames all are snuffed and camera falls immediately to black*

11-28-2007, 11:03 PM
* Camera cuts to Chris Stylez and the rest of The Canadian Assembly in the back with interviewer Stacy Smith. Stylez begins to speak. *

"My brothers, I say that the day is upon us. A new era in the world of Professional Wrestling has begun. What you are looking at, is not only the future of the FWF. Its the future of Sports. The future of Sports entertainment. The future of entertainment in general. And you wont need long to realize why. Because by the time this interview is over, you will realize EXACTLY WHY, I am called Gods Gift to Wrestling. You will realize EXACTLY WHY, we are the class of the FWF. As a matter of fact, we are bigger than the FWF. We are bigger than the sport altogether. When you go to bed at night thinking theres more to life, when you think that maybe there is something larger at work in this world, you're thinking of us, The Canadian Assembly.

THE TIME FOR ACCOUNTING, is now. It is time for hands to be raised and NAMES.. to be taken. I stand here today as the vessel of *HIS* will, acting as his own right hand. Seeking those among you who are worthy enough to stand by our side. But the truth is, there are very, very few. The TRUTH, is that aside from a pair of you in the FWF, none of you, are worthy. When I look at you, when GOD looks at you.. we see nothing.. but waste.

Those of you that were not blessed as we were, those who are not fortunate enough to come from Gods Great Nation, The only great Country in this forsaken world we live in. Those of you that do not hail from Canada, I will let it be known now. God will not have mercy on your souls. *I* will not have mercy on your souls.

Rod Gordon. You threaten me? You threaten The Canadian Assembly? We have nothing to prove to an American scumbag like yourself. The fact that you come from this cesspool known as "The United States" is enough for me to realize that you are not someone to be taken seriously. The fact that you feel that you have ANY control over us, is enough for me to realize that you have no idea what you got yourself into. You do not, DO NOT, put me in a qualifying match to get into a tournament. I am THE. GREATEST. WRESTLER. IN. THE. WORLD. I should be given that belt immediately. NO ONE compares to me. NO ONE.. is in my league. Yet you have me in a match with a man named "The Truth". Lets get one thing clear, "Truth", you are not a threat to me. You are not a worry to me. None of you watching this are a worry to me. Because none of you watching this, are righteous. Thats why, your lives are wretched, because thats all you deserve... thats all.. you're worth.

Once I get into this tournament, there is no stopping me. And once I get my hands on the FWF World Championship, there will be no controlling me. And THAT is the gospel, according to your Canadian Hero."

* Chris Stylez drops the mic, grabs his valet Amanda Evans, and beckons Divine and Lyons to his side as they walk away. *

11-28-2007, 11:24 PM
*The camera opens with a shot of "First Class" Shane Sullivan sitting in the back of a limosine. He is wearing an expensive Armani suit and talking on a cell phone. He notices the camera has started rolling and quickly ends his conversation before speaking to the camera*

Shane Sullivan: What the hell!? Here I am, conducting important business and I get interrupted for what? The news that I, "First Class" Shane Sullivan, the man young wrestlers want to be and the old timers wish they had been, has to waste his valuable time wrestling in some Battle Royale for what is it again? The United States Championship? Listen to me Roddie, Shane Sullivan isn't just any main eventer. Shane Sullivan is THE main eventer and I don't have time to waste on some second class championship belt. The fact that you'd even put me in this match is insulting to say the least. I am the premiere talent in this organization and I expect to be treated as such.

Oh but don't you worry Roddie, I'll show up and give your show the touch of class, that judging by the rest of the guys, you're going to need. I'll fight in your little Battle Royale but it's not going to mean much to me. So the rest of you can thank me now for allowing you the opportunity to to compete for the scraps I leave behind for you because all I'm concerned with now is winning the World Championship Title. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to worry about than some silly little United States Championship.

*Shane Sullivan grabs his phone again and starts to dial before the camera fades to black*

11-28-2007, 11:47 PM
*The lights go red throughout the arena as "The Magnificent Maple Leafs" theme music hits. LE Storm and David LaFleur both walk out the entrance way with their Canadian flags in tow as they make their way to the ring*

LE Storm grabs the mic as the music trails off.

"Now all you heathens will rise as we pay tribute to the greatness that is Canada is honored with its beautiful national anthem!"

Both Storm and LaFleur both stand at attention at the playing of the Canadian National Anthem.

"Now if I can be serious for a moment........"

Storm stops as the chorus of boos exhale from the rabid crowd.

"So Gordon finally did something right by putting LE Storm in the tournament for the World Title. Frankly I didn't think a non-Canadian was capable of such an intelligent thought. Regardless of who is my opponent, the only one capable of winning this tournament and for that matter wearing the World Title is a Canadian such as myself. Only proud Canadians make it in this business, and only proud Canadians are capable of winning the big matches. GZA you will soon find out why I am a proud Canadian and for that matter a little lesson in Canadian geography. You will feel the wrath of the Calgary Cutter and you will be pinned for the 1-2-3, because I. LE Storm, am a Canadian and you are not!"

*Storm and LaFleur grab their flags and go to the opposing turnbuckles and proudly wave the Canadian Flag as their theme music blares thru the arena.*

11-28-2007, 11:50 PM
Justin Knight stands in front of a concrete wall. The gray, cinder block background contrasting starkly with Knight's shaggy, wet black hair. Knight is wearing a green Ireland soccer t-shirt with a pair of black basketball shorts. You can't see past his baggy shorts to what kind of footwear he is wearing. He stands before the camera rubbing his hands together methodically. He looks up slowly and begins to speak in deliberate tones

"You know, I have been wrestling since as far back as I can remember. I started wrestling on the junior high team, continued through high school, and began training under professional wrestling trainers ever since I graduated. I have been fortunate enough to wrestle with some really great guys in the business. Guys who helped bring me up, who helped give me the rub. I've learned a lot since my professional wrestling career began. Had some great matches. I've had it all. Great time, great experience, everything. I was even champion in the Death Before Dishonor wrestling promotion. There is one thing that I haven't done and that is be a champion in the FWF."

"See, there are some good guys here. A lot of the guys on this roster have a lot of talent. I look forward to having some good matches with some of these guys. And winning. There is only one reason I came to this company and that is to be champion. I usually don't cut promos or give many interviews. I let my wrestling do the talking. I am here to give the fans a show. To give them their money's worth. I'm not here to impress people with money or women. I don't give a damn about all of that. That crap isn't important. What's important to me is being the first ever champion of the FWF and that is something I will impress people with."

*The camera fades to black*

11-29-2007, 12:23 AM
-Arena Lights dim and pyros go off. "The Truth Says" by the Truth blasts onto the arena speakers and The Truth walks out wearing his normal street attire. With mic in hand he enters the ring. He stops in the center and signals to cut the music-

The Truth:"Here we are in Mobile, Alabammmmmaaaaaaaaaa!"

-The crowd goes wild in approval-

The Truth:"Where are all my nascar fans at?"

-Once again the crowd shows their approval-


-The fans in the packed arena start to boo-

The Truth:"Boo all you want, you can't handle THE TRUTH! I'm too much for this slop infested state you call home.. and the bunch of dickbabies back in the lockerroom aren't worthy enough to hold my tights let alone be in the ring with THE TRUTH! I'm not gonna come out here, raise my flag of origin and give a whole list of people to thank because I only have one person to thank.. and that person is THE TRUTH! I could thank the next brave nut muncher that gets their ass kicked by THE TRUTH in this very ring. To all the piss ants in the lockerroom, you better hope it's not you!

-Fans give off a mixed reaction. The Truth drops the mic and exits the ring. He continues up the ramp until he exits the stage. Cut to commercial-

11-29-2007, 01:48 AM
2 short vignettes

various pictures of dark/fallen angels on the screen and then we here these words in the background
*I am here as a savior of the righteous and a punisher of the wicked... I bring with me Judgement upon those who deserve it and a ray of hope to those who need it... I will not rest until the scales of justice are balanced... and my friends I will not rest until I reach my final goal...*
fade to black with images of dark/fallen angels still on the screen

We come in on images of monks in a dark layer holding candles walking around a room chanting... The next image we see is that of The Dark Angel holding a candle sitting on a Grand Cathedral with his jacket on and hood pulled over his face praying... We pull up behind him and here him in mid prayer praying these words
*and until then I will not rest...Amen*
The he blows out the candle and we fade to black and we see the words on the screen *The Dark Angel is Coming*

11-29-2007, 10:59 AM
Location: South Philadelphia

Mike is just driving around remembering his old days in Philly, and decides to stop at the old bingo hall which was once home of the ECW. When he walks in the building there is nothing there, but an old dusty ring with old ECW signs.



He gets in the ring to start a workout, but before that pulls the camera towards his face and says I will win the 11 Man Battle Royale, and throws the camera man out of the gym.

11-29-2007, 12:01 PM

Pegasus Kid is coming (http://youtube.com/watch?v=nPBmXEO3yUU)...

11-29-2007, 07:09 PM
Announcer: The fans love RVD here at ECW. It was a sad day when we were informed that he would be leaving for the FWF. The fan favorite was the longest reighing TV champion. Lets look over some of his most memorable moments.

(cuts to clips)
First Clip: Rick Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn in a no time limit match which ended in a RVD win after 27 minutes. Just shows highlights and the legendary promo cut by RVD at the end.

Legendary promo: I am the whole F**king show. Every day i come out here and bust my ass to earn that title. That shows you all the real "Mr. Monday Night" and the man you all love.
R - V - D .
(Walks out)
Shows other clips showcasing the Van Daminator and a 5 star frog splash across the ring it seemed.

Crowd starts chanting " R - V - D "
Announcer: well Rick will be missed. I for one will miss his wrestlina ability which is untouchable here at ECW.

(Pantera's "Walk" starts playing)
(enter RVD)
Announcer: RVD is walking to the ring to say his goodbye it seems.

RVD in ring: I would like to thank all of you for your support and your love for RVD. Unfortuately, this is a business and i gotta do this. Thank you all and have a nice day.

(walks off)

Announcer: He seems rather mellow about the situation, even though he looked emotional. Well we have to take a commercial break, when we return Sabu vs. Mike Awesome.
(end promo)

11-30-2007, 03:33 PM
Night time. A parking lot with a barely visible building in the background. Streetlights cast shadows and faded light onto the pavement. A man stands alone in the parking lot. He is dressed in black cargo pants with black boots on. As the camera pans up we see that he wears a black Pro Wrestling NOAH t-shirt along a black New York Yankees hat. The dark attire accentuates his tan colored skin. The man wears a scowl on his face. Their a tense, nervous atmosphere in the air. He begins to speak in a harsh, menacing, methodical voice. The voice carries a slight trace of a Brooklyn accent with a slight Spanish tinge..

"For many years I have wrestled across the world. I have been to Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. I have wrestled against some of the best in the world and seen some of the best perform. My desire has always been to become better. To study and learn from the best the world has to offer. That is why I have come here to FWF. My partner Justin Knight has come to win the world title. I have come to win the tag team title with him. We have one goal in common and that is dominate."

"The warrior code I live by stresses honor and loyalty. That is why I am calling out the Canadian Assembly. They have no honor. They have no loyalty. They have no pride. They came to the FWF not to better themselves but to gain fame and fortune. The two things that mean nothing in life. Their days of bragging and arrogance are coming to an end. My partner and I will crush their dreams of a tag title reign. They will be broken."

The camera keeps rolling as Chino Asesino walks off.

11-30-2007, 03:52 PM
It's Dark, all you see is 2 silhouettes of people wearing hoodies. then you here
skillz that killz theame song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXaMUvM0Ko&feature=related)
then you see Frosti and LeSean Skillz.
F- We Are "Skillz that Killz"
L- And We Takin' Over
F&L- So be prepaired to loose

Shane P. Hallam
11-30-2007, 05:44 PM
*Camera opens inside a steel factory where there is a dark glow of machinery. A gentle hum can be hard with loud intervals where the machines pick up pace. The camera pans until a glistening steel glove is seen clenching and unclenching into a fist. The fist then punches into the side of a large grinder and makes a small dent. The camera then pans further to reveal The Eliminator standing in a spotlight, glowing from his metal outfit. His face in a determined scowl, he begins to speak*

The Eliminator: Ten other men. Ten men that will perish by the hand of The Eliminator. As I toil to prepare the start of my empire, I have viewed my enemies from afar. I know who you are, I know your weaknesses, I know how to make you perish from the ring we fight in on Tuesday. I am the combination of all that is great in the FWF. I have the brains, and I have the power to destroy everyone in the ring during this Battle Royale. The only question is where to start.

*He grabs a metal tablet off of the side of one of the machines. He begins peering over it as he looks up and smiles*

The Eliminator: Ah Ha! I like to start with a small insignificant fly. Rick Van Dam will be my first target and the first one ELIMINATED on Tuesday. A man who likes to jump from rope to rope will soon see his jumps end and soon see his high flying attitude come to an end. When he comes toe to toe with a powerful being like myself, domination is the only alternative. I know you Van Dam, I know how to squash you like the bug you are. You will only be the first victim at the hands of The Eliminator. If you think you can outsmart, outjump, or out anything me, then you are incredible mistaken.

*The Machine noises come to a halt as the shadowed Eliminator walks over to a machine and pulls a jagged mask off of the conveyer belt*

The Eliminator: FINALLY, the finishing touches are complete. Now, I will be unstoppable, and now I will have the power to take over the FWF from the bottom through the top. Everyone will soon bow down to me or they will be ELIMINATED

*The Eliminator places the mask on his face as we get a close-up of his face in the mask. Fade out*

11-30-2007, 06:00 PM
* Camera cuts to the back with interviewer Stacy Smith. She begins to introduce someone when the entire Canadian Assembly swarms into the screen. Stylez looks furious, but shaken. LE Storm looks cool, calm, and collected as always with the Canadian Flag in tow. Jason Divine looks as questionable as ever with a different shiny vest on than the one he shook off of himself not 10 minutes ago. LaFleur looks angry and ready to rip someones head off. Stylez begins to speak. *

"I have been here for three days. THREE DAYS. And I have already been threatened by the Commissioner, I've been thrown into a qualifying match with some ginormous meathead with an attitude problem, and then one of THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-MOMENTS-IN-WRESTLING-HISTORY is interrupted by that same meathead! Listen kid. Just because your arms are bigger than Jason..."

* Stylez motions to 6'0" 220 lb Jason Divine, who is busy in the back of the group with Lindsey *

"... DOES NOT MEAN that you can interrupt me! NO ONE... interrupts me. NO ONE interrupts The Canadian Assembly.

The fact of the matter is, that the most brawn in the world, the most impressive physique in the world, the most courage in the world CANNOT compete with God's Will.. NOTHING can compete with Gods Will. You think you have it all figured out, you think you know what to expect, you think you can stand toe to toe with THE. GREATEST. WRESTLER. IN. THE. WORLD. Well I got news for you, "Truth", the moment you lock up with me, none of your training will matter, that perfect physique of yours will not matter, that false confidence that you like to display in the ring will not matter... because your courage will crumble when you realize what you have gotten yourself into, once you realize that you're in the ring with the BEST. You're in the ring with the uncrowned CHAMP. YOU'RE IN THE RING... with Gods Gift to Wrestling. And THAT, is the gospel, according to Your Canadian Hero"

* As The Canadian Assembly exits the screen, the camera sits there for a moment looking only at Stacy Smith, the interviewer as she recovers from being bombarded by a huge group of people unexpectedly. Jason Divine then pops back into the screen, does a little dance move, and looks into the camera. *

"And your country sucks too!"

* He then spins out of the screen, and you can hear his laughing becoming fainter and fainter. *

11-30-2007, 08:02 PM
*LE Storm comes to the ring and quickly snatches a mic*

"If I can be serious for a moment................"

*The crowd stirs to a fevered pitch*

"Recently the FWF has been over wrought with a blatant disregard for the one true nation that is Canada and frankly its quite nauseating. Some nobody has the audacity to attempt to disrespect 'God's Gift to Wrestling' and the sovereign nation of Canada and you heathens actually applaud that. What kind of Godless creatures are you?"

*The crowd frenzies in a chorus of boos and chants of "Boring"*

"You cheer this cretin and his disregard for the multitude of great Canadian people and I'm puzzled by this. How quickly you forget the likes of Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and not to mention the greatest sport known to man, hockey. You peons are so self diluted to actual supreme greatness that you accept and worship mediocrity. Well LE Storm and the entire Canadian Assembly will not bow down your depths. We will arise from the ashes of your mediocrity much like our brothers do at the Olympics in hockey or Steve Nash does in your NBA and triumph. The FWF is at the mercy of the Canadian Assembly and come Tuesday we will be the only ones who will taste the victory! And only then will your pathetic and meaningless lives finally have a sense of fulfillment when we have our hands raised and the gold placed around our Canadian waists."

*Short pause*

"Now stand up and pay homage to the only true national anthem..........The Canadian National Anthem!"

*The Canadian National Anthem plays and at its conclusion.....*

"And remember, the names of our opponents doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the impending losses that they will ultimately find!"

*LE Storm leaves the ring with mic in hand and makes his way to the back as he stops at the entrance way*

"And as always, if you're not Canadian then God has failed you! Take heart in knowing that at least he allows you to bear witness to the greatness that is the Canadian Assembly."[/color]

11-30-2007, 09:33 PM
Rick Van Dam backstage: The Eliminator keeps talkin, but he has seen anything yet.
I guarantee Mr. Tuesday Night will put him over first. . He'll try and throw me out. I know that, he knows that, everyone knows that. It's just he wont actually throw me. I'll slip out, then Van Daminator him right out of the ring. Guaranteed.
He should know better then to mess with RICK.........VAN............DAM
Walks off

12-01-2007, 10:02 AM
The Canadian national anthem plays and the Truth comes out dressed as a Canadian Mountee. He has a maple leaf flag in hand. He salutes the crowd and continues on down to the ring. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

"Well it seems we have a little problem.. dont ya know. Ya see Chris Stylez.. I interrupt who I want when I want.. dont ya know.."

Ace Anderson:"He does a pretty good job with the Candian wouldn't you say?"

Bill Warren:"I don't know if I condone mocking an entire nation but it's pretty damn funny!"

"It seems Divine, that you've been too busy messing around with you partners beavers eh? Too busy drinking that **** Milk eh? Too busy sniffing LE Storm's timbit eh? Too busy to realize THE TRUTH. Even God knows that The Truth is the best wrestler ever to step in this very ring"

The Crowd starts to chant: "Truth.. Truth.. Truth.. Truth.."

"The Canadian Assembly eh? You bunch of dickbabies aren't worthy enough to shine my boots let alone step in the ring with me. You guys don't even belong here.. and this Tuesday I'm gonna show you one by one how good Stylez really is.. when I send his ass packing back Canada.."

Ace Anderson:"What's wrong with Divine.. I happen to like him"

Bobby Warren:"Ace.. you like men!"

"Canada isn't even a country.. It's more of a territory where French Dickheads and English dickheads make Canadian Dickbabies! Its True Its True! If you don't like America then get the hell out!.. No better yet why don't you show me how much you don't like the country on Tuesday.. Because I can show you how much I don't like your country right now.."

The Truth lays down the Canadian flag and takes out a lighter. The Crowd supports The Truth by chanting: "Burrrn it.. Burrrn it.. Burrrn it!". The Truth hoists it on the turnbuckle bar and begins burning it first on the bottom right tip. Soon the whole flag is engulfed in flames. The Crowd gets louder with approval

Well.. It doesn't get no more American than that eh? AND THATS THE TRUTH!.. dont ya know!"

Bobby Warren:"If that isn't a challenge.. I don't know what is! THIS IS AMERICA BABYY!"

Ace Anderson:"That guy really grinds my gears. He comes out here mocking the entire nation and then burns the flag while these hooligans cheer him on. I'll tell ya what, I can't wait to see his ass get kicked on Tuesday"

Bobby Warren:"Ace.. You're a hooligan yourself if you don't think the Truth is gonna stomp an American mudhole in that Canadian sunuvabitch!"

"The Truth Says" plays on the loud speakers and he gives the crowd a DX-like crotch chop before exiting the arena

12-01-2007, 11:00 AM
"I may be young, but The Heartthrob will surely dominate. I've been training hard ever since i was 16 and I feel I am the best wrestler alive. I will not act like a little ***** just to please fans. I never back down from a fight. All these wrestlers think they bad and from the hood. I am hood. Growing up in Compton, you have no friends, nothing. All you have is dreams and drugs. Now that I finally made it, I am gonna stay here forever, destroying guys along the way. Wrestlers beware of The Heartthrob."

12-01-2007, 11:41 AM
ECW ANNOUNCER(at last friday's ECW): Well, we have heard a lot about Rick Van Dam. The Eliminator says he'll knock him out first. RVD disagrees and say's he'll go out first. And here's why we believe in this guy and know he will follow through like so many times. Even though he is a risk taking high flyer, he can still preform:
Rick Van Dam at old ECW Part 1 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=2kGRuze3AdM&feature=user)
Rick Van Dam at old ECW Part 2 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=AxBvwxuKYy8&feature=user)

12-01-2007, 04:28 PM
* Stacy Smith is in the back for an interview with "Gods Gift to Wrestling" Chris Stylez. *

"I was watching from the back, and I cant decide if "The Truth" is delusional, extremely bad at being funny, or if hes just dense and dim-witted like the rest of his deplorable country.

I've come to the conclusion that he is all of the above.

I don't know if this was just an extremely bad attempt at an insult, or if you are indeed as dumb as you look. Jason Divine? Everything you said seemed to be directed at "The Canadian Phenomenon" himself. Theres a small problem with that, Truth. You aren't wrestling him. You are stepping in the ring with GODS GIFT TO WRESTLING. You're stepping in the ring with me. You're stepping in the ring with Chris Stylez. So, if you actually thought that you were wrestling Divine. I should have an easy enough time with you afterall. It won't matter how built you might be.

Now, lets assume that it was simply an awful attempt at insulting me.

You're delusional for thinking for one second, that you are even in my league. You're delusional for thinking you're a threat to me. You're delusional for thinking that you can stand toe to toe, face to face with THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, and not crumble under Gods Will.

You mock the best country in the world. You mock the only nation truly under god. Come this Tuesday, you will wish that you could go back in time. You will wish that you could take that back. Because not only have you infuriated me, you have gotten the attention of the rest of The Canadian Assembly. You were an afterthought, a NOBODY to them. The only reason you were on my radar is because that jackass of a commissioner Rod Gordon stuck me in a match with you. But now... now you have the attention of my great nation.. Gods great nation. Truth, you have just made your deathbed. I hope you are prepared to lie in it.

And that, is the gospel, according to your Canadian hero."

* Stylez walks out of the screen. *

12-01-2007, 08:18 PM
Camera cuts to the backstage area and into The Truth's lockerroom. The Truth is sitting in their in one piece pink tights that are reminiscent of the Canadian hero, Bret Hart, with a leather jacket over it. He's got some shades on and is massaging his goatee

"I must appologize for making threats to Jason Divine, but cut me some slack, all you Canadians look alike. Or maybe I think the only Canadian wank that is worthy enough to be in the ring with me is Divine. Either way Stylez, you're a nobody. Never have been and never was going to be. For some reason you think it's God's will that will pull you through the brutal attack that I put on you? NOOOOO! God doesn't even like canada. aaand you and all your little cronies will see that first hand when I send you back to mother canada on a stretcher"

The Truth sits back in his chair

"As for the Canadian Assembly? You guys mean **** to me.. As far as I'm concerned, All of you dickheads can come down to the ring with your fingers in eachother's asses.. aaand I'll be happy to dish out an ass whooping to each of you, all night"

The Truth then leans foward again and is in deep thought

"You think I wanted to be in this match? Think again.. This isn't the WWF where the Canadians are the talk of show.. you guys are low card morons that don't know the difference between your heads and your asses. aaand then there's you.. I consider you the worst wrestler in the canadian assembly, sure you got the biggest mouth.. but that could only take you so far and then your nothing. Once the mics are gone and your in the ring, your in MY WORLD!.. you're aaaaaaaaaallllll miiiiiiiiiiine.. and that's the truth!"

The Truth starts laughing in a demented way

Camera Cuts

12-04-2007, 11:48 PM


The newly crowned US Champ Pegasus Kid is caught the day after his victory finishing his workout in the gym:

"I've stayed silent until now for a reason. I wanted to show the world what I can do. I wanted to show the people what I am all about. Everybody at that arena had a good time when I showed up. All these roided out monsters take themselves too seriously, I'm here to have a good time. This dancing fool beat the snot out of some very good wrestlers. But I am a very good wrestler too, and an even better dancer. My ultimate goal is to be the greatest US Champ ever, and win next year's Dancing With the Stars. I leave you with this (http://youtube.com/watch?v=zUcxut-g6xo). Any wrestlers who want to get in on the party, let me know. Until then, I'm gonna keep on dancin'!"

12-05-2007, 02:17 AM
Inside the locker room of Justin Knight, Stacy Smith catches up on the wrestler who fell just short of being crowned the first US Champion in FWF history.

Stacy Smith (SS): "Justin, do you have any thoughts about tonights battle royale?

Justin Knight: "It was a great match. The FWF has some great guys and I was able to experience that tonight. Unfortunately I fell just short but I didn't come here to be the US Champion. I came here to the World Champ."

SS: "It seems like you'll get your shot next week at taking that first step against LE Storm"

Justin Knight: "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. He's a great wrestler. Has a lot of moves. I've seen him wrestle a few times before and I've been impressed. It's unfortunate he's going to have to be my first victim on my way to a world title.

SS: "What do you mean victim?"

Justin Knight: looks at Stacy as if she had just farted in church
"I mean I'm doing to beat Storm. He's going down. 1-2-3 I win."

SS: "Oh. I see. So, are you worried about The Canadian Assembly interfering in your match?"

Justin Knight: "No. I can take care of myself. Just in case they decide to pull any maple leaf shenanigans I'm going to have Chino sitting next to Bill and Ace so he can help me out if the rest of the Canadian Assembly forget that the match is a one-on-one."

SS: "Do you think Mr. Asesino will be able to get along with Ace? He's kinda mean."

Justin Knight: looks at her again like she's the special kid in class
"Yeah, Chino is more than capable of handling himself." Grabs the mic from Stacy.

"Look, Storm, Devine, the rest of the Canadian Assembly. Next weeks match is against Storm and myself. Two guys who are more than capable of having a good match together. So, assemble your asses in the back and watch. Storm, you and me have never wrestled before and I'm looking forward to it. Just don't cover yourself in maple syrup before we do it. This is what I do for a living not what you do on a weekend at JoJo's Gentlemen's Club. I'll see your ass in the ring. And don't forget to leave your boyfriend's in the back. You're going down and I don't want to embarrass you in front of them."

Hands the mic back to Stacy.

"Thanks." Slaps Stacy on the butt when walking out of the dressing room.

12-05-2007, 12:57 PM
*Stacy Smith somewhere in the rafters*
SS walks up on the Dark Angel on both knees in-front of some type of alter

SS: "Dark Angel a few words?

DA: "Ask and you shall receive Stacy"

SS: "Um ok, what kind of impact do you want to make here in the FWF?"

DA: "I want to bring about the reign of the Dark Angel and judgement upon those who it is deserved."

SS: " Who deserves it Mr. Angel?"

DA: " Those whom bring it upon them selves shall be revealed in due time."

SS: "Due time?"

DA: "When the time comes all will know and shall get what I am after."

SS: "How will we know and what are you after?"

DA: "The screams of those who have judged will be the bell's toll for the Dark Angel's time... and what I am after..." *dark angels looks up towards the heavens smiles at SS and walks off*

SS: *looks at DA as he walks away and looks back to the camera with a look of extreme confusion and fright.*

12-05-2007, 08:01 PM
*The scene begins with a shot of a small FWF house show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. All of a sudden, this music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWYY3vRsrWk) starts to play as "First Class" Shane Sullivan walks out from backstage and onto the entrance ramp. He is wearing an expensive tan suit and dark shades. His hair is slicked back and he has a light beard. he is also holding a microphone. He is accompanied by his brother, Steve Sullivan, who is wearing a black t-shirt tucked into light blue jeans. The two walk down the aisle and towards the ring. Shane Sullivan stops at ringside and looks at Steve before pointing at the ring. Steve then climbs up onto the apron and seperates the ropes so Shane has an easier time getting into the ring. The two men then stand in the center of the ring before Shane Sullivan takes off his shades and starts to speak*

Shane Sullivan: Who in their right mind decided to schedule this show in Atlantic City of all places? This town makes me sick. There are two types of people that come to Atlantic City. You have your dirty...greasy...classless guidos and then you have your people who are too poor to gamble in Las Vegas. Come to think of it, most of them are dirty, greasy, classless guidos too, so there really isn't much of a difference.

*The crowd starts to boo*

Shane Sullivan: Go ahead and boo me. All you are doing is proving my point that you no class nobodies couldn't recognize a thing of true greatness like you have before you right now. But who cares what you think anyway? I'm not here to impress you because honestly, it doesn't take much to impress you people. I'm here to let it be known that this Tuesday, at FWF Tuesday Night, I "The Class Act" Shane Sullivan, plan on giving everyone the privilage of seeing your next FWF World Champion in action.

Before you all manage to stutter out that next thought of yours, let me tell you that what you saw last Tuesday Night in the Battle Royale was a joke. Did you really think that I, Shane Sullivan, the best the FWF has to offer, would concern himself with a match for the United States Championship. So I was eliminated, no worries. It just kept me from having to humiliate the rest of the wrestlers more than they already humiliate themselves.

Speaking of that anomaly that occurred last Tuesday, it just so happens that the first person who I was eliminated with, Rick Van Darn or something ridiculous like that, is the first person to have the honor of being beaten by yours truly. So Mr. Van Dyke, let me tell you how this is going to happen. When that bell rings, try to keep your admiration of my superior wrestling ability to a minimum because I will not hesitate to give you the Touch of Class you desperately need. So Rick Van Winkle, you may ask yourself why is Shane Sullivan so confident? Well, let me break it down simple enough that you and all these people here in Atlantic City can understand. As long as I have my lucky Four Leaf Clover, well, it's a sure thing. As you all know, I'm a gambling man and I love to roll the dice every now and then, but even I know that a sure bet, like Shane Sullivan, is just too good to pass up.

I highly advise everyone to go out and put their life savings on black, buy a lottery ticket, do something this Tuesday because it must be everyone's lucky day. This Tuesday, you all will have the opportunity to see "First Class" Shane Sullivan wrestle not once....but TWICE! Yes you heard me correctly. Not only will I inch ever so closer to my inevitable World Championship reign, The Shane Sullivan Experience will be in action in the Tag Team Gauntlet match for the first ever FWF Tag Team Championship. You know what, I've been running my mouth for quite a bit, Steve, why don't you say something about this match?

*Steve Sullivan looks stunned that he'd be offered the opportunity to say something. He takes the microphone from Shane and starts to speak*

Steve Sullivan: Well, First off......

*Shane Sullivan quickly snatches the microphone from Steve and starts to speak*

Shane Sullivan: Ok that's enough Steve. Nobody wants to hear you say anything when they can get the opportunity to hear me say a few more words. You know what, *reaches into his pocket to pull out a $20 bill* here's a twenty. I'm pretty sure I saw a pinball machine or something stupid like that in the back. Why don't you do us all a favor and make yourself busy?

*Steve Sullivan reluctantly takes the $20 bill and leaves the ring and goes backstage*

Shane Sullivan: Now that, that's taken care of, let me get back to this tag team match. Like i was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Little Roddie Gordon decided to put The Shane Sullivan Experience in the Tag Team Gauntlet against what little competition the FWF has to offer. First we have Pulse. Do these guys even have a pulse? I don't know anything about these guys and I don't care to. Then you have The Knightstalkers who if you ask me, are about as interesting as a bowl of wax fruit. Skillz That Killz? I won't even waste my time with that. Finally, you have this Canadian Assembly. When I think of what Canada has ever had to offer, all I can manage to come up with is maple syrup and Canadian Bacon and to be honest, I don't eat worthless garbage like that for breakfast. So when it really comes down to it, if you were to make a bet, I'd put it all on the only sure thing in the FWF, Shane Sullivan because honestly, could gold look better on anybody else? I don't think so. You know what, I'm starting to feel a little nauseous just standing here having to smell and take in all of hair grease and fake tanner that you people seem to be using, so I'm going to have to cut this short. Let me just close this with one more thing. While all of you pathetic slobs are sitting back, riding coach, take comfort in the fact that you can look up front and see Shane Sullivan, because I'm always First Class.

*The crowd starts to boo loudly as Shane Sullivan puts his shades back on and leaves the ringside area*

12-05-2007, 08:50 PM
Bill Warren: Well folks, I can't say that I'm happy with presenting this next piece, but I gotta do my job. After the show on Tuesday, Chris Stylez of The Canadian Assembly did an interview with our very own Stacy Smith. He went on and on, ranting for nearly ten minutes, so the guys in the back have broken it down into three parts that will be shown as the week progresses, the last one airing this Friday night on Fury. The first one is his thoughts on his match Tuesday night against The Truth, and the heinous beatdown that took place afterwards. This will feature clips of what happened, so if you are in any way squeamish, you might need to turn away from the television now.

* A Video begins playing, documenting the words that were said back and forth between Chris Stylez and The Truth. It shows their entrances, and clips from the match. The match was largely dominated by The Truth, but in the end it didn't matter, as sheer numbers won out. Stylez pins The Truth 1-2-3 after Bryan LaFleur hits The Edmonton Plunge on The Truth. After the match, the members of The Canadian Assembly beat him down as Chris Stylez grabbed a pair of chairs from ringside. He used those chairs to deliver two vicious con-chair-to shots, leaving The Truth motionless on the mat. The video stops and Chris Stylez is in the picture talking. His voice rarely goes beyond a whisper. *

Chris Stylez: Let what happened out there tonight, be example one of Gods Wrath, of Canada's vengeance. Coming into this matchup you talked a big game, Truth. You acted as though you weren't intimidated. You looked as though you could carry the world on those broad shoulders. But as I predicted, as I knew would happen, all of your strength... all of your courage... crumbled under Gods will. When you finally stepped into the ring with me, when you went eye to eye with THE BEST, you knew in your heart that you could not compete. Try however hard you might, your destiny had already been chosen, your path had been laid out. You were going to fall victim to the vessel of HIS will. You were not going to make it out of that ring... as the same man you were when you walked into it. After I dominated you in between the bells, after I pinned you for the 1-2-3, I knew what I had to do. You see, some people... when they see blood... they wince. They are bothered by it. But me... blood excites me, BLOOD... IGNITES ME. And I craved your blood, Truth. I went to get what I knew would get the job done. When I layed your head on that first chair, and took another and drove it into your skull, crushing it in between the two... the crowd gasped. But I soaked in the feeling. It was a good feeling. For the first time since joining the Fantasy Wrestling Federation, I felt extreme satisfaction, unlimited happiness. The need for blood had consumed me and when I got it... it was the best feeling in the world. And at that point, I could see it in your blank stare into nothingness, I could tell that... you knew I was right in saying that neither God, nor Chris Stylez, would have mercy on your soul.

Shane P. Hallam
12-06-2007, 06:28 PM
*The camera shows an alley in the middle of a city surrounded by metal dumpsters. A street light is flickering close to the camera as the sound of metal against metal is heard. As the light flickers on completely, The Eliminator is seen banging his fist into a green dumpster. He immediately screams the top of his lungs, and there is a big dent in the dumpster where The Eliminator had been punching it.*

The Eliminator: AHHHHHHHHH. I came into the FWF to be the absolute best and when I walked into the ring on Tuesday, there was little doubt that I was the best! No one could stop me during that Battle Royale. Even when I was teamed up on I ELIMINATED THEM ALL! Then, The Pegasus Kid comes in and thinks he can take down a monster like me? HE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT BELT. Pegasus Kid, I will do everything in my power to take you down. I can SQUASH YOU LIKE A BUG. You are nothing. An ingrate who would be better served to be attacking someone of his own size. Do you know who you are dealing with? I could beat anyone in this company one on one. I could beat anyone in this company two on one. I am dominant. And you are my target. I will stop at nothing until you are a carcass underneath my boot. Consider yourself ELIMINATED!

12-06-2007, 08:00 PM
Rick Van Dam's Entrance Music Starts

Camera pans around audience and locates Rick in the stands walking down the isle towards the ring.
Crowd starts chanting "R-V-D"
Music ends as he enters ring.
RVD: OK, a lot has been said about RVD this past week by Shane Sullivan. Here is a recap for all those who may have missed it. 'Blah, Blah, Your goin down RVD, blah, blah, i'm awesome. You guys catching the drift? Anyway, he can keep talking, but i am far superior to him. I come out and Wrestle all out for the fans and they love me for it. AM I RIGHT? (fans go crazy).
Alright, well, he can't compare to me. And if this were a Hardcore match he'd back out. But the rumor going around is that i am nothing without a chair. Well, I gotta prove those guys wrong in the only way possible, by landing a Van Daminator on them and seeing if they can get up and beat me. They can't, but its great entertainment for all of you. If Shane thinks he can take the pain, he can show up for our match on monday. He will not be able to beat (crowd and Rick in unison: ) RICK - VAN - DAM!
Entrance song hits. Crowd screams. Rick Walks into locker room high fiving the fans on the sides of the walkway.

12-06-2007, 08:41 PM
Stacy Smith is backstage interviewing Shawn Thornton.

Stacy Smith: Hey Shawn, we haven't heard much of anything from you recently. Where have you been?

Shawn Thornton: I chose to remain quiet and not gloat about all my achievements and such, because they mean nothing now. This is a brand new federation, with brand new competition and more. Everything you've done in the past, doesn't do anything for you now. You're basically starting all over again, so I decided to keep my mouth shut and scout the competition on my spare time.

SS: So Shawn, what are your thoughts after being eliminated from the U.S. Title battle royal last week by the Eliminator himself?

ST: Well, I guess his name fits the bill. I had just eliminated some other wrestler, and next thing I know I have a big boot in my face. Clearly I'm not happy with the results, but I'm not going to come up with all these sissy excuses for why I was eliminated. All I'm gonna do is prepare for the next time I meet this Eliminator guy, he's got my attention now.

SS: How do you feel about your upcoming match with Chris Stylez this week on FWF Tuesday Night?

ST: Well Stacy, Chris is a great wrestler and all, but I'm not going to be intimated by him and his little possy of Canadiens. They can come out to the ring with him, do whatever they want, but I'll make sure Trevor is out there with me for when they try to pull something, which I know they will try to do. I'm ready for this match more than ever, Stylez is going to have a snap back into reality once I hit an Obsidian Slam on him and pin him 1-2-3.

SS: What about the tag-team gauntlet match this week?

ST: Trevor and I have been working together this week preparing for this gauntlet. We have all the confidence in the world that we can win this. It's gonna be tough, but we've definitely got the heart and skills to win it.

SS: What do you think of Shane Sullivan and his comments about your tag-team Pulse?

ST: Let him talk, but we'll be doing all the talking in the ring. He won't be prepared for what we have to offer, he's too busy gloating about himself and insulting anything he doesn't like. Let it be known that Pulse is here, and we back down from nothing. Anybody that gets in our way will feel our wrath.

Shawn Thornton walks away from the camera, leaving Stacy by herself.

12-07-2007, 08:49 PM
*The camera cuts back to the Canadian Assembly's dressing room as LE Storm grabs the mic*

"If I can be serious for a moment....."

*The entire Canadian Assembly halts the hand of Canadian Hold Em as Storm begins.*

"One thing has become abundantly clear in the FWF and thats is that we, the Canadian Assembly are the dominate faction for now and forever. Last Tuesday night was the beginning of our domination and just as the sun rises each day, we will continue to rise among the ranks of the FWF and rightfully proclaim the gold that is rightfully ours. We are Canadian, its our birth right. You Americans can never understand our greatness, thankfully for yourselves you are able to bear witness to the awesomeness that is God's greatest gift to wrestling, THE Canadian Assembly!"

"Now onto more personal business, this Tuesday night Justin Knight you have the unfortunate luck of matching up with the greatest technical wrestler the FWF could ever imagine having. You say you respect me, thats not a compliment thats just a fact of life. You dare enter my world when you step foot into that ring with me? You dare think that you can match skill sets with me LE Storm? Just as was witnessed this past Tuesday, you will feel the wrath of Strom when I nail you with the Calgary Cutter and you will be pinned 1-2-3 as I, LE Storm march one step closer to the FWF World Title!"

"Remember Knight, I am a proud Canadian, you are not. Once again God has failed you in your miserable existence. Now come Tuesday, your misery and pain continue. The Storm is coming Knight, and you're in the path of destruction!"

*Storm drops the mic and tells Jason Devine to deal him back into the next hand of Canadian Hold Em*

12-07-2007, 09:45 PM
* A video begins playing. It seems to be a long highlight of the Battle Royal for the United States Championship. It comes down to The Pegasus Kid and Chris Stylez. Stylez is suddenly blindsided by a mystery man who beats him down and hits him with a beautiful underhook sit down powerbomb. He gets the attention of The Pegasus Kid, who throws him over the ropes for the win. This is a taped interview segment from after the show on Tuesday. *

Chris Stylez: I made my way down that aisle tonight prepared to taste gold for the first of what will become countless times here in the Fantasy Wrestling Federation. It was well within my grasp as I lasted until the end, until there was only one man remaining. That masked, Mexican dancing stooge Pegasus Kid. Victory was mine. The Championship was mine. Then it all faded away in a flash as I was attacked from behind by someone from the crowd. SOMEONE FROM THE CROWD. Is that how things are run around here Rod Gordon? You just let people jump the rail and attack your most important asset? You let people attack your Main Event stars?

It seems as though someone else wants me to make them famous. It seems as though someone else wants to come in here and be catapulted to the top of the card by wrestling ME, THE UNCROWNED CHAMP. Let me tell you something. You do not come in here and immediately target the main star. You do not get a free pass to fight THE BEST. If you have a death wish, fine. But take it up with someone else. Because I will make one thing clear. I will find out who you are, and why you did this. And I will have your blood. You do not cost me a match, especially a match where championship gold is on the line, AND GET AWAY WITH IT. I have spoken of Gods wrath before, but rest assured that Gods wrath is nothing, NOTHING compared to the wrath of an angry Chris Stylez. You may have had your laugh after taking me out of the Battle Royal, but it is always I that walks away with the last laugh. Take note of what happened when "The Truth" got my attention. Take note of what happened when he angered me. You will see why I am Gods Gift to Wrestling, you will see why no one compares to me, why NO ONE.. is in my league. Whoever you are be warned. The Canadian Assembly will never stop hunting you.

12-07-2007, 11:07 PM
* A video begins playing. It highlights both competitors for this weeks first round World Championship tournament match. Shawn Thornton and Chris Stylez. *

Chris Stylez: Last week, The Truth was the victim, this week, it's Shawn Thornton. But lets not go there yet. The simple fact that I dont get at LEAST an automatic bye into the finals of this tournament proves that this company, Rod Gordon in particular, has no idea what they're doing. When you look around this organization, at the talent... do you REALLY see nine other guys who belong in the same ring as me? Do you REALLY mean to tell me that nine other guys, who on their BEST DAY, couldn't carry my jockstrap, are getting the same opportunity as me? I took care of business to advance to this round, the first round. Now it officially starts. Now I can officially prove that I am THE. GREATEST. WRESTLER. IN. THE. WORLD. And I get to do that against Shawn Thornton. I know how good you are Thornton, I know how talented you are... but unfortunately... you've caught me at a bad time. Because when I look at you ALL I SEE is the man who screwed me out of Championship gold in the Battle Royal. You've found yourself somewhere that you don't want to be right now, and thats in the ring with THE BEST, with the future World Champ. Whoever you are, whoever it was that attacked me.. I want you to watch. I want you to watch REAL CLOSE. Because I'm going to do to Thornton EXACTLY what I'm going to do to you when I get my hands on you. I AM GODS GIFT TO WRESTLING CHRIS STYLEZ. I am the past, present, and future of the business. I am the gold standard here in the FWF. And Next Tuesday... that DOES. NOT. CHANGE. And THAT is the gospel, according to your Canadian Hero.

12-07-2007, 11:16 PM
Shawn Thornton: Chris, you have no idea what you're going up against. You're too focused on this mystery guy that attacked you. You think you're too good for the first round of this tournament. You think you're too good to be in the ring with any wrestler in the FWF. Well, all that's about to change. You can keep thinking that you're the best in the world, but when we meet in the ring this Tuesday you're not going to be proving anything to anybody. I can see that you're going to let your emotions get the best of you, you're going to do something stupid and lose this match if I don't beat you before it can happen. I'm going to prove that you're not even the greatest wrestler in the FWF.

12-09-2007, 07:57 PM
*Outside of the FWF dressing room. Justin Knight is seen standing right beside the door leading into the room. Bobby Briscoe is standing next to him holding a mic.*

Bobby Briscoe (BB): Here we are with Justin Knight. Justin, Tuesday night you have a match with LE Storm. A match which promises to be one of the most anticipated matches in the young history of the FWF. Recently, LE Storm commented about the match up between you two. Do you have anything to say about his comments?

Justin Knight: "To be honest, Bobby, I haven't really thought about it. When I was recruited to come wrestle here in the FWF I did so because I liked what the FWF stood for. I liked the kind of wrestlers they were signing and thought it would increase the level of competition. I've always been respectful towards everyone I've faced. Even those that don't deserve it. I feel respect breeds competition. Whenever you step into the ring you always want to deliver. Night in and night out, you want to leave everything you had in the squared circle. I've always believed that. Sometimes, things happen where no matter how good you think a certain wrestler might be, he just does nothing to deserve your respect. You might respect his talent but not the person. What LE Storm said this past week had lessened my respect for him."

BB: Could you elaborate a little bit for the crowd?

Justin Knight: What I'm trying to say is, I don't respect him anymore. I've offered respect and it hasn't been returned. Him and his Canadian cohorts are driving down everything the FWF told me they stood for. What Storm and his Maple Leaf friends don't see is that I'm the next generation of entertainers here in the FWF. I'm the evolution of professional wrestling. You have your first, second, and third generation stars of pro wrestling and then there's me. The man who every other professional wrestler now will want to be compared to."

"When I was growing up I watched stars like Bruno Sammartino, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Bret Hart compete. That's what made me want to wrestle. I wanted to imitate what I saw on tv. I've sharpened my game every day to try to be exactly like what I saw on television. Now, I am the future of the FWF. The future of wrestling. I am the next generation. When PE Storm told me there was a storm coming I wondered what that smell of moose piss and stale beer was. I finally realized it was him and his Canadian butt buddies. He tells me that I'm in the path of destruction and that all I have to do is look at the tape of last weeks battle royale? You know what, Bobby? I did look at the tape and what I saw was Storm being the fifth man eliminated. He was eliminated by The Truth, someone the Canadian Assembly said they would run all over."

"Storm, I'm telling you now. Watch your lips cuz their about to slapped off your face. You won't be running towards the FWF Title. You'll be running back to Canada and back to your momma's frozen nipples. Beware, Storm, your awakening a dragon that you won't want to face. Your the first step towards the FWF title and nothing is going to stand in my way. Not you, not your Canadian brothers, not anyone."

Shane P. Hallam
12-09-2007, 08:33 PM
*The lights in the arena shut off and flames ignite along the aisles of the arena as The Eliminator comes out of an X of fire from the top of the ramp. He climbs over the top rope and enter the ring to his music. The lights shine on as The Eliminator looks around the arena.*

The Eliminator: I showed all of the FWF my dominance in the Battle Royale without even winning it! My sets have always been set on the ultimate prize though. I WILL be taking the FWF Championship. There is NO ONE who can beat me one on one. No one will dares to compare to the power The Eliminator wields.

*Crowd Boos*

WHAT? You all must bow down to my dominance. If you want to disrespect my power, you will all suffer from it! Who wants me to prove to them? Who wants to go toe to toe with The Eliminator?

*The Eliminator walks around the ring along the ropes. He peers into the front of the crowd, searching for a victim. Eventually, he points to a young man in his mid-20s, relatively well-built sitting in the first row near the commentator's table. The Eliminator points to him and yells to him, the man climbs over the barricade and into the ring.*

The Eliminator: Do you really think you, a mere mortal, can compare to The Eliminator? I will even give you a free shot at me before I destroy you.

*The man takes off his shirt, takes a second then throws a punch to The Eliminator's face. The Eliminator stops the punch by grabbing the man's clenched fist, and and squeezes, injuring the man's fingers. As the man screams in pain, The Eliminator kicks the man in the stomach, places the man's head between The Eliminator's legs, lifts the man way over The Eliminator's head, and then finally gives the man Elimination (Ganso Bomb). As the man is passed out on the mat, The Eliminator picks the man up, lifts the man over his head (in a military press position), and tosses him back into the crowd onto his seat. The crowd is silent.*


*The Eliminator's music hits as he walks out of the ring and away back down the ramp*

12-10-2007, 12:36 AM
The Pegasus Kid's intro (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WYVln2hihw) starts with the lights turning off, and then his music hits. He dances his way down the ramp, stopping to give high fives to the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, mic in hand. He hops on a turnbuckle to show the crowd his shiny new United States Championship belt, and the crowd goes nuts. He dances a little more in the ring, but tonight he is a little more serious than usual so he cuts the dance off short.

PK: "Hey everybody, did you guys see that giant crybaby a little earlier? I forget his name... The Lemonader...no that wasn't it.... The ElimiDater (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJRRMmrnPag)... no that's a TV show... The Eliminated... yeah that's the one. The Eliminated was the big ugly who couldn't stay in the ring with me on Tuesday night. You would think with all that size, his parents would have seen fit to put a brain in there as well. So now he comes out talking as though he accomplished something. Apparently moral victories are huge for The Eliminated. He said he showed the FWF something, and he's right. He showed them that he can be beaten by anyone with wrestling ability. All he had to do was stay in the ring with me and he couldn't even do that. So he takes it out on a fan, instead of an opponent who can fight back. I guess that would make me feel better too, if I was 0-1 in the FWF. But I think he was actually on to something by getting the FWF's fans involved, so I'm going to take a page out of his book!"

Pegasus Kid claps his hands twice with authority. The main lights go off and music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b714Wi4CDsQ) hits. Beautiful women come from the crowd and run into the ring to dance with the Kid. They dance for a while and then they all leave the ring.

12-10-2007, 01:38 PM
Backstage at the FWF Arena. Chino Asesino and Justin Knight stand side by side with reporter Bobby Briscoe beside them. Both Chino and Justin are dressed in street clothes.

Bobby Briscoe: "We are standing here with Justin Knight and Chino Asesino, the Knightstalkers. We've been asked to come here because Justin Knight has something he would like to say.

Justin Knight: "We've all stood aside in the FWF while the Canadian Assembly opens their mouth and puts their foot in it. While that is amusing, it's becoming annoying. Their constant whining are grating on our nerves. My brother Chino and I have had enough. I have an upcoming match with LE Storm this Friday which is just the first step in shutting up the Canadian Assembly. However much, Chino and I would like to take on the entire group, we can't. We're just two guys and no matter if we think we can take them on or not I'm not about to play into the numbers game with them."

"Chino and I consider ourselves to the next generation of wrestlers. We're the evolution of professional wrestling. We're not about running our mouths. Or making stupid claims or any of that other b.s. What we plan on doing is shoving our feet up the Canadian Assembly's frosty asses. In order not to play into the Canadian Assembly's numbers we've been scouting out wrestlers here in the FWF. We've watched every match that has taken place to choose the right wrestler to fit in with us. This guy would also represent the next generation of wrestlers. Someone that fits into our evolution."

"We finally found that man the other night. He's in-ring skills are everything we've been looking for. He's focused. He's improving. He's on the same path that Chino and I are on. That man is..."

"The War Machine Chris Russell"

Russell steps forward to where he is standing next to Chino Asesino

"So, Canadian Assembly, this is a warning. Beware. We're stalking our prey and you are in our crosshairs. This begins a new era for the FWF. One which offers no remorse. One where in-ring talent takes precedence over bitching on a mic. Storm, Devine, LaFleur, watch your back. We're on the warpath and you're in our way. Beware, the evolution of wrestling is here. The Knightstalkers are here and we're coming for you."

The Knightstalkers then walk off leaving Bobby Briscoe alone.

12-10-2007, 08:24 PM
This music begins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXaMUvM0Ko&feature=related) and then Skillz that Killz walk out. They get to the ring and Frosti asks for a mic.
"We are sick and tired of the Canadian Eessembly, they think they're unstoppable. Just wait till we face them. We aren't just gonna talk and do nothing about it, like The Nightstalkers, we are gonna take action. First, we are gonna win the tag team titles, then we will destroy the Essembly."
Then they begin their dance(same as 2 cool used to do) then leave

12-10-2007, 08:56 PM
The Truth is seen laying down in his locker room. A few faceless people come and go in the room. The Truth sits up with a neckbrace and looks pretty beat up

-He lets out a sigh-

"Well you guys witnessed me get my butt handed to me at the hands of a couple of chair shots.. Not Chris Stylez, but chairs. Not actual fists, but chairs. Not once.. But twice. I gotta tell you.. it hurt.."

-He laughs a little and tries to rotate his neck but his face shows the obvious pain-

"You know I had some time to think.. ya know, laying there a bloody mess and all, and I thought to myself am I really cut out for this? should I really be wrestling if this is the type of damage I'll be going through? What will I have to show when all is said and done, and my body is worn and torn? Should I just quit?"

-The Truth is serious thought-

"But then I got the word of who I was wrestling next.. "THE WARRRRR MACHINE!".. an instant feeling of confidence came over my body. I'm telling you all this because I think, even with this worn out neck of mine.. you all will bear witness to the NEW TRUTH.. and the new truth says that the War Machine is going down on friday"

-The Truth calmly tears off the neckbrace and winks at the camera while smiling. He then exits the lockerroom-

12-11-2007, 11:30 AM
All of sudden, this plays on the titantron

Unknown Titantron (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Iv1ZEy_VqSw&feature=related)

The fans give off a mixed reaction. The last words on the screen are: "twelveFOURTEENoSEVEN", refferring to the date

12-12-2007, 02:20 AM
* The Canadian Assembly; Chris Stylez, Jason Divine, LE Storm, Bryan LaFleur, Amanda Evans, and Lindsey Lyons are in the back with interviewer Stacy Smith. Stylez beigns to speak. *

Stylez: There are said to be some that possess the power to see actions beyond the range of natural vision. There are some that see things before they actually occur. It is referred to as Clairvoyance. Everything that I say seems to hold true. Tuesday Night was just as I said it would be, just as I knew it would be. I am "The Clairvoyant". I am the one true "Wrestling Prophet". Everything that I say I'm going to do, I accomplish. Everything that I say will happen, comes to pass. Just as I said that I would hurt "The Truth", I did. And just as I said that the perpetrator of my attack was someone looking for me to make them famous, someone looking for me to put them on the map, looking for me to catapult them up the ladder of which I stand comfortably on top of...

* Jason Divine's eyes widen and he gets jumpy at the mention of the word "Ladder", he speaks up. *

Divine: I'm the master of the Ladder, ya know!

* Stylez stops talking and looks and Jason for a moment. Jason calms down a bit, and shakes it off. Then, probably a little too quickly, he has a serious look on his face again. Stylez finally looks back into the camera after a pause. *

Stylez: You are exactly what I thought that you would be Sam Jones. You're a nobody looking for a free ride to the top by trying to get my attention. And I suppose your plan worked afterall, because... you got my attention. You got my attention when you cost me championship gold in the Battle Royal, and you got my attention Tuesday when you cost my Canadian brother a chance at the World Title. You want a steel cage match with me? You want a steel cage match with "The Clairvoyant"? The "Wrestling Prophet"? You want a match with Chris Stylez? The BEST? The FUTURE CHAMP? You want to step inside an unforgiving structure with THE. GREATEST. WRESTLER. IN. THE. WORLD? You don't just waltz into MY company, the company that I put on the map, and demand a match with the biggest star in this industry. It doesn't work like that. No. Not unless you can prove to me that you even deserve to BREATHE THE SAME AIR as I do. I am the Vessell of HIS will, I am acting as his own right hand. When we look at you, we do not see someone deserving of stepping into a cage with me. We do not see someone worthy enough to even stand in my ring. All we see, is waste. All I see, is another victim of Gods will. All you will become is another victim of Gods Great Nation.

* LE Storm steps up beside Chris Stylez *

Stylez: LE Storm will avenge the loss he suffered due to you and your interference. He will expose you as nothing more than a sneak attack artist desperate for your fifteen minutes in the spotlight. LE Storm will prove to you why Canada is the only great Country in this forsaken world we live in, why it is the Holy Land. You want me in a Steel Cage? Prove yourself to me against one of the best the world has to offer. Prove to me that you aren't another stooge that Rod Gordon and FWF Management are sending at me because they're scared of losing control. Prove to me that you aren't just another chump trying to make a name for yourself at my expense. Be cautious though. Before you go into that match you need to ask yourself a simple question. Do you have the nerve to stand in the center of the ring as the bell sounds and look Gods Gift to Wrestling in the eye, knowing that you are inferior to me in every. way. possible? Because you wouldn't be the first to back down, and you won't be the last. Keep that thought in mind. Thats the gospel, according to your Canadian hero.

12-12-2007, 02:21 PM
This music begins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXaMUvM0Ko&feature=related) and then Skillz that Killz walk out. They get to the ring and LeSean asks for a mic.
"Cut the music! I am sick and tired of loosing, I havn't even been in a match! I demand that next week on Tuesday Night there is a rematch for the Tag Team titles in a TLC match, Skillz that Killz vs Pulse vs The Shane Sullivan Experince. Some of you are thinking why the Shane Sullivan Experince, because they beet us in the guanlet and I want revenge! We are the real Tag Team champs. And no not me and Frosti but me and Paco*Frosti stops and stairs at LeSean*. That's right bro, you have lost us all of our matches and I won't give the chance to do it again. You are still a member of Skillz that Killz but you won't be apart of the TLC match."
*Frosti*"That's fine, I will just get a match vs Pegus kid and win the US title"
*LeSean*"That's right, Skillz that Killz is goin' gold!"

12-12-2007, 11:26 PM
*Inside an empty arena. The house lights are on which aide in illuminating the wrestling ring. Inside the squared circle two guys practice moves on each other. The camera pans out to see The Knightstalkers, Justin Knight, Chino Asesino, and Chris "The War Machine" Russell, talking in-ring strategy. The Knightstalkers look up and face the camera.*

Justin Knight: "Last night, Storm, you were the first to witness what happens when you mess with the Knightstalkers. You experienced first hand what it takes to beat the next generation of wrestlers. That tag team division also got to witness what kind of might the Knightstalkers have when working as a team. We singlehandedly defeated two of the best tag teams the FWF has to offer before being defeated by Pulse. I have to give it to you Pulse. I always thought both of you couldn't spell dog if I spotted you the D and the G. Ya'll pinned us. Fair and square. You capitalized on us being tired and took it to us. Congrats.

*pauses to wipe the hair out of his face*

"However, I'd like to see what you could do facing us full strength. One on one. Pulse vs. The Knightstalkers. This time, you won't have the honor of facing me. I won't be competing anymore in tag team wrestling until I complete my task of being the first wrestler to capture the FWF world championship. I'm stepping aside and Chris here is stepping into my place. So, it will be Chino Asesino, the "Latin Assassin", and Chris Russell, the "War Machine" vs. Pulse, the dance hall delight. This Friday night, you'll get your first title defense against us."

"As far as I'm concerned, I get The Eliminator this week. A huge monster. Everyone's afraid of him, even his mother. Want to know one person that's not afraid of him? Me. I've known The Eliminator for a long time now. We go way back. When we were in grade school he used to try and intimidate tests. "Math test you will be...[B]Eliminated!". When the tests came back and he had an "F" marked in red on the paper we knew who had been eliminated. That's why he started wearing the mask. So kids at school couldn't make fun of him. What happened on that test is what's going to happen this week.You will get an F in the ring for failing to defeat me in my quest for the World Championship."

12-13-2007, 10:16 AM
Right before an untaped jobber match

Ring Announcer: "The following match will be non title singles match.. Now introduci..."

The Unknown Titantron (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Iv1ZEy_VqSw) and Music come on again but this time with a face. Out of nowhere, The Truth comes walking down the ramp. He's sporting a black and white nWo t-shirt and jeans with some shoes and spray paint can in hand. The Crowd doesn't know how to react. They just watch in shock while The Truth struts his way down the ramp in his new colors. As the music keeps playing the Truth continues to dance down the ramp until he's finally to ring. He slides in and tosses the can on the ground. He signals for a mic to begin talking

"Cut the music!.. I bet you all are wondering.. nWo? why would the Truth do this? and to answer that I simply don't know what I was thinking by bringing it to the WFFL"

Bill Warren:"..Say it ain't so!"

Ace Anderson:"What do you mean? this is exactly what we need.. this is sure to spark up the show!"

"Ya see.. After being beat down and beat on and simply, beat.. I came to the conclusion that I need to 'make my mark'.."

Ring Announcer:"Yo Truth, we gotta match.."

The Truth directs his attention towards the ring announcer

"What did you just say?????"

Ring Announcer:"We gotta match to do man.."

"Does it look like a give a damn about who is coming out here right now? You should announce them so I can kick both of their candyasses uuuuuup and dooooowwwwn the arena right now.. but, let me calm down because I wasn't planning to fight just all out of the blue.. like I said, I simply came out here to 'make my mark'.."

The Truth looks around for the can laying on the ground. He picks it up and walks on over to the center of the ring. He continues to spray paint 'NWO' right in the center of the ring. After finishing off the 'O', The Truth's nWo theme (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Iv1ZEy_VqSw) starts playing. The Truth exits the ring and continues up the ramp. He throws up the nWo sign at the top of the ramp. The fans are going wild by now at the defiance. The Truth exits through the curtains

12-14-2007, 12:37 AM
Stacy Smith is backstage with Sam "Scar" Jones.

Stacy Smith - Lt Jones, what is your response to what The Canadian Assembly leader had to say not only about you, but about him making LE Storm face you next Tuesday as a test match?

Scar - Well, Stacy, first of all, please just call me Scar. 2nd of all, LE Storm isn't in this fight. I only screwed him over because I wanted at the big dog. Chris Stylez. And yes, I do have enough respect for Chris Stylez to say that he is a damn good wrestler. but that's where it stops. Clairvoyant? hell no. A coked out midget could have told you that someone who attacks you in a title match is trying to have a match with you and doesn't like you. But use you to get ahead? no. I just hate what you stand for. Wrestling Prophet? Are you kidding me? You need to give yourself a title that actually fits. Like, solid wrestler with an enormous ego and a posse that's big enough it must be compensating for something. Just like you said you would hurt the Truth? you BLINDSIDED the Truth and then sicked your goons on him. That speaks of you as a coward who isn't willing to fight his own battles.
but about your thoughts on me, Mr. Chris "THE COWARD" Stylez. You think I don't have talent? I'm 4 times armed forces amateur wrestling champion. I'm the 3 time US Army MMA champion. I went through boot camp as an enlisted man, then OCS and College while I earned those titles. To say that I don't have talent in the ring, is like saying Joe Montana wasn't anything more than a DIII backup QB. A nobody? I'm a war veteran. whether you view me as a hero or not I don't care. but fact of the matter is I have ended lives with my bare hands. I have seen more turmoil and struggle in the last few years than you have seen in your life.
and yes, I want a cage match. because I don't trust you in just a singles match. I know you will have goons like LE Storm and that idiot savant Devine at the ring trying to interfere.
Your company? last time I checked this was ROD GORDON's COMPANY! He was the one who contacted me. HE was the one who saw film of me in the MMA championships and saw that the UFC was also contacting me and gave me a better contract, you think I'm a nobody? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?
Vessel of HIS? Whatever you are smoking I wish I had just a small amount. cause then I would be half as delusional as you are. but, if you really don't think I'm worthy, I'll play your little game. I'll destroy your little pawn LE Storm. And then, you and me, in a cage match. But you'll probably just back out again. Inferior to you in every way possible? wow. ask the men I have led to battle how much of a battler, of a fighter that I am. and than mix that with my wrestling and MMA background. and try again. Canadian hero? I'm from AMERICA, YOU STUPID CANUCK! I"M FROM ATLANTA GEORGIA!! I don't give a hell if you are from another country till you talk bad about mine!
And one last thing. LE STORM, you have no place in this battle, just go home if you know what's good for you. otherwise, you will be SCARD 4 LIFE!!!

Shane P. Hallam
12-14-2007, 08:36 PM
*A video is replayed of the complete match between The Eliminator and Mike Hunt, the quickest match in FWF history. The camera then pans to a hallway backstage where Stacy Smith is waiting with The Eliminator*

SS: Eliminator, you completed the fastest match in FWF history in the Championship Title tournament. Do you think you are the favorite the rest of the way?

The Eliminator: Favorite? There are no favorites. There is only domination. I proved last week that I have the ability to dominate anyone I come in contact with. Facing someone in their hometown makes my work no harder. It is like squashing insects on the bottom of my boot.

SS: You lost your chance at the United States Championship when you lost in the Battle Royale to The Pegasus Kid. He has recently come out and criticized you...

The Eliminator: DON'T YOU DARE MENTION HIM AGAIN! He will be paying for his comments. He will be paying for his disrespect of my power. He thinks he could take me one on one? He would not make it out of the ring alive. LOOK AT ME! Look what I did to Mike Hunt. Look at all the men I eliminated in that Battle Royale. If that runt thinks he could even knock me to the ground he is wrong.

SS: Ahem, well, Justin Knight defeated LE Storm in a great match in round 1. How do you think you can beat him?

*The Eliminator smiles then begins to laugh*

The Eliminator: I think there is little doubt what the outcome will be. I also heard what Justin Knight said about me earlier this week. I imagine he will be regretting that decision. Maybe you should interview him and see his reaction. You can probably find him in the steam trunk pipe distribution venue, but he may be a little tied up.

*Stacy beckons to the camera crew to follow her down the hallway. She opens an old door to the steam trunk pipe distribution venue. Immediately, we see Justin Knight chained to a large pipe in the center of the room. The Eliminator walks in behind the camera crew as Justin Knight yells at The Eliminator, who is just laughing. The Eliminator grabs Justin Knight's screaming face and shoves it out of the way as Justin Knight struggles against the chains. The Eliminator then grabs the chains and pulls them down, breaking them and freeing Knight. Justin Knight runs at The Eliminator to grapple with him, but The Eliminator just grabs Justin Knights throat. The Eliminator then punches Justin Knight square in the lip, knocking him to the ground. The camera fades out as The Eliminator laughs walking out of the room, and Justin Knight is on the ground with a bloody lip.*

12-14-2007, 09:19 PM
Unknown Voice:"The Following Announcment has been paid for by the New, New, New World Order"

The nWo theme starts playing and The Truth is seen in his nWo shirt and dark shades. He stands in front of a podium. The camera is tinted black and white

"My Fellow Americans.. It pleases me to announce my first win aginst the Wank Machine and some other other guy, his name fails to come to mind at this time. For the first time, I felt free.. For the first time, I felt like I BELONG.. For the first time, I just didn't give a ****.. excuse my french. You know, I was asked earlier, isn't the nWo more than one person?.. Of course he was kidding because he thought of the Truth as just "one person". I laughed at him in his face and simply told him, that THE TRUTH is a FORCE and a FORCE to be reckoned with. Let that TRUE display of dominance testify to MY dominance of the FWF from here on out.."

nWo fliers with the Truth's face on them begin to rain down on the fans

-scene cut

12-15-2007, 01:59 PM
Camera pans to Chris Russell as he is in his lockerroom pacing back and fourth

Chris Russell:Now many have wondered why I have alligned with the knightstalkers.Well it is simple.the knigtstalkers are winners and I only associate with winners.Canadian Assembley your reign of terror in FWF is over.Because Justin, Chino and myself have a mission to permantley shut you up once and for all and send you back to Canada with your head between your legs never to be heard from again and that is a guran-damn-tee.Quote the War Machine Nevermore.

Camera fades to black as Russell leaves

12-16-2007, 12:03 AM
Inside Justin Knight's dressing room. We find him sitting on a couch holding an ice pack on his head. His head is hanging down resting in the palm of his left hand. He begins to slowly look up to the camera. A noticeable bump is located on the top of his head and his bottom lip is swollen and caked with blood. He spits maroon liquid onto the crowd which could only be blood. He begins to speak slowly.

Justin Knight: "I've had some rough matches throughout my professional wrestling career. I've wrestled hardcore matches, been inside a cage, been beaten with trash cans, baseball bats. I've been hit with barbed wire, been through a table, crashed onto a ladder from the top rope. You name it, I've probably been through it. I've wrestled dazed. I've wrestled with a sprained knee, a dislocated fingers, and a partially broken arm. Sometimes the pain has been so much that I've wanted to just call the match right there."

Justin Knight pauses to take a deep breath. He is obviously in serious thought about what to say next.

Justin Knight: "Despite all the beatings, all the damage my body has suffered, all the pain I've been through I've kept going. Throughout it all, I've kept going because I found that the pain makes me stronger. It makes me more determined. One thing I will not do is disappoint the fans that make these wrestling promotions great."

"So, Eliminator, your attempt to intimidate me failed. Just as you will in the ring against me this Friday. You've awakened a dragon that will stop at nothing but to bring you down so I can advance that much closer to obtaining the FWF world title. Eliminator, you will be made an example of this Friday. I will not be intimidated by anyone in the FWF. Not you, not the Canadian Assembly, not anyone. Be afraid of this Friday, Eliminator. You should be."

12-25-2007, 09:49 PM
-The Camera cuts to the Truth standing outside of an arena. He dressed in a black NWO T-Shirt and some dark black shades. He looks over to the camera. It is revealed that he is talking on the phone, his face gives off a pissed emotion-

"..I AM THE TRUTTTTHHHH! I AM THIS DAMN COMPANYYYY!.. Huh? You guys can't do this to ME!!!! I AM THE TRUTH.. I AM THE nWooooooooo!!!.. Oh okay, so I am just supposed to bow down at your command right? Well, you know what the TRUTH doesn't do to well with bowing down and I definitely don't do to well obeying orders so I'll tell ya what.. Unless my demands are met immediately, I'm gonna make your job a living helllll.. oh really?.. so be it"

The Truth hangs up and smiles. The truck in the background has started it's engine. The Truth nods over to the truck and smiles. He walks away from the camera's view. The truck begins to back out and it reveals nWo spray painted over the FWF logo on the trailer laying on top of the truck bed. The nWo theme music starts playing as the camera fades

12-27-2007, 06:22 AM
* After the final match of the evening in Madison Square Garden ended early with a brutal beatdown from The Eliminator, the cameras went off the air, but the action did not stop. As security and officials worked as hard as they could to restrain The Eliminator, The Truth is thrown onto the ramp from beyond the curtain. The entire Canadian Assembly is there. Chris Stylez is shouting instructions as LE Storm and David LeFleur beat The Truth down with their Canadian flags. "The Canadian Phenomenon" Jason Divine has a ladder in hand. They drag The Truth to the ring while the crowd showers them in boos. The Truth made a gigantic impact earlier tonight, and it seems he is paying for it. LaFleur rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from beneath. The Assembly picks the motionless body of The Truth up as LaFleur sets up the table. LaFleur then grabs The Truth around the neck via shouted encouragement from Chris Stylez, and slams The Truth through the table with his Edmonton Plunge finishing maneuver. Jason Divine sets up the ladder as Lafleur moved the scraps of table out of the way. Divine climbs to the top and hits a gigantic 450 splash onto the prone body of The Truth. Stylez urges LE Storm to do something, and LE Storm grabs the right leg of The Truth, then proceeds to apply The Canadian Figure Four Leglock. Chris Stylez rolls out of the ring and goes to ringside where he picks up two metal folding chairs. He brings them into the ring and places onr under the head of The Truth. *

Bill Warren: Oh God! Not this again! Somebody to something, someone get out here!

* Chris Stylez raises the other chair up ready to once again crush the skull of The Truth when the music of Sam "Scar" Jones hits and Scar appears at the top of the ramp. Scar walks to the ramp seemingly not bothered at the four men in the ring with weapons. Stylez places the other three men in front of him as he cowers in the corner. Scar goes up the steps and into the ring. LaFleur rushes at him with his arm outstretched searching to connect with a massive Lariat, but Scar ducks it then plants the 300+ lb LaFleur with a massive Spinebuster. Jason Divine comes at him with the ladder, but Scar counters with a boot to the midsection. Divine drops the ladder and Scar drops him on his head with a lethal DDT. LaFleur and Divine are out as Storm and Stylez are in the corner coming up with a plan. Storm and Scar lock up in the center of the ring as they did earler tonight. Stylez rolls out of the ring and looks on, not daring to go anywhere near Scar. Storm sends Scar against the ropes with an Irish wip, drops under him as Scar is forced to hop him on the run, and Storm goes for the dropkick as Scar comes back at him. Scar catches his feet however, and drops Storm on his back. Scar locks in the Sharpshooter and Storm begins tapping out. Scar points at Stylez, who is on the outside of the ring. Stylez looks petrified as he is backing up. He trips over his fallen comrade Jason Divine. *

Bill Warren: Wow! Scar has laid waste to the entire assembly, and Stylez wanted nothing to do with him! What will happen on January the 6th on PPV when these two meet inside a Steel Cage?!?!

12-27-2007, 10:28 PM
*Footage of this has just finished before a pre-match interview at New Beginnings, Bill Warren met up with Scar as he was heading into the arena about the match.*

*scene starts with Bill Warren running down Scar as he gets out of his car and locks the door, as Warren is talking to Scar they are walking through the parking lot to the locker room areas*

Bill Warren - Mr. Jones!

Scar - Wassup Bill?

BW - So your big cage match is tonight, why did you want the match in a cage if you can lay waste to the entire assembly like we saw last week?

Scar - Because I don't want a 4 on 1 match. I wanted Stylez one on one. I wanted to show him what a true wrestler does. Not cower in a corner like the little pansy he is. He had 3 lightly armed "bodyguards", and he still cowered in the corner. It's a shame. I thought he would at least have the pride to show more than he did then. I thought I was going through his 3 stooges before I took on a guy actually worth wrestling. But he left the ring before I could do anything about it.

BW - So when we saw you casually walk to the ring last week as aide to The Truth, was that you saying you are part of the nWo? And how come it didn't bother you that they had weapons, seeing as you didn't have one yourself?

*Scar and Bill stop in front of the locker room as Scar has one last thing to say*

Scar - Weapons? chairs, ladders and Storm? Real weapons are RPG's. A real weapon can kill someone. And no, I'm not even close to joining the Truth in the nWo. However, if he was going against the assembly, I would be willing to be his tag partner, provided Stylez was on the other tag team. But Bill, I got a cage match to prep for, I'll see you at that match.

*Scar heads into the locker room as the scene cuts*

Shane P. Hallam
12-28-2007, 06:48 PM
*Footage is broadcast of The Eliminator dominating The Pegasus Kid and Dark Angel. Every time The Eliminator uses the steel pole, the video cuts to slow motion and the sound is amplified to accent the steel banging against their skulls. The video closes with medics huddled around The Pegasus Kid. We are then taken to the inside of a giant truck trailer. It is dark, but small candles surrounding the inside of trailer go off and The Eliminator is seen sitting in the middle of the trailer. He looks up at the camera with a huge smile on his face and then laughs.*

The Eliminator: Did you see what happened last night? Did you see the destruction I can cause? That is what you get Pegasus Kid. That is exactly you deserved. NO ONE HUMILIATES ME! You have done NOTHING that has shown me that you are more than an insect on my windshield. Do you want to be destroyed again like you were last night? Then tempt my rage more Pegasus Kid! Tempt the power I wield for I will inflict more pain into your soul than you ever imagined was possible.

*The Eliminator cracks his knuckles, stands up, then reaches into the darkness and grabs the infamous steel pole*

Therefore, I will give you on chance Pegasus Kid. If at New Beginnings, you walk into the ring, hand me your title and lay down for my victory, I will spare you the pain that you have coming to you. You get one chance at this offer. And if you do not take it, just know that the item in my hand will be coming in contact with your face. AND YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED!

12-28-2007, 07:31 PM
(Skillz that Killz walks out to their music. Camera pans around stadium and you see numerous people in the crowd start walking towards the concession stands. Crowd is silent.)

Frosti- You guys show no love for Skillz that Killz.

(crowd remains silent)

LeSean- Well we are the best ever. We are so good. We have big schlongs and hot girl friends. Our mom won the county chili cook-off this summer. She also...

(Rick Van Dam's music starts and he starts walking down the aisle ways in the stands in street clothes)

RVD- Nobody gives a S*** about your mom. Here is an idea, get out of the ring so real wrestlers with actual talent can be in there. What I should do is go in there and kick your talentless a$$es back to where ever the h*** you came from, and have your momma make me some chili, since she messed up making you 2, she must be good at making something else. You guys are nothing, coming out here week after week demanding a title shot. What you are gonna get is an a$$-whoopin if you dont get out of that ring. You are an embarassment to the FWF and America, and week after week you make the mistake of challenging someone you can't take on.

Frosti- Bring it punk. We can take you right here, Right now!!

(Rick Van Dam enters ring and stares him down.)

RVD- I dont think you can.

(RVD then turns around and kicks LeSean in the face, then preceded to whoop them both to a non-moving state. He then grabs a latter and a table.)

Announcer- What is going to do with that?

(RVD then puts them both on the table on top of each other, in a somewhat g** position and laughs. Crowd Laughs.)

Announcer- He is climbing the latter. Oh my gosh he is gonna do something crazy here!!

(RVD Preforms and Executes a perfect 5-star-frog-splash from the top rung.)

ANNOUNCER- OH MY GOSH!! HE JUST 5-STAR-FROG-SPLASHED Skillz that Killz on a table!! WOW!!

(Fans go nuts as RVD rolls off and somehow climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises a fist. Fans go wild!)

*end promo*

12-28-2007, 10:24 PM
*A highlight of the assault on Pegasus Kid by The Eliminator plays, recalling in every morbid detail what the steel pole did to his skull.*

Pegasus Kid sits at his locker in an empty locker room with a huge bandage wrapped around his head.

PK: The Eliminator really kicked my ass. I mean, he beat the crap out of me. Everyone saw it, why even bother trying to deny it ever happened?

Pegasus Kid pauses and takes a deep breath.

PK: But the last time I checked... I'M A WRESTLER. If I wanted to participate in a damn street fight, I would have went to my favorite bar and picked a fight. People don't want to see a grown man sneaking up on another grown man to nail him from behind, Oz's ratings weren't that great. The people want to see wrestling dammit. Unlike the eliminator, I know what the people want. I give the people what they want. This guy is just in it to hurt somebody. Eliminator, we get paid the big bucks to entertain. Let's entertain the people! I have faith that for the belt, you'll actually attempt to wrestle me. I know you have that honor deep down inside you. Meet me like a man, and let's give the people a show.

And as for your offer... the day I lay down my title for you is the day you beat me in a dance off.

*Fade to black*

12-29-2007, 07:05 PM
Chris Russel's music plays as he enters the arena

Russell: I'm Back!!!!I have been taking care of some buisness and now I am back to the buisness of kicking butt and taking names.Don't think that just because I have been gone I have not been training as a matter of fact I trained harder then I ever have when I was away don't believe me take a look for yourself.

video package rolls of Russell's training session

Russell: As you can see I am in the best shape of my life.I am more focused, determined and intense then ever and beware FWF because the War Machine is back to break necks and cash checks.

12-29-2007, 09:51 PM
I have been gone for a while, I have been training to become really, really big. The Heartthrob will not be beaten anymore. Everyone better fear The Heartthrob....

12-29-2007, 11:49 PM
*Stacy Smith is seen following Shawn Thornton and Trevor Lewis out of their locker room.*

Stacy Smith: Hey guys, what do you think of your upcoming match with Jason Divine and Bryan LeFleur at New Beginnings?

Shawn Thornton: We're looking forward to it. These guys haven't proven or shown anything. For all I can see, they are talentless hacks taking up space on the FWF roster. All they are and ever will be is the unimportant members of this Canadian Assembly. The only time I've ever seen these guys mentioned around here is when Scar destroyed them by himself. If he can take them out by himself, we should have no problem beating them at New Beginnings.

Stacy Smith: Interesting. Do you think the rest of the Canadian Assembly will try to interfere with your match?

Shawn Thornton: It wouldn't surprise me if they did, but we're ready for it. We've got all the confidence in the world right now, and we've learned not to be distracted too much by the people outside the ring. All our focus is with these two guys in the ring.

Stacy Smith: Any last comments?

Shawn Thornton: Yeah, I do. At New Beginnings, we will once again show the FWF that Pulse is the greatest tag team there is. We are just getting started on our reign as the greatest tag team in the FWF. Anybody that crosses our path gets to see what it's like when you're in the ring with Pulse...pain and failure.

*A video airs of Pulse winning the tag team championships.*

Shawn Thornton: Prepare to witness this again and again. Pulse is here to stay.

12-30-2007, 02:46 AM
*The scene starts with a shot of a sold out FWF House Show. "First Class" Shane Sullivan's music starts to play and the crowd starts to boo loudly as Shane Sullivan makes his way to the ring. He is wearing an expensive dark grey suit and shades, and has a microphone in his hand. He climbs up the ring steps and through the ropes and into the ring. The crowd is still booing loudly as "The Class Act" Shane Sullivan smiles. The crowd finally quiets down and Shane Sullivan begins to speak*

Shane Sullivan: No, No, No. Don't stop booing. Frankly I like the attention. You see, I know why you all are booing me. You, fat nobodies with your ill-fitting t-shirts with the mustard stains on the front, cannot help but hate me, "The Class Act" Shane Sullivan, because you all know that no matter what you accomplish in life, it will never...EVER..come close to what I have accomplished. And you know what, I don't blame you. If it were humanly possible for a man to ever be more successful than I am, I would probably hate him too. Lucky for me however, that will never happen so I'll continue to stand up here on my pedestal where I rightly belong, while you losers continue to gawk and stare. And speaking of losers, what is the deal with this Justin Knight guy. He comes out here and claims to be a man of the people. A man who comes out day in and day out solely for the fans. What kind of crap is this? He comes from the belief of Death Before Dishonor and talks about respect. Well Justin, you want to know what I believe? I believe that if you aren't making dollars, than you aren't making sense and from the looks of you...well I think you know where I am going with this. You don't seem like the brightest fellow so let me break this down for you as easily as I can. At New Beginnings, I am going to beat you and I am going to beat you badly because frankly, you are not on my level. From day one, it has been painfully obvious to everyone that I, Shane Sullivan, am the class of the FWF. I am the benchmark that determines greatness and it is only fitting that I become the first ever FWF World Champion. I mean let's be honest, if anyone other than myself wins that title, it'll be bad business for the FWF. The FWF has already hit a little speedbump financially and can't afford to have anyone but me win the championship. Well I am starting to ramble so I'll finish this up now so the folks here can get back to their pathetic lives. Justin Knight, come time at the PPV, I am going to have the honor of giving not only you a much needed Touch of Class, but the entire FWF when I become it's first ever World Champion.

*Shane Sullivan drops the microphone and leaves amid a chorus of boos*

12-30-2007, 01:53 PM
The nWo theme music hits and the Truth begins his entrance. He takes his time walking down the ramp. Fans are going nuts because of the Truth's latest antics and because of the anticipation of what he'll do next. He's sporting the classic nWo t-shirt with jeans and black street shoes. He slides into the ring with mic in hand

"FINALLYYYY.. The Truth HAS COME BACK TO...... Oh ****, I forgot where I'm at"

The fans give off a mixed reaction due to the blatant disrespect as the Truth smirks at them all

"As some of you may know, I'm fighting a guy who runs around and calls himself LE STORRRRRRRMMMM.. Oooooooo, let me tell you I'm really scared.. like SERIOUSLY should I really be sccaarr.."

-LE Storm's music hits and the Truth seems a little shocked. The Truth looks around the arena in disbelief. To everyone's amazement, out comes a transexual hooker sporting canadian assembly t-shirts. It comes down the ramp and waste no time getting into the ring-

"Yo LE man, I was just kidding about the name. I think it's great, you lightweight strike fear into everyone's eyes when that name comes up in a card or your music hits. I guess you're out here to hype up our upcoming match right?"

LE Stormisha:"Listen.. Let's make this quick okayyy, I need to finish being Chris Stylez' *****. It might be impossible to be as quick as Chris Stylez, in fact, I think he's a one minute man.."

"TOOOOOOO much information LE Stormisha.. Too much. But I know a way of making this quick, even quicker than Chris Stylez.."

-The Truth looks back to the crowd. Just as quick as he turns his head back to Stormisha, he gives him the superkick of his life and leaves him sprawled out on the floow-

"Was that quick enough for you Storm? How much do I owe you?... Anyways, if you won't be attending or watching the match between me and LE Storm, let me give a little taste of things to come.."

-The Truth whips out a spray paint can and spay paints the nWo logo over the Canadian assembly logo on Stormisha's shirt. The nWo theme music hits and the Truth exits the stage area-

01-01-2008, 10:49 PM
LE Storm hits the ring and grabs a mic:

"If I can be serious for a moment........."

*The Crowd whips into a frenzy*

"Lately I, LE Storm, have been quiet here in the FWF. I've sit back and allowed others do the talking while I relied on my skill set to do my talking. Well I fully believe in that but The Truth has gone and pissed me and the entire Canadian Assembly off! You dare have the nerve to meddle with affairs that you have no business interfering with? You dare meddle with God's people? You dare cut a promo mocking the great LE Storm? Well Truth you will soon learn what the truth is when I, LE Storm, beat you in our No Disqualification Match. You will feel the wrath of the Calgary Cutter and see why you don't mess with the Canadian Assembly!"

01-02-2008, 09:20 AM
* Chris Stylez is in the back with with Stacy Smith *

"How does it feel Scar? How does it feel to be so close to inevitability? In four days at New Beginnings, you step into the ring with THE REAL WORLD CHAMPION inside of a massive steel structure. And on the first FWF Tuesday after our match, you will stand in the center of that ring on national Television, and you will tell the world... that I am the better man. You will tell the world that you talked a big game coming into this match, somehow leapfrogging your way into the true Main Event of the Pay-Per-View, only to be embarrassed when you realized that you were up against the champ. You were up against the best. You stood toe to toe with the biggest star in this industry, the Icon of the FWF, the ONE TRUE LEGEND... in this business... and you weren't up to par. You see, the bar has been raised in the world of professional wrestling... you're looking at it. All you are, is simply the next in line that will be made a bona fide superstar from breathing to same air as me. I stated when I got here that no man, and no ACT OF GOD will stop this Assembly from taking over. While I was in the center of the ring with the most talented display of performers ever gathered under one banner in the history of this business, I said that no one was safe from God's wrath, or Canada's vengeance. Come Sunday, inside of that steel cage, Scar... THAT WILL... NOT... CHANGE. Because whether you like it, or you don't like it, whether you accept it, or you don't accept it... I am THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, I am Gods Gift to this business, I am the Gold Standard in this company, and at New Beginnings, I'll show you all why. That is the GOSPEL, according to your Canadian Hero."

01-02-2008, 09:37 AM
* A video of the Canadian Assembly Tag Team of Jason Divine and David LaFleur plays. It is a hype video showcasing their talents, with bits and pieces of commentary and Chris Stylez' praises of the team edited in. You see the hyper, and somewhat goofy Jason Divine hopping around getting ready for a match while the massive David LaFleur stands still in concentration. You hear Chris Stylez proclaiming the Assembly the most talented display of performers ever under one banner in the history of this business. You see David LaFleur hit his Edmonton Plunge Chokeslam followed by Jason Divine's Divine Intervention Double Foot Stomp from the top rope. This video highlights LaFleurs amazing power and strength, along with the excitement, overall athleticism, and the wow factor of the high flying Jason Divine.

It then shifts gears and shows the FWF Tag Team Champions Shawn Thornton and Trevor Lewis. It shows Thornton's spinning Spinebuster followed by Lewis' Glory Bomb Swanton. It shows Pulse winning the Tag Team Championships in the Tag Team Gauntlet. These are two teams who's partners compliment each other, and also work together extremely well. This is the biggest Tag Team Match in the history of the FWF. The Tag Team Champions Pulse, defend against The Canadian Assembly, this Sunday night, at New Beginnings! *

Shane P. Hallam
01-02-2008, 10:05 PM
*The arena grows dark and flames shoot up from the aisles. A screeching eerie music plays as The Eliminator walks down the aisle. He steps over the top rope and begins to speak with a smile on his face.*

The Eliminator: You have made a terrible mistake Pegasus Kid. You had the chance to spare yourself a lot of pain. Look at you. Now look at me! Do you think you can even bring me to the ground? Do you think your weakling body can make a dent in my armor? What are you going to do, fly off of the top rope into my paws so I can slam you to the mat? You had your chance, now it is time for my destruction. I AM A CONQUERER! I will eat you up and spit you out. I will break your legs, your arms, your ribs, and your neck! I will destroy you so that you not only lose your title but you lose any hope of wrestling again! There is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me! I can beat ANYONE in this organization, and you will just be the first on a long list. I am ready to fight right now, I am ready for destruction RIGHT NOW. Is there anyone back there who wants to feel my wrath? Who wants to show The Pegasus Kid what he will feel?

*An odd music comes over the speakers as The Heartthrob comes busting down the aisle. He gets into the ring with a grin on his face. The Eliminator then smiles, grabs HT in the face and shoves him onto the mat. HT gets back up and runs at The Eliminator who gives him a military press drop onto the mat. The Eliminator then grabs the back of HT's head and begins slamming it again the mat until he is bleeding from his nose and mouth. The Eliminator finally picks him up and execute The Elimination right on HT's neck.*


*The camera fades out as HT is shown with an injured neck and blood pouring out of every orifice of his face*

01-03-2008, 01:13 AM
===Video Promo===

*random subliminal images of the ringwith a steel cage intertwined into the video that starts to flash in at a really slow pace thoughout entire video*

*throught the video alternating promo audio cuts will play*

*Scar runs out of the crowd and hits the Scar Tissue on Chris Stylez during the OTR battle Royal for the US title and as Scar runs in from the crowd and destroys LE Storm*

ChSt - "this cesspool known as 'The United States'"
Scar - "I'm sick and tired of all of their anti-American sentiment"
ChSt - "I will have your blood."
Scar - "IF YOU WANT ME! YOU GOT ME!... IN A CAGE!!!!"*

*Video plays of Scar's match with LE Storm*

ChSt - "You're a nobody looking for a free ride to the top by trying to get my attention. And I suppose your plan worked afterall, because... you got my attention."
Scar - "I'm 4 times armed forces amateur wrestling champion. I'm the 3 time US Army MMA champion. I went through boot camp as an enlisted man, then OCS and College while I earned those titles. To say that I don't have talent in the ring, is like saying Joe Montana wasn't anything more than a DIII backup QB. A nobody? I'm a war veteran."*

*Video plays of Scar's taking out the entire Canadian Assembly*

ChSt - "I am Gods Gift to this business"
Scar - "he still cowered in the corner"
ChSt - "I am the Gold Standard in this company"
Scar - "I thought I was going through his 3 stooges before I took on a guy actually worth wrestling."
ChSt - "you will tell the world... that I am the better man."
Scar - "you will be SCARD 4 LIFE!!!"

*footage wraps up with the cage flashes speeding up to a full image of it rotating, and the words:
Scar vs. Chris Stylez

01-03-2008, 04:03 PM
This Song starts to play while there is a black screen (http://music.aol.com/video/gasolina/daddy-yankee/1269274) at the end of the song the date 1/6/08 pops up on the screen.

Promo Ended

01-03-2008, 08:11 PM
-The Camera cuts to the backstage area. The Truth is standing there in a busy corridor. He stands leaning against some cases and boxes in need of moving. He watches the people pass him by with a disgusted look on his face-

"Yyyyou know, I truly do have a problem with Canada. It's getting to the point where makes me absolutely sick! I just don't know what it is but I been thinking along time about it. First, we let the Canadian Assembly be in the same arena as American Wrestlers. Second, it's just starting to smell like them. The smell of, bacon that is ham, the smell of, overused maple syrup, but most of all.. and I do mean most of all, the smell of defeat and fear. You see, canadians fear me.. they fear the NWO. They know what I'm capable of and they know it well"

-The Truth, with the disgusted look on his face begins to look around as more and more people pass him by-

"See here in the FWF, we can't have that. So that's exactly why I started this.."

-A video sequence of all the Canadians wrestlers getting beat cut in front of the Truth's promo. It shows all the Canadian wreslters at their worst. At the end, it shows LE Storm with a target on his head. At the end it reads: "nWo presents: Operation X". After the video ends the camera cuts back to the Truth who continues to stand there and look disgusted as if there is real 'smell' of Canada lurking-

"Some of may be wondering, what on earth is operation x.. well, for the sake of all decency, I'll give you a taste of what's to come.. follow me"

-The Truth starts sorting through FWF employees as they walk past him. He picks out one from the bunch-

"Hey you, with the tie.. whats your name?

Random Employee:"Ike!"

"Ike huh?"

-Right as soon as Ike nodded his head, he recieved a superkick for the ages. The Truth left him lifeless on the floor, he turns back to the camera..-

"ike was TOTALLY canadian. Lets go find another one"

-He chooses another one-

"Yo, what's your name and where are you from?"

Random Employee #2:"Mike, and I'm from Detroit"

"Good man.. Answer this last question, who was your favorite wrestler growing up?"

Mike:"oh that's easy! Bret Hart.."

-As soon as Mike finished saying Bret Hart, he got kicked in the midsection and was given a Truth stunner for his troubles-

"So, that's just a taste of what's to come for the FWF. I hope yall are ready. But in the mean time.. BITE ON THIS, IF YOU THINK YOURE SAFE.. YOUR NOT! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HIDE, YOU CANT! IF YOU THINK I'LL STOP, I WON'T!.."

-The Truth continues down the now empty corridor as the camera fades-

01-04-2008, 02:10 AM
Bobby Briscoe is followed by a cameraman down the hall to a dressing room. On the door a sign reads "Justin Knight". Bobby knocks a few times before waiting for an answer but one never comes. He looks to the camera and shrugs. Mike Hunt, munching on a hot dog, approaches Bobby as he is still standing in front of Justin Knight's locker room.

Bobby Briscoe (BB): "Ladies and gentlemen it's Mike... Mike Hunt. What are you doing? Don't you have a match tonight?"

Mike Hunt (MH): "Oh hey. Yeah, I do have a match tonight. It's an important. A PINK-SLIP MATCH. I might get fired tonight."

BB: "If you have such an important match tonight then what are you doing eating a hot dog before the match? Shouldn't you be getting ready for your oppenents?"

MH: "I am. I am ready. But there's a guy down the hall, I think he told me his name was Justin Knight, helping out the hot dog vendor. He's giving away free hot dogs! *pause* You want one? I can go get you one..."

BB: "No, thanks, Mike. But I do think I'll take a walk over there to go talk to Justin."

MH: "Okay, man, no problem. Hey, get me another hot dog, will ya?"

BB: "Yeah, sure thing."

The camera follows Bobby Briscoe as he walks down the hall to the hot dog vendor. Behind the hot dog stand, Justin Knight is wearing a white and red striped vendor hat and is spraying mustard on a dog. He then hands the dog to an adoring fan who shyly takes the hot dog from Knight's hand and meekly walks away with excitedly talking to his mother.

BB: "Justin, can I have a few words with you?"

Justin Knight: "Hey, Bobby! Sure..."

Justin walks out from the hot dog stand still wearing the pin-striped hat.

BB: "Justin, you have an important match coming up against Shane Sullivan. Why are you handing out hot dogs?"

Justin Knight: "Bobby, you're right. I do have an important match coming but before I get to that there's something I want to say." He grabs the mike from Bobby Briscoe's hand and looks directly into the camera.

Justin Knight: "Damn, it feels good to be back here in Boston!"
He pauses for effect after this statement.

Justin Knight: "Now, Bobby, as I was saying... I do have an important match against Shane Sullivan coming up. I've been studying film and trying to find every weakness I can against the so-called "Class of the FWF". I heard he doesn't like the fact that I'm here for the people. I'm here for the hard working men and women who come here to watch me compete to my fullest. It bothers him to know what there are blue-collared men and women out there who bust their asses day-in and day-out to scratch out a decent living. These are the people who keep the FWF afloat."

"I heard he was wanting to give me a touch of class. Come the pay-per-view I'm going to give Shane Sullivan a touch of reality courtesy of the people. As I've been telling everyone since I got here, my only goal has been to be the first to win the FWF world title and that's what I aim to do. I'm not going to let some arrogant ass clown stand in my way. So, Shane Sullivan, be ready for come the PPV, it's going to be Light's Out for you and your world title dreams!"

01-06-2008, 10:19 PM
A camera crew is sent back to the Canadian Assembly's dressing room at the request of LE Storm!

LE Storm is sitting in the locker room having his wounds tended to from his match with The Truth as he is given a microphone:

"As I sit here having my skull stitch up as I wallow in a pool of my own blood, I wonder what in the blue hell is going on in this mockery of an alleged wrestling federation. Before you right now stands the greatest collection of wrestling talent ever assembled on God's green Earth and yet you Commishioner Gordon, you 2 bit hack, have me LE Storm God's greatest technical wrestler ever created in a No Disqualification match? You have Gods Gift to Wrestling, Chris Stylez, in a Cage match? You have a supposed Tag Team Championship match in which the Canadian Assembly representatives clearly dominated and yet they walk away with nothing? And the biggest travesty of all, you dare have the blatant audacity to have a PPV Championship Match without God's Gift to Wrestling, Chris Stylez wrestling in it? Gordon you are without a doubt the biggest fraud since the likes of Eric Bischoff! Your unmidigated bias towards the Canadian Assembly will be and is the downfall of the FWF. We and more importantly I, LE Storm will no longer stand for this clownish behavior on your part and your insistence on ruining our certain Hall of Fame careers. Gordon you and the rest of the FWF roster are hereby but on notice that you all will feel Canadian Wrath!

01-06-2008, 10:52 PM
*In the middle of the ring, after New Beginnings ended, taped footage of Samuel Jones in the ring, bandages on his forehead, that are looking redder and redder as he talks as the blood seeps through slowly.*

Scar: I absolutely can't believe it. The entire point of the cage was to keep out the schmucks from the Canadian Assembly. Now, I made a stupid choice in attempting that moonsault. That's my fault, I know now to just end it there. But to get handcuffed, and then hit with a steel chair, causing me to blackout, while that arrogant prick, Chris Stylez stole a victory from me. That is a horrible way to chicken out of a match Stylez. And you and I both know this. A man should not lie, cheat or steal, well Chris that's all I ever see out of you and your Canadian schmucks. I want to put an end to it. I want a rematch. No cage, no anything. I just want revenge for the mockery of what you are calling a victory. In a straight match, there is no way you would defeat me. But you would never agree to just a straight match, cause you are too much of a coward to. I want a rematch though. And I will do anything it takes in order to get one. Because, now, Chris, it's personal. In every way shape and form.

*Scar throws the mic down and walks out.*

Shane P. Hallam
01-07-2008, 09:52 AM
*The arena goes black and pyros fire up the aisles as an eerie music hits. The Eliminator comes out with the FWF U.S. Title around his shoulder. He steps onto the apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. As the lights come on, The Eliminator looks around the arena with a scowl as the crowd is still booing him.*

The Eliminator: At the Pay Per View last night, I showed why I am the greatest wrestler in this organization. The match ended with Pegasus Kid on his NECK crushed against the mat. This is the first title on route to many titles. I will defend this title one on one against anyone, anywhere they want to. I will defend this title and crush everyone who even wants to try and touch my dominance. I am the pinnacle of power! I could toss any wrestler in this organization across the ring. If you want a shot at this belt and you are backstage, feel free to come out and challenge me and you will be destroyed.

*The Eliminator wonders around the ring. He takes the U.S. Title off of his shoulder and straps it around his waist and begins to chuckle*

I continue to replay the match in my mind and think of how overconfident you truly were Pegasus Kid. Dancing around the ring, thinking for a second that you even had the upper-hand in this match. Did you really think you could get a punch on me unless I let you? Did you think you could knock me down unless I let you? No, I was in your head the whole time. I was waiting for you to do what comes naturally to you, failing to take advantage of a winning situation. Dancing your sorry ass off just to get applause. Guess what? It cost you your chance at FWF gold. Maybe you should go for that new wimpy division. Maybe there you can dance and still win. But you want to go up against a monster like me? You will be crushed once again. Face it Pegasus Kid, you were dominated. You were ELIMINATED!

01-07-2008, 03:42 PM
A Red Escalade with yellow lightning bolts on the side and a license plate reading "The Champ" comes up while blairing This Song (http://music.aol.com/video/gasolina/daddy-yankee/1269274). Kid Flash steps out of the cars and says "Ahhh, damn it feels good to be a champ! For those of you who I am, I am the greatest wrester ever, Kid Flash! You all saw what I am capable of when I attacked Rick Van Dam at New Beginnings, well that was only the beginning. I am here to bring the one element this company is missing, high impact. I am the best high impact wrestler there is period. If any wants a shot at getting this belt then just bring it, cause I guarantee I will beat you! Flash out.

01-08-2008, 05:30 PM
*A video airs of Pulse defending their tag team championships at New Beginnings.*

Shawn Thornton: As I said we would, we defended our tag team championships at New Beginnings. Everybody should get accustomed to seeing that again and again. We will dismantle any and all comers for these belts. These tag team championships are OURS, and ours to keep. Now, we have a match this week on Tuesday night. I suggest to anybody that wants to try to take these belts to tune in and watch that match, because if you challenge us to these belts, your fate will be the same as everybody else's. We welcome all challengers, but be prepared...or else you will face the wrath that is Pulse, and that's something you do not want to face.

01-09-2008, 07:11 PM
Inside the arena. Backstage. The camera is slowly turning into focus. Standing in front of a whitewashed brick wall is Justin Knight and beside him are the two other members of the Knightstalkers, Chino Asesino and Chris Russell. All three are dressed in street clothes. Chino Asesino stands tall while rubbing his left hand across his fist. Chris Russell stands there with his hands folded across his chest. The leader of the stable, Justin Knight, stands slightly in front of both of them and begins to talk slowly, methodically...

Justin Knight: "Well, well, well... Here I stand with no championship gold around my waist. Nothing to prove that I, Justin Knight, pinned Shane Sullivan at New Beginnings. The pay-per-view was appropriately titled as this marks a new beginning for the Knightstalkers. That Boston screwjob that "new owner" Shane Sullivan called a title match has helped create a uniting force here in the FWF. Before, I was interested in being the first person to ever hold the FWF world championship, now I am interested in two things. To be the first person to ever legitimately hold the FWF title but to also bring down "The Company".

"I am not the only one that is interested in righting this ship. My part time tag team partner Chino Asesino is with me. The "War Machine" Chris Russell is with me. We were the first three to recognize that The Shane Sullivan Company has to be taken down. For the good of wrestling and for the good of the FWF, I have taken the Knightstalkers and turned them into "The Resistance". As The Resistance are goal is to shape the FWF back into what it was when I joined. Only those ultimately dedicated to winning and preserving the ideals of the FWF will be associated with us. Losses will not be accepted. One other person believes in these same goals. And to help me do that now, a good friend of mine has joined with us. Rick Van Dam!"

Rick Van Dam: "Nobody can keep me down, and that includes Kid Flash. Now "The Company" thinks they can just buy out the belts? Well I have news for them. They can't handle "The Resistance" and the only way they can beat any of us is to buy the belts. It starts with my match-up with The Great Dragon, and ends with the 6-man Tag-Match. They may be the bosses, but we will not let-up and just let them do what they want. We will continue to come out here and earn what we get. We will be strong and we will We are "The Resistance" and we will resist this take-over. Am I right?"
*Crowd goes wild*

Rick Van Dam: "You guys down with the Resistance?"
*Crowd goes wild again*

Justin Knight: "The Resistance's first match is Tuesday night against the Company. Rick Van Dam also has a match against The Great Dragon in the first ever High Impact Division debut. He should make The Resistance's might felt in that new division. Chino Asesino will also be a member of the new High Impact division. Our might will be felt. Our goals will be met and anyone allied with The Company will be taken out."

"Long live The Resistance!"

01-14-2008, 11:23 PM
Stacy Smith interviews Rick Van Dam in the locker room as he is packing up to leave for the night. . .
SS: Rick, so you excited for your match tomorrow?
RVD: Well, Stacy, I am always excited any time I get to go out there in the ring and give 110%, all out, for the fans. Now, as a part of The Resistance I plan to give 115% and prove to the company that no matter who they put in front of me, I will not back down and I will not quit until the bell rings and the ref raises my hand. Thats the only way to live Stacy, you can't truely have happiness without pain. I plan to deliever the pain, because its going to happen anyway, so why not be in charge. I have "The Great Dragon" this week, and he is in for the pain, and the high flying, hardcore action that can only be brought to you the fans by Rick Van Dam. I hope he likes lying on his back looking up a beast, because I am gonna give him the toughest match of his life. I train for this and I am out to PROVE to every one who has ever doubted me, or been the smaller guy in a fight. Its not how big you are, but how big your heart is.
Rick Van Dam walks off

01-15-2008, 12:16 PM
The Truth sits in his lockerroom in nWo street attire. He has his feet up and although he seems to be relaxing, he also looks to be deep in thought

"You know I'm sitting here tonight somewhat dumbfounded. I just don't get it. This is a mystery for the ages, to me.."

He ponders some more, while holding his hand to his chin. A look of serious curiosity on his face

"You know the other guys, I can see why they are where they are but this one guy.. It seems like to me that.. man, I jusssst doooon't know.."

An FWF official walks into the lockerroom checking and making counts of who is in the building tonight with his head halfway through the door

"Yo Official guy, can you help me out with a problem, see there's something I just don't understand.."

Official: "Yeah sure, Shoot!"

"Yeah, I need to know, how an ass like Kid Flash becomes a champion. I mean, the kid had no mic skills WHATSOEVER and his wanna be baller attitude is getting really old. I was just watching the way he arrived tonight saying it's good to be champ and it just really got to me.. I dunno, maybe I'm just overreacting but please don't tell me you like and enjoy his wrestling"

Official:"As a matter of fact, I do like Kid Flash, he's come a llllong wayyyy and I was really pushing for him to get some gold aronud his waste"

"YOU?. were pushing for him? Well that seems rather unfortunate and downright unholy in the church of wrestling.."

The Truth starts to talk like a preacher preaching as he stands up from his chair

Ya see young man, The Truth knows that the wrong people are getting pushed to the top in this federation. Ya see the Truth knows that the wrong people have gold around their wastes. Ya see the Truth knows that the Truth, of all people, should have gold around his waste. The Truth.. raises ratings, sells tickets, and kicks ass the ring to go along with it. But if the Truth sees another jabroni getttttttting goooollllld before the Truth, the Truth will be angry.. and you should know what happens when I just angry!"

Official:"NO I don't in fact whaaaa?"

The Truth superkicks the door and in affect it slams the official's head against the door frame, knocking him unconcious on the floor. The Truth flings open the door and storms out of the lockerroom like a man on a mission