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12-04-2007, 05:17 PM
while this isnt my best, i believe it fill all our needs and wants.

Round 1: Duke Robinson G Oklahoma

I honestly think Robinson will come out this year because in my opinion, he will be the first guard taken. He will be this years Ben Grubbs, meaning he is a good player, but needs time to develop mightily. If we lose Fanaca, Robinson will come in immediately and start at LG.

Round 2: Marcus Smith WR New Mexico

Smith is a reciever I see jump rocketing the draft boards come combine time. He has great size, 6'2 205, speed, 4.4-4.5, and I also read that he has a 41 inch vertical. He is a perfect compliment to take Wards spot when Hines leaves. Smith is the best player on that Lobo team and I could see him becoming a great reciever at the next level.

Round 3: King Dunlap OT Auburn

Even though Dunlap has been benched, I believe his stock will rise again during combine time. We need a tackle and I think that Dunlap will be too good to pass up, expecially one with his size(6'8 320).

Round 4: Cliff Averil OLB Purdue

I believe that Averil will slip a bit during combine time because of his speed and he might be too raw for coverage. Thats ok, because I remember another Purdue backer that came out that wasnt fast enough or wasnt good in coverage and look at him now. Averil could be the Woodley this year, while providing depth at both OLB positions.

Round 5: Nick Hayden DE Wisconsin

I honestly dont know anything about this guy but Stiller loves him a lot so I decided to add him on.

Round 6: Dominique Barber S Minnesota

With Clarks future in doubt, Barber will come here as depth. He is solid against the run, but I'm not sure how good he is against the pass.

In '09, we can focus on the corners

If Flowers stays, he will be one i targer, plus Macho Harris
Vontae Davis is another one I will keep an eye out on if he has a great junior season.

Mr. Stiller
12-05-2007, 12:21 PM
King Dunlap might be nothing better than a 5th-6th rounder. He's said to not have any drive or a mean streak.

I'm pretty sure I heard Clark should be back next year with no issues.