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12-04-2007, 05:35 PM
MOS Mock Dec/4/2007

Here’s my monthly Dec/4/2007 Mock Draft, haven’t done one since November 6th so here it is. As always give your thoughts and provide reasoning behind it. This mock I found to be most difficult as the Steelers aren’t really a team with many holes. Also separating my positional rankings from the needs of the Steelers was hard to do as well. The mocks were getting stagnant and therefore I introduced a new format that I will be using in this and future mocks

Round 1


RB, Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
5’11 224

Mendenhall in round 1, but Parker’s 2nd in rushing.
Aww, but he also has 101 more carries than the leading rusher and is leading in rush attempts with 40 more attempts than the next highest carrier.

Still, those numbers are the truth.
Yes, but not entirely the whole story. Of the top 50 rushers in the league (Rush Yards) Parker has the 39th lowest YPC (Yards Per Carry).

Okay, but still Parker is a game changer, he’s good to break a long run at any moment.
Parker’s greatest attributes are his speed and big play ability, however I haven’t seen it this year. The fact that we know its there shouldn’t mask the fact we haven’t seen it. Parker hasn’t broken free all year, weird, but true. His longest run of the year is a mere 32 yards.

Round 2


OT, Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
6’6 320

Williams in the second, will he be there?
Despite the temporary popularity of Williams his stock really has been set as a second rounder. OT is a major strength in this year’s draft, prospects such as Jake Long, Sam Baker, Ryan Clady, Michael Oher, Gosder Cherilus, Jeff Otah and Chris Williams flood the board all with high grades, first round grades even. So what were left with is 7 OT’s with first round grades, the problem? Draft grades are a measurement of a players talent and not a prediction of where they will go. So despite these 7 players having first round grades its likely that only 4 will be first rounders. The depth of this class will surely have the Steelers able to land a great OT, and likely that guy will be Williams. Now also you have to factor in potential packed Phil Loadholt who possesses everything you want in a tackle. His stock at the moment is widely inconsistent however for players such as Loadholt the combine and workouts are where they make their money. That’s 8 highly graded offensive tackles.

Round 3


OG, Oniel Cousins, U.T.E.P
6’4 305

Eric Young, Roy Schuening, Shannon Tevaga, surely you don’t think these guys will be gone by the third round.
In fact I do, I believe were gonna see the importance of guards translate to the draft this year. Of course I favor Young and Schuening over Cousins but they will most likely be gone.

Why Cousins?
Cousins is sitting at 6’4 305 right now and the crazy thing is his frame is capable of so much more. He’s an agile guard who will be able to pull easily which is big characteristic Pittsburgh looks for in guards. He has great body control and has brute strength. Its very rare that the word “good athlete” is labeled to a guard, however he is deserving of it.

Round 4


WR, Bruce Hocker, Duquesne
6’4 206

Why should I be intrigued?
Hocker has everything you look for, he’s 6’4 206 and clocks in at 4.44. Big, strong, fast…Intrigued?

Not yet, plenty of guys I’ve seen have the ideal frame but cant play ball.
After breaking his collarbone as a sophomore he had 16 touchdowns his junior season to go along with 1000+ receiving yards. This year playing against consistent double teams he hauled in 48 receptions and 8 touchdowns, that in 9 games.

Round 5


WR/SPT, Anthony Alridge, Houston
5’9 174

Back to back WRs?
Not really no, this pick is purely an investment in special teams.

But we traded for Rossum
True, but Rossum is showing his age and I don’t think he’s the dynamic returner Tomlin had in mind when he made that trade. Tomlin has come in with a mission to rectify special teams, he traded for Rossum and invested a high pick on Sepulveda his very first year. That in mind this is a very logical selection as Alridge is lightning fast (4.34) and shifty. In my opinion he’s a faster more athletic Yamon Figures.

Round 6


DE, Rudolph Hardie, Howard University
6’1 280

6’1 280, this guy cant play DE in the NFL.
Elvis Dumberville is a few inches shorter and a few pounds lighter, he’s done just fine for himself.

So he’s a Dumberville clone?
No, while Hardie can rush the passer (10 sacks) his real value comes as a disrupter, 22.5 tackles for losses. He’s amazingly strong and forces his way into the backfield seemingly every down. Unlike Dumberville Hardie isn’t a situational pass-rusher and can be a solid backup, starting when necessary. He runs a 4.67 which is great for a man of his stature.

12-06-2007, 12:48 PM
I likey the format...good job man. Now for the mock...

-I dont really like Mendenhall in the 1st...i do agree that Willie hasnt been playing up to standard this year, and that he could do with sombody better than Davenport to split the carries with...but...i dont think we invest a 1st rounder in a RB, atleast not this year. I think we might add a RB at some point, but i'm not sure when. And dont forget that Gary Russel was projected as a 1st rounder before he was made inelligable...just because he made some bad decissions in the past, doesnt mean he cant play...he did go back to school last year, so atleast he made some effort to get an education. I think they wait untill they see what he can do before they get a 1st round RB.

-If we landed Williams in round 2, i think i would jizz my pants. Love the pick.

-I think that one of Young, Schuening or Tevaga will be there...and i'd take any of them over Cousins.

-I like Hocker, but i think we can land a better prospect. If there is no better prospects, that wouldnt be a bad pick.

-I dont know much about Alridge...so i'll take your word for that one ;)

-I love Hardy in the 6th...i've spoke to Mr.Stiller about him before, and he thinks he could project at OLB behind Woodley...that would give us some solid depth that we desperately need...and could give us another bookend for aour Dime/Nickel packages.

On the whole not a bad mock! I would like it a whole lot more if it was somebody else in round 1 tho'...maybe a WR? CB? ILB?

12-06-2007, 10:33 PM
Nice Format. Good sound reasoning supporting the picks. I would not be too disappointed with a talented RB in Rd 1, so long as we were able to get an OT like Williams in Rd 2.

I've got to read up on the DE from Howard, but at 280 lbs. he's not too far away from sufficient 3-4 DE size.

I think Hocker will be available beyond the 4th, but who knows.

12-06-2007, 11:13 PM
The more I think about it, the more I really like the selection of Mendenhall in the first. He's got the goods.

Parker needs some relief. He cannot keep up the number of carries he's getting annually or his career longevity will be diminished.

They would be one helluva platoon!