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12-28-2007, 01:44 PM
Now that the 2007 season is 1 week from being over and all rookies have gone through at least 1 regular season (with some having the post-season) I thought it was time to reflect back on what thoughts you had about the prospects at that time, pre-draft and have they proven you wrong so far or not?

*Note, nobody is going to call anyone a bust, players can turn it around, its just for the rookie season

- I was high on Eric Weddle and i really wanted the 49ers to draft him in the 2nd/3rd. I think he's been playing well for the most part in San Diego and seems to be their future SS.

- I also wanted Adam Carriker at pick 11 for SF. He went to the Rams 2 picks later and last i heard was playing NT for them. I've heard their run defense improved, but the first game i saw of them, against the steelers, their run D was getting gashed by a backup RB. So i dont know how much impact he is having.

- I liked Patrick Willis but i thought he was better suited as a 4-3 MIKE. He has been playing well in a 3-4 though and really shedding blocks has not been an issue.

- I liked Robert Meachem. I'm not going to call him a bust, but a dissapointment? Definitely. I wonder why he has been inactive the entire season, 1st round picks shouldnt be inactive for 15 games.

Anyways thats some of my thoughts that i had, what were yours, and how are they panning out?

12-28-2007, 05:44 PM
Jamaal Anderson has potential but is fat and slow off the line.