View Full Version : WVU Sues Rodriguez

01-02-2008, 10:58 AM
thought this deserved its own thread, as it could set a precident for future coaching changes with buyouts

basically, we dont have the money of a um or osu and we want our $4mil; we didnt believe he would pay, so we sued

if he takes it to court (instead of doing the right thing and payin; even if a booster pays, thats ok) it would be in clarksburg, about 40 min from morgantown

and if it does go to court, a lot of negative pub for both wvu and rod will be put out; and its the pub that rod definiately doesnt need (throwin balls at a former qbs groin who transfered, not letting a tight end that played for nehlen transfer (kid did get transfer papers signed by nehlen and played for pack and nyg, sean berton); and some not so good stuff about his personal life)

just interested what you guys think; oh, and he says he was surprised by this; pretty much all wvu fans saw this coming


01-02-2008, 01:06 PM
well i can see why Rich Rodriguez left but at the same time I can see why WVU is sueing him and why he might not be too popular in Morgantown.