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02-14-2008, 08:08 PM
Post team's depth chart and trading block in here!

Depth Chart
PG: Sam Cassell, Gabe Pruitt, Ramon Sessions
SG: Nicolas Batum, Courtney Lee, DJ Strawberry, Awvee Storey
SF: Quentin Richardson, Anthony Randolph, Bobby Simmons, David Noel
PF: Yi Jianlian, Jorge Garbojosa, Brian Scalabrine, Solomon Jones
C: DeAndre Jordan, Zaza Pachulia, Patrick O'Bryant, Rasho Nesterovic

Staying put
2008-09 contract year

Free agency
Jake Voskuhl $3,000,000
Royal Ivey $770,610
Michael Ruffin $770,610

Starting Cap: $63,648,469
Cap: $59,107,249 (w/o three players above)
-7,750,000 = $51,357,249
+427,163 = $51,784,412
+390,500 = $52,174,912
+4,000,000 = $56,174,912
-1,795,107 = $54,379,805
+6,000,000 = $60,379,805
+544,000 = $60,923,805
-4,218,543 = $56,705,262
-2,680,000 = $54,025,262

08-09: $24,027,066
Salary Cap after 08-09: $29,998,196 (w/o draft picks salaries)

Bucks get:
SG DJ Strawberry
Phoenix 2nd round pick
Kurt Thomas Trade Exception

Suns get:
PG Mo Williams

Bucks get:
SF Quentin Richardson
5th pick
35th pick

Knicks get:
PF Charlie Villanueva
SF Desmond Mason
8th pick
38th pick

Sign Patrick O'Bryant: 3 years, 12 million

Bucks get:
C Eddy Curry
14th pick

Knicks get:
C Andrew Bogut
C Dan Gadzuric

Sign Sam Cassell: 1 year, 6 million

Bucks get:
PG Gabe Pruitt
PF Brian Scalabrine

Celtics get:
SG Charlie Bell

Draft C DeAndre Jordan

Bucks get:
C Zaza Pachulia
PF Solomon Jones
46th pick

Hawks get:
C Eddy Curry

Bucks get:
SF/PF Jorge Garbojosa
C Rasho Nesterovic
8th pick

Raptors get:
SG Michael Redd

Draft SG/SF Nicolas Batum

Draft SF/PF Anthony Randolph

Draft SG Courtney Lee

02-14-2008, 08:10 PM

Lakers Roster:

Bold = Starters

#17 Andrew Bynum
#28 Didier Ilunga-Mbenga
#31 Chris Mihm

#3 Trevor Ariza
#18 Pau Gasol
#7 Lamar Odom
#10 Vladimir Radmanovic
#21 Ronny Turiaf
#4 Luke Walton

#24 Kobe Bryant
#5 Jordon Farmar
#2 Derek Fisher
#11 Coby Karl
#18 Sasha Vujacic

02-14-2008, 08:14 PM

Mo Williams
Matt Barnes
Brian Skinner
Danilo Gallinari

D.J. Strawberry
2008 PHX 2nd Round Pick

02-14-2008, 08:18 PM
San Antonio Spurs

PG: Tony Parker
SG: Manu Ginobili
SF: Mikael Pietrus
PF: Tim Duncan
C: Joel Pryzbilla

Jason Williams
Jarrett Jack
Morris Almond
Fabricio Oberto
Fansisco Elson
Ian Mahinmi

Draft Picks

Trading Block
Everyone, including the draft picks, are available except for Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Signed Mikael Pietrus to 4yr $20 mill
Signed Jason Williams - 2yr, $7 Million
Signed Francisco Elson - 1 year, $1 Million
Traded Ime Udoka and pick #54 for Morris Almond
Traded 24th Pick, Bruce Bowen and Matt Bonner For Jarrett Jack and Joel Pryzbilla

Unrestricted Free Agents
Brent Barry - $5,544,370
Francisco Elson - $3,000,000
Michael Finley - $3,103,000
Robert Horry - $3,630,000
Damon Stoudamire - $335,442
Jacque Vaughn - $1,219,590
UFA Total - $16,532,402
Mikael Pietrus - $5,000,000
Jason Williams - $7 Million (3.5 a year)
Francisco Elson - $1 Million
Total - 7,032,402

02-14-2008, 08:22 PM

UFA Expiring Contracts
Kwame Brown (TR) $9,075,000
Casey Jacobsen $770,610 1

Mike Conley $3,377,160
RudyGay $2,411,160

On the block:
Mike Miller $8,376,194
Darko Milicic $6,500,000
Andre Brown $770,610
Brian Cardinal $5,850,000
Jason Collins (TR) $6,100,000
Juan Carlos Navarro $538,090

PG Mike Conley . Sebastian Telfair . Juan Carlos Navarro
SG Mike Miller . Andre Brown
SF RudyGay
PF Brendan Wright . Brian Cardinal
C Darko Milicic . Jason Collins

02-14-2008, 08:23 PM

Washington Wizards

Trading Block
Any Picks
*Antawn Jamison likely to be resigned, but Gilbert Arenas will be actively shopped in a sign and trade deal.
*Darius Songaila
*Etan Thomas
*Antonio Daniels

02-14-2008, 08:25 PM
Toronto Raptors

Trading Block
Everyone except Chris Bosh. Only send serious offers for Calderon

Depth Chart
C-Chris Kaman/Andrea BargnaniMaceo Baston
PF- Chris Bosh/ Kris Humphries/Andrea Bargnani
SF-Carlos Delfino/Bostjan Nachbar
SG-Michael Redd/Jason Kapono/Bostjan Nachbar
PG- Jose Calderon/ Reko Ukic

Free agents
Jaun Dixon:$2,900,000
Derrick Martin:$1,219,590

02-14-2008, 08:29 PM


T.J. Ford - $8,275,000 2 years - (will be locked up long term guaranteed)
Marko Jaric - $6,050,000 - 3 years
Stephon Marbury - $19,012,500 1 year

Andre Iguodala $2,804,889 1 year (will be locked up long term guaranteed)
Marquis Daniels - $6,373,900 1 year (possibility of being resigned, but cheaper salary)

Andres Nocioni $8,500,000 4 years
Donte Green - Rookie
Renaldo Balkman - $1,280,640 1 year

David Lee - $990,600 1 year - (will be locked up long term guaranteed)
Jeff Foster - $5,500,000 1 year - (possibility of being resigned, but cheaper salary)
Malik Rose - $7,101,250 1 year

Andrew Bogut - $4,991,520 1 year (will be locked up long term guaranteed)
Kendrick Perkins - $4,480,912 3 years
Alonzo Mourning - $1,800,000 1 year

Free Agents
Kirk Snyder - $2,358,433 FA
Fred Jones - $3,300,000 FA
Randolph Morris - $810,000 FA
Calvin Booth - $1,103,225 FA
TOTAL: $7,571,658 - $1,800,000 (Alonzo)

Draft Picks
60th overall

9th overall selection
SF Donte Green


Green is a tremendous young SF who gives the Knicks exactly what they need. An offensive play maker who's can take games over with his point scoring ability. With a tremendous shot and outstanding driving ability, Green possess the offensive talent of Rashard Lewis, but even more of a pure point scorer. He's a great defender as well and good on man to man defense, covering either the 4 or 3. Green will not be thrusted into a starting position right away, but will be given 20-25 solid minutes and the opportunity to show himself. Perhaps the only weakness in his game right now, is his lack of bulk, but that will be taken care of. The Knicks are proud to welcome one of the draft's most versatile and dynamic players on their team.

1)New York/Milwaukee
Knicks get:
SF Desmond Mason
PF Charlie Villanueva
8th Pick
38th pick

Bucks get:
SF Quentin Richardson
5th pick
35th pick

The Knicks organization takes a step in the right direction with this move. Not only have they acquired a young, coveted player with major upside, but they released the dreadful contract of Quentin Richardson. Desmond Mason's 5 million dollar expiring contract will help the team in the off-season next year and he will be a more than serviceable option off the bench with his extraordinary athleticism. As far as Villanueva's stats go, his numbers seem very underwhelming, with 10 points and 5 boards per game. However, keep in mind he sees VERY limited playing time and his stats are very much hindered by the fact that he is played so inconsistently, one night 34 minutes and the next night 6 minutes. On the nights he is given at least 20 minutes to play, he scores around 14 points per game and gets 7 rebounds per game, with his season highs being 21 points and 16 rebounds. Clearly if given adequate playing time, say 30 minutes, he can consistently get you between 15-20 points and 8-12 rebounds. All in all the Knicks have begun to clean house.

2.)Houston/New York Trade
Houston gets:
PF Zach Randolph

New York gets:
SG Kirk Snyder
PG Mike James
PF Luis Scola
14th pick

This trade was a huge success for one reason and one reason only, they were able to dump Zach Randolph's atrocious contract and bad attitude on a team desperate for some help in the Western playoff hunt. By dumping Randolph's 13 million for 4 years contract, and picking up Mike James's 5.8 million expiring contract and Kirk Snyder's 2 million dollar expiring contract, the Knicks are on their way to some luxurious cap space. Another thing about Mike James...the NY native once averaged 20 points per game...In addition, they add a tough, gritty, hustling power forward in Scola, who has a knack for making big plays and always seems to be around the action. They also picked up the 14th overall draft pick which can help their youth movement or be used in another package. All in all, the Knicks have lost some production by loosing Randolph, but this now gives David Lee the opportunity to emerge as the 17 and 10 player he is and frees up tons of cap space.

3.)New York/76ers Trade
New York gets:
SG/SF Andre Iguodala
PF Reggie Evans
PF Jason Smith
C Calvin Booth

76ers gets:
SG/PG Jamal Crawford
PF Luis Scola
38th overall

Wow, talk about literally cleaning house and starting over...Jerry Colangelo didn't lie, I'll tell you that much. This trade helps the Knicks in so many ways it's not even funny, and it's just another huge step for them in the right direction. I'll sstart with what we gave up. We gave up a big time scorer and David Lee v2. Despite Crawford being the heart and soul of the Knicks scoring, I felt he needed to be replaced for two reasons. First, his 8 million dolor salary locking him up for the next 3 years, was hurting the Knicks financially, and second, he wasn't a team player. Don't let his 5 assists per game fool you, Crawford wanted to score and do nothing else. His assists were inflated due to our lack of a point guard, and his points were inflated due to him playing the second most minutes of any basketball player. So, taken in context, his stats are not all that impressive anymore. As for Scola, well he's just what I called him before...a poor man's version of David Lee...if that's even possible. I like Scola, but we've got a better version of him already, the only reason I got him in the first place, was to dump Randolph's salary. Now onto what I received...despite getting the NBA's ugliest man (Calvin Booth) I feel we got some very good players in this deal. Jason Smith, at 7' and age 21, is a solid player who can give me 5-10 good minutes of the bench and will only improve. Reggie Evans, although not much of an offensive threat at all, is a HUGE rebounder, averaging 8 per game in only 24 minutes and more than makes up for Scola's production. Now for the meat of the trade, Iguodala. At age 24, Andre Iguodala is already showing many people what the NBA is about. "The other AI" can already take games over with his scoring and will only improve in that category over time, look for him to make the same kind of offensive jump that Richard Jefferson just made, as Iggy has year after year refined his scoring ability and gone up in that category. That's not all though, the man does it all...literally. Iguodala is a triple double machine waiting to happen. On any given night, the man can get 12 rebounds, 11 assists, and 25 points. Oh but there's more...did I mention he's a stud defender who can play shutdown perimeter D on the best shooting guards in the NBA (career steals = 1.8 per game and 2.2 per game this year) but can also play great interior D on the small forwards trying to post up. All this with a paltry salary of 2.8 million. Iguodala is one of the NBA's most complete rising stars, and he's rising fast...

4.)Milwaukee/New York Trade
Milwaukee gets:
C Eddy Curry
14th pick

New York gets:
C Andrew Bogut
C Dan Gadzuric

Plain and simple, this trade was huge for NY. This was one of the final steps of many to get rid of the old, pricey contracts installed by Isiah Thomas. Yes, Curry's offensive production will be sorely missed, but his immense contract, and underwhelming defensive/rebounding skills will not be. What Bogut brings to the table is something NY's been missing since the days of Patrick Ewing. Bogut gives the Knicks a huge presence down low and finally gives them a big time defender. Bogut's the kind of guy who can get 12 rebounds and 3 blocks every single game. With great size and strength, Bogut uses his body well to attack the boards and is a very good one on one defender as well. No longer will small PG's and SG's be allowed to prance right through the paint and dunk it...not against Bogut anyways. Don't underrate his scoring either, Bogut's consistently improved his scoring every year he's been in the league, and since January 2nd he's been pretty consistently putting up 20+ points. He also gives them a sweet jump shot and thus versatility as a big man, something they were without after trading Zach Randolph but now have back.

5.)Toronto/New York Trade
Toronto gets:
8th pick
PF Reggie Evans

New York gets:
PG TJ Ford

I understand many people might be thinking I'm getting robbed here considering the depth of the draft and what I could get at 8 overall, plus Reggie Evans' rebounding will be missed, but I feel very confident that I'll be able to trade back within the top 12 and I'm ecstatic to have TJ Ford. The Knicks have been dying for a pure PG since before Marbury became a Knick, and still are dying for one. With Derrick Rose as the only pure PG worthy of a top 20 pick in this draft, I had to find another way to acquire one. Knowing most of the top PG's would be untradeable, I found an expendable one in Ford. Don't say anything about his injuries, because any Raptor fan knows full well that this man has absolutely put injuries behind him. In fact, he's come out even stronger, with an undeniable desire to continue playing basketball, proven by him playing over 140 games the last two years (not including this year). Ford is the ideal PG. At only 24, Ford is able to score 15 points on a consistent basis but can explode for many more, as shown by his 4 26+ point performances this year in only 21 games. His outstanding speed and strength make him an excellent driver and transition player, and as Paul Wall knows, he's a very good shooter as well. That's not the reason I traded for him though. His career averages of 7 assists and 1.3 steals per game in only 30 minutes per game is why. An extremely unselfish player and dynamic passer, Ford is also a relentless defender who loves intercepting passes and pick pocketing players, only to convert them into buckets of his own. Ford will be an extremely valuable asset to this young and talented team, for years to come.

6.)Minnesota/New York Trade
Minnesota gets:
PF Charlie Villanueva
SF Desmond Mason
PG Mike James
PG Nate Robinson

Knicks get:
SF Andres Nocioni
PG Marko Jaric
9th overall

Another wildly successful trade for Jerry Colangelo's Knicks. In the process of getting rid of some extra baggage, the Knicks pick up a very talented small forward in Nocioni, who's a great shooter from beyond and within the ark and a good rebounder. We also get a very good back-up point guard who would start on about half of the teams in the NBA. Jaric is a very impressive defender and just adds to the Knicks menacing defense. The main part of the trade however, is the 9th overall pick. In such a talented draft with the depth that it has, the 9th overall pick can get you a player that a top 5 pick would get you in any other draft...a young superstar. Despite trading away our 5th, 8th, and 14th picks away in the process of gaining some great talent, we've reacquired a top 10 pick and have the luxury of spending it on BPA. Although the Knicks have perhaps taken a step back in terms of salary efficiency, with the roster we've got, a big time FA that was before necessary to complete the line-up, no longer is. Look for some salary freeing moves to still occur though, we're not done trading.

7.)Houston/New York Deal
Houston gets:
Dan Gadzuric
Jason Smith
Jared Jeffries
Wilson Chandler
2010 2nd rounder

Knicks get:
Jeff Foster
Marquis Daniels

The reason for this trade was very simple actually...free up cap space by acquiring expensive expiring contracts and give up expensive contracts that still have 3 and 4 years left on them, all in all this was a big success....it also doesn't hurt that Foster and Daniels are no shlubs either. As far as Foster gose, well he's 5.5 million dollars expiring after this year, but that said the Knicks might even consider resigning him to a 1 or 2 year deal because of his services. Aside from providing veteran leadership to a young Knicks front court, Foster provides outstanding rebounding skills. Over the last 4 years, he's averaging an astonishing 8.7 rebounds per game in only 24.5 minutes per game. That's a whopping 17 rebounds per 48 minutes over the last 4 years, putting him within the top 5 in the NBA in that category. In addition, his .542 FG % is good enough for 13th in the NBA, to pair with David Lee's .565 % (7th in the NBA). As far as Daniels goes, I'm getting a young (27 years old) SG who gives me much needed depth at that position (I only had Iggy playing SG) and someone who is more than capable of playing 25 minutes a night although he'll only be asked to give 10 solid minutes on most given nights. Another good defender with very quick hands and good athleticism and ability to play man defense on the best of the NBA's guards, Daniels also provides great scoring off the bench with a superb career average of 19 points per 48 minutes to go with his career average of 2.17 steals per 48 minutes, numbers that many teams would require in order to be a starter (although he'll be my 2nd or 3rd player coming off the bench). More than that however, this is another addition by subtraction. The Knicks give away the pricey contracts and uselessness of Jeffries and Gadzuric (5.6 million and 5.7 million dollars respectively, both over the next 3 years).

8.)Boston/New York Trade
Boston gets:
Jerome James
Mardy Collins

New York gets:
Kendrick Perkins
60th overall

I don't care if he's expiring after this year, Jerome James is a worthless player and has no business making the money he does. Getting rid of him and Mardy Collins who has also not done much, all in return for a 23 year old Center who has a very solid all-around game and who has played very well with KG, Allen, and Pierce. PLUS a 2nd rounder...I'll take it. Give me much needed depth at C.

BREAKING NEWS: Isiah Thomas fired as both President and Coach of the New York Knicks and James Dolan has been ousted by his father from his ownership duties. Isiah Thomas is rumored to be interested in the possible new vacancy at his alma mater, the University of Indiana.

The New York Knicks hire Jerry Colangelo as President of operations.



Four time NBA executive of the year, Colangelo, purely from a credentials standpoint, is amongst the best there is. Having ran the Pheonix Suns and US National team, the man knows basketball and he knows what it takes to make a successful, money making team. Already showing interest in the job, Colangelo seems like the best fit and the most determined to turn things around in New York. He feels has what it takes to create a new public image for this New York team and is ready to empty house and start over. Get ready for a brand new Knicks team.

Jerry Colangelo's first move as president of the New York Knicks is hiring John Thompson III



John Thompson III is not only a tremendous basketball coach with an outstanding mind for the game, but he is also known to turn things around. With an impressive 140-72 college record, Thompson has brought great success to both teams his coached. Leading Princeton to two NCAA tournament births, Thompson moved on to Georgetown. Despite having a dismal 13-15 record and not even an NIT berth, John Thompson stepped in and in his first year with Georgetown, turned the team around, with a 19-13 record. Things only got up from there. The following year he led the Hoyas to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament, winning many big games including an upset over #1 ranked Duke during the season and an upset over #2 ranked Ohio State in the tournament. That season was followed with sheer dominance in the Big East. The number 1 team in the Big East and #2 ranked team in the country, Thompson led Georgetown to its first Final Four since 1989. Known for his outstanding defensive plays and offensive wit, Thompson is ready for the move up to the NBA and is ready for his next turn around challenge.

02-14-2008, 08:47 PM
Newest Additions

Depth Chart:
PG - Rajon Rondo - Chris Duhon - Speedy Claxton - Marcus Banks - Smush Parker
SG - Dwyane Wade - Tony Allen
SF - Marvin Williams - Quinton Ross
PF - Udonis Haslem - Kwame Brown
C - Al Horford - DeSagana Diop - Mark Blount - Joel Anthony

The Big Additions:

The most important thing is to build around Wade and the best thing to do is to use young, good pieces to do that. Marvin Williams and Al Horford are flashing the potential to become big time players in this league. True, we're getting rid of Marion, but he wasn't that second option we'd like him to be. And while we could have gotten that with the first pick, it would have been impossible to fill all of the holes we did. This should be a great team for years to come.

http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/content/sites/metrowestdailynews/rondo/0/g2582589a1d3831747046771372f5ffdca023efd6c589b6.jp g
And now we're set for the next ten years. Rondo is only 21 and already emerging into a terrific PG. His defensive abilities are impeccable and he's blazing fast. With his passing abilities, there are no worries about who'll lead this team down the court.

Also added: Speedy Claxton, Chris Duhon, Tony Allen, Quinton Ross, Kwame Brown, and DeSagana Diop.

02-14-2008, 10:42 PM

Depth Chart:

Brevan Knight $1,600,000
Shaun Livingston $4,404,629
Eric Gordon, Cuttino Mobley $8,350,000
Corey Maggette $7,000,000
Al Thorton $1,652,280
Tim Thomas $5,632,200
Josh Powell $800,000
Elton Brand $15,344,000
Chris Kaman $8,600,000
Paul Davis $687,456

Total Salary: $54,870,565

Total Expiring Salary: $9,636,656

Trade Block:

Corey Magettee
Cutino Mobly


PG, SG, SF, C.

02-14-2008, 10:46 PM

Chicago Bulls

Draft Picks: 4th, and 39th in 2008 NBA Draft

Head Coach: Scott Brooks

Team Salary Beginning: $ 62,225,377
Team Salary Currently: $ 47,364,868
Available Spending: $ 14,860,509

Starting Lineup-

PG: Kirk Hinrich $11,250,000
SG: Thabo Sefolosha $1,805,160
SF: Luol Deng $3,320,339
PF: Joe Smith $5,205,000
C: Ben Wallace $15,500,000


G: JamesOn Curry $427,163
SG: Rashad McCants $1,769,160
SF: Adrian Griffin $1,593,000
SF: Demetris Nichols $427,163
F: Tyrus Thomas $3,505,320
C: Joakim Noah $2,135,400
C: Aaron Gray $427,163

Free Agents-

PG: Chris Duhon $3,248,000


[i[F: Andres Nocioni TRADED

On Trading Block, Need To Move ASAP-

C: Ben Wallace $15,500,000 The salary looks a bit crazy now, but at the time everybody expected him to get a contract like this. However, here's a guy that can still provide big time defense in the paint on a team where he isn't always counted on. If you have a team where he can be "one of the guys" instead of being looked at as the franchise player he'll be an awesome fit. Everybody should know this would mean a situation similar to what he had in Detroit. I think he is similar to Shaq's situation in Miami before he was traded, he's a bad fit for some teams, a great fit for others, and it's just not working in Chicago.

G: Ben Gordon (TRADED)

No untouchables, I am listening to offers for every other player.

Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha, Kirk Hinrich will really only be available in deal for a "go to guy" star player.

Interested In-

Draft Picks, Upper Echelon "go-to-guy"

02-14-2008, 10:56 PM
http://www.celilo.net/cms/coupon/coupon_images/Minnesota_Timberwolves_620200614351PM_company_logo .JPG
Head Coach Brian Shaw

Projected Lineup
PG-Kyle Lowry
SG-Ben Gordon
SF-Vince Carter
PF-Craig Smith
C-Al Jefferson

Minnesota Timberwolves Roster
resulting via trade
resulting via draft

Randy Foye- PG $2,631,840
Nate Robinson- PG $1,268,860
Kyle Lowry- PG $1,087,687
Mike James-PG $5,826,893

Ben Gordon-SG $4,900,000
Greg Buckner- SG $3,750,746

Vince Carter- SF $13,325,000
Ryan Gomes- SF $770,610
Desmond Mason- SF $5,000,000

Craig Smith- PF $687,456
Charlie Villanueva- PF $2,715,000
Bill Walker-PF

Al Jefferson- C $2,480,885
Chris Richard- C $427,163

On the Trade Block
Ask and you shall receive an answer

looking to get rid of some players for picks

02-15-2008, 03:51 AM

PG: Derrick Rose (#1 Overall Pick)
SG: Joe Johnson ($13,488,377)
SF: Shawn Marion ($16,440,000)
PF: Josh Smith ($2,243,543)
C: Eddy Curry ($8,947,543)

PF: Kurt Thomas ($3,750,000)
C: Steven Hunter ($3,638,600)
SF: Josh Childress ($3,631,450)
SG: Fred Jones ($2,300,000)
SG: Thabo Sefolosha ($1,805,160)
PG: JamesOn Curry ($427,163)
SG: Mario West ($427,163)

PG: Tyronn Lue ($3,500,000)
C: Lorenzen Wright ($3,240,000)
PG: Anthony Johnson ($2,860,000)

07/08 Total Salary: $54,521,875
Total Expiring Contracts: $9,600,000

PF/C: Kurt Thomas ($3,750,000)
SG: Fred Jones ($2,300,000)

Cap Available: $3,550,000

Round 1, Pick #1 Overall: Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis

C Al Horford, SF/PF Marvin Williams, PG Speedy Claxton to http://www.nba.com/media/mia_50px_full.giffor SF Shawn Marion, #1 Overall
C Zaza Pachulia, PF Solomon Jones, #46 Overall to http://www.nba.com/media/mil_50px_full.giffor C Eddy Curry
PF Shelden Williams, SG Salim Stoudamire to http://www.nba.com/media/den_50px_full.gif for C Steven Hunter

02-15-2008, 04:29 PM
Portland Trail Blazers

C: Greg Oden - Mikki Moore - Kosta Koufos- Matt Bonner
PF: Darko Milicic - Travis Outlaw - Mikki Moore - Kosta Koufos
SF: Mike Miller - Jarvis Hayes - Travis Outlaw - Dajuan Summers
SG: Brandon Roy - Martell Webster - Sergio Rodriguez - Sonny Weems
PG: Jason Kidd - Steve Blake - Segio Rodriguez - Taurean Green

02-15-2008, 05:05 PM
New Additions Draft Selections

Depth Chart
PG - Kirk Hinrich - Royal Ivey
SG - J.R. Smith - Yakhouba Diawara
SF - Carmelo Anthony -
PF - Dirk Nowitzki - Kenyon Martin
C - Marcus Camby - Joey Dorsey - Steven Hunter

Draft Selections
#26 - Joey Dorsey


Looking towards the future, there was only one position that worried me for the Nuggets: Center. We wanted a terrific defender and we get just that. Once Camby retires/regresses, we should hardly miss a beat with Dorsey down there. While he doesn't offer much on offense, he won't have to here. With his freakish strength, athleticism and hustle, he's the best rebounder in this class as well as a terrific all-around defender. It's almost creepy how close he is to being Ben Wallace Part 2.

The Big Additions

In Hinrich the Nuggets get a PG with more of a pass-first mentality. While Iverson was a great talent and a playmaker able to take over a game from the offensive standpoint, the similarities to Melo were just too much. As many points as they were able to score together, it doesn't really do the team any good when there's two guys chucking 25 shots up a night. With this move, Melo will be allowed to dominate even more with a PG that will willingly give it up to him. Plus, we feel that J.R. Smith is a very talented shooter that, with starter minutes, will be a fine outside threat.

The rich get richer? Dirk is an All-NBA caliber player that is arguably the biggest match-up nightmare in the league. Not forced to man the low-block now he's next to Camby, Dirk will be given the ability to let his versatile game flourish. Him and Melo will be racking up points like no other, now with both being accompanied by a real PG. It's sad to see Nene go after his unfortunate turn of events, and Kleiza will definitely be missed for what a great player he could become. However, the opportunity to pick up Dirk was just too great. Say hello to your Western Conference champions.

Also added: Royal Ivey

art vandelay
02-15-2008, 05:12 PM

PG: Baron Davis > Javaris Crittenton > C.J. Watson
SG: Monta Ellis > Kelenna Azubuike > Marco Belinelli > J.R. Giddens
SF: Ron Artest > James Gist > Will Daniels
PF: Stephen Jackson > Hakim Warrick
C: Andris Biendrins > Kosta Perovic

Draft Picks
#45 - SF James Gist (Maryland)
#50 - SG J.R. Giddens (New Mexico)
#57 - SF Will Daniels (Rhode Island)

Unrestricted Free Agents
SF Mickael Pietrus ($3,470,771) - Spurs
PF Chris Webber ($358,107) - Grizzlies
PF Matt Barnes ($3,000,000) - Suns
PF Austin Croshere ($770,610) - Cavaliers
C Patrick O'Bryant ($2,216,400) - Bucks

Starting: $-2,999,504
Current: $7,503,849 (not including rookie salaries)

02-15-2008, 05:56 PM

Free Agents
Malik Allen- $770,610
Antoine Wright- $1,680,600 *resigned*
Darrell Armstrong- $770,610
Jamaal Maglorie- $4,000,000
Bostjan Nachbar- $2,500,000
Stromile Swift(TR)- $5,800,000

Trade Block
main guys have been dealt, feel free to talk.

SF Richard Jefferson
PF/C Sean Williams

PG: Marcus Williams, Quincy Douby
SG: Corey Brewer, Antoine Wright
SF: Richard Jefferson, Tyler Smith, James Jones, Antoine Walker
PF: Sean Williams, Channing Frye, Raef Lafrentz, Mark Madsen
C: Nenad Krstic ,Josh Boone

picks # 13, 15.

Looking for more picks!!!!

02-15-2008, 06:35 PM
PG - Chris Paul/Janerro Pargo/Bobby Jackson
SG - Peja Stojakovic/Morris Peterson/Adam Haluska
SF - Al Harrington/Rasual Butler/Marcus Viniscius
PF - David West/Melvin Ely
C - Tyson Chandler/Hilton Armstrong

Not Moving

Everyone else is available.

Unrestricted Free Agents:

Ryan Bowen
Melvin Ely
Marcus Viniscius

I have AIM if any of you do. I feel its alot easier to talk trade there. pippy12222 is the aim.

02-15-2008, 07:25 PM

PG Jamaal Tinsley $6,300,000 4
SG Mike Dunleavy $8,219,008 4
SF Danny Granger $1,516,800 2
PF Troy Murphy $9,206,349 4
C Jermaine O'Neal $19,728,000 2

HC Bob Knight http://sportsmed.starwave.com/media/ncb/2002/1228/photo/knight_i.jpg

Everybody is on the block except danny granger..will look at all offers..Would like to get a top 5 draft pick..

SG Marquis Daniels $6,373,900 2
PG Travis Diener $1,500,000 2
PF Ike Diogu $2,286,360 1
C Jeff Foster $5,500,000 2
SF Stephen Graham $770,610 1
C David Harrison $1,734,316 1
PG Andre Owens $687,456 1
SG Kareem Rush $770,610 1
SF Shawne Williams $1,470,360 1

02-15-2008, 07:34 PM
Houston Rockets Trade Block

PG : Rafer Alston, Aaron Brooks
SG : Chase Budinger, Luther Head, Steve Francis
SF : Shane Battier, Wilson Chandler, Jered Jeffries, Steve Novak
PF : Zach Randolph, Jason Smith, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry
C : Yao Ming, Dan Gadzuric


Cap Space following loss of free agents: 3,054,810

02-17-2008, 11:09 AM
Seattle Supersonics

C: Kurt Thomas
PF: Chris Wilcox
SF:Kevin Durant
SG:Wally Szczerbiak
PG: Luke Ridnour

C:Mouhamed Sene, Robert Swift
PF: Nick Collison, Johan Petro
SF: Jeff Green, Mickael Gelabale
SG: Delonte West, Damien Wilkens
PG: Earl Watson

Trading Block
Nearly Untouchable
-Kevin Durant

Hard to Get
-Jeff Green

Everyone else can be had for the right price

02-17-2008, 04:51 PM

Chicago Bulls
Draft Picks: 20th, 22nd, 25th, 52nd in 2008 NBA Draft

General Managers: John Paxson and Nitschke-Hawk
Head Coach: Scott Brooks

Team Salary Beginning: $ 62,225,377
Team Salary Currently: $ 54,408,137
Available Spending: $ 7,817,240


PG - Allen Iverson/Acie Law/Anthony Johnson/
SG - Rashad McCants/Allen Iverson/Kareem Rush/Von Wafer/
SF - Luol Deng/Bill Walker/Kareem Rush/Pat Calathes/Demetris Nichols
PF - Darrell Arthur/Ike Diogu/Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Pat Calathes
C - Troy Murphy/Jamaal Magloire

PG: Allen Iverson $19,012,500
SF: Luol Deng $3,320,339
PF: Darrell Arthur
C:Troy Murphy $9,206,349
PG: Anthony Johnson - $3,000,000
SG: Rashad McCants $1,769,160
SG/SF: Bill Walker
SG/SF: Kareem Rush - $2,250,000
PF: Ike Diogu $2,286,360
C: Jamaal Magloire - $4,333,333
SG: Von Wafer $770,610
SF: Demetris Nichols $427,163

Free Agents-

Kareem Rush - 2 year, $4.5 million
Anthony Johnson - 2 year, $6 million
Jamaal Magloire - 3 year, $13 million
PG: Chris Duhon Signed by Miami

G: Ben Gordon TRADED
F: Andres Nocioni TRADED
G: Kirk Hinrich TRADED
C: Ben Wallace TRADED
PF: Joe Smith TRADED
C: Aaron Gray TRADED
SF: Adrian Griffin TRADED
C: Joakim Noah TRADED
PG: Chucky Atkins TRADED
PF: Tyrus Thomas TRADED
SG: Thabo Sefolosha TRADED
G: JamesOn Curry TRADED

02-17-2008, 07:31 PM

Depth Chart

PG- Deron Williams, Ronnie Price, Jason Hart
SG- Juan Carlos Navarro, Kyle Korver, CJ Miles
SF- Andrei Kirilenko, Ronnie Brewer, Matt Harpring, Ime Udoka
PF- Carlos Boozer, Paul Milsap
C- Mehmet Okur, Jason Collins

Dont even ask about Deron or Boozer, everyone else can be had, Okur and AK47 are very tradeable.

02-17-2008, 07:32 PM

Sacramento Kings Depth Chart and +/-:

Daniel Gibson, PG
Sasha Pavlovic, SG/SF
Drew Gooden, PF
Damon Jones, PG
Julian Wright, SF
Bobby Jackson, PG
Pick 20
Pick 25
Pick 27

Mike Bibby, PG
2nd round pick
Future 2nd round pick
Ron Artest
Lower Level Exception

Depth Chart:

PG: Daniel Gibson/Chucky Atkins/Bobby Jackson/Damon Jones
SG: Kevin Martin/OJ Mayo/Francisco Garcia
SF: Sasha Pavlovic/John Salmons/Julian Wright
PF: Drew Gooden/Tyrus Thomas/Alexis Ajinca
C: Brad Miller/Spencer Hawes/Mikki Moore

Pick 12

Sacramento Kings Trades and Block:

Trade 1:
Mike Bibby
Future 2nd
Current 2nd

to the Cavs for

Daniel Gibson
Drew Gooden
Sasha Pavlovic
Damon Jones


Trade 2:
Quincy Douby

to Nets for

Pick 25
2nd round pick from Nets


Trade 3 (3 team deal):

Ron Artest
2nd round pick from Nets

to Golden State/New Orleans for

Julian Wright
Pick 20
Pick 27
Bobby Jackson


Pick 20
Pick 25
Shareef Abdur-Rahim

to Chicago for

Chucky Atkins
Tyrus Thomas

Draft Picks:
Pick 12: OJ Mayo, PG/SG, USC
Pick 27: Alexis Ajinca, PF/C, France

Trading Block:
Francisco Garcia
John Salmons

Anyone else really.

02-18-2008, 12:36 PM

PG: Raymond Felton
SG: Jason Richardson
SF: Gerald Wallace
PF: Emeka Okafor
C: Nazr Mohammed

SF: Adam Morrison
PF: Sean May
F: Jared Dudley
PF: Jemaraeo Davidson

BOLD=Off Limits