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02-21-2008, 07:36 PM
I figured I'd start a non football thread about Pittsburgh in here for things other than the Steelers. So any cool things going down in Pittsburgh or any other burgh teams you want to talk about can go in here.

First off, I'm thinking about getting a Pens jersey if/when we go to the playoffs. Right now I'm thinking Crosby or Colby Armstrong. Any thoughts or ideas?

02-21-2008, 08:24 PM
Crosby. the kids an animal. Anyone think the pirates get over .500 this year? I think its a possibility. but then again weve been saying that for years now. i think with gorzelanny and snell leading our pitching staff we could do well this year. not to mention we have matt morris in the rotation and with capps and marte pitching well in the bullpen we could have a darn good pitching staff. Sanchez is one of the best hitters in the league, and hopefully JBay can get healthy, and also hopefully paulino can return to his rookie form. We have laroche to hit about 20-25 home runs, and hopefully nady can add about 20 more. Also with our future stars andrew mccutchen and neil walker hopefully coming up this year things look pretty good this year! What do you guys think?

steel man
02-22-2008, 01:22 AM
how can you go wrong with Crosby....go old school with the best player ever and that would be Mario.

02-22-2008, 06:38 AM
Pirates suck. Hopefully their kids pan out, I already have a man crush on Andrew McCutchen.

02-22-2008, 08:21 AM
My roomate mate thinks the pirates will be good....i just can't buy into it.

02-22-2008, 09:43 AM
Pirates suck. Hopefully their kids pan out, I already have a man crush on Andrew McCutchen.

haha yeah me too. The kids the next great pirates player no doubt. he has all of the tools to be great. im so excited about this kid

02-22-2008, 01:50 PM
I am also excited about Pearce, Walker, and sad to saythis but Moskos. I hope to god we either get Smoak or Alvarez in this up coming draft so we can have three hitters to build around for the future.

02-22-2008, 06:49 PM
I doubt the pirates are over .500 this year. Gotta keep the streak alive baby! I think if we have one more year under we break a record in futility. Kinda funny if you ask me.

As for the jersey, I kinda hate getting jerseys that everyone and their mother owns, but I do have a bit of a man-crush on Sid the Kid, so I think I'll probably go that direction.

02-23-2008, 12:09 AM
i think the o's have the best record for consecutive seasons under .500

at least i hope so

gotts win something

02-23-2008, 07:52 AM
If I remember correctly, the record was 15 seasons straight, which we tied this past season. I think if we get one more we break the record and enter the history books. It's crazy to think how far we've fallen when you look at the history of the Pirates. We were the big thing back in the 70s. The pirates and the steelers.