View Full Version : Our Teams Outlook For Next Year So Far

03-07-2008, 09:03 AM
Position, by position I think out team is pretty solid so far
QB-Delhomme I hope will come back 100% and Matt Moore played well enough to where I think we don't need to bring anyone in to be a backup

RB-DeAngelo finally gets to be the main man but I really want to see us pick up a power back to handle short yards and goal line

FB-Brad Hoover is back so no worries here

WR-3 Solid to very good WR's in Smith, Muhammad, and Jarrett

TE-I am not sold on King I would like to see us try to improve here, I do like Rosario though, I think he has a chance to be starter material, but not right now

T-We got Wharton and Gross back we only need to get some depth here

G-I see Mathis/Kalil/and Vincent battling for the 2 starting spots which should be a good competition in camp

C-If Hartwig can stay healthy that would be huge but if not we can move Kalil here

DE-I think McClover/Johnson/Brayton will be a good battle to see who starts with Peppers

DT-After trading away Jenkins I really think we need to find someone that can contribute right away I don't think D.Lewis can handle the starting spot, he a solid backup

OLB-Hopefully we can sign Landon Johnson or Takeo Spikes because I don't think Diggs is starting material anymore, I we can have Davis with Johnson/Spikes with Diggs a backup that would be great

MLB-What can I say were set here for a long time to come with Beason the BEAST!!!!!

CB-I like the Colclough signing has we can move Lucas to saftey and make him a the No.3 CB with Marshall moving in to a starting spot

FS-If they move Lucas here that would fill a huge hole, but I would also like to see us draft a guy in the 3-5 round in case this doesn't work out

SS-Chris Harris will be our guy for a long time to come, another retarted move by the Chicago Bears

ST-I think out K/P situation will be fine with kasay/baker assuming kasay doesn't retire, at KR/PR Colclough is a very capable KR/PR who I think will battle Ryne Robinson for the job

What do you guys think of how this team is shaping up?

03-07-2008, 07:44 PM
I like it personally I think a lot of people are predicting us to go tackle in the first and shift wharton to guard.

My opinion is though, We signed wharton to be either a guard or a tackle based on how the draft goes.

If we get a tackle to play the left side he'll be a gaurd, if we don't he'll be a tackle and Vincent will compete for the starting spot.

03-09-2008, 02:35 PM
I think the Oline will be

T Rookie/FA
G Wharton
C Kalil
G Vincent/Hartwig
T Gross

It could change back to Wharton being at LT again if none of the guys we are targeting are available in the draft, but listening to Fox this offseason it sounds like he plans to move Wharton back to G.

Hopefully Toefield takes care of our backup RB problem.

03-11-2008, 08:58 AM
the way this team is shaping up I would like to see us get a OT in the 1st round and a saftey in the 2nd round, and somehow if Fred Davis drops to one of our 3rd round picks we should jump on him right away cause he's good enough to start right away