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03-15-2008, 07:29 PM
Where the team roster is right now...

Quarterback - JaMarcus Russell / Andrew Walter
Tailback - Justin Fargas / Dominic Rhodes / LaMont Jordan / Michael Bush
Fullback - Justin Griffith / Oren O'Neal
Wide Reciever - Javon Walker / Drew Carter / Tim Dwight
Left Tackle - Kwame Harris / Mario Henderson
Left Guard - Robert Gallery / Chris Morris
Center - Jeremy Newberry / Jake Grove
Right Guard - Cooper Carlisle / Paul McQuistan
Right Tackle - Paul McQuistan / Cornell Green
Tight End - Zach Miller / John Madsen / Tony Stewart
Wide Reciever - Ronald Curry / Johnnie Lee Higgins

Right Defensive End - Jay Richardson
Undertackle - Tommy Kelly / William Joseph
Nosetackle - Terdell Sands / Gerrard Warren
Left Defensive End - Derrick Burgess
Weakside Linebacker - Thomas Howard / Jon Alston
Middle Linebacker - Kirk Morrison / Ricky Brown
Strongside Linebacker - Robert Thomas / Sam Williams
Left Corner - Nnamdi Asomugha / Fabian Washington / John Bowie
Free Safety - Michael Huff / Stuart Schweigert
Strong Safety - Gibril Wilson
Right Corner - DeAngelo Hall / Stanford Routt / Chris Carr

Kicker - Sebastian Janikowski
Punter - Shane Lechler
Punt Returner - Johnnie Lee Higgins
Kick Returner - Chris Carr

03-16-2008, 02:11 AM
Looks pretty good..

Chris Morris is the backup LG

03-16-2008, 11:55 AM
Wow we need to draft OL in the 2nd if that deal for Hall does not go through...

03-17-2008, 04:06 AM
Wow. That is soooo much more solid than I thought it would be off the top of my head.

But, and someone answer this for me please, what happened to Michael Bush? I LOVED your entire draft last year, and thought Bush would show something. I know he was injured, but thought he would be back this year.

So why would yall consider Mcfadden???

By the way, I am not trolling. I cant find into on Bush anywhere.

03-17-2008, 12:23 PM
It be nice to cut Jordan to free up so cap space. What ever happened to Curry do we still have him?

03-17-2008, 11:55 PM
Yes hes starting according to Ducks depth chart.
Damn we need another NT.

03-18-2008, 12:04 PM
I know Dorsey plays UT, but we could still draft him and convert him to NT.

03-18-2008, 11:09 PM
I know Dorsey plays UT, but we could still draft him and convert him to NT.

He is only 297lbs I don't think thats going to work.. If the Raiders were to draft a DT it would be Ellis but I just don't think it's going to happen.

Chris Long, Darren McFadden, Trade Down

03-19-2008, 12:27 PM
DMAC is impact player, and that's what we need.

03-19-2008, 02:23 PM

Right Corner - DeAngelo Fall