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04-29-2008, 12:04 PM
If you know of them list them here. I'm trying to get a list of as close to all the traded picks I can get.

Dallas has Cleveland's 2009 3rd round pick
Philadelphia has Cleveland's 2009 5th round pick

04-29-2008, 12:07 PM
Jets own Washington's fourth-round pick in the Pete Kendall trade.

04-29-2008, 12:10 PM

First round
Carolina to Philadelphia. Philadelphia received Carolina's first-round selection as part of a trade for Philadelphia's 2008 first-round selection. Carolina selected Jeff Otah.

Second round
San Diego to New England. New England received San Diego's second-round selection as part of a trade for New England's 2008 third-round selection. San Diego selected Jacob Hester.

Third round
Cleveland to Dallas. Dallas received Cleveland's third-round selection in return for Dallas' 2008 fourth-round selection. Cleveland selected Martin Rucker.

Fourth round
Detroit to Dallas. Dallas received Detroit's fourth-round selection as part of a trade for Dallas' 2008 third-round selection. Detroit selected Cliff Avril.

Fifth round
Oakland to Atlanta. Atlanta received Oakland's fifth-round selection in the DeAngelo Hall trade.
Cleveland to Philadelphia. Philadelphia received Cleveland's fifth-round selection in return for Philadelphia's 2008 sixth-round selection originally owned by Cleveland. Cleveland selected Paul Hubbard.

Sixth round
Miami to Dallas. Dallas received Miami's sixth-round selection in the Jason Ferguson trade.
Minnesota to Philadelphia. Philadelphia received Minnesota's sixth-round selection in the Kelly Holcomb trade.
New Orleans to Green Bay. Green Bay received New Orleans' sixth-round selection in return for Green Bay's 2008 seventh-round selection. New Orleans selected Adrian Arrington.
Tampa Bay to Chicago. Chicago received Tampa Bay's sixth-round selection in the Brian Griese trade.

Seventh round
Jacksonville to Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay received Jacksonville's seventh-round selection as part of a trade for Tampa Bay's 2008 second-round selection. Jacksonville selected Quentin Groves.

Conditional / Undetermined
Denver to N.Y. Jets. New York received an undetermined conditional selection in the Dewayne Robertson trade.
Dallas and Tennessee. Tennessee traded suspended cornerback Pacman Jones to Dallas for a fourth round pick in 2008. If the NFL decides to reinstate Jones for the 2008 season, Dallas will also give its sixth-round pick to Tennessee in 2009. If he doesn't get reinstated by the NFL or does not play for some other reason, Tennessee has to send its fourth-round pick to Dallas in 2009.