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Shane P. Hallam
05-16-2008, 10:40 PM
Please vote on the team who would win a football game.


All football penalties apply (PI, Offsides, Late Hit, etc,) except holding

Head Coaches cannot go on the field or throw/affect the field of play physically

One-Above-All, Bob Saget, Chuck Norris, Ryan Leaf, Jordy Nelson

Team 5 Roster

HC: Puppet Master w/Puppets
Powers: Has radioactive clay he molds as people. He can use these puppets to control actual peopleís movements, emotions, etc. Letís just say weíll be having a whole puppet collection of the other team on the sidelines.[/u]

Offensive Scheme: Wildcat Formation (think Arkansas w/Dmac and Felix)

QB: Thor w/Mystical Hammer
Powers: Flight, Super Strength, Weather Manipulation, Super Stamina, Super Reflexes, Super Durability, Hammer that doubles his strength

RB: Invisible Man/Human Torch
Powers:Invisibility, ability to create an invisible force field (shield) around himself and others. Invisible power blasts

RB: Kitty Pryde
Powers: Intangibility (Can phase self and others/objects through other people and other objects. Cannot be touched while performing this)

WR: Super Skrull
Powers:Invisibility, Flight at speed of sound, heat manipulation (a la Human Torch), Super Strength, super durability, super reflexes, Elasticity (a la Mr. Fantastic), All Fantastic Fours Powers

WR: Exodus
Powers:Teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis (can lift objects and people and move them,) Steals energy from others

WR: Kid Omega
Powers:Omega Level telepathy, telekinesis, genius intellect, flight via telekinesis[/u]

LT: Apocalypse
Powers:Self-Manipulation (can turn parts of body into anything), Super Strength, Super speed, Super Agility, Super Endurance, Teleportation, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Healing factor of self and others, Genius Intellect, Can grow to enormous height

LG: Fin Fang Foom
Powers: Super Strength, Super durability, Acid breath, Shape-Shifting, Telepathy, Flight, Martial Artist, Dragon

C: Mister Hyde
Powers: Super Strength, Physical Resistance, Genius Intellect, Super Endurance

RG: General Zod
Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Stamina, Regeneration, Genuis Intellect, Flight, Heat Vision, Same powers as Superman

RT: She Hulk
Powers:Super Strength, Super Speed, Supr Agility, Super Stamina, Super Durability, Regeneration

Defensive Scheme: Blitzburg 3-4 (Think old Steelers)

DE: Sandman
Powers:Body made of organic sand, Shape-Shifting, Super Strength, Super Endurance, Flight in sandstorm, Earth Manipulation

NT: Blob
Powers:Completely unmovable, Resilience (when touched, people get stuck in his skin), Super Strength, Super Endurance, Super Durability, Personal gravity field

DE: Darkseid
Powers:Omega Effect (energy blast from eyes that incinerates others), Super Strength, Super Stamina, Super Durability, Genius Intellect, Immortality

OLB: Sabertooth
Powers:Regenerative Healing, Super Reflexes, Super Senses, Super Strength, Resistance to telepathy, Retractable claws, Fangs,

ILB: Colossus
Powers:Steel body, Super Strength, Super Stamina, Super Durability

ILB: Cyclops
Powers:Optic Energy Beams

OLB: Lady Deathstrike
Powers:Adamantium claws, Adamantium skeleton, Accelerated Healing, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Reflexes, Super Agility

CB: Iceman
Powers:Omega Level cold and ice manipulation, Thermal Vision

FS: Mr. Fantastic
Powers: Elasticity, Super Intelligence, Super Durability

SS: Green Goblin w/Pumpkin Bombs
Powers:Super Strength, Regenerative Healing, Super Intellect, Super Stamina, Super Reflexes Super Agility, Super Durability,

CB: Bizarro[/ b]
Powers:Opposite of Supermans, Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Durability, Super reflexes, Freeze Vision, Heat Breath, Vacuum Breath, X-Ray Hearing

[b]K: Firelord
Powers:Speed of Light, Power Cosmic use, Super Strength, Super reflexes, Energy Projection,

Offensive Gameplan:

I think my offense will be very successful because it can diffuse this defense very well. First and foremost, I have Thor at QB who can fly and has a powerful arm. The only flyers on the other team is Sentry, Storm, and Manhunter. Thor can diffuse Stormís powers since he has the same power (weather manipulation,) basically putting her on her own strength. With Exodus, Super Skrull, and Kid Omega as all flyers who can block, Iíll take the 3 vs. 2 match-up in the air and let Thor fly to the endzone. Heíll have his hammer if need be, Likewise, my left tackle, Apocalypse, can grow to great heights and change his body (arms) and stretch them to any place on the field while keeping his feet planted (stopping an ineligible man downfield penalty). This is just another blocker down the field in the passing game. Emma Frost is a powerful telepathic at SS, but Kid Omega is just as powerful. His goal will be to stop her from influencing the field. The running game with one Invisible player and one who can phase through people will be useful. Though my opponent has a big O-line, their lateral movement is poor, and I can avoid, or go straight through them. There will definitely be huge yardage gains in the running game too. Scoring points should be fairly easy. As always, if worse comes to worst, Puppet Master can manipulate.

Defensive Gameplan:
Gambit will easily be shut down at QB. He wonít be able to run with my giant O-line (Blobl, Sandman, Darkseid,) and good movement at the 3-4 OLB spot who have beaten him before in Sabertooth and Lady Deathstrike. Likewise, Colossus will be ready. In terms of stopping Wrs, I have two corners who can easily win. Bizarro has defeated SuperMan, will a less powerful Power Girl be easier? Yes. Arch Angel is not an Omega-Level mutant like Iceman, who has taken him down before. As a fail safe, Mr. Fantasticís super intelligence and elasticity powers will catch any ball thrown almost immediately. He can even help tackle from the secondary without moving. The passing game is shut down. In terms of my D-line, Rogue is matched up against Sandman, an organic fluid enemy. Will her absorption powers work on sand? Doubtful, and if they do, sheíll be just as weak as him initially. Darkseid is not a mutant and thus will nearly kill Wither when touched. The Blob will implant himself into the ground to stop up the middle attackers. Galactus is big and powerful, but extremely slow. With Mr. Fantastic, who has stopped him many times, leading my defense, he will have the plan. Look at Colossus, Iceman, Sandman, Darkseid, Green Goblin, Fantastic, and Bizarro. These attacks from a distance will slow down Galactus, while Fantastic outsmarts him and stops him. Galactus wonít be gaining much. As always, if worse comes to worst, Puppet Master can manipulate.

Special Teams:

Black Canary isnít much of a kicker, where as Firelordís speed will give him movement and strength. Returning will be Invisible Man and Super Skrull. So, either you have to stop an Invisible returner who canít be detected or a being that can fly at the speed of sound. Good luck.

Team 6 Roster

Head Coach: Sage AKA The Perfect Head Coach
Powers: Sage's main mutant power is the ability to sense the mutant potential in others, activate it under the proper circumstances, and to advance existing mutants into the next level of their power. Her mutation also grants a computer mind - in addition to possessing a perfect memory, she can process data much faster than even the fastest of computers -- whatever she sees, she remembers. Whatever she remembers, can be recalled in an instant, with perfect clarity, and analyzed with greater speed and accuracy than computers. Sage multi tasks on a superhuman level & is also telepathic.



QB: Gambit
Powers:Gambit's mutant powers allows him to manipulate kinetic energy, which extends to control of subatomic particles, essentially giving him the ability to also manipulate time and space. Gambit also has superhuman speed, agility, and dexterity as a result of the kinetic energy his body naturally channels. His mind is virtually unreadable by any telepath and Gambit has the rarely-used ability to hypnotically charm people. When transformed into the Horseman of Death by Apocalypse, Gambit gained the ability to convert materials into toxins.

RB: Galactus
Powers: He product of the union between the Sentience of the Universe and Galan. As such, Galactus wields the Power Cosmic and has been described as "the most awesome living entity in the cosmos", and "the universe's most powerful creature". Galactus can employ the Power Cosmic to produce nearly any effect he desires, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects ó even entire galaxies ó across space and time, size-alteration, the projection of energy with vast destructive force, the erection of nearly impenetrable force fields, the creation of interdimensional and intra-dimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness on a universal scale.

FB: Surtur
Powers: Surtur is depicted as an immense and malevolent being whose power is of apocalyptic proportions that challenges Odin himself. Surtur possesses strength and durability surpassing that of Thor; the ability to generate intense heat, flames or concussive force; manipulation of magic and molecules; reshape his body; levitation and inter-dimensional travel. Surtur also possesses a monstrous sword called Twilight, capable of creating rifts in entire dimensions.

WR: Power Girl AKA Superman with Boobs
Powers: super-strength, flight, super-speed, invulnerability, X-ray vision, heat vision, and super-hearing, basically Superman with awesome boobs.

WR: Arch Angel
Powers: Angel has the ability to fly using a pair of large, feathery white wings. His wings are superhumanly strong easily capable of breaking a man's arm or leg and tossing someone through a wall and incredibly flexible as he is able to compress them tightly against his back with only the slightest bulge through his clothing. He has superhumanly sharp vision, hearing and eyes that can withstand high-speed winds. His body is accustomed to low temperatures at high altitudes giving him a greater-than normal tolerance for cold. His lungs extract oxygen and breathe easily whether flying really fast or really high.

TE: Seth
Powers: Seth has the attributes of a god of Heliopolis such as superhuman strength, immunity to all terrestrial disease and is immortal. Before the loss of his right hand, Seth was able to lift at least 90 tons but even now remains at superhuman levels. Seth, as all the gods of Heliopolis, he has flesh that is at least three times denser than that of human tissue, and has superhuman endurance. Seth's powers also include the ability to provoke a person's death with just a touch, or he can mystically speed up the aging process causing one to grow old in seconds. He can project concussive blasts from his hand, and he can project hypnotic powers from his eyes. Seth can also transform into a large serpent and retain his speech.

LT: Rogue
Powers: Rogue has the mutant ability to drain a living being's essence upon physical contact, giving them a biophysical shock while synthesizing into her body their physical skills, memories, personality traits, and superhuman matrices to a varying degree. But if she holds for too long onto the person from which she drains power, that person will die.

LG: Talisman
Powers: Talisman possesses vast supernatural powers, once described as "a mortal channel through which the gods can fight". Primary among her powers is the ability to command the Sprits of the Land, meaning she is literally part of the Spirit World itself. While Shaman could only implore the Spirits for help, Talisman can command them outright. Her other abilities include astral projection, exorcism, matter manipulation, the ablitity to see prophetic visions, telepathy, teleportation over vast distances, animating the undead, generating wind blasts and lightning, summoning air spirits, calling forth spirit animals, creating magical shields of light, and generating blasts of magical energy.

C: Perrikus
Powers: Perrikus possesses superhuman strength, endurance and a high-resistance to injury on the same level of someone as powerful as Thor before he became the Lord of Asgard. Perrikus has also displayed the ability to fire energy blasts through his weapon, but it has yet to be revealed if the energy comes from within him or his spear.

RG: Enchantresses
Powers: Enchantress has the near-ageless, superhuman physique of a typical Asgardian goddess, though she seldom relies on her physical prowess. Amora prefers to use sorcery and seduction. Few can resist her beauty, particularly when she augments it with her magic; a single kiss is often enough to make a man her slave. She is one of the most powerful mystics in Asgard or on Earth, capable of energy blasts, protective shields, illusions, levitation, teleportation, conjuring, interdimensional travel, transmutation, time-disruption and mind control.

RT: Wither
Powers: Withers powers include the ability to disintegrate any organic matter through skin contact, requiring him to dress in synthetic fiber lest he cause unwanted harm. He is unable to 'turn off' his powers, much like Rogue.



DE: Hyperion
Powers: King Hyperion possesses immense superhuman strength allowing him to lift objects weighing more than 100 tons. He can achieve flight and is superhumanly fast, able to travel at near light speeds. He is amazingly durable and is able to withstand many attacks. King Hyperion is also able to heal from virtually any wound. He can also emit rays of heat from his eyes. Every single cell in his body absorbs energy from the sun. Even if his body has been dismembered Hyperion's cells will still continue absorb and store solar energy. King Hyperion seems to be significantly stronger than other Hyperion counterpart, with no apparent weaknessess.

DT: Fallen One (changed from Kingpin)
Powers: The Fallen One manipulates this infinite source of cosmic energy for applications such as incalculable strength and durability augmentation. The Fallen One can navigate space, hyperspace, dimensional barriers, and can achieve flight of near-limitless speeds by entering hyperspace when he exceeds light speed. He can analyze and manipulate matter and energy, and can reconstruct or animate matter at will, even transmuting elements.He can change the size of himself or of other matter, create illusions, fire energy projectiles, form and manipulate energy constructs, manipulate gravity, absorb and discharge almost all forms of energy, and can phase through solid matter.

DT: Halocaust
Powers: Holocaust is considered one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel continuity to date. His powers included extremely destructive radiation blasts usually emitted from his arm that he would shape shift into a gun, shape shifting, phasing, invulnerability to an unknown but presumably high extent, super strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, and a high level life absorption ability that fueled his other powers and made them more powerful.

DE: Mr. Sinister
Powers: Sinister has spliced the DNA of others to gain their abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting abilities, and the power to shoot energy blasts from his hands. He is also able to reform himself, allowing him to completely heal from Cyclops' optic blast. Sinister is one of the six most powerful telepaths, meaning he is very powerful. He is also arguably the greatest geneticist in the Marvel Universe. He is capable of doing a vast amount of things including augmenting his own power, cloning his deceased servants and many other abilities. Sinister also has a vast array of technology, which has helped him both gain new powers and do other astounding feats through genetics.

OLB: Atum The God Eater
Powers: Atum resides in the sun and is completely immune to the heat, pressure and cosmic forces of the sun. He can fly at lightspeed, generate intense light and heat. He can also absorb/consume foes thereby gaining all of their abilities. Atum is by a considerable margin one of the most powerful entities of the whole Marvel Universe.

MLB: Spectre
Powers:Intangibility, Flight--fly at any speed, Invisibility, Teleportation, Fear Projection--can project fear into the heart and souls of adversaries, Inanimate Possession--inhabit and animate inanimate objects, Illusion Casting--ability to project realistic illusions, Magic Mastery--various mastery over virtually all forms of magic, Discern Motivation--can sense the intentions of people, Cosmic Awareness--knows many secrets of the universe, Precognition--sometimes gets glimpses into the future, Superhuman Strength, Stamina, & Speed, Invulnerability

OLB: Desak
Powers: Desak possessed superhuman strength, endurance and his stone-like skin provided him with an extremely high resistance to injury. Desak had the ability to fly and teleport. Desak was an expertly skilled warrior and was adept with various types of weaponry.

CB: Martian Manhunter
Powers: J'onn has been called the "Swiss Army" knife of superheroes because of his wide range of abilities. Most of his powers are similar to Superman's such as, super-human strength, invulnerability, flight, and martian vision and all at power range close to Superman himself. Among those, he's able to shapeshift, become invisible, and alter his density. J'onn is also a very powerful telepath acting as the team's communication system during battle.

FS: Storm
Powers: Storm is a mutant who possesses the psionic ability to manipulate weather patterns over limited areas.he can stimulate the creation of any form of precipitation such as rain or fog, generate winds in varying degrees of intensity up to and including hurricane force, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in her immediate vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and disperse natural storms so as to create clear change. Storm can direct the path of certain atmospheric effects, such as bolts of lightning, with her hands. She has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate ocean currents. Storm is able to fly by creating winds strong enough to support her weight, the weight of others, and to propel her forward through the air. Storm is extraordinarily skilled at picking both locks and pockets. Storm is also a gifted hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained extensively by her fellow X-Man Wolverine, and is also an excellent marksman with handguns.

SS: Emma Frost
Powers: Emma is a powerful and experienced telepath. Her telepathic powers allow her to perform several feats such as, mind to mind communication, mind reading, mind control, paralysis, possession, hypnosis, inducing pain and creating powerful blasts capable of killing a person.

CB: Sentry
Powers: The Sentry is one of the most powerful super-heroes in the Marvel Universe. It is not know the full extent of his powers but he has said that he can hear a butterfly's heartbeat in Africa from New York. He beat Galactus to a standstill. He has shown Super-Strength, Speed, Flight and heightened human senses. Emma Frost stated that Sentry is one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth, having once wiped all memory of him from each person on the planet.


K/P: Black Canary
Powers: Black Canary has an ability called the "Canary Cry," which she sends out an ultrasonic sound from her mouth by screaming. The sound is strong enough to destroy solid objects and incapacitate her opponents. She is also a master martial artist, and is also considered one of the seven best fighters in the DC Universe.


Offense: Run 60/ Pass 40, no one will stop Galactus

Defense:Cover 2 Defense, Atum QB spy on Thor, when given the chances eat him and take away his powers, He is the god eater after all

05-16-2008, 11:03 PM
Team 5, but Cyclops sucks.

Shane P. Hallam
05-16-2008, 11:22 PM
I think Team 5's RBs should be able to keep doing damage, and I'm not really feeling Team 6's passing game. One dimensional teams will lose this.

05-16-2008, 11:52 PM
ok....so no one vote with me on team 6, i think theyd be pretty good

Gay Ork Wang
05-17-2008, 10:03 AM
With the spare Gameplan i gotta say 5. Galactus is really slow and only relying on him is really bad

05-17-2008, 11:41 AM
Considering Team 6 has Galactus on offense and the Spectre on defense, I don't know why they're losing.

I really like team 5. But team 6 simply has more power. Looking at teams 1-6, I think these two might be the best so far.

Shane P. Hallam
05-17-2008, 02:49 PM
I feel ya there, and as much as I LOVE Galactus, is he unstoppable? Simply put, no, especially with Fantastic on the other side. And I still am not sure if Spectre can stop the running game despite his powers.

05-17-2008, 04:44 PM
I feel ya there, and as much as I LOVE Galactus, is he unstoppable? Simply put, no, especially with Fantastic on the other side. And I still am not sure if Spectre can stop the running game despite his powers.

To my knowledge, Mr. Fantastic can't so much beat Galactus as threaten him with the ultimate nullifier.

As for Spectre, he is DC's wrath of god. I think he could stop pretty much anyone.

05-17-2008, 06:03 PM
superman with boobs really wins it for me.

05-17-2008, 07:20 PM
superman with boobs really wins it for me.


Not an Emma Frost fan, eh?