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05-18-2008, 04:40 PM
First Game of the Year:
Denver v Las Vegas (In Berlin, Germany!!!!)

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05-18-2008, 07:59 PM
Week 1

Week 1 ........................
Time: Hawaii 14 v Philadelphia 30

Time: Miami 28 v New Orleans 19

Time: Denver 20 v Las Vegas 24

Time: ........................... New York v Houston .........

Time: ........................... Los Angeles v Chicago .........

Denver v Las Vegas (Berlin)
Al Michaels: Hello and welcome to Berlin, Germany! Im joined in the booth with John Madden and a special guest, David Hasselhoff! David, hows it feel to be in Germany and watching a professional football game?

Hasselhoff: Its great Al, but I have to go eat a hamburger off the floor, be back later.

Madden: I wish I could I go, im so hungry.

Al Michaels: Anyway, Its 1 PM in New York, but its 7 PM here in Berlin, lets get to the game!

1st Quarter: Vegas wins toss, elects to recieve.
Rico Washington opened the drive strong. Catching a screen and picking up yards on outside runs. Bill Robinson came in handy during short yardage situations. Denver's weak defensive line was no match for the consitent running game of Vegas. Fortunatly, good play by Minister and Lawson came Rico from breaking a big play. Then a deep pass by Toby Williams to Reynaud White setup a Bill Robinson TD at the 2. A big return by Seth Harris, gave Denver good starting position. 7-0 Vegas. Good, tough running by Millstone got Denver into the redzone. A perfectly thrown fade by Casey Cox to Jimmy Hardee, despite being perfectly covered Roscoe Williams, gave Denver their first TD. 7-7 Tied. On the next drive, Vegas, trying to catch Denver off guard called a playaction. Williams, overthrowing the pass, was picked off by Xavier Tippton. Unfortunetly for Denver, they only got one first down before punting as the Vegas D stood strong. Williams led a nice drive into enemy territory, until they were forced to punt at the Denver 41 yard line. At the start of the next drive, Casey Cox would be sacked by Darryl Diggs. The crowd went wild as Casey Cox was taken off the field with an ankle injury. (Something likethis: http://youtube.com/watch?v=U468nFJ3-EM). Under Killian though, things seemed to click. He may not be as talented, but he was a good leader and well liked by the team. He led a methodical drive down field only to have it end with Hardee dropping a pass after a big hit from Jim Flacco. The Field Goal was good, 10-7 Denver. Rico led the team on his running until he got tired and had Bill Robinson come in and score the TD for him again. His tough style of running tired out the Denver D-Line and was a perfect compliment to Rico's flashy style. 14-10 Las Vegas. Killian went into to two minuete mode on the next drive, leading them downfield for another FG. So far Killian had only threw 3 incomplete passes, but all 3 were costly, with one being a drop in the endzone. His dink and dunk style was neutralizing the Vegas pass rush. 14-13 Las Vegas at the half.
2nd Half!!!!
Denver got the ball to start the half. Millstone pounded the Vegas defense and took advantage of their aggresive style of play. This kept Vegas off balance and Killian threw a TD pass to Darius Snipes to put them up 20-14 Denver. On the first play of the drive, Rico Washington would take a screen pass into enemy territory, put the drive stalled as Bill Robinson got hurt on a 3rd and Short play. 20-17 Denver after a FG. The next two drives for both teams ended quickly and then the 4th Quarter was underway. Vegas started it off, and Rico was able to get the team downfield, but was unable to convert on 3rd and Short, prompting the team to do a playaction on the next drive. The play was unsucessful as Antwon Larson sacked Toby Williams in the backfield. Killian, for the first time in the game, threw 3 consecutive incomplete passes going three and out. Williams was forced to pass more and was sacked by Deltha Reynolds on a CB Blitz. But Vegas found another short yardage runner in Fullback Jay Wayne. At 244 he weighed as much as a linebacker and he began to punish the Denver D-Line. At the goaline, Walker and Karney stood tall forcing Wayne back twice, but on 3rd down, Keith Hampton would catch a pass for a TD making it 24-20 Las Vegas. A muffled kick return gave Denver poor field position with just 4 minuetes left. Killian looked like superman, avoiding blitzes by Diggs and Jenkins and leading the team down field. A screen to Justin Jamison gave the team good field position. But a sack by Jared Jenkins made it 2nd and Long. The next pass though, was a great gain by Jimmy Hardee, who had been shutdown all day when going against Roscoe Williams, except for the TD. It was now 3rd and Short, and Frank Stein was brought in. The old vet stuffed the run by Millstone and sent him back 2 yards. It was now 4th and 3, with time on the clock for one last play.

Al Michaels: Killian drops back, sidesteps Jenkins, rollsout and throws to the back of the endzone, and... its picked off! By Roscoe Williams and he downs it in the endzone. (Something like this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=z09R3uZinGs&feature=related)

Game over: 24-20 Las Vegas

Denver Stats:
Casey Cox 4-7; 1TD Pass; 37 yards
Beck Killian 20-27; 1TD Pass 1INT; 225 yards

Orlando Millstone 24-98; 5 catches for 42 yards
Justin Jamison 3-10; 1 catch for 21 yards
Tank Roges 1 catch for 5 yards

Jimmy Hardee 2-33 1TD
Richie Dillon 4-50
Arlen Lewis 3-54
Jerome Lake 1-26
Ashlie Curry 1-18
Darius Snipes 6-84 1TD
Cole Phillips 1-13

Kenard Ford 5TCK 1TFL
DeAndre Townsend 3TCK
Daddy Thomas 2TCK 1TFL
Randall Starks 1TCK
Antwon Larson 4TCK 1TFL 1SCK
Jed Krasinksi 6TCK
Nick Addai 1TCK
Keith Karny 8TCK
Wayne Walker 6TCK 2TFL 1SCK
Desmond Dawes 1TCK
Marlin Joesephs 3TCK 1DEF
Seth Harris 2TCK
Deltha Reynolds 4TCK 1TFL 1SCK
Ryan Manningham 2TCK
Ryan Minister 10TCK 1DEF
Jamal Andrews 1TCK
Darian Roy 1TCK
Xavier Tippton 4TCK 1INT

Tim Vanderjerk 2-2FG; 2-2XP
Chris Cox 40.5 Avg.

Las Vegas Stats:

Toby Williams 18-28; 1TD Pass 1 INT; 233 Yards

Rico Washington 17-94; 4 catches for 50 yards
Bill Robinson 9-35 2TD's
Jay Wayne 5-13

Cameron Willis 5-54
Reynaud White 3-62
Keith Hampton 3-48 1TD
Mike Driver 1-8
Allen Little 2-11

Darryl Diggs 4TCK 2TFL 1SCK
Jared Jenkins 2TCK 1TFL 1SCK
Cory Thompson 3TCK 1TFL
Dean Klecko 1TCK
Jumaane Kweku 4TCK 1TFL .5SCK
Frank Stein 1TCK 1TFL
Jared Maka Koa 1TCK
Chris Tyson 4TCK
Jason Widener 5TCK
Vinny Badafuco 12TCK 2TFL .5SCK
Quentin Scandrick 1TCK
Roscoe Williams 2TCK 1DEF 1INT
Rafael Jackson 3TCK 1DEF
Orlando Red 5TCK 1TFL
Travis Harris 3TCK
Joey Barber 5TCK
Jim Flacco 4TCK 1DEF

Hunting Bear 1-1FG; 3-3XP
Orson Moorman 42.5 Avg

05-19-2008, 05:37 PM
Hawaii 14 at Philadelphia 30

1st Quarter
Philly got the ball first. Freeman started the game on fire connecting on deep passes to Tall Carmichael and hitting reliable WR Calvin Brooks underneath. Things were a bit different for Hawaii as Jenkins and Harris had rare drops. Philly led at the start of the first 10-0.

2nd Quarter
Hawaii runs a small series of running plays and short passes to warm up Maze. He ends the drive throwing a 34 yard TD pass to Jamaar Jenkins. Philly's RB's, Jones, Cosby and Taylor, take turns pounding away at Hawaii's Dline and make the score at the end of the half 17-7 Philly.

3rd Quarter
Maze and Hawaii pickup where they left off scoring on a long drive of dink and dunk passes which ended in a Jack Reynolds TD catch. Unfortunetly for Hawaii, they may have been able to shut down the pass, but their run defense grew tired against Philly's 3 backs. Brown Taylor scored on a 1 yard TD run. 24-14 at the end of the 3rd.

4th Quarter
Philly had a nice drive to make the score 27-14. Maze feeling the pressure drove the ball downfield only to have the kicker, Paul Reuben miss the FG. Freeman and Co got another FG to make it 30-14. Maze led his team back into the redzone, but Jaquaan Coles collapsed the pocket forcing Maze to make an ill-advised throw to Philly LB Sam Carr, ending the game 30-14 Philly.

Hawaii Stats:
Melvin Maze: 31-46; 2TDs-1INT; 358Yards

Jay Kubiak: 8-31; 2Catches 13Yards
Josh Herb: 5-19;1Catch 9Yards
Quentin Jones: 4-14

Jamaar Jenkins: 8-118 1TD 1Drop
Daquan Harris: 9-95 1Drop
Jack Reynolds: 5-73 1TD
Kahoku Bess: 3-37
Thomas Sheppard: 2-19
Devin Health: 1-16

Omen Laws: 5TCK 1TFL
Johnny Oliver: 3TCK
Dusty: 3TCK
Phil Roberts: 3TCK
Tyrone Badder: 1TCK
Keshawn Bell: 9TCK 1TFL
Jamaal Umenyiora 7TCK 1TFL
Hideki Yawari: 1TCK
Micah Clowe: 7TCK 1DEF
Marques Battle: 5TCK 1DEF
Sam Kalani: 3TCK
Desmond Sanders: 2TCK
Demone Blaisdell: 3TCK
Jermaine Falls: 5TCK 1DEF
Marco Cortez: 3TCK
Terrell Johnson: 1TCK
Glenn O'Neil: 5TCK

Paul Ruben: 0-1FG 2-2XP
Joe Sandler: 43.0

Philadelphia Stats:
Chase Freeman 19-30 188 1TD

Chief Jones: 15-72 1TD; 1catch 3yards
William Cosby: 12-48; 2catches 14yards
Brown Taylor: 6-18 1TD

Tall Carmichael: 3-58 1TD
Calvin Brooks: 6-60
Steve Nayman: 2-15
Teddy Bennett: 2-21
Shannon Hilliard: 3-17

Chris Campbell: 3TCK 1TFL
Colin Jenkins: 4TCK
Kalani Satale: 2TCK
Jaquan Coles: 3TCK 2TFL 1SCK
Greg Bailey: 1TCK
Tyson Booker: 6TCK 1DEF
Rudy Ruttegir: 10TCK
Sam Carr: 5TCK 1INT
Brady Pearl: 2TCK
Brian Easterman: 5TCK
Nikki Pix: 5TCK 1DEF
Shawn Helsing: 3TCK
Orrin Jordan: 6TCK 1DEF
Atari Jones: 2TCK
Nintendo Smith: 1TCK
Quentin Butler: 5TCK 1DEF

Bryan Geoff: 3/3FG 3/3XP
Big Foot: 44.5

Miami 28 v New Orleans 19

1st Quarter
The first quarter was the Kareem King show as he made broken plays into nothing and allowed Mo-Rice Washington to score at the one yardline. And on their next drive he would throw a TD pass to Julio Stone to make it 14-0. Ali Kweli was able to handle Quincy Dobbs and Miami's pass rush kept young QB Jack Utah off his feet and on the ground. 14-0 Miami.

2nd Quarter
Shakur was finally shutting down Stone, but King continued to make plays on his feet and would score on a big run. With only 2 minuetes left though, Jack Utah suddenly grew a bit older and led his team down into the endzone after a TD pass to Tom White. 21-7 Miami.

3rd Quarter
Utah began to show off his speed making plays out of nothing and getting his team two FG's in the 3rd Quarter. Dez Dunbar was causing havoc for King and Shakur was playing the game off his life at this point. New Orlean's D stood tall and held them to no points in the 3rd. 21-13 Miami.

4th Quarter
Utah struggled at the beggining of the 4th, but the New Orleans D stood strong again as Rod Jamison and Reese Warren plugged holes and Dunbar wrecked havoc on the outside. With 2 minuetes left, Utah led his team downfield. A big screen pass to McKenzie setup a Buttkiss rushing TD with :01 seconds left on the clock. New Orleans had to go for two now as it was 21-19. On the two point conversion, Utah dropped back, was hit from the blindside and lost the ball. Adding insult to more insult (i guess), Miami used that last second to score a TD on a kickoff return by Quentin Pryor. 28-19 Miami wins.

05-20-2008, 04:59 PM
Time: ........................... New York v Houston .........

Time: ........................... Los Angeles v Chicago .........