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05-19-2008, 03:22 PM
Two Winners From the Cannes Film Festival Will Be Selected For The First Prize Poll.

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 03:31 PM
Survivor contains Jason Bateman, pornography, Kristen Bell, and is based on the most awesome novel ever written. How can it not win?

05-19-2008, 03:32 PM
Sympathy From the Sunshine


1921, Former WWI veteran, Tyler Moss (Christian Bale) is seen in Bournewood Psychiatric Hospital in Brookline, Massachusetts. There he meets fellow patient Kyle Joseph (Paul Dano) and hospital nurse Madelyn Rose (Naomi Watts), a widow who lost her husband during WWI, who he grows mutual friendships with. Tyler, due to his isolated mental state is ignorant of the romantic feelings shown by Madelyn. Growing jealous of the time Madelyn spends with Tyler, hospital employee Dr. Dale Winston (Cillian Murphy) subjects Tyler to painful and unnecessary procedures and along with his sexual advances, also verbally abuses Madelyn.

As the story unfolds we witness the physical and mental abuse endured by the hospital patience, and through flashbacks to his time serving in WWI we get a glimpse into Tyler’ paranoia and anxiety, and also guilt from a panic attack he had in the trenches which he feels led to the death of fellow solider and close friend Brandon Sheppard (Kevin J. O'Connor). As Tyler and Madelyn’s kinship grows, Madelyn seeks to escape with Tyler just for a day, to break away from the sadistic surroundings that trap them everyday, to at least once enjoy the beautiful things in life with Tyler.

Tyler Moss (Christian Bale) - Due to the violent panic attacks he has had his entire life and extreme paranoia that came from his time serving in WWI, Tyler’s failed suicide attempt 6 months before, landed him in the institution. He is often seen in the hospital isolated from others, staring blankly into space. Though never a nuisance or resistant to the Hospital staff he is often the victim of cruel treatment. He does form a friendship with fellow patient Kyle Joseph one of his only confidants and Madelyn Rose who grows an affinity for him, which usually goes unnoticed by Tyler.

Madelyn Rose (Naomi Watts) – A widow of a WWI solider herself, as a nurse at the institution she finds a special kinship with Tyler. A kind hearted individual who cares for her patience, she is often subjected to take part in torturous like procedures on patience, including a number on Tyler.

Kyle Joseph (Paul Dano) – One of Tyler’s fellow patience at the hospital, who he grows a friendship with. He often confides in Tyler about missing his mother who was murdered just before he was committed to the hospital. Tyler later learns from Madelyn that, Joseph was the one who killed his mother, but due to his condition he had no idea. Though sweet in nature, he can often be seen to be abrasive and violent towards the hospital staff if he feels threatened or annoyed.

Dr. Dale Winston (Cillian Murphy) – A physician at Bournewood. Long time member of the staff and colleague of Madelyn, he grows jealous of her growing affinity of Tyler. Often subjecting both Tyler and Madelyn to abuse.

Dr. Matthew Sullivan (William H. Macy) – The inept and incompetent chief of Bournewood Psychiatric Hospital. Much more of a figurehead then an authority figure, he has little to know control of the hospital. Witnessing the treatment of some of the patience, he looks the other way, despite his guilt eating away at his conscience.

Liam Moss (Ed Harris) – Tyler Moss’ father. A successful lawyer in Boston. He believes Tyler’s condition is just an act. Claiming the panic attacks that Tyler has had since a child, were nothing but tantrums.

Natalie Moss (Julianne Moore) – Tyler’s sister, who suggested he should seek help. They shared a close bond throughout there childhood, but has grown apart since Tyler’s enlistment into the army and time in the hospital. She is seen pleading to Madelyn to take care of his little brother.

Brandon Sheppard (Kevin J. O'Connor) – Tyler’s childhood friend, who enlisted with him for the army. While In a fierce gunfight, he sees Tyler having a panic attack in another trench in which rushes over to aid him in, though before he could reach him, he is shot, dieing in front Tyler. This has been a source for great guilt for Tyler since returning from the war.

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 03:34 PM
Bear with me, this is long.

For this adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel Survivor I will have David O. Russell directing. He will be joined by writers Kevin Smith and Chuck Palahniuk himself to form an trifecta of brilliance who will bring the novel to life on the screen.


Tender Branson - Ryan Gosling
The protagonist. By the end of the novel, he is the last surviving member of the Creedish Church/cult. At the beginning of the story, he works as a servant for a rich couple. He has been trained by the Creedish to be a menial laborer (i.e. a missionary of the Church), but he is bored with his existence and disillusioned with his faith. As the novel progresses, he becomes a religious celebrity and is credited for ideas and predictions that aren't really his. By the end of the story, he is wrongly believed to be a mass murderer. His story is recounted as an autobiography spoken into the black box of a plane he has hijacked and which is due to crash in just a few hours.

Fertility Hollis - Kristen Bell
A friend of Tender's. She meets him at her dead brother Trevor's crypt. At first, she is repulsed by him, but as the novel progresses the two grow close. "Fertility" is not her real name but a pseudonym she uses for her job, which is acting as a surrogate mother for couples who cannot conceive. Her job is fraudulent in that she is actually barren and has never managed to carry a child for a client. Fertility has the psychic ability to predict the future; she knows when, where, how, and to whom everything is going to happen, which takes all the fun out of life for her. She strikes up a friendship with Tender and helps him throughout the novel because she believes he is the only person who can surprise her. It is Fertility who leads Tender to hijack the plane. She also tells him that there is a way for him to "survive", but her meaning is ambiguous.

The Caseworker Meryl Streep
Tender's caseworker from the Suicide Retention Program. Her name isn't given because Tender doesn't want to get her into trouble. She was assigned to him after the Creedish mass suicide, and generally leads a disappointing, unfulfilling life. One day, Tender gets her to help him clean the house of his employers. She becomes obsessed with cleaning to the point that she virtually takes over Tender's job, even though she isn't very good at it. Over the years, the caseworker has diagnosed Tender with innumerable mental disorders from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (abbreviated "DSM").

The Agent Jason Bateman
Tender's publicity agent. His name is never given either. The agent is the brains behind Tender's popularity. He comes up with the ideas that Tender is credited for, such as his autobiography, the "Book of Very Common Prayer", and the Tender Branson Sensitive Materials Sanitary Landfill, where people go to dump their most illicit porn. He is also responsible for Tender's physical transformation, claiming that no one wants to listen to a fat messiah. He also believes that the key to Tender's success is to get as much publicity as possible.

Adam Branson Michael Pitt
Adam is Tender's older brother. Because he was the firstborn, Adam got to stay in the Church community in Nebraska and marry, while Tender was among those sent to earn a living for the Church in the outside world. Adam is the person who leaked the community's illegal activities to the police ten years prior to the start of the novel, which was the event that instigated the community's mass suicide. Since then, Adam has been traveling the country, killing surviving members of the Church and masking the murders as suicides in order to motivate further suicides.

Unknown Al Pacino
This character is a suprise, just know Al Pacino is awesome and this role will be too.

Like many of Palahniuk's books, the book begins at the end. Tender Branson is in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-400, and he is telling his life story to the black box.

Tender's story begins eight years after the mass suicide of his fellow members of the fanatical Creedish cult. When the cult discovered the FBI would be investigating them they chose to commit mass suicide. Every member of the cult living in the outside world is expected to follow suit and kill themselves as soon as they hear of the Deliverance and the cult leaders liked to call it. Since the time of the mass suicide, Creedish members have been steadily killing themselves, in keeping with their belief that the Deliverance is at hand. At the story's opening, Tender works as the housekeeper for a rich couple he never sees in Oregon. They issue directions via a daily planner and a speaker phone. At his dingy apartment, he gets phone calls from people who want to kill themselves - the result of a newspaper misprint which printed his phone number as the number for a suicide prevention hotline. Tender, enjoying the thrill of passing divine judgment on these people tells them to kill themselves as often as not, and sees this as an act of mercy. Although the newspaper prints a retraction, the calls keep coming, and when they dwindle, Tender prints up fliers for a fake crisis hotline with his number on them so the calls will continue.

One of the calls comes from a Trevor Hollis, a man who wants to kill himself because of the nightmares he has been having about disasters, like plane crashes or fires. Tender tells Trevor to kill himself, and soon after, reads his obituary in the paper. One day, Tender goes to the mausoleum to steal fake flowers for his employer's garden (a common past-time), and decides to visit Trevor's tomb while he is there. At the tomb, he meets Trevor's sister, Fertility, and they talk. Later that night, Tender has his weekly meeting with his caseworker from the Federal Survivor Retention Program, a government agency that keeps tabs on the survivors of suicide cults. As usual, he asks how many survivors of the Creedish faith there are remaining, and she tells him, "One hundred and fifty-seven survivors. Nationwide."[1]

Tender begins to explain how the Creedish Church works. Only the firstborn sons and their wives get to stay and reside in the community (located in rural Nebraska) - the rest, like Tender, are sent out to work as humble servants, and are considered to be the Church's missionaries. They are extensively trained in etiquette, housecleaning, and other menial labor, after which they are baptized and sent out into the world to make a living. Every month, they are expected to send back money and a letter of confession. "Tender" is not really a name, but a title, which is given to all male children except the firstborn, who is called "Adam". Likewise, all female children are called "Biddy", including the eldest. "Tender" is meant to denote one who tends; "Biddy", one who is biddable. All but the firstborn sons and their wives are discouraged from having sex of any kind and are forbidden to marry, and the latter are expected to have sex only for procreation. All the Creedish wear highly recognizable clothing, both inside the community and out. This makes it easy to spot another member of the Church in the outside world.

During another meeting with his caseworker (which regularly takes place at his employers' house), Tender gets frustrated and tells her that if she wants to help him, she can start by scrubbing the shower tiles. Burnt out over a decade of lost suicide cases, the caseworker quickly grows obsessed with cleaning and soon takes over Tender's job, drifting more and more away from helping him confront his past. She reveals at this time that many of the Creedish suicides were really murders masked to look like suicides to encourage more survivors to kill themselves.

On their third date, Tender and Fertility ride the bus downtown, where a stranger rudely begins telling them facile jokes pointed at the Creedish mass suicide. Tender laughs at all the jokes, secretly wondering if the joker can tell he's Creedish. Fertility snaps at the joker for making fun of suicide. When the joker rises to exit the bus, Tender recognizes the man's pants as Creedish dress, and suddenly recognizes the man as Adam, his older brother. Tender speaks Adam's name aloud, but when Adam asks if they are brothers, he desperately denies it. After the bus incident, Fertility takes Tender to a department store that she presciently knows will catch on fire, but that she knows will not harm them. Fertility explains that she has the same talent as her brother for dreaming the future.

Tender soon learns that he has become one of the last two survivors of the Creedish Church. The caseworker has him go over photos of dead Creedish to see if he can identify the other survivor, but he already knows it to be his brother Adam. He begins receiving phone calls from journalists and agents wanting his story. The caseworker manages to suffocate on a chemical solution of ammonia and chlorine that she was using to clean the fireplace, which had been secretly mixed together by Adam, and whose intended target was Tender. Adam steals the caseworker's files on the Creedish suicides immediately after the murder. The police suspect Tender, but he claims innocence and slips away. Tender, meanwhile, calls an agent and takes a flight to New York that very night. Thus begins his road to stardom.

The agent's company has been planning for years to turn the last survivor of the Creedish cult into a religious celebrity. They create a fake history for Tender and completely overhaul his body. He is given steroid injections, health food, teeth caps, and is made to exercise and diet incessantly until he is the model of attractiveness. It is made clear by the agent that no one will worship a fat, unkempt leader. Tender is entirely agreeable to all of it, as he has no will to live and desires fame only in order to have an enormous audience for when he commits suicide.

As his agent's plans are realized, Tender's fame grows. These plans include the publication of Tender's "autobiography" and the "Book of Very Common Prayer", as well as the conversion of the former Creedish land into the Tender Branson Sensitive Materials Sanitary Landfill (a 20,000 acre [80 kmē] repository for America's outdated porn). Tender is constantly waiting for the opportune moment to kill himself, and continually puts it off as circumstances fail to meet his criteria. Then, as his popularity starts to wane, the agent tells him that he needs to perform a miracle in order to stay famous. It is then that Fertility finds Tender and gives him a prediction to make on TV that will seem like a miracle when it comes true. Naturally, it does, and Tender's fame swells to even greater proportions. It is unclear at this point why Fertility has shown up and decided to help.

Thus begins a series of muder, deceit and just plain awesomeness that ultimately culminates where the novel begins, Tender in board a plane he has hijacked that is slowly running out of fuel, just what he wants. Want more? Read the novel.

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 03:36 PM
For those who don't want to read my whole write up.

Tender Branson, last remaining member of a creedish cult that commit mass suicide, meets girl of his dreams who happens to be able to see the future. Together combined with an agent Tender becomes a messiah like figure. Tender soon finds out that it is his brother who has killed off the remaining members and now wants to kill Tender. Craziness ensues. People are killed, Kristen Bell is hot, they end up at a landfill for porn, Fertility gives Tender the score to the Superbowl, at halftime he tell the crowd at that very superbowl, riots, they suspect Tender for murder, he escapes, hijacks a plan, in between more then one main character dies, Al Pacino makes an appearance.

Survivor = Palme D'Or

05-19-2008, 03:53 PM
The March


Based loosely off the E.L. Doctrow historical novel, The March is a film based on Sherman's March to Sea.

As the Civil War reached a climax in 1864, Gen. William Sherman's fellow Union General, Ulysses Grant believed that believed that the Civil War would end only if the Confederacy's strategic, economic, and psychological capacity for warfare were decisively broken. Sherman therefore applied the principles of scorched earth, ordering his troops to burn crops, kill livestock, consume supplies, and destroy civilian infrastructure along their path.

The March also devotes some of it's time to a couple sub-plots. One includes the story of Colonel Sartorius who acts as the Army surgeon during Sherman's March to the Sea. Also, the film devotes some of it's time to the story of several of the 10,000 slaves who followed Sherman during the march. Furthermore, the film focuses on two Confederate Soliders, Arly and Will

After burning Atlanta to ruins, Sherman and his regiment of Southern soliders loyal to the Union rode through Georgia, burning houses down, stealing crops, and essentially destroying the will of the South to continue the war.

While the war dominates the movie, it simply serves as a back drop to demonstrate the emotional, pyschological, and mental effects of war in the mold of Apocalypso Now.

Director...Terrence Malick (Director of The Thin Red Line)

William Sherman....Robert Duvall

Colonel Sartorius....Edward Norton

Arly (Confederate Soldier)....Russell Crow

Will (Confederate Soldier)......Casey Affleck

Charles Walcutt (Officer under Sherman).....Kevin Costner

Jim (Slave following Sherman).....Morgan Freeman

Jen (Slave following Sherman).....Kerry Washington

John Bell Hood (Confederate General Opposing Sherman)......Charlie Sheen

More to come...maybe

05-19-2008, 03:58 PM
Here's M.O.T.H's...

This is something I came up with based on the works of video game designer, David Cage. It's mostly an adapted version of Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit but, with a better storyline, new and expanded upon characters, and a bigger purpose in mind.

Directed by : Chris Nolan

Manhattan is paralyzed by snow. An unprecedented cold wave is sweeping through the city and temperatures are reaching record lows. While eating alone one evening in a late night diner, Pascal's diner, Derek Hunt (Dicaprio) suddenly loses control of himself and enters a trance like state. He takes the knife from his booth and walks slowly toward the restroom. Hiding in a stall, he carves a strange symbol into his forearm and attacks the first person to enter. Throughout, the ritualistic murder, Derek has a vision of a man in a hooded coat controlling his every movement. When Derek regains consciousness and recovers his senses, he realizes what he has done. The lifeless, battered body lies at his feet and he is covered in the stranger's blood. Stricken with fear, Derek flees from the diner and disappears into the freezing cold night. Now, hunted by police, Derek must uncover the supernatural forces behind his crime before being incarcerated for life.

As the story progresses, we begin to see that Derek, has had a history with visions. After the events at the diner, these visions suddenly increase in frequency and become increasingly more violent and come accompanied with superhuman, physical and mental abilities. In one scene, Derek must leap tall bounds, dodge through oncoming traffic, and evade bullets to escape from the police. Constantly paranoid, Derek stops sleeping and cannot eat ; he begins to question his own sanity and knows he must seek out his estranged brother for guidance. Not too long after the diner scene, we meet NYPD homicide detectives' Leah Stone (Theron) and Robert Craft (Pearce). Both of whom must battle with multiple pressing issues in their own lives, while staying devoted and focused on their job at hand, finding Derek Hunt.






Cast of Characters:


Derek Hunt (Leonardo Dicaprio) - The movie's primary male protaganist. Born and raised on a remote military base in Kansas by his scientist parents. Derek is an average guy, with an average job. An introvert, Derek spends most of his free time playing his guitar or surfing the web. The epitome of an average man but, that is soon all going to change. Since his childhood, he has had periodic clairvoyant visions, the disturbing nature of which had a severe emotional impact on him and drove him to isolate himself from others. These visions, apparently long dormant, suddenly increase in frequency following the events at the diner, accompanied by a dramatic increase in Derek's physical strength and the emergence of telekinetic abilities. There is no reasonable explaination for why Derek brutally murdered a stranger in a late night diner or why he was suddenly, graced with the ability to leap tall bounds, evade bullets, and see through the eyes of people performing new murders in the same fashion. But, one thing is for sure, Derek knows he wasnt controlling his own body while the crime was being committed. He knows he only has one option, uncover the truth and somehow find a way to clear his name.


Det. Leah Stone (Charlize Theron) - The movie's primary female protaganist. Leah is a police detective with the NYPD, partnered with Detective, Robert Craft, she is called upon to investigate the happenings within Pascal's diner. Leah is a strong, independent, self-assured woman who saw a quick rise through the department. Although working in a male-dominated environment, her strong personality ensures that nobody contests her leadership. She is well known and very respected among other members of the department for her intense work ethic and commitment to her job; which sometimes can lean toward the excessive, as her devotion to her work is in part, her way of compensating for her lack of any personal life. Several years ago, Leah had a falling out with her father stemming from his unfaithfulness to her dying mother. This is in fact, what has directly molded her into the woman she is today. Without warning, her father contacts her with wishes of reconciling their relationship, diagnosed with a terminal illness, this is his dying wish. The ever committed and unforgiving Leah, puts any reconciliation plans on the back burner to stay focused on the task at hand. But, as this seemingly minor homicide case becomes more complex by the day, she begins to wonder if she will ever find the time or strength to express her true feelings toward her dying father.


Det. Robert Craft (Guy Pearce) - Leah's partner, he has a much more lackadasical attitude towards life, although he is very devoted both to his job and his fiancee, Emma. His relationship with her has always been close but, has also been under constant strain due to her terror of him being hurt in the course of his job. Upon hearing of Emma's pregnancy, Robert begins to question if this is really the life he wants for himself and his family. The long hours, increasing cold, and his latest case begin to wear on him and sink his spirits greatly. He knows a better, a safer, life is out there but, his committment to his job has always come first. The question of whether he can really walk away from his dream job, for the woman he loves, becomes a constant struggle for him.


Emma Williams (Jennifer Connelly) - Robert's fiancee and childhood sweetheart. A former farm girl with dreams of a simple life. She is a loving and caring woman who dropped everything to move to New York City to be by Robert's side, as he pursured his life long dream. A full year and a half later, Robert's long hours and the uncertainty if he will be coming home in the morning has taken a great toll on their relationship. Adding to the stress, Emma has learned that she is expecting. Physically and mentally exhausted, Emma questions whether she could raise her child in such an unstablized enviroment. She knows with all her heart that a better life awaits elsewhere.


Michael Hunt (Mark Ruffalo) - Derek's older brother, a priest at Saint Thomas Church. Michael became a priest years ago, shortly after the death of his and Derek's parents. When the two were children, Michael was Derek's confidant, and still is to this day. Although, they havent seen eachother in two years, the events at Pascal's diner will bring them closer than ever. Michael worries about the current state of affairs involving his brother, but his faith prevents him from seeing very much past the facts, despite Derek's best efforts. Michael is faced with the tough decision to keep his brother's muderous confession a secret or to turn his only remaining family member over to the authorities.


William Stone (Jon Voight) - Leah's father, a former New York City fire fighter, known for starting more fires than he put out. A one time city hero, his life took a drastic turn, one fateful night. This event started him in a downward spiral of alcoholism and addiction. The resulting effect being a dismissal from the fire department, a massively bruised ego, and a family left in ruins. Now, some 15 years later, as he lay dying in his hospital bed, he feels the need to make ammends for all the damage and hurt he has been soley responsible for, before he exits his miserable and misuderstood life.


Cpt. Lou Gaines (Louis Gossett Jr.) - Police Captain and commanding officer to detectives, Stone and Craft. With 40 years of experience under his belt, Captain Gaines, expects nothing but the best from his detectives. Lou can be a stern man but, he is certainly no authoritarian. He wouldnt have lasted so long in his profession if that was the case. Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, Lou shows up to work every day with the same upbeat attitude and a smile on his face. A sensitive and cultured man, he is a man of many endearing stories, some terrible jokes, and countless amounts of knowledge. At 72, Lou realizes he is nearing the end of his rope but, he isnt ready to call it a career just yet.


The Oracle (Gary Oldman) - The movie's primary antagonist. A man of unknown identity who appears in Derek's visions and haunts his dreams. Only seen wearing a gray hooded coat which hides his face, leaving his true nature a mystery. An evil, twisted indivisual, he possesses supernatural powers and will soon make his intentions known to the world.

"A Paranormal thriller with an absorbing storyline and edge of your seat tension." - USA Today

"Chris Nolan creates a tense and chilling atmosphere in this Hitchcockian." - New York Daily News

"An ever evolving plot with Sci-Fi elements spells brilliance for Nolan."
- Richard Roeper

"The gritty atmosphere, gripping action sequences, and incredible central narrative all mix beautifully. Two thumbs way up!" - Roger Ebert

05-19-2008, 04:00 PM
Here's Caddy's movie.....

Time Heals All Wounds

An Original Production: Directed by Edward Zwick


Plot Outline

Jacob Scott (Emile Hirsch) is a 25 year old convenience store worker who has lived in Brooklyn, New York. Jacob has spent most of his childhood in orphanages and foster care, and spending his fair share of time in government institutions. After discovering that his girlfriend (Keira Knightley) has been cheating on him with his younger brother Isaiah, (Garrett Hedlund) he is on the verge of committing suicide. Moments before death Jacob an explosion of light temporarily blinds Jacob. Archangel Gabriel (Joaquin Phoenix) informs Gabriel that he will be given a chance at a better life, but he must first go back in time and alter the past so as to alter the present. Jacob accepts, but is unaware that Gabriel is hiding a secret from him, a secret which could change the world for the worse.



Jacob Scott (Emile Hirsch): Scott is the films primary protagonist. His profile is slightly outlined in the outline. Other than the information provided, Scott is a somewhat depressed young man yet has the uncanny ability of being able to adapt to any situation he is faced with.


Ally Hazelton (Keira Knightley): Hazelton is a 23 year old university student and Jacobs’ formerly trusted girlfriend. Is the primary female antagonist in the film who plays a strong role in the initial scene and is one of the catalysts for Jacobs’ adventure.


Isaiah Scott (Garret Hedlund): Isaiah is Jacobs’ brother and has found himself in trouble with the wrong people. Is extremely headstrong and thinks of nobody but himself. Is the second catalyst for change.


Gabriel (Joaquin Phoenix): Is the Archangel Gabriel who has been sent to change the past so as to change the future. His intentions remain unclear until the end of the film.


James Radley (Jamie Foxx): A slave in the deep south late 18th century. Is a strong willed man whose life was cut tragically short. Was seen as a leader amongst slaves.

Kurt Von Schleicher (Barry Pepper): A middle-aged German military leader whose participation in World War II went largely unheard of.


Jacques Futrelle (Joseph Gordon-Levitt): A passenger of the Titanic who passed during the ships maiden voyage.


Sgt. James Taylor (James Franco): A member of the United States Marine Corp who carried out highly covert operations during the Gulf War.

bored of education
05-19-2008, 04:01 PM

Director: James Mangold

Jack Nicholson as Leonard Stone aka Stones The CEO of Stones Throw Investments.

Milo Ventamiglia will be introduced in the outline.

Benicio Del Toro as Thomas Levine A Jewish guy from Long Island. One of the haredest working, longest tenured VP's at STI. Likes to stir the pot alot with his witty banter and crude remarks. Wishes to be next in line after Stones. Often finds himself in trouble with the SEC for doing unethical business practices.

Ray Liotta as Vincent Greco Vinny a hard working with MBA from Duke, a smooth fellow with olive oil charm. Not only uses his intelligence to get the deal done but is very smooth at relating to the client. Is actually the number 4 man at STI.

Don Cheadleas as Dr. Neil Phillips Stones shrink.

Ron Livingston as Ronald Irving The slacker of STI. Works only when he has to, rarely finding him self in the office past 6 PM. Likes to crack jokes at meetings and adds very little.

Michael Rapaport as Tom Little New guy on the scene, very smart, from the Midwest. brings a new way of thinking to STI. Deals mostly with Midwestern and West coast clients. Taslks about his parents alot, gets home sick at times.

Donald Sutherland as Harold Reed long time Custodian for STI. Very close to Stones. Usually a breathe of fresh air for Stones.

1. The lender specifies the terms that that must be met in order for the loan to be processed. Also known as a "standby loan commitment".

2. In a firm commitment, underwriters act dealers and are responsible for any unsold inventory. The dealer profits from the spread between the purchase price and the public offering price. Also known as a "firm commitment underwriting".

Investment banking deals with companys issuing shares of stock to the public. Those companys hire investment banks to sell these primary issues to certain investors(accredited investors). Stone Throw Investments is a company that deals with this type of underwriting. Usually for new technology companies, and medical devices companies that are tryign to generate capital to allow their companies to grow.

The opening scene has Stones with a lovely 40 yers old woman joining him in bed. Stones is a deep sweat as she forcefully pleasures him. To no avail, Sontes realizes he has Erectile Dysfunction. Something he has never discussed with his shrink, Dr. Phillips. In his anger he kicks out the lovely lady and proceeds to drink Jameson until he passes out.

Every monday morning at 8:00 am, Stones meets with Dr. Phillips to discuss his life and issues he may have. Stones brings up how he is losing his juice at work, not being able to live up to his name. He hesitates to discuss the erectile issue. But Dr. Phillips could infer that their are issues at home and at work.

After the meeting with Dr. Phillips, Stone makes his usual rounds through the building on his way to his office. Stops to see his confidant, Reed. Reed has alwyas been there for Stones. They discuss their weekends and Stones brings up his ED problem with him. Reed has dealt with it himself, and has an RX for a male enhancement product that he refers to Stones.

Stones walks past this young lad(Milo) and notices the demeanor in which he goes about his business.

Monday morning board meetings has a roundtable of Stones, Levine, Greco, Little, irving and some other execs. The usual BS, back and forth banter occurs. each detailing what isahead for the week.

Levine and Greco have had an ongoing duel as to who closes the biggest deals and the quickest.

Greco quietly has been producing better than him.

Stones is retiring in 3 months and is having issues as to whom he wants to be his successor. Levine or Greco. He often finds him self over doing it on meetings, covering what is the real issue within himself. Stones loses his head quicker than ever and sometimes his straightforwardness prevents some of the firms younger associates to close the deals that he assists them on. Except the young lad he saw earlier. Since Stones doesnt use a computer he has mental notes of what all the younger associates are doing and this associate(Milo) seems to be outperforming the other young associates. This young lad has yet to go to Stones for assistance as well. This makes Stones remember the days in which he would be closing multimillion dollar deals a day without assistance of an elder co-worker.

That is the ground work of the movie.

The rest of the movie involves on going battles with Stones and himself. Constantly seeking the advices from his shrink and Reed.

Conflicts between Greco and Levine in hopes to be Stones succesor leads to suspension and then firing of Levine for doing to many shady deals.

The young associate in the end is Stones himself as a young man. The effects of the strees and psychological effects of the ED has led to some illusions.

That sums up the movie in so many words. LOL enjoy!

05-19-2008, 04:04 PM
Here's Jag's movie.....


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Daniel Day-Lewis: Clifford Hankerton
The town of Buford's trusty sheriff. He's hard nosed and takes no non-sense, if pushed he's been likened to that of a "Devil's Wind" in which he doesn't let up. His daddy was Sheriff before him and his grandfather before that. He runs this town.

Denzel Washington: Tyler Brewer
Tyler is just man who does free lance farm work for money. He's not a shy guy but he's not directly out going either. Doesn't matter if he knows you or not, he'd go out of his way to help you. Lives on the out skirts of town, on Carnation Road. Is eventually wanted for a murder that he didn't commit.

Sean Penn: Peter Brazell
After getting married, Peter and his newly wed wife, Maria, moved to Buford, Alabama to practice law together. They have a daughter, Elizabeth-Anne, who is 18 years old. Peter is a nice guy, a good husband and father. He gets mixed up in this massive manhunt for Tyler after he gives the wanted man refuge.

Tommy Lee Jones: Michael "Marshall" Lopinski
Michael is the mayor of Buford, Alabama. He's pretty much conceded control of the town to Sheriff Hankerton and his rouge bunch of Deputies. Although, he still maintains the idea that he must parade around town as the Mayor. When word strikes that three Deputies have been murdered he quickly tries to take control of the situation.

Ellen Page: Elizabeth-Anne Brazell
Elizabeth is the daughter of Peter Brazell. She's very outgoing and loves to joke around. She later befriends herself with Jonathan Jester, unsuspecting of who he really is.

Cate Blanchett: Maria Brazell
Maria, the loving wife and mother to Peter and Elizabeth Anne, practices law in Buford with her husband. Doesn't really like the town, she's more of a "up town girl" seeing how she grew up in Chicago. Doesn't like the fact that Peter offered refuge to a fugitive.

Will Smith: Jonathan Jester
Considered by many in town to be a big con man. Jester befriends Tyler one night while drinking at a local bar. JJ (for short) tells Tyler of this master plan he has for getting rich quick...but involves some illegal business. Later becomes wanted in connection for the same murder(s) that Tyler is wanted for.

Forest Whitaker: George "Doc" Sanders
Good friend of Tyler Brewer's. The town's only practicing doctor/physician, the only African-American doctor in the state of Alabama at the time. Is sought for questioning by Sheriff Hankerton in connection to the murdered deputies.

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