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05-19-2008, 03:26 PM
Two Winners From Sundance Will Move On To The Final Vote

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 03:30 PM
Your movie makes me wet Fisch.

05-19-2008, 03:32 PM
Awesome Poster By Paul

Charlatan (shar-la-taan): a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage via some form of false pretense or deception.

A Coen Brothers Movie
True Evens Based Of The Book Charlatan By Pope Brock

1900's America. A mysterious man from the backwoods of Western North Carolina arrives in Chicago with ambitions to be a medical doctor. But does he achieve his goal?

Flash to 1920. A new doctor by the name of John R. Brinkley (Ben Foster, 3:10 to Yuma) moves into the farming town of Milford, Kansas. He is an accredited physician with degrees from Bennett Medical College in Chicago and Eclectic Medical University in Kansas City. But is he a real doctor? Do These Schools Really Exist?

Together with his wife Winnie (Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone), Brinkley opens a clinic in Milford. Business is not well. Nearing poverty, Brinkley had to think of a way to save himself, his business, and his family.

An idea? He cons the public into believing that the Implantation Of Goat Testicles Will Restore Male Virility and Cure Erectile Dysfunction! As a result of mass advertising, Brinkley is flooded with new patients from across the Midwest. But does this really work?

No. Due to non-sterile conditions, operating while intoxicated, and not being a real doctor many of these operations went wrong. More than 16,000 people perish and die under the medical reign of Brinkley. But Brinkley remains popular and makes near $12 million dollars, in an era where money was as scarce as ever.

Brinkley's popularity catches the eye of Dr. Morris Fishbein (Paul Giamatti, Sideways) of the American Medical Association. Fishbein had an eye for quack doctors and Brinkley soon become a prime target, sparking a cat and mouse chase between Fishbein and Brinkley.

Fishbein was committed to bringing Brinkley to justice. The chase goes on for years, as Fishbein follows Brinkley through his campaign for Kansas Governor and his career as the owner of a radio station.

Will this chase ever come to an end? Will Brinkley be punished for his deeds?

See Charlatan at The Sundance Film Festival!

Synopsis of Characters:

Ben Foster as John R. Brinkley


Amy Ryan as Minnie Jones Brinkley


Paul Giamatti as Dr. Morris Fishbein


John Turturro (Barton Fink) as Norman Baker
Another Quack Based Out Of Iowa. Followed and Copied Brinkley's Career And Soon Became An Arch Rival of Brinkley's In The Radio Business

Ben Gazzara (The Big Lebowski) as Dr. Samuel Pickler
A Doctor In Chicago That Originally Dismissed Brinkley As An Apprentice. Integral In Brinkley's Decision To Forgo The Rest Of His Medical Training And Fake Himself As A Doctor

Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother Where Art Thou?) as Rudolph Toms
The Mayor of Milford and Eventual Victim of Brinkley's

Barry Del Sherman (American Beauty) as Calvin Pulaski
An Agent From The IRA Who Works With Fishbein to Seize And Collect Illegal Laundered Funds From Brinkley


A Perfect Score
05-19-2008, 03:36 PM

Amazing Poster By Paul

What would you do, if you woke up in a world that wasn’t yours?

Each morning when Alex Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up, he wakes up in an entirely different world then the one he went to sleep in. At the age of 29, he developed the strange ability to alter reality. Rather than sleeping, he is given the ability to change one decision in his life, thus altering anything and everything that happened after this choice. At first, his decisions impact only him and those immediately around him, including his parents (Kathy Bates & Gene Hackman) and his childhood sweetheart, Jaime (Rachel McAdams). As he struggles to cope with a new life everyday, his mental and physical state begin to deteriorate, and it is only then that he begins to see that his choices have not just affected those around him, but have had much bigger ramifications.

Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Greg (Jamie Bell) has began to experience the exact same thing. After falling for a beautiful American tourist named Stephanie (Kristen Stewart), the orphaned Greg soon begins to fall into the same pattern as Alex, each morning waking up in a world that is completely and totally different than the one he went so sleep in. The only difference is, Greg isn’t given the choice to change a decision he has made. He has no control over which world he wakes up in. As his world and his psyche, begin to fall apart, Greg searches desperately for a solution to his dilemma, all the while trying to figure out how the enigmatic Steph fits into it all. Before long, Greg is reduced to a shadow of his former self, and unable to deal with the stress of his ever changing reality, he turns to drugs, the likes of which he acquires from his crazed dealer, Vance (Ethan Hawke).

Before long, it becomes clear that it is no coincidence that Greg is the one who keeps waking up in a different reality. In fact, Greg is waking up in the same reality as Alex, he just doesn’t know it yet. However, when Alex makes a complete and total mistake and the world itself is left reeling and unable to recover, it will become clear just how linked these two men really are. Before long, they are living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by no one except themselves. Characters clash, chaos ensues, and before long, we are unable to tell reality from fiction. And it is only then that we are given the answers. But alas...
TOO BAD! Fisch said no spoilers :)

Alex Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) - The charismatic and sarcastic narrator of the movie, he is an intelligent individual who suffers from a strange ability to alter his life each night. As the movie progresses and he slips further and further into dementia, he begins to question his own sanity, and the realness off everything that is around him. He has loved Claire ever since they were children, but he lacks the courage to tell her how he really feels. He used to work as an advertising exec, however ever since his torture started, he finds himself with a new career each day. As his family and friends jump in and out of his life, and as his reality begins to melt away, Alex falls into a downward spiral that has no foreseeable end.


Greg Wallace (Jamie Bell)- A tough young man from Ireland, Greg’s tale begins when he falls in love with the enigmatic Steph (Kristen Stewart). His mother was killed at a young age and he grew up alone, as his father was rarely around to watch him. He spent some time in juvenile detention for pickpocketing, and although his background suggests otherwise, he is a good-hearted character. The fast talking booze loving character often finds his way into trouble, and it is only after that he starts waking up in a different reality (the same one Alex is in), that he begins to truly mature as a character. In the end, it is he who will ultimately decide that fate of all that has happened in a climatic sequence. Oh, if only I could tell you .


Jamie McCarthy (Rachel McAdams)- Alex’s childhood sweetheart, she is funny, good hearted and intelligent. A bit of a klutz, she oftentimes finds herself lost for words and struggling to say what she really wants, or how she really feels. She drifts in and out of Alex’s realities, often being an important part of his life one day, then not a part at all the next day. She indeed has feelings for Alex, although there won’t be any tacky love declarations in this movie.


Stephanie Cryder (Kristen Stewart)- The mysterious tourist that Greg falls in love with, she is on vacation in Ireland when she meets him. She reveals little about her past, although it is clear that she is running from someone, or something. Her relationship with Greg begins as merely physical, however after spending an extended period of time with him, she finds she has developed feelings for him just as she is about to head back to America. Once again, she is occasionally in one of the realities that Greg wakes up in, and other times he finds himself pining for her companionship. At first she seems cold and distant, a girl who’s sharp quips cut to the core. However, upon closer examination, we see there is much more to her than originally thought.


Derek Evans(Jared Leto)- Alex’s college roommate and confidante, Derek is the epitome of a slacker. He bought his way through every obstacle in life, as he was left a massive trust fund upon his wealthy parent’s death. However, he is extremely intelligent and is in college studying psychology, and more importantly sleep disorders. He is a very close friend of Alex’s, and they have remained close even after going their separate ways. Derek plays a prominent role in the story, one that is bigger than originally thought at the beginning of the movie.


Vance Messner (Ethan Hawke)- Greg’s drug dealer, who also happens to be quite a junkie himself. He becomes somewhat like a father figure for Greg, offering him advice to his problems, and becoming much more to Greg then just a dealer. In one of the realities, we see him as a police officer, proving that he isn’t really a bad person.


Randall Wilson (Gene Hackman)- Alex’s father, and the reigning secretary of defence. It is through him that Alex creates the post-apocalyptic world that he and Greg find himself in. A hardnosed man, he is strict and rigid, believing firmly that the military is the be all and end all of life. He is a patriot and he serves his country proudly.


Margaret Wilson (Kathy Bates)- Alex’s mother, stereotypical. Practically raised Alex by herself, as Randall was never home. She wishes her husband would get a different job but would never tell him this. She confides in Alex a lot, and they remain close.


Director- David Fincher- This movie will be characterized by Fincher’s classic dark world, the one he brought to life in Se7en, Fight Club, and Zodiac. You can probably count on a little bit of a twist ending as well, as that is Fincher’s style. He’s a perfect fit for the film.

05-19-2008, 03:42 PM

Director: Martin Scorsese

Izzy Adams (Mark Wahlberg): Generally speaking he is a nice guy but desperate times call for desperate measures. Former First Lieutenant of the 109th Infantry in the North Korean War, saw his fair share of bloodshed and friends die. With the US in a near depression Adams and long time friend Delarosa decide to kidnap Abernathy Evans and hold her for ransom. He is the brains of the operation always calm and collected.

Diego Delarosa (Javier Bardem): Basically the opposite of Adams, a loose cannon. Delarosa was Adams' 2nd in command during the war, often experiences flash backs which can send him into a violent rage. Feels that fear is the best way to get the job done. Once stood trial for rape but was acquitted due to evidence tampering.

Detective Tyler Mills (Brad Pitt): Lead Detective assigned to the Jackson case, always on his toes and never shy about making an insulting remark. Gives his partner Trip Sullivan a hard time as a hazing into the unit. Doesn't get along with authority figures and often pulls rank to get the job done.

Detective Trip Sullivan (Josh Harnett): The new guy, always seems to be at the butt end of Mills' jokes. While he hasn't been a detective long he has a great eye for details. Former MMA fighter with excellent boxing and BJJ skills, Mills doesn't believe him and finds out the hard way.

Chief of Police Max Merill (Robert De Niro): Generally speaking not a very happy guy, constantly stressed out and on everyone's ass about getting the job done. Like Mills, he doesn't always go by the books, but he also doesn't give his men much leeway. Childhood friend of Senator Evans so this case is personal.

Senator Jeff Evans (Jeff Bridges): A man of wealth and fame, considered by some to the be the leading candidate for the 2012 Presidential Elections. But what you see isn't always what you get, Evans is as conniving as they come and has stepped on a lot of people to get to the top. Father of socialite Abernathy Evans, whom he adopted to soften his image.

Abernathy Evans (Rosario Dawson): Recent graduate from Arizona State University, Abernathy has been partying it up and has caused a lot of bad publicity for herself and her father. Ends up as kidnap victim of Izzy Adams & Diego Delarosa. Would Senator Evans be better off without her?

Meg Armstrong (Scarlett Johansson): Abernathy's best friend and lover. A rack that could please the gods themselves. Never shy about expressing her opinion even though it gets her into trouble. Also becomes a kidnap victim of Adams and Delarosa.

05-19-2008, 03:45 PM
why didn't you start the thread with our movies in them?

fisch has 5 now just because he posted his 1st

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 04:04 PM
Not true. Fisch has 5 votes because his movie is awesome.

05-19-2008, 04:08 PM
McGee's movie...

Directed by Sam Mendes

Robert Givens (Tom Hanks) - A middle aged, once-successful businessman who has suffered from gradual mental degeneration over the past several years. Married with three children, his current state leaves him unable to completely care for himself. Although physically able, he has become a babbling, fearful man nearly incapable of having a sensible conversation or showing any true emotion. His shut-in, careless, sloven, sedentary lifestyle has clearly affected his physical health, as well. His constant babbling and insensitivity leaves him open to annoyed snaps and outbursts from those around him. Robert has been left with basically no friends and uneasy familiar relationships as a result of his mentality, facts which seem to have little effect on the unstable, emotionless Robert.

Aaron Givens (Jake Gyllenhaal) - Main character and the oldest of the Givens children. College graduate and young businessman. Had a good but formal relationship with his father as a child and has always strived to impress the man. His relationship with his father is the one most affected by his father’s condition. After following in his footsteps and always searching for his approval, Aaron no longer has much desire to talk to or even be in the same room with the shell of his father’s former self. He aspired to be like his father but now fears that same fate, often becoming paranoid about the state of his own mind in likeness to the ravaged mind of his middle-aged father. He distances himself from his family and often clashes with his mother and sister over his role in his father’s life. Gets along with his little brother, Mikey, but still criticizes him, usually very hypocritically, for his more vocal distaste for his family. Aaron has come to hate his job and often desires seclusion. Spends a lot of his time working out and trying to stay healthy. He has tense relationships with his biggest social contacts: His girlfriend, Heather, to whom Aaron constantly vents over family disputes or the job he hates; and his therapist, a family friend whose invitation Aaron has accepted due to the same issues and his own fears, but is still hesitant to share everything with.

Amanda Givens (Natalie Portman) - Aaron’s sister and only daughter of Robert and Deborah. Always close to Aaron growing up, but her relationship with their father has gone in the opposite direction as Aaron’s. While Aaron has grown apart from his family/father, Amanda has made it a top priority to be there for her unwell father and overwhelmed mother, offering to help in any way and even pursuing her career in the field of human services. Most of her meetings with her distant brother end in arguments that result in Aaron storming out of his rare visits. Generally gets along with her little brother Mikey, but to little avail continues to pressure him to be more supportive and easy on his parents.

Deborah Givens (Felicity Huffman) - Robert’s faithful and overwhelmed wife. Works hard to care for and support her husband and their son Mikey. Loves all of her children and is afraid to let the family come apart any more than it already has or to lose another one of her family in any way. Not as vehement as her daughter when confronting Aaron, but expresses her disappointment in his distance.

Michael “Mikey” Givens (Anton Yelchin) - The youngest of the Givens children, teenaged, and the only one still living at home. Spends a lot of time out of the house and is the most prone to snap at his helpless father. Not as helpful as his mother and sister would like him to be. Likes spending time with Aaron and sort of looks up to him, even with Aaron’s criticism of Mikey’s more obvious resentment and rebellion.

David Metz (Gabriel Byrne) - Therapist and old friend of Robert. Plays a role in the lives of each member of the Givens family. Offers his assistance in any way to Deborah and Amanda, and has extended offers to meet with the two sons, hesitantly accepted by Aaron and initially rebuffed by Mikey. He calmly reaches out to Robert as a friend and doctor, giving Robert someone to talk to as best he can and someone to help him make strides through his fears and instability. Aaron becomes uncomfortable when together with both Metz and members of his family, clearly uneasy about what he shares with somebody so close to the family. His interactions with the Givens family in turn inspire him to try to smooth out his own rocky marriage and become closer with his own grown-up children.

Patricia Metz (Frances McDormand) - Wife of David Metz, with whom she shares a marriage lacking much passion or excitement. Mother of two children, now grown up and out of the house. No longer spends much time with her husband or shows much emotion around him. Is beginning to seek a divorce.

Heather Shiancoe (Anne Hathaway) - Aaron’s girlfriend of several years. Loves Aaron and is the mainstay of the few joys of his life, but is tired of his complaints and grief. Does not see members of Aaron’s family very often as he likes to keep those worlds separate and not spend much time with them himself. Sometimes encourages Aaron to spend more time with his family, but would rather not bring up the sore topic around him.

05-19-2008, 04:09 PM
Er I only see 3 movies Charlatan, hostage, and Butterfly effect

05-19-2008, 04:11 PM
Yay's movie....

Roger That

Director - Judd Apatow


Officer Roger Masterson (Vince Vaughn) - Police officer in Burlington, Vermont. Former Basketball star at Community College of Vermont, some 8 years ago, turned cop. Slacker type and seems to screw up at everything. Doesn't really care for his job and his performance out on the streets. On the brink of getting fired.

Officer Mike Friday (Will Ferrell) - Roger Masterson's best friend and almost clone. They walk, talk and act the same way, especially towards there jobs. The only reason why they ended up with these jobs was because Mike's uncle was the Captain. Like Roger, he's also on the brink of getting fired seeing that his Uncle retired.

Lieutenant Jerry Rose (John C. Reily) - Vermont State Trooper that is sent down to Burlington after a number of complaints from citizens that Rose was hassling them and at times "messin' with 'em". Rose is a southern fella and his ways are a little different, but he always seems to get the job done. He's fond of Friday and Masterson and soon becomes their friend.

Lieutenant Gregory Snyder (Steve Carell) - Another Vermont State Trooper that got stuck with Rose on this assignment. Arguably the best state trooper Vermont has ever had. Due to a mix up in the complaint department, he got sent down to Burlington with Rose. As opposed to Rose, he does not like Masterson and Friday. He does everything by the book and is the stickler for the rules. All he knows how to do is be with a cop, which makes him an open target for most of Masterson's pranks.

Captain Jou Albano (Alec Baldwin) - [Pronounced Joe] Newly appointed Captain of command of the Burlington police department. Originally from Boston and has a world of experience. At times is suspected of having tourettes syndrome from his random sayings that don't pertain to anything and his random outburst. Real crazy guy especially if you pronounce his first name wrong (Jew Albano). He's mostly laid back and likes to run a loose ship. But after the state police threaten his job, he tries to clean up the department, starting with Masterson and Friday.

Paulie Lindfield (Steve Buscemi) - "Cleaned up" drug addict whom Masterson and Friday turn to for the 'inside scoop'. The only problem is that Paulie is a pathological liar. He sends Masterson and Friday to wrong places which leads other officers to make the arrest. Jumpy and antsy all the time.

John Juan Henry (Dave Chapelle) - One half of the infamous robbery gang: "El Chupacabras". He and his partner find themselves in Vermont after escaping from a New York State prison. He's trigger happy but is terrible shot. Some believe he's half mexican but his nationality is unknown.

Gregorio El (Ben Stiller) - The other half of the infamous robbery gang. Escaped prison with John Juan and finds himself in Burlington, Vermont which is home to the biggest bank in the state of Vermont. They hatch a plan to rob it. Swears he's bad but when it comes to the action, he never holds a gun, never drives, and seems to disappear, leaving John Juan to do all the dirty work.

05-19-2008, 04:13 PM
Diab's movie....


Directed by Ivan Reitman
Co-Directed by Jon Favreau

Sean Anderson (Jeremy Piven) – Late 30s. Claims adjuster for an insurance company. Married to Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson (Mary-Louise Parker). Frustrated with his position in life.

Troy Bartlett (John Cusack) – Best friend of Sean Anderson. Late 30s. Sean and Troy went to high school and college together. Bachelor. Lives a bachelors life. Owner of sports merchandising store called “Time Out”.

Danny “Dumpster” Hall (Jon Favreau) – College bud of Sean and Troy. Married with children. Lives in suburbia. At a dead end IT job but doesn't seem to mind. Can be talked into ideas. Alcohol changes him. Turns into a party animal whose shirt comes off easily.

Ken Duncan (Paul Rudd) – College friend of Sean, Troy, and Danny. Laid back but with a good head on his shoulders. Uses logic more than any of the other guys. A little more mature. Knows when an idea is bad but goes along with it anyway. The guy that can be easily talked into doing a keg stand.

Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson (Mary-Louise Parker) – Wife of Sean Anderson (Jeremy Piven). Recent marriage troubles stem from Sean's frustration. Has been taken them to a marriage counselor to work out their problems. Attractive. Was in a college sorority. Met Sean at a party in college.

Neil “Head” Fallon (Seth Rogen) – RA of Denslow Hall. Mid 20s. Has a big head hence the nickname. Likes the herb. RA on the floor that Sean, Troy, Ken, and Danny move to.

Jason “George” Jefferson (Jonah Hill) – Resident of Denslow Hall. Taken under the wing of “The Dumpster” to teach him the ways of college. Hates being called “George”. A lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Loves to party, though.

Bruce “Ass” Olen (Robert Downey Jr.) - Dean of Chicago State University. Smooth talking ladies man who knows all the loop holes. Thinks since he runs the college that he can get away with stuff but others shouldn't. Instantly suspicious of the four main characters. Went to college with the four years ago

Shane P. Hallam
05-19-2008, 04:13 PM
IRC: The Movie

Director: Steven Spielberg

Comahan: Johnny Depp

Still aspiring author who has never made it. He strives for order and consistency which has never happened, and thus close to a psychotic break.

JBond: Clive Owen

An ex-teacher now aspiring actor who is hellbent on getting what he wants in whatever way possible.

Sarf: Tom Cruise

An emo lower-level worker who is close to a successful relationship with a hot deaf co-worker. But will the appearance of AwfullyQuiet affect this relationship?

DraftGuru: Phillip Seymour-Hoffman

A ginger who still is desperate to get laid, and will do whatever it takes to get laid, even try to be a hero or villain.

Charm City Byrdgang: Samuel L. Jackson

A stoner who is running dog fights in the back lot behind the apartment.

Nerv: Billy Bob Thornton

A stoner who won’t back down from a fight.

AwfullyQuiet: Lucy Liu

A Cubs fan who is being stalked by snuff and also gaining romantic interest from Sarf.

Snuff: Kevin Spacey

A nazi who is hellbent on gaining his prize of AwfullyQuiet.

Tagline: 8 Online strangers come together later in life.

IRC: The Movie sees 8 real life people who once had an extensive online relationship come together in a New York City apartment. How do interactions of once online acquaintances affect their lives? It does with some absolute horrible results. Likewise, what strange force has pulled all eight together again, this time, in real life? These questions will be answered.

Snuff and Sarf will fight over awfullyquiet, with both taking two very different routes, snuff trying to stalk and force love through violence, while sarf tries to “save” her all the while lying to his deaf fiancé. The two stoners, Nerv and Charm, look out for themselves but eventually will come into conflict mentally with comahan and physically with JBond forcing them to have mental breaks. Throughout all of this, draftguru advances his lonely life with alcohol and violence to try and find a woman. This even will intangle him with AQ to try and rid her of snuff for a possible prize. All these interactions often lead to violence and a slow path of many to unleashing a darker human side of themselves that come out. This will cumulate with the death of many of them, and a nightmare for the rest.

Shane P. Hallam
05-19-2008, 04:14 PM
And I see you cheating fisch! Why not post everyone's movie in the first post? The Movie Submission thread was pointless.

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 04:19 PM
It was to get the movies out there. Plus most people who vote hear I assume read the submission thread before hand. Do you really think people vote fo a movie just because it is the only write-up they see? Plus Fisch's movie is ten times greater then yours JBond.

Shane P. Hallam
05-19-2008, 04:59 PM
It was to get the movies out there. Plus most people who vote hear I assume read the submission thread before hand. Do you really think people vote fo a movie just because it is the only write-up they see? Plus Fisch's movie is ten times greater then yours JBond.

Haha, apparently you haven't been around NFLDC long enough to realize how voting for stuff works.

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 05:02 PM
Well then they are all fools if they only vote for the one description they read. I think someone is upset that he is losing.

05-19-2008, 05:06 PM
seriously you started out with a 5 point lead and have got one vote since

05-19-2008, 05:08 PM
seriously you started out with a 5 point lead and have got one vote since

Well he would have 4 of those 5 (myself, Gonzo, fisch, and woot) even if he started the thread with all the movies on there...idk about the others

Dr. Gonzo
05-19-2008, 05:08 PM
He started with a 5 point lead because I vote for him, he voted for himself, and am couple IRC'ers who have been reading all of the summaries voted for him. Out of all the movies so far I like Fisch's the most. If he had a ****** movie then I could understand your argument but that just isn't so. The fact is his movie is more artsy then the others and will therefore appeal to different people and so the fact that he has not gotten a vote since means nothing.

Let the IRC circle jerk continue.

05-19-2008, 08:34 PM
im surprised i got 4

05-19-2008, 08:37 PM
aww, i always wanted to be played by Billy Bob Thornton, w/e

A Perfect Score
05-19-2008, 08:38 PM
i ******* suck

05-19-2008, 08:53 PM
I voted for APS, with fenikz close behind.

05-19-2008, 09:22 PM
Why is this one so much more popular than the other one? :(

05-19-2008, 09:26 PM
Why is this one so much more popular than the other one? :(

roger that.. thats why