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Polls Are Now Closed At Cannes And Sundance. The Winners Are Revealed:


Awesome Poster By Paul

Charlatan (shar-la-taan): a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage via some form of false pretense or deception.

A Coen Brothers Movie
True Evens Based Of The Book Charlatan By Pope Brock

1900's America. A mysterious man from the backwoods of Western North Carolina arrives in Chicago with ambitions to be a medical doctor. But does he achieve his goal?

Flash to 1920. A new doctor by the name of John R. Brinkley (Ben Foster, 3:10 to Yuma) moves into the farming town of Milford, Kansas. He is an accredited physician with degrees from Bennett Medical College in Chicago and Eclectic Medical University in Kansas City. But is he a real doctor? Do These Schools Really Exist?

Together with his wife Winnie (Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone), Brinkley opens a clinic in Milford. Business is not well. Nearing poverty, Brinkley had to think of a way to save himself, his business, and his family.

An idea? He cons the public into believing that the Implantation Of Goat Testicles Will Restore Male Virility and Cure Erectile Dysfunction! As a result of mass advertising, Brinkley is flooded with new patients from across the Midwest. But does this really work?

No. Due to non-sterile conditions, operating while intoxicated, and not being a real doctor many of these operations went wrong. More than 16,000 people perish and die under the medical reign of Brinkley. But Brinkley remains popular and makes near $12 million dollars, in an era where money was as scarce as ever.

Brinkley's popularity catches the eye of Dr. Morris Fishbein (Paul Giamatti, Sideways) of the American Medical Association. Fishbein had an eye for quack doctors and Brinkley soon become a prime target, sparking a cat and mouse chase between Fishbein and Brinkley.

Fishbein was committed to bringing Brinkley to justice. The chase goes on for years, as Fishbein follows Brinkley through his campaign for Kansas Governor and his career as the owner of a radio station.

Will this chase ever come to an end? Will Brinkley be punished for his deeds?

See Charlatan at The Sundance Film Festival!

Synopsis of Characters:

Ben Foster as John R. Brinkley


Amy Ryan as Minnie Jones Brinkley


Paul Giamatti as Dr. Morris Fishbein


John Turturro (Barton Fink) as Norman Baker
Another Quack Based Out Of Iowa. Followed and Copied Brinkley's Career And Soon Became An Arch Rival of Brinkley's In The Radio Business

Ben Gazzara (The Big Lebowski) as Dr. Samuel Pickler
A Doctor In Chicago That Originally Dismissed Brinkley As An Apprentice. Integral In Brinkley's Decision To Forgo The Rest Of His Medical Training And Fake Himself As A Doctor

Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother Where Art Thou?) as Rudolph Toms
The Mayor of Milford and Eventual Victim of Brinkley's

Barry Del Sherman (American Beauty) as Calvin Pulaski
An Agent From The IRA Who Works With Fishbein to Seize And Collect Illegal Laundered Funds From Brinkley

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Director: Martin Scorsese

Izzy Adams (Mark Wahlberg): Generally speaking he is a nice guy but desperate times call for desperate measures. Former First Lieutenant of the 109th Infantry in the North Korean War, saw his fair share of bloodshed and friends die. With the US in a near depression Adams and long time friend Delarosa decide to kidnap Abernathy Evans and hold her for ransom. He is the brains of the operation always calm and collected.

Diego Delarosa (Javier Bardem): Basically the opposite of Adams, a loose cannon. Delarosa was Adams' 2nd in command during the war, often experiences flash backs which can send him into a violent rage. Feels that fear is the best way to get the job done. Once stood trial for rape but was acquitted due to evidence tampering.

Detective Tyler Mills (Brad Pitt): Lead Detective assigned to the Jackson case, always on his toes and never shy about making an insulting remark. Gives his partner Trip Sullivan a hard time as a hazing into the unit. Doesn't get along with authority figures and often pulls rank to get the job done.

Detective Trip Sullivan (Josh Harnett): The new guy, always seems to be at the butt end of Mills' jokes. While he hasn't been a detective long he has a great eye for details. Former MMA fighter with excellent boxing and BJJ skills, Mills doesn't believe him and finds out the hard way.

Chief of Police Max Merill (Robert De Niro): Generally speaking not a very happy guy, constantly stressed out and on everyone's ass about getting the job done. Like Mills, he doesn't always go by the books, but he also doesn't give his men much leeway. Childhood friend of Senator Evans so this case is personal.

Senator Jeff Evans (Jeff Bridges): A man of wealth and fame, considered by some to the be the leading candidate for the 2012 Presidential Elections. But what you see isn't always what you get, Evans is as conniving as they come and has stepped on a lot of people to get to the top. Father of socialite Abernathy Evans, whom he adopted to soften his image.

Abernathy Evans (Rosario Dawson): Recent graduate from Arizona State University, Abernathy has been partying it up and has caused a lot of bad publicity for herself and her father. Ends up as kidnap victim of Izzy Adams & Diego Delarosa. Would Senator Evans be better off without her?

Meg Armstrong (Scarlett Johansson): Abernathy's best friend and lover. A rack that could please the gods themselves. Never shy about expressing her opinion even though it gets her into trouble. Also becomes a kidnap victim of Adams and Delarosa.

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Sympathy From the Sunshine


1921, Former WWI veteran, Tyler Moss (Christian Bale) is seen in Bournewood Psychiatric Hospital in Brookline, Massachusetts. There he meets fellow patient Kyle Joseph (Paul Dano) and hospital nurse Madelyn Rose (Naomi Watts), a widow who lost her husband during WWI, who he grows mutual friendships with. Tyler, due to his isolated mental state is ignorant of the romantic feelings shown by Madelyn. Growing jealous of the time Madelyn spends with Tyler, hospital employee Dr. Dale Winston (Cillian Murphy) subjects Tyler to painful and unnecessary procedures and along with his sexual advances, also verbally abuses Madelyn.

As the story unfolds we witness the physical and mental abuse endured by the hospital patience, and through flashbacks to his time serving in WWI we get a glimpse into Tyler’ paranoia and anxiety, and also guilt from a panic attack he had in the trenches which he feels led to the death of fellow solider and close friend Brandon Sheppard (Kevin J. O'Connor). As Tyler and Madelyn’s kinship grows, Madelyn seeks to escape with Tyler just for a day, to break away from the sadistic surroundings that trap them everyday, to at least once enjoy the beautiful things in life with Tyler.

Tyler Moss (Christian Bale) - Due to the violent panic attacks he has had his entire life and extreme paranoia that came from his time serving in WWI, Tyler’s failed suicide attempt 6 months before, landed him in the institution. He is often seen in the hospital isolated from others, staring blankly into space. Though never a nuisance or resistant to the Hospital staff he is often the victim of cruel treatment. He does form a friendship with fellow patient Kyle Joseph one of his only confidants and Madelyn Rose who grows an affinity for him, which usually goes unnoticed by Tyler.

Madelyn Rose (Naomi Watts) – A widow of a WWI solider herself, as a nurse at the institution she finds a special kinship with Tyler. A kind hearted individual who cares for her patience, she is often subjected to take part in torturous like procedures on patience, including a number on Tyler.

Kyle Joseph (Paul Dano) – One of Tyler’s fellow patience at the hospital, who he grows a friendship with. He often confides in Tyler about missing his mother who was murdered just before he was committed to the hospital. Tyler later learns from Madelyn that, Joseph was the one who killed his mother, but due to his condition he had no idea. Though sweet in nature, he can often be seen to be abrasive and violent towards the hospital staff if he feels threatened or annoyed.

Dr. Dale Winston (Cillian Murphy) – A physician at Bournewood. Long time member of the staff and colleague of Madelyn, he grows jealous of her growing affinity of Tyler. Often subjecting both Tyler and Madelyn to abuse.

Dr. Matthew Sullivan (William H. Macy) – The inept and incompetent chief of Bournewood Psychiatric Hospital. Much more of a figurehead then an authority figure, he has little to know control of the hospital. Witnessing the treatment of some of the patience, he looks the other way, despite his guilt eating away at his conscience.

Liam Moss (Ed Harris) – Tyler Moss’ father. A successful lawyer in Boston. He believes Tyler’s condition is just an act. Claiming the panic attacks that Tyler has had since a child, were nothing but tantrums.

Natalie Moss (Julianne Moore) – Tyler’s sister, who suggested he should seek help. They shared a close bond throughout there childhood, but has grown apart since Tyler’s enlistment into the army and time in the hospital. She is seen pleading to Madelyn to take care of his little brother.

Brandon Sheppard (Kevin J. O'Connor) – Tyler’s childhood friend, who enlisted with him for the army. While In a fierce gunfight, he sees Tyler having a panic attack in another trench in which rushes over to aid him in, though before he could reach him, he is shot, dieing in front Tyler. This has been a source for great guilt for Tyler since returning from the war.

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Bear with me, this is long.

For this adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel Survivor I will have David O. Russell directing. He will be joined by writers Kevin Smith and Chuck Palahniuk himself to form an trifecta of brilliance who will bring the novel to life on the screen.


Tender Branson - Ryan Gosling
The protagonist. By the end of the novel, he is the last surviving member of the Creedish Church/cult. At the beginning of the story, he works as a servant for a rich couple. He has been trained by the Creedish to be a menial laborer (i.e. a missionary of the Church), but he is bored with his existence and disillusioned with his faith. As the novel progresses, he becomes a religious celebrity and is credited for ideas and predictions that aren't really his. By the end of the story, he is wrongly believed to be a mass murderer. His story is recounted as an autobiography spoken into the black box of a plane he has hijacked and which is due to crash in just a few hours.

Fertility Hollis - Kristen Bell
A friend of Tender's. She meets him at her dead brother Trevor's crypt. At first, she is repulsed by him, but as the novel progresses the two grow close. "Fertility" is not her real name but a pseudonym she uses for her job, which is acting as a surrogate mother for couples who cannot conceive. Her job is fraudulent in that she is actually barren and has never managed to carry a child for a client. Fertility has the psychic ability to predict the future; she knows when, where, how, and to whom everything is going to happen, which takes all the fun out of life for her. She strikes up a friendship with Tender and helps him throughout the novel because she believes he is the only person who can surprise her. It is Fertility who leads Tender to hijack the plane. She also tells him that there is a way for him to "survive", but her meaning is ambiguous.

The Caseworker Meryl Streep
Tender's caseworker from the Suicide Retention Program. Her name isn't given because Tender doesn't want to get her into trouble. She was assigned to him after the Creedish mass suicide, and generally leads a disappointing, unfulfilling life. One day, Tender gets her to help him clean the house of his employers. She becomes obsessed with cleaning to the point that she virtually takes over Tender's job, even though she isn't very good at it. Over the years, the caseworker has diagnosed Tender with innumerable mental disorders from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (abbreviated "DSM").

The Agent Jason Bateman
Tender's publicity agent. His name is never given either. The agent is the brains behind Tender's popularity. He comes up with the ideas that Tender is credited for, such as his autobiography, the "Book of Very Common Prayer", and the Tender Branson Sensitive Materials Sanitary Landfill, where people go to dump their most illicit porn. He is also responsible for Tender's physical transformation, claiming that no one wants to listen to a fat messiah. He also believes that the key to Tender's success is to get as much publicity as possible.

Adam Branson Michael Pitt
Adam is Tender's older brother. Because he was the firstborn, Adam got to stay in the Church community in Nebraska and marry, while Tender was among those sent to earn a living for the Church in the outside world. Adam is the person who leaked the community's illegal activities to the police ten years prior to the start of the novel, which was the event that instigated the community's mass suicide. Since then, Adam has been traveling the country, killing surviving members of the Church and masking the murders as suicides in order to motivate further suicides.

Unknown Al Pacino
This character is a suprise, just know Al Pacino is awesome and this role will be too.

Like many of Palahniuk's books, the book begins at the end. Tender Branson is in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-400, and he is telling his life story to the black box.

Tender's story begins eight years after the mass suicide of his fellow members of the fanatical Creedish cult. When the cult discovered the FBI would be investigating them they chose to commit mass suicide. Every member of the cult living in the outside world is expected to follow suit and kill themselves as soon as they hear of the Deliverance and the cult leaders liked to call it. Since the time of the mass suicide, Creedish members have been steadily killing themselves, in keeping with their belief that the Deliverance is at hand. At the story's opening, Tender works as the housekeeper for a rich couple he never sees in Oregon. They issue directions via a daily planner and a speaker phone. At his dingy apartment, he gets phone calls from people who want to kill themselves - the result of a newspaper misprint which printed his phone number as the number for a suicide prevention hotline. Tender, enjoying the thrill of passing divine judgment on these people tells them to kill themselves as often as not, and sees this as an act of mercy. Although the newspaper prints a retraction, the calls keep coming, and when they dwindle, Tender prints up fliers for a fake crisis hotline with his number on them so the calls will continue.

One of the calls comes from a Trevor Hollis, a man who wants to kill himself because of the nightmares he has been having about disasters, like plane crashes or fires. Tender tells Trevor to kill himself, and soon after, reads his obituary in the paper. One day, Tender goes to the mausoleum to steal fake flowers for his employer's garden (a common past-time), and decides to visit Trevor's tomb while he is there. At the tomb, he meets Trevor's sister, Fertility, and they talk. Later that night, Tender has his weekly meeting with his caseworker from the Federal Survivor Retention Program, a government agency that keeps tabs on the survivors of suicide cults. As usual, he asks how many survivors of the Creedish faith there are remaining, and she tells him, "One hundred and fifty-seven survivors. Nationwide."[1]

Tender begins to explain how the Creedish Church works. Only the firstborn sons and their wives get to stay and reside in the community (located in rural Nebraska) - the rest, like Tender, are sent out to work as humble servants, and are considered to be the Church's missionaries. They are extensively trained in etiquette, housecleaning, and other menial labor, after which they are baptized and sent out into the world to make a living. Every month, they are expected to send back money and a letter of confession. "Tender" is not really a name, but a title, which is given to all male children except the firstborn, who is called "Adam". Likewise, all female children are called "Biddy", including the eldest. "Tender" is meant to denote one who tends; "Biddy", one who is biddable. All but the firstborn sons and their wives are discouraged from having sex of any kind and are forbidden to marry, and the latter are expected to have sex only for procreation. All the Creedish wear highly recognizable clothing, both inside the community and out. This makes it easy to spot another member of the Church in the outside world.

During another meeting with his caseworker (which regularly takes place at his employers' house), Tender gets frustrated and tells her that if she wants to help him, she can start by scrubbing the shower tiles. Burnt out over a decade of lost suicide cases, the caseworker quickly grows obsessed with cleaning and soon takes over Tender's job, drifting more and more away from helping him confront his past. She reveals at this time that many of the Creedish suicides were really murders masked to look like suicides to encourage more survivors to kill themselves.

On their third date, Tender and Fertility ride the bus downtown, where a stranger rudely begins telling them facile jokes pointed at the Creedish mass suicide. Tender laughs at all the jokes, secretly wondering if the joker can tell he's Creedish. Fertility snaps at the joker for making fun of suicide. When the joker rises to exit the bus, Tender recognizes the man's pants as Creedish dress, and suddenly recognizes the man as Adam, his older brother. Tender speaks Adam's name aloud, but when Adam asks if they are brothers, he desperately denies it. After the bus incident, Fertility takes Tender to a department store that she presciently knows will catch on fire, but that she knows will not harm them. Fertility explains that she has the same talent as her brother for dreaming the future.

Tender soon learns that he has become one of the last two survivors of the Creedish Church. The caseworker has him go over photos of dead Creedish to see if he can identify the other survivor, but he already knows it to be his brother Adam. He begins receiving phone calls from journalists and agents wanting his story. The caseworker manages to suffocate on a chemical solution of ammonia and chlorine that she was using to clean the fireplace, which had been secretly mixed together by Adam, and whose intended target was Tender. Adam steals the caseworker's files on the Creedish suicides immediately after the murder. The police suspect Tender, but he claims innocence and slips away. Tender, meanwhile, calls an agent and takes a flight to New York that very night. Thus begins his road to stardom.

The agent's company has been planning for years to turn the last survivor of the Creedish cult into a religious celebrity. They create a fake history for Tender and completely overhaul his body. He is given steroid injections, health food, teeth caps, and is made to exercise and diet incessantly until he is the model of attractiveness. It is made clear by the agent that no one will worship a fat, unkempt leader. Tender is entirely agreeable to all of it, as he has no will to live and desires fame only in order to have an enormous audience for when he commits suicide.

As his agent's plans are realized, Tender's fame grows. These plans include the publication of Tender's "autobiography" and the "Book of Very Common Prayer", as well as the conversion of the former Creedish land into the Tender Branson Sensitive Materials Sanitary Landfill (a 20,000 acre [80 km˛] repository for America's outdated porn). Tender is constantly waiting for the opportune moment to kill himself, and continually puts it off as circumstances fail to meet his criteria. Then, as his popularity starts to wane, the agent tells him that he needs to perform a miracle in order to stay famous. It is then that Fertility finds Tender and gives him a prediction to make on TV that will seem like a miracle when it comes true. Naturally, it does, and Tender's fame swells to even greater proportions. It is unclear at this point why Fertility has shown up and decided to help.

Thus begins a series of muder, deceit and just plain awesomeness that ultimately culminates where the novel begins, Tender in board a plane he has hijacked that is slowly running out of fuel, just what he wants. Want more? Read the novel.

For those who don't want to read my whole write up.

Tender Branson, last remaining member of a creedish cult that commit mass suicide, meets girl of his dreams who happens to be able to see the future. Together combined with an agent Tender becomes a messiah like figure. Tender soon finds out that it is his brother who has killed off the remaining members and now wants to kill Tender. Craziness ensues. People are killed, Kristen Bell is hot, they end up at a landfill for porn, Fertility gives Tender the score to the Superbowl, at halftime he tell the crowd at that very superbowl, riots, they suspect Tender for murder, he escapes, hijacks a plan, in between more then one main character dies, Al Pacino makes an appearance.

Survivor = Palme D'Or

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The Winner Will Recieve A Movie Contract (fictitious of course) with Fox Spotlight. Please Read All Movies Before You Vote and Let The Best Film Win!

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