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Shane P. Hallam
05-22-2008, 11:14 AM
Please vote on the team who would win a football game.


All football penalties apply (PI, Offsides, Late Hit, etc,) except holding

Head Coaches cannot go on the field or throw/affect the field of play physically

One-Above-All, Bob Saget, Chuck Norris, Ryan Leaf, Jordy Nelson

Team 5

HC: Puppet Master w/Puppets
Powers: Has radioactive clay he molds as people. He can use these puppets to control actual people’s movements, emotions, etc. Let’s just say we’ll be having a whole puppet collection of the other team on the sidelines.[/u]

Offensive Scheme: Wildcat Formation (think Arkansas w/Dmac and Felix)

QB: Thor w/Mystical Hammer
Powers: Flight, Super Strength, Weather Manipulation, Super Stamina, Super Reflexes, Super Durability, Hammer that doubles his strength

RB: Invisible Man/Human Torch
Powers:Invisibility, ability to create an invisible force field (shield) around himself and others. Invisible power blasts

RB: Kitty Pryde
Powers: Intangibility (Can phase self and others/objects through other people and other objects. Cannot be touched while performing this)

WR: Super Skrull
Powers:Invisibility, Flight at speed of sound, heat manipulation (a la Human Torch), Super Strength, super durability, super reflexes, Elasticity (a la Mr. Fantastic), All Fantastic Fours Powers

WR: Exodus
Powers:Teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis (can lift objects and people and move them,) Steals energy from others

WR: Kid Omega
Powers:Omega Level telepathy, telekinesis, genius intellect, flight via telekinesis[/u]

LT: Apocalypse
Powers:Self-Manipulation (can turn parts of body into anything), Super Strength, Super speed, Super Agility, Super Endurance, Teleportation, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Healing factor of self and others, Genius Intellect, Can grow to enormous height

LG: Fin Fang Foom
Powers: Super Strength, Super durability, Acid breath, Shape-Shifting, Telepathy, Flight, Martial Artist, Dragon

C: Mister Hyde
Powers: Super Strength, Physical Resistance, Genius Intellect, Super Endurance

RG: General Zod
Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Stamina, Regeneration, Genuis Intellect, Flight, Heat Vision, Same powers as Superman

RT: She Hulk
Powers:Super Strength, Super Speed, Supr Agility, Super Stamina, Super Durability, Regeneration

Defensive Scheme: Blitzburg 3-4 (Think old Steelers)

DE: Sandman
Powers:Body made of organic sand, Shape-Shifting, Super Strength, Super Endurance, Flight in sandstorm, Earth Manipulation

NT: Blob
Powers:Completely unmovable, Resilience (when touched, people get stuck in his skin), Super Strength, Super Endurance, Super Durability, Personal gravity field

DE: Darkseid
Powers:Omega Effect (energy blast from eyes that incinerates others), Super Strength, Super Stamina, Super Durability, Genius Intellect, Immortality

OLB: Sabertooth
Powers:Regenerative Healing, Super Reflexes, Super Senses, Super Strength, Resistance to telepathy, Retractable claws, Fangs,

ILB: Colossus
Powers:Steel body, Super Strength, Super Stamina, Super Durability

ILB: Cyclops
Powers:Optic Energy Beams

OLB: Lady Deathstrike
Powers:Adamantium claws, Adamantium skeleton, Accelerated Healing, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Reflexes, Super Agility

CB: Iceman
Powers:Omega Level cold and ice manipulation, Thermal Vision

FS: Mr. Fantastic
Powers: Elasticity, Super Intelligence, Super Durability

SS: Green Goblin w/Pumpkin Bombs
Powers:Super Strength, Regenerative Healing, Super Intellect, Super Stamina, Super Reflexes Super Agility, Super Durability,

CB: Bizarro
Powers:Opposite of Supermans, Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Durability, Super reflexes, Freeze Vision, Heat Breath, Vacuum Breath, X-Ray Hearing

K: Firelord
Powers:Speed of Light, Power Cosmic use, Super Strength, Super reflexes, Energy Projection,


Offensive Gameplan:

Though this team has some good players, a lot are out of position and can be exploited. There is no one on the defense who will be able to track or essentially stop Invisible Man when he makes himself and the ball Invisible. Likewise, Kitty Pryde can run straight through people with little problem. Running will be my main gameplan here. In terms of a passing game, I still think it can be successful. Once again, this team doesn’t have too many flyers. Only Firestorm and Iron Man really. Therefore, my Wrs in Super Skrull, Exodus and Kid Omerga can just fly over these defenders and catch passes from a flying Thor! Add in Kid Omega using his mind to shut down a defender every play, and you have the makings of an offensive Massacre.

Defensive Gameplan:

I think I can shut down his running game and force the pass. I have Cyclops to Optic blast Leech every play and send him far away from the play. HellBoy has to get through my beast 3-4 D-Line in Blob, Darkseid, and Sandman. Will he really be able to run through these guys? And even going around, he has Colossus and Sabertooth to deal with. Passing wise, though Deadpool has reflexes, my edge rushers in Sabertooth and Deathstrike will be blitzing and forcing the pass. To attack his Wrs, I’ll really be using my safeties to defend the pass. Mr. Fantastic will be watching the long pass. Bizarro will cover Silver Surfer to have nice Marvel/DC match-up, and Iceman should be able to use his Omega Level Mutant powers to work on Vulcan. As always, Green Goblin will be roaming. As a whole, I can shut down his run, and make him one dimensional, winning this game.

Special Team:

I’m not sure how Radioactive Man does at kicker, so I’m not too worried there. Super Skrull returning along with flight at the speed of sound along with Invisible Man to be invisible is looking good to me.

Team 7

Offense: Run & Gun

QB: Deadpool

Abilities- Superhuman healing factor, can re-grow limbs and organs, is immortal, superhuman speed, strength, agility, and reflexes, immune to the effects of psychics, incredible accuracy, master assassin, weapons expert, speaks several languages, has teleportation abilities

RB: Hellboy

Abilities- Superhuman speed, strength, healing, and anti-aging. Is arguably immortal, as he is a devil. Has the right hand of Doom, perfect for stiff arms and blocking purposes. Uses his large pistol, The good Samaritan, on a regular basis.

FB: Leech

Abilities- Leech has the ability to dampen and/or negate the powers of any mutants within a ten yard radius. It is unknown what effect his powers have on non-mutant superheroes.

WR: Silver Surfer

Abilities- Silver Surfer can absorb and manipulate the ambient cosmic energies of the universe. There is practically no limit to his strength, possess nanosecond reflexes, and is virtually indestructible. He can soar through the universe at multiples of light speeds on surfboard, which also allows him to warp through time. He is capable of firing energy blasts and can manipulate energy constructs. Along with his powers, Surfer has the power to heal living beings although he cant raise the dead. The power to speed the evolution of organic life. His senses allow him to detect objects and energies lightyears away. Superbeings that make contact with the Surfer can also have their powers altered when making contact with other super-beings. Along with the power cosmic, the Silver Surfer can virtually do anything he wants with it.

WR: Vulcan

Abilities- Has superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes. He is an Omega Level Mutant. He can manipulate energy and absorb the energy and powers of others. His psionic powers even allow him to control the powers of others. Vulcan has a "hidden potential" which allows him to fully generate and have control over the 7 elements (fire, earth, electricity, wind, water, darkness, and light). Due to ability it can be argued that Vulcan is a match for other god-like heroes or villains such as Silver surfer or Onslaught.

Slot: Agent Zero

Abilities- Superhuman speed and reflexes, along with agility. Absorbs kinetic energy upon impact, nullifying any damage it might do to his body. He absorbs kinetic energy and stores it, later converting it to concussive blasts and using it to increase his strength. Has superhuman healing abilities similar to Deadpool and Wolverine. Is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Weapons expert.

LT: Cable

Abilities- Cable has immense psionic powers, both telepathic and telekinetic. Cable can move fast enough to dodge bullets in-flight. Cable has several cybernetic enhancements on the left side of his body. His technorganic arm gives him super strength. Cable is a superb strategist and warrior having trained and fought in both the 20th and 40th centuries. He also possesses the Cone of Silence which gives him a gravimetric sheeth, acting very similar to Invisible Woman's force-fields. Once levitated an entire Island.

LG: Luke Cage

Abilities- Luke Cage wields considerable super-human strength, endurance, stamina, and healing abilities. Cage's skin is resistant to the damages of bullet and puncture wounds, extreme temperatures, and most types of acids.

C: Blackheart

Abilities- Blackheart possesses vast supernatural powers including godlike strength, speed, and senses, energy (including mystical) and matter manipulation, invisibility, intangibility, shape shifting, mental powers such as illusion casting or telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, traveling to other dimensions, healing, and elemental/reality warping powers.

RG: Grey Gargoyle

Abilities- Has the ability to turn others into stone, completely neutralizing others on the football field. Is made from stone and is impervious to almost all damage. Has superhuman strength.

RT: Doctor Octopus

Abilities- He can see through the ends of his tentacles. Tentacles can strike at speeds of up to 90 feet per second. He can perform two complex and two simple independent actions, simultaneously, one with each arm. He is extremely intelligent.

Defense: 46 Base

DE: Mephisto

Abilities- Mephistopheles is an immensely powerful demon. He possesses great intelligence which is how he can manipulate and deceive others easily. He has demonstrated projection of mystical energy, erecting mystical shields, becoming invisible or intangible, casting illusions, summoning supernatural creatures, teleportation, changing size, and shape-shifting. His true form is unknown. He is completely indestructible by most attacks, and is immune to disease. He doesn't need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep. He also can possess mortals and cast spells of unknown power. He literally can do anything that a human can comprehend and more.

DT: Ultron

Abilities- Ultron's outer shell is usually composed of Adamantium, rendering it almost totally impervious to damage. He has the Encephalo-ray: which plunges its victims into a deathlike coma also allows Ultron to mesmerize and outright mind-control his victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time. He has superhuman strength and can lift up to 100 tons. He is super intelligent. Has concussion blasters, radiation emitters and a tractor beam.

DT: Rhino

Abilities- As a result of being bonded to a powerful polymer suit, as well as being innately powerful, the Rhino possesses tremendous physical strength. He also has heightened levels of speed, stamina, and a high degree of resistance to physical injury. The Rhino's costume renders him highly resistant to conventional injury, withstanding high caliber bullets, temperature extremes, and great impacts without injury.

DE: Venom

Abilites- The symbiote increases all physical attributes of its host, such as strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability and healing and brings them all to superhuman levels. It also affords special abilities that come solely from itself, including camouflage (and limited invisibility), shape shifting and slight mental abilities that let the symbiote and the host share memories and knowledge, as well as mimic (and block) Spider-Man's Spider Sense. It can mimic Spider-Man's web-shooting abilities using materials created inside its own body.

WLB: Moon Knight

Abilities- He is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. Moon Knight has enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. Moon Knight can become invisible. Has a strong healing factor.

MLB: Black Bolt

Abilities- He possesses super-human strength, speed, agility, and durability, and he is capable of flight using glider-membranes built into his specially-designed uniform. He is also able to manipulate matter and various forms of energy. Black Bolt's trademark scream is the result of a reaction that occurs when he makes noise. When he speaks (or makes any verbal sound) the speech center of his brain generates particles that affect electrons anywhere near Black Bolt. He can control the way the electrons are affected in order to produce various effects, including energy manipulation, matter manipulation and transmutation, enhancements of his physical attributes, and, of course, his "sonic" scream, which is so insanely powerful that only a whisper can shatter mountains. Due to many years of intense meditation, the Black Bolt can concentrate his kinetic energy into what is called his "Master Blow." It is when he concentrates all his energy into his fist for one punch.

SLB: Daredevil

Abilities- Has superhuman speed, strength, and particularly reflexes. Has acute control over his body. Has mastered his remaining senses. Has developed basic kinaesthesia and radar sense. Excellent hand to hand combatant. Tough as nails.

CB: Spider-Man

Abilities- Has spider sense, which allows him to predict upcoming events through a tingling in his body, letting him know when danger is upcoming. His spider sense can also be used like Daredevil’s radar sense. Has wall crawling ability. Has superhuman strength proportionate to that of a spider. Has superhuman speed, agility, and reflexes. Can dodge bullets in mid flight. Has webbing ability, strong enough to hold heroes such as Iron Man in place. Is of genius level intellect on the same level as Reed Richards. His spider-sense alone is like a close combat expert provided with Spider-man's reflexes and split second quickness. His spider-sense tells peter when and how to move and counter adaptively to even the best fighter's moves.

CB: Firestorm

Abilities- The ability to transmute inorganic matter. Any attempts to do so for organic matter can be lethal. Superhuman speed in flight. He can move at speeds of up to 600 mph.Can shoot powerful nuclear blasts.Can absorb electromagnetic and kinetic energy into his body without hurting himself.Possesses molecular vision, allowing him to see the make-up of atoms and molecules.Can see the ultraviolet spectrum.Possesses telescopic and microscopic vision.Possesses superhuman strength.Can phase through solid objects and energy. Possesses superhuman reflexes and agility. Heals almost instantly. Can see into both the past and future.

FS: Blade

Abilites- Is immortal. Is immune to vampire bites, and is capable of biting and turning others into vampires. Has healing ability. Has night vision. Upon biting, victim is paralyzed until they have completely turned. Has superhuman speed, agility, stamina and strength. He has mastered all weapons and forms of martial art. Is tough.

SS: Iron Man

Abilities- Iron Man's abilities are constantly changing because of his constant technological upgrades on the armors. In general terms, he has super strength due to the build of his armor. The exact amount of strength is unknown, but it seems that he can lift and press nearly 80 tons at maximum. The armor is very durable, capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment. The armor also enables Iron Man to fly at high speeds. The most often used weapons are the repulsor rays that are fired from Iron Man's palms or gauntlets. Other weapons that are built into the armor include the unibeam projector in its chest, pulse bolts that pick up kinetic energy along the way, so that they hit harder the further they have to travel, an electromagnetic pulse generator and energy shield, the generation of ultra-freons, the creating and manipulating of magnetic fields, sonic blasts, and a holographic generator to create decoys. Tony stark is effectively a genius, able to constantly create new and improved technologies and make upgrade after upgrade to his suit of cybernetic armor. Iron Man is able to harness his intelligence and ingenuity in order to allow him to defeat more powerful foes and escape their dangerous traps and machinations. Stark is also a powerful leader, able to command the loyalty and respect of others. Stark has been expertly trained by Captain America in hand-to-hand combat, making him a formidable opponent even without the power suit.


HC: Nick Fury

Abilities- Nick Fury is one of the best strategists of the Marvel Universe. He is a skilled tactician and an experienced leader. His position has also made him one of the most powerful men in the world in terms of his connections. He has taken the Infinity Formula, giving him enhanced longevity and slowing the aging process so that despite his old age his body is that of a much younger man.

K: Radioactive Man

Abilities- The Radioactive Man can control radiation along the entire spectrum, and can emit potentially lethal amounts in concentrated blasts or across a wide area. He can also convert Radiation into physical strength which has helped him fight Namor , and he can also make force-fields strong enough to withstand a blow from Mjolnir Thor's hammer. He is also very intelligent and a brilliant scientist. He possesses superhuman strength.


Position-By-Position Breakdown


Deadpool offers many skills and abilities that make him unique to the QB position. His superhuman speed and near unrivalled agility make him an exceptional dual threat. His teleportation device also allows him unique escape skills, quickly teleporting him away from any would be tacklers. His incredible accuracy with any sort of projectile means he will rarely incomplete a pass. His incredible reflexes also help in avoiding would be tacklers, and in assisting him in completing passes. He has an incredibly regenerative body, able to re-grow limbs and organs. Essentially, he can never be injured, providing stability at the most important position in football. He is immune to the effects of psychics, and with so many of them on the field reading minds, it helps to keep our plays confidential. He is a weapons expert, and therefore can shoot, impale or stab anyone who tries to tackle him as well.

RB- Hellboy

Along with his superhuman speed, strength, and regenerative abilities, Hellboy possesses the right hand of Doom, which would provide him with an awesome stiff arm when running with the ball. He’s big, fast, and most importantly mean. Impossible to injure for long periods of time. He also uses a giant pistol which could be used to ward off tacklers.

FB- Leech

Leech has the ability to neutralize the powers of any mutant within a ten yard radius. Although this will affect some of our players, it will have a much bigger effect on other teams, as many of our characters are non-mutants or rely on mechanical or other devices for their abilities. Leech will turn powerful mutants such as Magneto (our main worry) into helpless humans to be mauled by the likes of Luke Cage.

WR- Silver Surfer

What can I say? He is arguably the most powerful superhero in the world. He moves at light speed, is invulnerable, and can alter time and reality itself. He will be unstoppable on slants and deep routes. He can snipe powerful safeties like Jean Grey from afar with his energy blasts, preventing them from using the psychic techniques. He is literally unstoppable by any regular superhero, and only cosmic entities such as Galactus can truly even begin to stop him.

WR- Vulcan

One of the most powerful mutants in Marvel, he can do basically everything. He is super fast, strong, agile, and can fly. He can absorbs any sort of energy thrown at him, be it elemental, kinetic or otherwise. He can control others with his psionic ability, negating their powers and turning them into regular humans. He can basically do anything he wants on the field, and will be a terror for anyone but a god to try and defend.

WR- Spider-Woman

This pick used to be agent zero, but now it’s Spider woman, who possesses superhuman speed, strength, reflexes and agility. She can hold her own with these guys anyday by shooting bio-electric webs that stun and can even kill her opponents. Therefore, whoever is covering her will not be in good condition by the time she is done. She can also secrete pheromones, causing many of the men on the field to become infatuated with her. She can also fly.


Cable is an extremely powerful mutant/cyborg, capable of levitating entire islands. He can create force fields to protect the QB blindside while mauling people with his cybernetic arm, which is capable of lifting extreme amounts of weight. He is also a master weapons expert and tactician, allowing him to understand the game and the protection schemes. He can shoot anyone who attempts to bypass him as well, as weapons are allowed on the field. He can move fast enough to dodge in flight bullets, so his feet are more than fast enough to handle speed rushers.

LG- Luke Cage
Superhumanly big, strong, fast, and durable, Luke Cage is a straight mauler who is capable of moving practically anyone inside. I also expect him to get to second level and distract guys like Magneto and Joseph. He is impossible to damage externally, as his skin is harder then diamonds.


Marvel’s version of the son of the devil, Blackheart is tremendously strong and is capable of just about anything he sets his mind too. He’s large, super strong, has teleportation abilities allowing him to teleport anywhere on the field to continue blocking, again stopping guys like Magneto and Joseph from manipulating my metal based characters. He’s also very fast and agile, can become invisible, and is a powerful psychic.

RG- Grey Gargoyle

Grey Gargoyle is super strong, and also super durable as he is made from stone. Most notably, he possesses the ability to turn anyone he touches into stone, negating certain players like The Blob and any other interior DT he faces. Also, he can get to 2nd level and neutralize any LB’s he can get his hands on.

RT- Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock has 8 arms, 4 of which are super fast and super strong, allowing him to be that big, mauler RT that I want for my run game. He can move DE’s and will be great in pass pro. A perfect RT.


Mephisto is extremely powerful, capable of just about anything a human mind can imagine. He is infinitely strong, fast, can teleport, is incredibly intelligent, and also happens to be Marvel’s version of the devil, capable of possessing people and even re-writing history and altering reality. A terror off the edge, he is literally unstoppable by anyone except the Living Tribunal, who just happens to be sitting on the sideline in this league.

DE- Venom

Venom was picked up on waivers from Renji, and I believe he will make a very good DE. He’s very big, capable of altering his size, strong, fast, and most importantly he is tough as nails. His webbing ability can be used to root a tackle in place, then blow by him in the pass rush and run game. He won’t be as explosive as Mephisto, but he will be excellent against the run and pass equally.

DT- Rhino

Very strong, capable of lifting tens of tons, and superhumanly fast, Rhino is the superhero version of Warren Sapp. A firecracker on the inside, he can penetrate in the run game and hold his own on the interior in the passing game. Not a 2 gap plugger, but more of a slicer who can get in and cause havoc in the backfield.


He is big, super smart, and capable of lifting and moving 100 tons with ease. He has numerous weapons at his disposal, all of which will assist in moving and holding his ground on the inside. Is made from adamantanium, and is therefore unbreakable.

SLB- Moon Knight

He is the epitome of a good LB: strong, fast, smart, and most of all mean as hell. One of the few superheroes not afraid to finish off his enemies, Moon Knight is obviously stronger at night, however he does still have powers during the day, which include superhuman speed, strength, agility and reflexes. He is a great run stuffing LB who can also provide some coverage skills.

MLB- Black Bolt

The crown jewel of the D, Black Bolt is insanely powerful, possessing just about every superpower he would need to succeed here. He is superhumanly fast, strong, intelligent, and agile. Has excellent instincts and durability. He can manipulate energy in its atomic form. He also has an incredibly powerful voice, with even a whisper capable of levelling an entire mountain. He can focus this energy into what is called the “Master Blow”, capable of incapacitating almost anyone in the comic book universe. He is the perfect MLB, lets just hope he doesn’t grunt when he tackles or its bye bye stadium.


Warrior. The ample word to describe daredevil, he is incredibly agile and offers excellent coverage and blitzing skills. His radar sense borders on precognition and allows him to diagnose and react almost instantly to any situation. He can run, tackle, and cover amazing, and will make a great LB


He can web people to the ground. He can web swing around. He can blind people with web. He is fast, strong, and insanely agile. He is the perfect hero CB. He can intercept any pass thrown. Need I say more? He has the cocky attitude and the popularity factor as well. Is of genius level intellect, capable of diagnosing and understanding coverages and defences.

CB- Firestorm

His powers are listed above, but he was voted as the 9th most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. Another guy who can basically do whatever he wants, and also fly at speeds of up to 600 mph. I think its safe to say he isn’t getting burned deep.


Blade has everything you look for in a FS...fast, agile, and mean. Can hit hard, is a weapons master, and is excellent in coverage. Can also bite and turn others into vampires, temporarily paralyzing them.

SS-Iron Man

Iron Man is a perfect SS. He is constantly upgrading and changing his armour, thus making him invaluable and impossible for other teams to gameplan on. Is a genius, capable of organizing complex defensive schemes. Will read and react to offences almost instantly, as his online computer will be able to analyze all the data and give him the odds of almost every situation, although its likely he already knew it.

Specifics For Team 5
A dominant oline, an explosive QB and a star WR will all help our offense dominate, with our amazing secondary completely shutting down any and all passing attempts by him and his receivers.

Shane P. Hallam
05-22-2008, 11:21 AM
I'm going to vote for Team 5. Team 7's gameplan doesn't suffice for me as they don't provide any specifics on stopping Invisible Man and other key players on Team 5.

Gay Ork Wang
05-22-2008, 12:04 PM
There is no gameplan at all against Team 5 so i have to go with Team 5

A Perfect Score
05-22-2008, 12:47 PM
team 7 is by far a superior team, as far as talent is concerned...they have copious amounts of it, starting with the amazing trifecta of Deadpool, Silver Surfer and Hellboy...team 5's defense jstu cant handle that type of speed

Shane P. Hallam
05-23-2008, 01:22 PM
Bizzump. Need voters!