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Rob S
07-20-2008, 03:41 PM

PG-Chris Paul--Mo Williams--Rip Hamilton
SG-Rip Hamilton--Ray Allen--Mo Williams
SF-Andre Igoudala--Richard Jefferson--Al Harrington
PF-Carlos Boozer--Al Harrington--Jermaine O'Neal
C-Pau Gasol--Jermaine O'Neal--Carlos Boozer

I think that my team provides some of the best balance and chemistry in the draft. First off, Chris Paul is the best player at the most important position in basketball. He can do it all at PG. He can play a half court, he can push it, he can penetrate, and he plays awesome D....he has it all. Having Mo Williams come off the bench is big. Since Paul is more of a traditional point, having a slasher like Mo off the bench is great. He has been so underrated these past 2 years. I opted to start Rip over Allen because Allen doesnt need to start to be effective. He has the sweetest stroke in the NBA and With Paul penetrating and dishing to Allen beyond the arc.....it death for opponents. Rip get the nod bc he can shoot himself, but mainly because of his D and his ability to wear players down. Rip has constant energy, like Kobe, and just drains whoever he guards. Iggy is again a great defender (notice a theme: my perimeter D is money). Iggy is also a great offensive player and can get to the rim sooo easily. He provides the sheer athleticism that maybe my starters are lacing. Off the bench Richard Jefferson is mainly a scorer (he and Mo Williams would be a terror driving), but he plays underrated D. I watch a lot of the Nets and he was their best perimeter D man till he got injured. Boozer is a dynamo on the offensive end. He can score with any PF in the league besides Amare. He also is an elite rebounder. His defense is only a little above average, but he is tough down there. I took Al Harrington in case I want to start running. A lineup of Mo Williams, Rip, Iggy, All Harrington and Boozer could be great in a fast break offense. He lacks defense too, this is really my one somewhat weak position defensively. However, at C I have the most underrated defensive player in the NBA in Jermaine O'Neal. He should have won the D-Man of the year award 2 years ago....he is great. Now having him off the bench is key because he is an awesome compliment to my starter, Pau Gasol. Gasol is not tough and he does play a euro style. But is one of the most technically gifted big men in the league. Very few players can put up numbers as good as Pau's. He is also a good passer who can again, get that ball to Allen and Rip who are deadly.


PG- Andre Miller / Jose Calderon
SG- Allen Iverson / Stephen Jackson
SF- Caron Butler / Rashard Lewis
PF- Chris Bosh / Jason Maxiell
C- Yao Ming / Mehmet Okur

Rob S
07-22-2008, 09:37 AM
Rob wins...