View Full Version : NBA Fantasy Draft Round 1: #4 Yo123 vs #5 D-Unit

Rob S
07-20-2008, 03:45 PM
PG- Chauncey Billups, Leandro Barbosa
SG- Kobe Bryant, Manu Ginobili
SF- Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest
PF- David West, Lamar Odom
C- Andrew Bynum, Brad Miller


PG Jason Kidd | Rajon Rondo | Gilbert Arenas
SG Gilbert Arenas | Tracy McGrady | Ben Gordon
SF Tracy McGrady | Tayshaun Prince | Kevin Garnett
PF Kevin Garnett | Al Horford | Rasheed Wallace
C Rasheed Wallace | Andris Biedrins | Al Horford

Star Power. Offense. Defense. Versatility. Perfect blend of guys who need the ball to be effective (Arenas, McGrady, Gordon) and guys who don't need the ball to be effective (Garnett, Wallace, Prince, Biedrins, Horford). Perfect blend of age. Covered at all positions so that old age or young age isn't a problem. Team of players with championship experience (Garnett, Wallace, Prince, Rondo) and players who are desperately hungry for a championship (Kidd, McGrady, Arenas). WIN NOW is a definite priority and they've got the hunger and experience to get it done. Team chemistry is not a problem as Wallace and Prince are teammates as is Garnett and Rondo. Straight off the bat, there is no apparent problems. Then consider Arenas, T-Mac and Garnett all share the same Adidas sponsorship and spend a lot of time off the court together, it's a thing of beauty. Team is built to play the half court game and can match up with small or big line ups. Also have the athleticism and ability to play fast break ball too. Bench play is strong with guys who don't have selfish attitude problems and are effective off the bench. Gordon as 6th man of the year is a prime example. This team also has that X factor. The leaders of the team have that swagger (KG, Sheed, Arenas) that gives them the confidence to win tough games. They are tough mentally and supreme athletically. There is no weakness that I can point out. This team cannot be beat in a series.

Rob S
07-22-2008, 09:36 AM
D wins.......