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Rob S
07-22-2008, 10:00 AM

PG-Chris Paul--Mo Williams--Rip Hamilton
SG-Rip Hamilton--Ray Allen--Mo Williams
SF-Andre Igoudala--Richard Jefferson--Al Harrington
PF-Carlos Boozer--Al Harrington--Jermaine O'Neal
C-Pau Gasol--Jermaine O'Neal--Carlos Boozer

I think that my team provides some of the best balance and chemistry in the draft. First off, Chris Paul is the best player at the most important position in basketball. He can do it all at PG. He can play a half court, he can push it, he can penetrate, and he plays awesome D....he has it all. Having Mo Williams come off the bench is big. Since Paul is more of a traditional point, having a slasher like Mo off the bench is great. He has been so underrated these past 2 years. I opted to start Rip over Allen because Allen doesnt need to start to be effective. He has the sweetest stroke in the NBA and With Paul penetrating and dishing to Allen beyond the arc.....it death for opponents. Rip get the nod bc he can shoot himself, but mainly because of his D and his ability to wear players down. Rip has constant energy, like Kobe, and just drains whoever he guards. Iggy is again a great defender (notice a theme: my perimeter D is money). Iggy is also a great offensive player and can get to the rim sooo easily. He provides the sheer athleticism that maybe my starters are lacing. Off the bench Richard Jefferson is mainly a scorer (he and Mo Williams would be a terror driving), but he plays underrated D. I watch a lot of the Nets and he was their best perimeter D man till he got injured. Boozer is a dynamo on the offensive end. He can score with any PF in the league besides Amare. He also is an elite rebounder. His defense is only a little above average, but he is tough down there. I took Al Harrington in case I want to start running. A lineup of Mo Williams, Rip, Iggy, All Harrington and Boozer could be great in a fast break offense. He lacks defense too, this is really my one somewhat weak position defensively. However, at C I have the most underrated defensive player in the NBA in Jermaine O'Neal. He should have won the D-Man of the year award 2 years ago....he is great. Now having him off the bench is key because he is an awesome compliment to my starter, Pau Gasol. Gasol is not tough and he does play a euro style. But is one of the most technically gifted big men in the league. Very few players can put up numbers as good as Pau's. He is also a good passer who can again, get that ball to Allen and Rip who are deadly.

As far as a matchup with BrownsTown I think my team comes out on top for 2 major reasons, depth and defense. Steve Nash is a great player no doubt, but has anyone else noticed that when he goes up against another elite PG he always loses? He cant win individual PG matchups. Chris Paul would absolutely abuse him because Nash's defense is severely lacking. Chris Paul on the other hand is a lock down D-man and would negate Nash's offense (as much as possible). This to me is the only positon in our matchup where one player has the ability to flat out dominate another, as Paul can defend Nash as well as anyone and he can wrech him on the other end of the floor. At backup PG, BT has a rook. Nuff said imo. If u watched summer league u know its going to take a while for Rose to get used to the league. Since this is a current draft....I dont necessarily think He should have been taken. I have the proven Mo Williams who has been terribly underrated and is a great slashing scorer (good compliment to Paul). At SG I think its pretty even. BT is more athletic, but I have the better shooters overall (2 great shooter as opposed to one). I think shooters work well with my team and Paul and I like the fit of Rudy with his team. Peja is a good shooter off the bench too for him. But again, I play the better D. Allen and Peja both stink. But, altho Rudy is an athletic beast, he doesnt know the ins and outs of defense yet. Rip is a proven, great D-man in the league and will wear out the younger Rudy over the game because nobody besides Kobe has cardio like Rip. At SF, BT wins. It would be ignorant for me not to say so. However, I feel I do a great job negating the impact of Lebron with Iggy. He is a very good, athletic, strong defender, just the type to lessen LeBon's impact. And thats all I can ask fo....to lessen his impact. As far as backups, Jefferson is a good scorer and can play respectable D. Beasley...well I love him but we dont know yet. I do know that he is probably going to be a PF tho....so he is out of position imo. Dont think he has the range.....but he should be a good scorer at least for BT. Comparable to Jefferson (only bc it is his rookie year tho, Beasley is talented as hell). At PF, Al Jefferson is a great talent and he would score on Boozer or anyone else, but his defense is flat out abysmal, and Boozer would flat out own him on the glass and on the offensive end. Jefferson will score (u cant stop him), but at least Boozer will try....Boozer will also score, but Al wont try and stop him (and if he shifts Okafor, Pau owns Jefferson at C). It doesnt matter where Jefferson plays.....he consistently gets wrecked on D. At backup, I give the advantage to BT. Even tho Aldridge is unproven...he is a better player than Harrington. I took Harrington mainly so I could run....thats about it. If I need defense, I can put Jermaine O'Neal at PF and lock down anyone. At C, Pau is a better offensive player, while Okafor is a better defender. However I think overall, the guy with the bigger superstar potential and impact on the game is Pau. It depends on how u want to play tho. For me, Pau's finesse is a great compliment to Boozer's banging inside game. While Pau is weak on D, I can bring one of the best defenders in the league in Jermaine O'neal off the bench. While Big Z isnt a terrible backup for BT, O'Neal beats him in every category. Offense, Defense, and athleticism.


PG: Steve Nash/Derrick Rose
SG: Rudy Cool/Peja Stojakavic
SF: LeBron James/Michael Beasley
PF: Al Jefferson/LeMarcus Aldridge
C: Emeka Okafor/Zydrunas Ilgauskas

The team centers around two players, LeBron James and Steve Nash. Both work wonders with the ball in their hands, but what people don't realize is both can work wonders off the ball. LeBron moves quickly, and is unstoppable going towards the basket (think of a 6'9 250 truck of a man coming towards you off a pick, unstoppable.) Nash is the best 3 point shooter in the league.

The assists generated by those two are great with regular players, think if they were playing with 20 ppg players such as Rudy *** and Al Jefferson? *** can shoot, can get to the basket with ease, and can dunk with the best of them. Jefferson has some of the best post moves in the game. Okafor at around 14 ppg is no slouch.

On defense, *** has amazing athletecism and quickness that he puts to work when defending. He can defend the best perimeter scorer on the team regardless of position. Okafor can lock down the post and let Jefferson roam, where he succeeds the most.

Players have their roles on the bench. While trying to keep one of LeBron or Nash in at all times, there's Derrick Rose for perimeter defense and to help run the team off the bench, there's Peja Stojakavic for 3 pt shooting, Michael Beasley has 20ppg potential off the bench as well as great rebounding skills to match, LeMarcus Aldridge and Z both have freak wingspans to block shots, play strong defense and can both post up and step out to shoot the mid range J.

Overall I like how my team is built so no 1 man has to shoulder the burden of carrying the team, and I think they would mesh together well.

Rob S
07-22-2008, 10:03 AM
forgot the poll, write in ur vote and an explanation if u want.

07-22-2008, 10:07 AM
forgot the poll, write in ur vote and an explanation if u want.

You can add a poll, go to thread tools.

Rob S
07-22-2008, 10:19 AM
thanks roy

Rob S
07-22-2008, 04:59 PM
vote please

07-22-2008, 05:13 PM
I really didn't want to vote because I feel that both teams are equal. I just gotta give the edge to BT because of Lebron.

07-22-2008, 06:21 PM
BT's team is far better.

Rob S
07-22-2008, 07:07 PM
BT's team is far better.

sarcasm? gave me a "pity" vote? what?

07-22-2008, 08:23 PM
sarcasm? gave me a "pity" vote? what?
I voted on you by mistake. Sorry Rob. I like you bud, but his team is better than yours.

Rob S
07-23-2008, 09:24 AM
voteeeee.....i will stop this at 1st to 10

07-23-2008, 12:23 PM
voteeeee.....i will stop this at 1st to 10
Thought you said this was based off comments, not votes?:confused:

Rob S
07-23-2008, 03:15 PM
Thought you said this was based off comments, not votes?:confused:

well.....i originally forgot to add the poll and didnt know I could still add one. I still want people to comment,but we wouldnt get enough votes that way considering most people are lazyyyy.

07-23-2008, 03:27 PM
I voted for BT. Two reasons...

1) Scorers to compliment LeBron and Nash
2) Al Jefferson is a monster.

Rob S
07-23-2008, 05:13 PM
BT wins....