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07-27-2008, 05:50 PM
Yeah, I forgot to do this when I went on my semi-retirement, but anyways, here goes.

This is the final round of the high school prospects draft. Please vote for the team you wish would win the game, based on the whole roster and not just one player.


QB- Aaron Murray, Tampa (FL) Plant HS (Georgia) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
RB- Bryce Brown, Wichita (KS), Wichita East HS (Miami) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
WR- Reuben Randle, WR, Bastrop (LA), Bastrop HS http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
WR- Keenan Davis, Cedar Rapids (IA) Washington HS http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
WR- Bryce McNeal, Minneapolis (MN) Breck (Michigan) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
TE- Orson Charles, Tampa (FL) Plant HS (Georgia) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
OT- Xavier Su'a Filo, Provo (UT) Timpview HS http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
OT- Kevin Graf, Agoura (CA) Agoura HS (USC) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
OG- Jared Wheeler, Plantation (FL) American Heritage http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
OG- Brandon Webb, Owasso (OK) Owasso HS (Oklahoma State) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
C- Jack Mewhort, Toledo (OH) St. John's http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif

DE- Donte Moss, Jacksonville (NC) Northside HS (UNC) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
DE- Oliver Vernon, Miami (FL) American HS (Miami) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
DT- DJ Fluker, Foley (AL) Foley HS (Alabama) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
DT- Tyler Stockton, Princeton (NJ) Hun School (Notre Dame) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
LB- Jelani Jenkins, Wheaton (MD) Our Lady Of Good Counsel HS http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
LB- Justin Dixon, Smithfield (NC) Smithfield Selma (North Carolina) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
LB- Jon Bostic, Wellington (FL) Palm Beach Central http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
CB- Marcus Davis, League City (TX) Clear Creek (Texas) http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
CB- Cliff Harris, Fresno (CA) Edison http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
S- Tevin McCaskill, Miami (FL) Northwestern HS http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif
S- Damario Jeffrey, Columbia (SC) Columbia http://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gifhttp://vmedia.rivals.com/images/database/stargold.gif

Michigan Wolverines

QB- Matt Barkley (USC) *****
HB- Edwin Baker (Michigan State) ****
WR- Marlon Brown (Undecided) *****
WR- Jheranie Boyd (Undecided) ****
TE- Morrell Presley (USC) ****
LT- Garrett Porter (Texas) ****
LG- Michael Philipp (Undecided) ****
C- Ty Howle (Penn State) ****
RG- Corey Linsley (Ohio State) ****
RT- Austin Long (Georgia) ****

Offensive strategy: The nation's clear-cut #1 player leads our pro-style offense. Edwin Baker is one of the more underrated backs in the country (even if he is an MSU commit) and averaged over 11 ypc last season. His stock is on the rise. Barkley will have his pick of elite targets to throw to. Marlon Brown is like a running back in the open field after the catch. He's big enough to outmuscle DBs and fast enough to outrun them. Jheranie Boyd is another elite wideout. The big target from North Carolina averaged over 24 yards per catch last year, and like Brown, fits well into our YAC designed offense. Morrell Presley is one of the nation's best TEs. He provides Barkley with a nice safety valve, and can also get open downfield. Our offensive line is super-athletic and can be downright dominant. Garrett Porter is ranked the #1 pass blocking OT by Rivals.com, and Michael Philipp is versatile enough to play anywhere on the line. Austin Long is a UGA commit, so you know they're already infusing him with ZOMGZ SEC SPEEEDZ!. Corey Linsley is rather underrated and is ranked as Rivals' most agile OL for this year. Ty Howle is an elite HS center.

DE- Malliciah Goodman (Clemson) ****
DT- John Simon (Ohio State) ****
DE- William Campbell (Michigan) *****
OLB- Marquis Simmons (USC) ****
MLB- Vontaze Burfict (USC) *****
OLB- Eric Fields (Clemson) ****
CB- Darius Winston (Undecided) *****
FS- Justin Turner (Michigan) ****
SS- Jamie Wood (Ohio State) ****
Nickel- T.J McDonald (USC) ****
CB- Justin Green (Ohio State) ****

Defensive strategy: With the increased use of spread offenses geared towards speed, we felt as if we needed to match that speed to have a chance at winning. That's why our scheme will maximize speed with a 3-3-5 look. Malliciah Goodman is big enough to hold down the point of attack and fast enough to get to the QB. We expect big things from him as a pass rusher. Our nose tackle is arguably the nation's finest DT. William Campbell, a monster DT from Detroit's Cass Tech, is a load. He's got surprising nimble feet, excellent quickness and the strength to simply overpower you. He can easily hold down the nose for us. John Simon of Ohio completes our DL. The Buckeye State's finest DT claims over 40 reps of 225 pounds on the bench, making him pound for pound one of the nation's strongest players. He can move too, with a reported 40 time of 4.7.

Moving onto the linebackers, Vontaze Burfict is our headliner. A big, angry, mean MLB, he's big enough to head downhill but quick enough to drop into pass coverage. He is one of the nation's most ferocious hitters. Marquis Simmons is a smaller LB type, but in a scheme that emphasizes quickness and speed like ours does, he is a great fit. Eric Fields is very similar to Simmons. Both have room to grow, but we don't want them getting too bulky and not being able to cover.

The headliners of this defense are the DBs. Coach Rich Rodriguez emphasized the need for DBs, selecting the 5 DBs in the first 15 rounds. Darius Winston can lock down any receiver in the country. At 6'0, 180 lbs, he's physical enough to go with bigger wideouts and with his 4.4 speed, he can match any quicker, smaller wideout. Opposite of him is Justin Green. The Kentucky native checks in at 180 lean pounds, and has room to grow. He is also best suited for a heavy man to man scheme, as ours is, and can stay with any receiver. T.J McDonald is our nickel back. He's big enough to make plays against the run, as he checks in at 200 pounds, and yet can use his 4.5 speed to cover receivers down field. He's ranked the #1 coverage safety by Rivals.com. Jamie Wood of Ohio is our strong safety. Wood is among the nation's elites at safety in terms of run support, yet Rivals ranks him as the #5 coverage safety. Wood is a jack of all trades who will be able to lay the lumber in the run game and rack up some interceptions in the pass game. Justin Turner rounds out the group. An elite prospect at CB or FS, we feel as if his range at FS is matched by very few. He has room to pack on some weight to his 6'3 frame, but as of right now, he can do a great job of sticking with receivers or playing the deep man in Cover 1 or half the field in Cover 2

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Sorry this doesn't have anything to do with the thread but Sniper, I missed you! Hooray hooray hooray!

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Congrats to Miami for winning!