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07-31-2008, 11:22 PM

C Johnny Bench - .267 BA, .342 OBP, 14x All-Star, 389 HR, 10 Gold Gloves, 2x NL MVP

1B Harmon Killebrew - .254 BA, .376 OBP, 573 HR, 1584 RBI, 11x All-Star, '69 MVP

2B Jackie Robinson - .311 BA, .409 OBP, 6x All-Star, '49 MVP, Broke baseball's color barrier

SS Ernie Banks - .274 BA, 512 HR, 1636 RBI, 1300 R, 2x NL MVP, 11x All-Star

3B Eddie Mathews - .271 BA, .376 OBP, 512 HR, 1453 RBI, 9x All-Star, 2x WS Champ

LF Rickey Henderson - .279 AVG, .401 OBP, 1406 SB, 2,295 R, 3,0555 Hits, 10x All-Star, 130 SB in '82, '90 MVP

CF Willie Mays - .302 BA, 660 HR, 1903 RBI, 330 SB, 12 Gold Gloves, 21x All-Star, 2x NL MVP

RF Stan Musial - .331 BA, .417 OBP, 475 HR, 1951 RBI, 159 OPS+, 24x All-Star, 3x NL MVP, Accomplished harmonica player

DH Al Kaline - .299 BA, .376 OBP, 399 HR, 3007 Hits, 1583 RBI, 15x All-Star, 10x Gold Glove

SP Sandy Koufax - 165 wins, 2.76 ERA, 2396 K, 3 Cy Youngs, '63 MVP, 2x WS MVP, Retired at 31

SP Bob Gibson - 251 wins, 2.91 ERA, 3,117 K, 17 K in WS game, 35 K during a WS, 8x All-Star, '68 MVP

SP Whitey Ford - 236 wins, 2.75 ERA, 8x All-Star, 6x WS champion

SP Gaylord Perry - 314 wins, 3.11 ERA, 3,534 K, 5x All-Star, 2x Cy Young

SP Charley Radbourn - 309 wins, 2.67 ERA, won 59 games in 1884

CL Rollie Fingers - 341 saves, 2.91 ERA, 7x All-Star, '81 Cy Young AND MVP, 3x WS Champ, Best mustache in pro sports

RP Bruce Sutter - 300 saves, 2.83 ERA, 6x All-Star, '79 Cy Young, innovated pitching by introducing the splitter

RP Randy Myers - 347 saves, 3.19 ERA, 4x All-Star, Nasty Boy

RP Rick Aguilera

BN Jeff Kent (2B) - .289 BA, .355 OBP, 373 HR, 1493 RBI, 5x All-Star, '00 MVP

BN Tony Oliva (OF)


1. LF Rickey Henderson
2. 2B Jackie Robinson
3. RF Stan Musial
4. CF Willie Mays
5. 1B Harmon Killebrew
6. SS Ernie Banks
7. C Johnny Bench
8. 3B Eddie Mathews
9. DH Al Kaline

Contact. Power. Speed. Great starting pitching. This team has it all. Led by two of the greatest hitters and two of the greatest pitchers of all time, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Sandy Koufax, and Bob Gibson lead the pack of my all time legends squad. Willie Mays is the best all-around player in the history of the game, PERIOD. And with the recent sabermetric movement in baseball, Stan Musial is now recognized as a top 5 hitter of all time.

Hitting wise, I've got unbelievable speed for my top 2 hitters. Rickey Henderson is the greatest leadoff hitter in the history of baseball. Jackie Robinson had blazing speed and got on base a ton. Stan Musial is just a straight hoss. The guy hit everything in sight. Everyone should know he and Willie's greatness. Hitting 5th is Harmon Killebrew, one of the greatest power hitters of his era. Known not only for his ability to hit homers, but the sheer raw power that he displayed. He hit absolute moon shots and also got on base a ton. Hitting 6th is Ernie Banks, who wasn't too shabby himself. Mr. Cub has over 500 home runs and is recognized as a top 2 shortstop of all time. After Banks, we have Johnny Bench, who was the best catcher of all time, and that's not really debatable. Rounding out the batting order are Eddie Mathews and Al Kaline, who aren't slouches by any means. Mathews hit over 500 homers and Kaline was extremely efficient in all aspects of the game.

As far as pitching goes, in my opinion, my top 2 are two of the most dominating pitchers in the history of baseball. Sandy Koufax from the left side was absolutely devastating when healthy during his career. Willie Mays once said Koufax tipped his pitches, and knew which one was coming, and still couldn't hit it. Bob Gibson changed the game of baseball forever when he had his monster season. They shrunk the strike zone and lowered the mound because of his dominance. 3rd in the rotation is Whitey Ford, one of the greatest playoff pitchers in the history of baseball and a proven winner. A very cerebral player. Perry and Radbourn provide stability in the back of the rotation. Perry was extremely consistent during his career and Radbourn was the definition of a workhorse, by pitching over 600 innings in a season numerous times.

For the bullpen, I went for proven legit relief pitchers. Rollie Fingers was a great value pick for me, he was one of the greatest closers of all time. Bruce Sutter revolutionized pitching by being one of the first to utilize a split fingered fastball, and he was damn good at throwing it. Myers and Ricky Ags provide both tremendous velocity and control, but also great makeup as well.



1. Ty Cobb CF
2. Joe Jackson LF
3. Albert Pujols 1B
4. Jimmie Foxx DH
5. Chipper Jones 3B
6. Tris Speaker RF
7. Mickey Cochrane C
8. Arky Vaughan SS
9. Craig Biggio 2B

SP: Walter Johnson
SP: Lefty Grove
SP: Bob Feller
SP: Juan Marichal
SP: Dizzy Dean
RP: Harry Brecheen
RP: Ed Walsh
RP: Tom Henke
CL: Mariano Rivera

BN: Willie Mcgee
BN: Johnny Mize

08-01-2008, 01:55 AM
I just love the balance in my lineup. Not to mention great defense and a dominant pitching staff.

08-01-2008, 08:14 AM
This was a tough one, but in the end, if this were real, I think St. Paul would be better able to "manufacture" runs, which works, despite that fact that I agree with Bill James that stealing bases can do more harm than good.