View Full Version : Calling Out The NFC West

08-21-2008, 05:47 PM
Doing this in the homer thread but I haven't got any NFC West people to accept yet, just for fun, something extra to do during the season

Any Cardinals opponents this year I will make a sig bet against your team, Cards win you wear the sig I make you, Cards lose I wear the sig of your choice(nothing that breaks rules of course) for the week following the game. this is just for fun looking mostly for people i know.

so far i only have 4

1. @ San Francisco
2. vs Miami
3. @ Washington
4. @ NY Jets
5. vs Buffalo
6. vs Dallas (Paul)
8. vs Carolina
7. Bye
9. @ St. Louis
10. vs San Francisco
11. @ Seattle
12. vs NY Giants (Turtlepower)
13. @ Philadelphia
14. vs St. Louis
15. vs Minnesota (Gonzo)
16. @ New England (Woot)
17. vs Seattle

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