View Full Version : Besides Rookies, who are you keeping a close eye on?

bored of education
08-22-2008, 08:24 AM
Offense: Brodie Croyle, for obvious reasons. The Chiefs season hinges upon the progression of Croyle. If he plays average-above average (in terms of overall quarterbacking) I can expect the Chiefs to win 7-10 games. If he plays below average, the Chiefs will likely win about 1-6 games. Say that latter occurs the Chiefs will be hard pressed not to draft a QB the 1st round.

Defense: Derrick Johnson, is he going ot be an elite LB? I expect big things from DJ especially with the type of focus Gunther Cunningham has been giving the LBs this preseason. DJ had a very solid season last year, but can he top it? Can he become the LEADER of this young Chiefs defense?

Who are you keeping an eye on?

08-22-2008, 09:35 AM
O: Croyle
D: Pat Thomas

08-22-2008, 12:57 PM
Offense: I'm really looking towards the entire offensive line to form a cohesive strong unit. There is a rookie on there, but the rest of the guys have some NFL experience. I'm excited to see McIntosh at RT and Wade Smith at RG. If they solidfy that right side like I think they will, our line will be a lot better than most people thought it could be.

Defense: I'm really looking for Page and Pollard to have better seasons. The Chiefs defense was 5th against the pass last year. I'm hoping they can continue to make strides in the defense and make the defensive backfield a tougher unit. I'm also really excited about the linebacking corp. With Gunther coaching them, DJ will have a pro-bowl year. He's too good not to. He does everything well. Plays the run and the pass well, can blitz, can cover downfield. He's easily one of our shining stars on defense and I look for him to become a household name this year.

edit: I know I didn't pick single players but I couldn't!

08-23-2008, 09:59 AM
D - Page and Pollard they have both flashed at times but its time for them both to show up and prove they can be full time starters in the NFL.

O - Rudy Niswanger I really feel he can be a solid starting in the NFL he has looked pretty good in pre season and I look for him to just keep getting better.

SPT - Kicker!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some one step up.