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08-31-2008, 10:23 AM
Keep track of potential draft picks throughout the college football season.

Well I indulged in a lot of football yesterday and watched some of the games that I figured I should keep an eye on for potential Eagle draft picks this upcoming draft. I watched the Penn state game at noon, so I can't report much there. PSU doesn't have too many people we could possibly be looking at and I highly doubt Coastal Carolina does as well. But I watched some other games. USC vs. Virginia had a few guys we may be looking at, so I payed close attention to Eugene Monroe form Virgina and Taylor Mays from USC. I also wathced the Illinois vs. Missouri game and kept my eyes on Chase Coffman and William Moore.

In the USC/VA game neither of the top guys we may be looking at played particularly well. Eugene Monroe had a rough game and had a few flase start penalties. He gave up at least one sack that I saw and it may have been more. He did show some good run blocking in the little bit that Virginia ran his way, and showed good pass protection at times. But he truly was at a disadvantage with all of the talent on USCs defense. He had good moments and had bad moments.

Taylor Mays was almost absent fromt he game IMO. He had only two tackels that I saw and showed that he still needs to work on getting his angles of persuit fixed when coming up to help in the run game. There were at least two plays where he let the runner reach the edge when he was diving at their ankles.

Chase Coffman was really impressive last night for Mizzou. Even if you take away his play where he hurdled the defender and broke about 4 tackles, he had a great game last night. He had 9 catches for over 120 yards and a touchdown if I remember correctly. He showed good speed against a good secondary and has great hands. There was a play where Chase Daniel threw it a tad behind him and he reached back and hauled it in with one arm for a nice gain for a first down. He was the most impressive of these guys that I am talking about.

William Moore didn't play like the best safety in the nation last night. He had some good plays, but also gave up crucial plays. He had a couple of good hits, and had a few takcles, but he gave up a touchdown pass in the endzone (albeit to someone who is much faster than him) and took a porr angle on at least one play. He had a few tackles, but I didn't see any of the ball-hawk last night.

I think form now on when I do these, I am going to watch games and take notes so they can be more accurate and I can give better info. Through all the preseason games and the games yesterday I am goiing just off of memory, so hopefully notes will be a little more accurate. I will probably do the same thing for the Eagles games this season so we can get a good breakdown of player performances.

09-01-2008, 10:44 AM
I'm keeping my eye on S Rashad Johnson (Bama) hes all SEC and he had 94 tackles and 6 ints last year.

09-02-2008, 06:29 AM
If I get the opportunity, I'll watch some games of him. Anyone who has any ideas besides the bigger named guys would be appreciated. I can't guarantee I would be able to do it, since I don't have the resources to watch every game, but I'll do what I can. One thing I will sy though, it is difficult to get a full evaluation of certain players (especially WRs and members of the secondary) just watching the game live, so those evalutaions are incomplete as I have no way to find out how they did on plays that they weren't involved in yet.

I watched the Rutgers game and kept a close eye on Kenny Britt and Courtney Greene. I'm at work now, so I won't have those finished evalutations up until tomorrow evening. Any ideas on any players the Eagles may be interested in would be good, so I can get a better idea of what is going on with these positions.

09-04-2008, 05:28 PM
Here is my evaluation from Monday's Rutgers/ Fresno state game focusing particualarly on WR Kenny Britt and SS Courtney Greene. One thing to say though, both of these positions are dificult to fully evaluate because the camera isn't always focused on their part of the field.

Britt had 6 receptions for 89 yards with a 14.8 ypc avg. Four of his catches were for first downs, but had three drops. Two of those drops are not all on him though, poor throws by Teel didn't help his cause. He was thrown to the most of any of Rutgers receivers, a total of 14 times. He had one (what I would call) star play. His first reception was a WR screen, which he turned into a 41 yard gain. He showed very good strength and good elusiveness in Mondays game. He also not only showed the willingness to block, but good form as well, and didn't let his man make the tackle. With his size, he has an advantage over almost any CB, and though he didn't have any jump ball opportunites, he certainly would win them on many occasions. Overall is very explosive for hsi size and is a good receiver after the catch. He had an average game on Monday. I tallied up his total number of positive plays (nice catches, playmaking, blocking, etc.)with the total number of negative plays (dropped balls, poor blocks[though he had none], and mental mistakes, etc) and from what I gathered, he had a total of 8 positive points (he got 2 points for his 41 yard catch) and three negative points. Once again, there are probably much more positives and negatives, but since I don't have the proper camera angles, I can only go off of what I saw. A good game from Britt, nothing special.

Greene. RU's best defnesive player had a solid game on Monday, though the LBs were playing very well and limited some of his opportunites. He had 7 tackles, 6 of which solo, 1 TFL, 1 missed tackles, 0 passes defended, 0 INTs, and gave up 0 TDs, and had no (what I would call) star plays. Had a relatively quiet game thanks to many Rutgers defensive players stepping it up, especially the LBs, but Greene was near the action on a lot of plays. Where he made most of his tackles were in the running game. If I remember correctly, 5 of his tackles were against a RB, and the other 2 were coming up in short passes. Once again, since he is a Safety, I do not have the proper camera angles to fully evaluate how he did, and can only go from what I saw. But he is excellent in run support for a safety, as billed. Took great angles in run support as well. He did a good job of covering a very good TE in Pasco for Fresno. He was in on two throws that were incomplete. He didn't make many plays in the passing game, but didn't give up any either. Had a solid game, but like Britt, was not excellent. He had a total of 6 positive points (tackles, PBU, INT, etc.) and two negative points (missed tackles, big plays against, mental mistakes, etc) There are only 6 positive points because two of his tackles were sloppy (didn't wrap as good as he could have), but he made the tackle nonetheless.

Well those are my evaluations for Rutgers (arguably) two best players. Hipe you enjoy them. If you disagree on any of the things I brought up, let me know, and I will give explanations and listen to yours. I have no problem being told I'm wrong, as long as I'm being told so in a respectful manner. (i.e. swear words, etc) I really don't think there is too much that I goofed though.

09-06-2008, 05:08 PM
Eugene Monroe looked pretty solid today. His pass protection was excellent and did well in the running game. But he did get bull rushed a couple times and almost ran into his own QB. I'm not sure if that's a lack of strength or leverage or both. Overall I was impressed.

09-07-2008, 08:44 AM
Sorry guys I'm not going to have any evalutations up this week. There weren't any games in my region that had players worth doing this.

10-18-2008, 02:26 AM
Clint Sintim the LB from UVA would be a mid-round steel could replace Gocong

10-20-2008, 06:16 AM
I have him as a potential pick, but Gocong has been good, and I personally don't think the Eagles will go looking for his replacement, and they don't need to.