View Full Version : The New York Giants: Most Disrespected SB Champ Ever

09-04-2008, 05:24 AM
Well guys, today is the day the season starts. Starting today, the Giants have to prove to the world that they are either contenders or pretenders.

And while we won't know the answer to that question until the season is over, one thing is for sure: This Giants team is the most disrespected SB team in NFL history.

We've all heard it, and are baffled by some of the comments made by the masses

Eli Manning? He's not a good quarterback. He just got hot at the right time. Those accurate passes against the Packers were lucky. Those clutch drives against the Cowboys? Lucky. The game winning drive against the Pats? Lucky.

Shockey is gone? Theyre screwed. They can't win without Shockey.

The team just got hot. Any team can beat the #1, 2, and 3 ranked offenses in the league on the road and beat "the greatest team of all time" in the SB if they catch a hot streak coming into the playoffs. A hot streak that consisted of playing well in 1 game in a losing effort that is.

The Giants didn't win the SB, the Pats lost it. Yeah, its impossible for this ****** team to beat the Pats by skill. Just like all their other playoff wins, it was all luck.

Most analysts have the Giants as either the 3rd or even last in our own division. And we just won the Super Bowl. I can't recall any other time when a SB winning team was flat out cast off as a bad team the following year by the masses this bad before.

In the words of Jeremy Green "The Giants are not a good team. They just got on a hot streak at the right time" (not an exact quote, but very close if anything).

Because you know, you don't have to be a good team to win the Super Bowl.

Hopefully the Giants use all this disrespect as motivation to prove the skeptics wrong, and show that they are for real. And it starts today. Enjoy the game and season guys, I know I am, regardless of the outcome.