View Full Version : 2008/2009 NFL Draft Thread

09-07-2008, 09:04 PM
Not giving up on the season but with the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles, damn it's going to be hard. Sucks we have no 2nd rounder because of the Jason Taylor trade but who are some guys you are all interested in?

Vontae Davis would be my #1 pick option. Our Corners can't cover worth a hoot. Eugene Monroe would be a great pick to solidify the line with Samuels on the decline and could start out on the right side. I would also be very much in favor of a trade down and getting a couple day 1 picks. I know that we went two wideouts but if we cut dies with a Randle El or Moss I think Darrius Heyward Bey would be the perfect fit for this offense. Has the speed of a 5-8" guy with legit 6-2" height and leaping ability, a real gamechanger, but I guess that's what we are waiting on Devin Thomas to be.