View Full Version : "no huddle" play by play scouting report-brandon pettigrew vs was st

09-09-2008, 01:52 PM
in a no huddle tape pettigrew took part in 31 offensive plays

15 psoitive
2 catches
3 eraser blocks
1 pancake
10 solid blocks

1 negative
missed a cut block
16 plays, no factor

what pettigrew does well- block, get downfield
what pettigrew doesnt do well- nothing really from this tape. no opportunity to show great pass receiving skills

final synopsis- pettigrew has picked up right where he left off last year, the best blocking tight end available. pettigrew totally controls his man on nearly every play in the run game, and dominated on multiple occasions. they also used him flexed out. didnt show the big play ability in this contest that hes shown previously. in a no huddle they pretty much only show positive offense, but in seeing pettigrew previously hes shown the ability to get down field and was wide open on several occasions. taken with the grain of salt as they only showed drives and not failed drives, pettigrew looks like a complete package at the te position. only 1 negative play in 30 is highly impressive. prototype size, good hands and athleticism. really didnt see a meaningful bad play.

game grade A
draft grade rd 1
draft value rd 1-2