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Mr. Stiller
09-11-2008, 02:07 PM
From What I see:

Thursday: North Carolina at Rutgers ( Thursday the 11th)

Courtney Greene, FS/SS ~ 6'1 214lbs 4.50
Greene could give us a top not Deep Safety to pair with Troy if they feel that Clark is a liability.
Jamaal Westerman, DE/OLB ~ 6'2 265 4.76
I feel that Westerman is very underrated. This is a guy that had no struggles with any OT he faced last year and literally the only guy I've seen give Jeff Otah Troubles. I figure he could backup Woodley giving us another top notch passrusher off the bench and when Harrison slows down he can challenge Bruce Davis for the starting weakside spot. If he drops 5 lbs his athleticism will show too.. he's added weight to be more physical.. I'll be keeping an eye on him.
George Johnson, DE/OLB ~ 6'4 258lbs 4.72 (JR)
I don't think Johnson is as complete as Westerman but he's shown the ability to get after the passer and stuff the run. Definitely a kid to keep an eye on.

North Carolina:
Garrett Reynolds, OT ~ 6'7 310lbs 5.20
He could be a good late round addition. I"m liking him for Right Tackle in rounds 4-6.
Calvin Darity, OG ~ 6'3 315lbs 5.18
Darity is an underrated guard. He's been grading 75% his first 3 seasons but this year he's looking to really come on strong. He's a bullish guy with decent athleticism. Could be a good guy to bring in UDFA.

Friday: No. 13 Kansas at No. 19 South Florida

South Florida:
George Selvie, DE/OLB ~ 6'4 245 4.69 (JR)
Selvie has all the tools to be an excellent DE or LB. He's definitely a kid to keep your eye on.
Jariett Buie, DE/OLB ~ 6'4 252 4.71
Doesn't get the press that Selvie does but he's a very very disruptive DE.

NO one I"m interested in... THey're going to have a ton of 2010-2012 talent though....


No. 23 California at Maryland

Alex Mack, C/G ~ 6'4 310lbs 4.99
I like Alex Mack but he's not my #1 or #2 center. But he's certainly better than anyone that came out last year so.. definitely a guy to keep an eye on.
Tyson Alualu, DE ~ 6'3 290 4.96 (JR.)
I love this kids athleticism. Has the speed/athleticism in a 4-3 DE Role to get after the QB and stuff the run.. has the size/strength to hold the 3-4 DE spot.. Sign me up next year.
Zach Follett, ILB/OLB ~ 6'3 240lbs 4.65
This guy reminds me of Timmons/Polamalu... excellent speed and hits like a bus. I think he could be a reasonable pickup inside.

Darius Heyward-Bey, WR ~ 6'2 206 4.45
I know we don't need a WR but Bey is one of the best you'll see.
Kevin Barnes, CB ~ 6'1 190lbs 4.42
Barnes could be even faster but the guy isn't afraid of tackling, 5.5 TFL's Show his willingness to stop the run game. 4INts shows he can hold on to the ball and 8 PBU's means he gets in position. I think he would be an excellent addition.
Jeremy Navarre, DE/DT ~ 6'3 289
Navarre was an excellent Defensive end last year notching 44 Tackles, 5 for loss, 4.5 sacks 3 QBH, 2 Forced Fumbles... he's a guy athletic enough to get after the quarterback. I think he would be a guy to brin in Late (Say round 6-7) and use his athleticism as a passrusher as a rookie then work him into the rotation. He also has spent time in the Maryland 3-4 as well.

More coming later :)

09-11-2008, 11:26 PM
Good work

Can we look forward to this each week?

Mr. Stiller
09-14-2008, 10:03 PM
I don't know depends on my time

2 guys on my wishlist?

Terrance Cody from Alabama is just a monster in the mold of Ted Washington. He's much more consistent than Shaun Rogers with similar style. If you get a chance for watching the Alabama/Clemson game, watch him take a lineman literally off his feet and stuff the running lane.

Then the 2nd play he throws 2 OL aside and slams the RB.

The Antoine Caldwell... is in my opinion the best Center in the draft but ranked 3rd right now.. he's just very athletic and flat out dominating.