View Full Version : Donald Brown, Cody Brown and Darius Butler

09-13-2008, 09:40 AM
Hey! I'm new to this forum, though some here may recognize me from a different one.

I was just wondering the general opinion here on Darius Butler, Donald Brown and Cody Brown from Connecticut. All three are considered legitimate draft prospects this season and have played extremely well thus far.

Donald Brown already has 5 touchdowns on the season and a 200 yard game to his credit. I'd have to say that his best asset is his break tackle ability. It is hard to bring him down on the first hit. He has good straight line speed as well.

Cody Brown is an exceptionally fast and strong defensive end. He, like Selvie, has a propensity of getting in to the backfield, but he can stop the run better.

Darius Butler is a great man cover corner. He has very good straight line speed and quarterbacks often don't throw it to his side of the field. I don't think he's quite as fast as everyone thinks though. Maybe a 4.35-4.4 rather than a 4.3.

Now, of course, UCONN has only played Hofstra and Temple thus far, but all three have shown extremely positive signs. Tonight they play Virginia on ESPNU, and I will be dilligently watching to see how they perform.

So, general opinions? Don't worry I'm not just a UCONN homer, I'll post on some other threads as well :)