View Full Version : play by play george selvie vs kansas "a tale of two selvies"

09-13-2008, 10:55 AM
total defensive plays 51

the good
10 plays hurried the qb
2 sacks (one ruled inc, sack for intents and purposes)
1 solo tackle
2 batted balls
beat double 2
total positive plays 17

the bad

13 plays he was single blocked and controlled
2 missed tackles
total negative plays 15

19 plays non factor

what selvie does well

good explosion, consistently abble to beat single blocking off the corner. quick off the corner. hes a player who can consistently beat one on one blocking off the edge. beat 2 out of 11 double teams. a player you have to think about using two guys to block.

what selvie doesnt do well

invisible against the run. often got pushed backwards in the run game. made 6 misreads in the running game one resulting in a td. on two occasions when one on one in space selvie missed both times. doesnt lay the lumber. no big hits. doesnt shed blocks well. no pass rush moves that are succesful other than off the corner speed. not a physical player especially vs the run. pretty much a speed rusher only at theis point. suceptible to cut blocks. seemed to tire late in game and took himself out on kansas td drive.

final synopsis

selvie is what he is at this moment. a pure speed rusher who requires attention. a run game liability. i dont see a player who could hold up as a 4-3 end on the physical end and vs the run.also needs to show more consistently as he was invisible in the first half. in half 2, he exploded for a bout a 3 series stretch then seemed to tire and disappear again. a situational pass rusher who needs to develop more pass rush moves, bulk up, become more physical. another year would do him well but i fully expect him to declare.

game grade B+
draft projection rd 1-2
draft value rd 2