View Full Version : BP and his comments on clock management at the end of Jags game

09-24-2008, 11:03 AM
The Polian Corner article, very interesting read every week after a game


The question about clock management in the article is highlighted below:

Q: Can you talk about the clock management at the end of the game Sunday?

A: It’s a great question and an issue we talked about Monday. When you start playing football at 13, 11 or nine – whenever you start - you always learn that the bottom line is to score as quickly and as many points as you can and then turn it over to your defense to win the game. But if your defense is either tired or undermanned – and ours was both Sunday – there may come at time when you have to go against strategy that you have learned from the time you’re a young boy and take some clock management into consideration. Would you in that situation a) force them to use times out, which they probably would have done if we were running the ball and bleeding the clock; and, b) be in a situation where you felt good enough about your offense that you could bang it in there. The latter situation I would feel wonderful about. I think when we’re down there in red territory with 1:07 left, we probably could take our sweet time and knock it in there and certainly get a touchdown and maybe have less than 40-50 seconds to go if they used their times out and they would be out of times out. That would be a very different way of managing the game, but one that makes sense given the condition of our defense. In a sense, that’s the way Jacksonville played. They had a beaten-up offensive line and they said, ‘We’re not going to expose our quarterback to Indianapolis’ rush and we’re going to bleed the clock and keep the ball. We don’t care how many points we necessarily score. We’re not looking to score a lot. Hopefully, at the end of the game things will break right for us,’ and they did.

09-24-2008, 01:13 PM
For me, I wanted the Colts to run the ball. But not because of the clock, that wasn't the primary reason for me.

Rather, because the Colts were at the 2-yard line and running the ball gave them a good chance to score imo. Why risk passing it? That's how I felt, I don't necessarily agree that they had to run it to run the clock, because for all we know, running on 1st down could have scored the touchdown and that would have actually used less time than two passes and then a rushing score.

Hopefully I'm making some sense, LOL.

09-26-2008, 10:49 PM
If you are trailing late in the game and have a chance to score, you don't pass it to take more time off the clock.

Who knows? Maybe Jags would've gotten a turnover and we would never be in the position to win it as all.