View Full Version : Game 4: Denver-19, KC-33

09-28-2008, 11:57 PM
The short version:

The offense sucked against KC + the defense always sucks = we lost

The longer version:

Offense didn't come to play. Graham was awful, receivers falling down for no reason, the WR's couldn't hold on to the ball and Cutler threw some INTs. A big sloppy, ****** mess. Despite all the "we're taking them seriously" talk during the week, it's pretty obvious the O didn't prepare for this game.

Defense wasn't much better. Every time there's a pass I see three things happening:

1. No one is getting to the QB
2. Our defensive players are always a step behind waving their arms helplessly while the receiver makes a play on the ball
3. Champ Bailey is covering someone other than the opponent's #1 WR

It's pathetic. The playcalling stinks, the soft zone sucks and the defense is in total disarray. Giving up big plays in the running game totally undermined the relatively decent job we did against the run the rest of the time.

Prater had some nice kicks and Royal had one decent return. Punting and kick coverage were bad again, though.

Overall, a very disappointing effort.

09-29-2008, 06:30 PM
i think you summed it up pretty well. the defense is playing like absolute **** in every possible way. we can't get any pressure at all on the quarterback. this can be attributed to the sorry exuse of a defensive line we have and ****** playcalling. why the hell don't we blitz? just turn webster and manuel loose on the qb every play because lord knows they can't cover anyone to save their lives.

also jarvis moss better get his **** together because he's well on his way to becoming a bust. he'd make a big impact on defense if we somehow got him going and would allow us to have some flexibility when it comes to which defensive position we address first on draft day.

and here's one of the few highlites from the game


MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
10-01-2008, 12:51 PM
^^ WOW! That might replace Bryce as my avatar....

But anyway, I just can't believe that we played THE SAINTS, and THE CHARGERS, but the offense that finally turned our pathetic D into a win for them is the CHIEFS.